Second Trump Staffer Resigns In A Week After Spousal Abuse Allegations As Trump Decries “Shattered Lives” [Updated]

article-abuse-0209A second White House official has resigned following a media investigation into allegations of domestic violence.  As discussed yesterday the disconnect between Rod Porter claiming that the allegations were false but his subsequent failure to seek a legal remedy or even threaten a defamation action.  David Sorensen, a speechwriter for President Trump, has raised a possible defamation action against his wife in denying the accusations. Indeed, he alleges that she was the abuser — creating a possibility of libel actions on both sides (much like the Roy Moore situation).  President Donald Trump has responded to the two cases by decrying the impact of “mere allegations” in “shattering lives.”

White House spokesman Raj Shah said that, when White House learned of the allegations being pursued by The Washington Post, “We immediately confronted the staffer, he denied the allegation and he resigned today.”

Sorensen’s ex-wife, Jessica Corbett, alleged that he abused her throughout their two year marriage, including running over her foot with a car, shoving her, grabbing her arm, and putting a cigarette on her hand.

He says that she was the abuser and has announced that he is “considering legal options to address her defamation.”  With the conflicting allegations, both could sue for defamation since they are alleging criminal conduct by their former spouses as well as lying about these incidents.

Sorensen was a speechwriter on Trump’s environmental quality council.

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  1. What if Porter self-identifies as a woman? Since the sainted vagina apparently exempts any accuser from scrutiny, were I in his shoes I’d declare myself a woman and would soak up the #MeToo bennies while the getting is good. Note that Hillary is taking over #Me Too the way she took over “the resistance”. #MeToo is all set to go down the toilet the same way “the resistance” did. I mean, where is “the resistance” today outside of the comments section of websites? Everything Hillary Rotten Clinton touches turns to sh** and that’s where #MeToo is headed too.

  2. Note that the FBI is charged with background checks for these people. The same FBI that colluded to try and give Hillary the win in 2016 and have been working ever since to overthrow a duly elected President. Why would it take the FBI so long to complete a background check on Porter? Is it because they slow-walked the process and held back on what they uncovered so that they could use it at a time like right now as their FISA abuses become known?

  3. Considering that the women were interviews by the FBI as part of the normal investigation into the life of someone who needed a very high security clearance, and that Porter would be handling the most highly classified material, their stories should have been taken seriously as should the possibility of his being a subject of blackmail. The chief of staff and the WH counsel chose to ignore the fact that Porter could not get a security clearance. They knew and they did nothing. What’s just as bad as the President expounding on his belief that, because Porter denies their stories, he is innocent of wrong-doing. It seems to be a pattern with him, women tell credible stories of sexual harassment, sexual assault, verbal and/or physical violence, the man denies, only the man is to be believed. I call BS on the whole lot of them.

    1. Porter didn’t just deny the story. He went on the offense- unwilling to admit wrongdoing and to take responsibility, instead covering his a_s.
      Porter typifies Republican men-
      (1) putting their ambitions ahead of all else (e.g. McCain selecting Palin as his V.P., Porter seeking temporary security clearance while at risk for blackmail, Trump, an incompetent, immoral, Narcissist, running for the nation’s highest office and George Tenet calling WMD’s a slam dunk in order to curry favor with Dubya).
      (2) hypocrisy (e.g. the married, anti-abortion GOP politician asking his girlfriend to get an abortion and Trump claiming he has respect for women)
      (3) throwing women under the bus to protect themselves (e.g. initial blame on Hicks, for the botched Porter PR response, Bridget Kelley, Chris Christie’s fall guy and, the wife of Va. Gov. McGrifty) .

      1. What, no oligarchs??? What’s an ocholocrat Linda?

        1) Putting their ambitions above all else: never heard of the Clintons Linda?
        2) Would the intel agencies that said Iraq have WMDs be the same ones that say Russia hacked the 2016 election?
        3) Hyopcrisy: never heard of the DNC Linda?
        4) Yawn. We know, you suffer from TDS. Nothing new there.

