Michigan Defendant Implicates Himself In Second Crime After Asking Judge About His “Other Murder Case”

screen-shot-2018-01-25-at-3-27-39-pmVicente Rodriguez-Ortiz, 22, may win the prize for the worst arraignment in history.  In Grand Rapids, Mich,, the defendant was facing a charge over the murder of Andre Hawkins.  When the judge finished explaining the arraignment, Rodriguez-Ortiz asked about his “other murder case.”  That led police to link him to the March 2017 murder of Laurie Kay Lundeberg.  Now he is facing two murder prosecutions.


The murder of Hawkins involved an array of serious offenses including Open Murder, Felony Firearms violations, Felonious Assault, Domestic Assault and Battery in the death of Andre Hawkins in the 1100 block of 2nd Street NW Tuesday night. He will now stand trial a second time for Lundeberg’s murder.

16 thoughts on “Michigan Defendant Implicates Himself In Second Crime After Asking Judge About His “Other Murder Case””

  1. There are some people who are just a danger to society. They might have been born that way; they might have been made that way. Regardless, they prey upon the public, and the public needs to be protected.

  2. No Paul, Scott free, he’s just plain stupid. The judge will rationalize that at that level of stupidity he can’t be responsible for his actions.

  3. It will be interesting when a bill is passed to allow the illegal dreamers access to citizenship how many will be rejected because of their criminal history. Right now all I here from Pelosi and Schumer is how much good they bring to America.

  4. Well, if he’s got a liberal judge, he’ll probably get off for being stupid.

  5. Went in dumb, come out dumb too.

    At his sentencing it might go like this:

    The defendant is standing at the podium in cuffs. The judge comes in the door behind the bench and sits.
    “I am here for the sentencing. Mr. Dreamer: by the way what time is it? ”
    The Dreamer looks up at the clock on the wall behind the judge and up over his head and says:
    “Five to ten.”
    The judge says:
    “Thats exactly what you get. Next case.”

  6. He would make a good Democrat. Stupid is as stupid does but one has to wonder where was the attorney?

    1. Don’t you watch Judge Judy??? Most Blacks can’t shut up when they are in court. They are going to talk whenever they want. Penelope is pretty firm with our black criminal clients. She tells them they will STFU and they better not say a word!!! She tells them if they don’t do what she says, she is passing them over to a public defender. She can have a very intimidating look when she wants, sooo they take her seriously.

      I help out, because I try to whisper to them as soon as she leaves the room, that she is serious as Hell, and there is one guy on Death Row down in Angola right now because he talked when he shouldn’t have and she cut him loose!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  7. Reminds me of a judge talking to a youth about his rap sheet including the theft of 10 bicycles, a charge which got dropped and the young guy says “Yeah, but only because they couldn’t prove anything.” True story,

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