    2. How would the COS and WH Counsel know Porter couldn’t obtain the required clearance? They don’t perform the background check, the FBI does.

      A vagina doesn’t give you moral superiority to claim whatever you want absent scrutiny. Trump did question his accusers and they were found to be fraudulent – at least one was paid off by Allred’s daughter.

  4. Recently, Trump-supporting trolls held a pity party about their declining traffic rates. Whose shoulder did they cry on… the Mercer’s politician, Ted Cruz. A couple of years ago, the Koch’s gave Cruz a forum so that his political ambitions could be fostered by the richest 0.1%.

  5. More of Trump’s hand-picked “good people” – Heath Hall, head of the Federal Railroad Administration (safety for the nation’s $1.7 bil. rail travel and transport), “resigned- effective immediately”. His qualification for the job- owned a political consulting firm.
    The story was reported by Politico.

    1. Unlike the previous administration, Trump takes care of business and removes people from their positions when it is discovered they don’t meet the standard.

  6. RSA, this is what the media thinks their job is! How many years ago did these things happen? Perhaps Mr. Portman had anger management counseling. Unfortunately, these women have spoiled what looks like a nice career. I hope there are no children of either marriage.

    1. Ah The Intercept. Those are the people that published one item given to them by Reality Leigh Winner while that unwinner HIllary Clinton remains at large for doing the same thing at least 30,000 times over.

            1. The Shadow Brokers only? No mention of Edward Snowden? NSA custom hacking tools were right up Snowden’s alley. Data analytics on bulk metadata collection yielding tranches and key messengers at the hub of those tranches were also right up Snowden’s alley. Admiral Rodgers should get as much of the NSA stuff back as he can without wandering too far into the wilderness of mirrors. Trump can be managed until January 20th, 2021, if needs be. Coping with the long term consequences of The Snowden Affair remains far more vital to national security than anything pertaining to Trump that the Russians might proffer.

    1. A shame there isn’t a real scandal with real implications…oh wait, there’s the dossier, Blumenthal, DNC, Obama, FBI, and DOJ all in league with real Russians to not only steal the 2016 election but to overthrow a duly elected POTUS.

      Can you imagine if it was early 2010 and we’d just learned that the RNC paid for a dossier to fuel FISA warrants all helped along by Karl Rove?

    1. I agree. This story is almost as irrelevant as the rotation of stories that now includes the bit about how last summer Trump thought about firing Mueller but didn’t. I figure we’ll waste time on this and the military parade about a week, go back to Trump’s psychological fitness for duty, then Mueller, then Trump’s physical, then a week or so of Trump thinking about but not firing Mueller. By that time the military parade will be back soon to be followed by his psychological fitness…

      Isn’t it interesting how the same “news” items rotate in and out of “coverage”?

  7. Porn Stars, Virgins, Cousins and Family Friends?

    “…the sort of thing that legitimate newspaper people don’t write about or don’t even make any implications about.”

    “Once Upon A Secret”

    How President Kennedy Seduced a 19 year-old White House Intern — Inside the Bedroom He Shared with Jackie

    She was a wide-eyed White House intern just four days into the job when she found herself standing alone next to the most powerful man in the world — in the most intimate room within 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

    Kathy Ehrich Dowd September 20, 2017 10:00 AM

    She was a wide-eyed White House intern just four days into the job when she found herself standing alone next to the most powerful man in the world — in the most intimate room within 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Mimi Alford (née Beardsley) was all of 19 when she began working in the White House press office in 1962, and almost immediately caught the eye of President John F. Kennedy. While last year’s Jackie movie shed new light on how the first lady created the myth of Camelot after JFK’s assassination, much curiosity remains about their marriage and what Jackie knew.

    As Alford details in her 2012 book, Once Upon a Secret, she was stunned when she received a call from Dave Powers, a close Kennedy aide known unofficially as the First Friend, who invited her for a swim in the White House pool. (It didn’t matter that she didn’t have a swim suit, there were plenty available to choose from.)

    Bewildered after diving into the pool with two other young, female colleagues, Alford was nearly dumbstruck when the commander in chief himself walked in a short time later.

    “Mind if I join you,” the president purred before heading into the dressing room, emerging a short time later in his swim trunks.

    “He was remarkably fit — flat stomach, toned arms — for a forty-five year old man,” Alford writes, and details how the two exchanged pleasantries while treading water.

    Later that same day, Alford was back at her desk when Powers called again, this time wondering if she would be interested in an informal get-together “upstairs.”

    She accepted the invitation, and was stunned to discover that “upstairs” meant the family residence — and she soon found herself sipping daiquiris with an intimate group before the president entered the room.

    A short time later Kennedy offered her a private tour of the residence, and it was when they were alone in the bedroom he shared with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy that he made his move.

    “This is a very private room,” Alford writes that he told her after slipping a hand on her shoulder.

    “The next thing I knew he was standing in front of me, his face inches away,” she writes. “He placed both hands on my shoulders and guided me toward the edge of the bed.”

    A short time later, Alford lost her virginity to the world-renowned leader, and their trysts continued for more than a year.

    “I think he did take advantage — I was so young,” Alford told PEOPLE in 2012 of that first intimate encounter. “But I liked feeling special.”

    Although Alford faced criticism for revealing so many personal details in the book — she also wrote that JFK asked her to give Powers, and later his brother Teddy, sexual favors (oral sex while JFK watched) — Alford told PEOPLE in 2012 she has no regrets.

    “I couldn’t tell the story without those pieces,” she said. “I know there are some difficult parts to that book. And they were difficult for me to write … The fact is, I was vulnerable, and the president was a very powerful man.”


    “…the sort of thing that legitimate newspaper people don’t write about or don’t even make any implications about.”

    Wapo – Feb 2012

    “In 2003, Dallek included a passing reference to a “tall, slender, beautiful nineteen-year-old college sophomore” in his acclaimed biography, “An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917–1963.” More details about the intern came via an oral history by Barbara Gamarekian, a former press aide to Kennedy. Mimi, she said, had a “sort of a special relationship with the president. . . the sort of thing that legitimate newspaper people don’t write about or don’t even make any implications about.” Alford kept the affair a secret, but confirmed it in 2003 after reporters tracked her down.”

    “…President Bill Clinton was a guest on “Orgy Island” at least 26 times.”

    MEDIUM – Estéban Trujillo de Gutiérrez

    Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island.”

    “Then we come to the case of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Mr. Epstein owns an island in the US Virgin Islands known as Little Saint James, or by insiders, as “Orgy Island.”

    Mr. Epstein was in the news because former President Bill Clinton was a guest on “Orgy Island” at least 26 times. Mr. Epstein was reported to procure girls as young as 12 years old to service visitors to the island. Not just for pleasure. Allegations that guests were vulnerable to blackmail after their interactions with underage girls were videotaped were frequent.


    “FDR and His Women”

    “… she was deeply wounded to discover that Franklin had been having an affair with her secretary, Lucy Mercer.”

    Over the next decade and a half, Franklin rose in politics, while Eleanor struggled to balance demanding social obligations, a series of pregnancies and household duties. In 1918, she was deeply wounded to discover that Franklin had been having an affair with her secretary, Lucy Mercer. She offered Franklin a divorce. Whether Franklin wanted to accept Eleanor’s offer or not, Sara forbade it, threatening to cut off Franklin’s inheritance. Although the marriage continued, this moment was a turning point.

    Marguerite ‘Missy’ LeHand In 1920, Marguerite “Missy” LeHand had come to work as Franklin’s secretary. Over the years, they developed a very close relationship, with Missy serving as one of Franklin’s main friends and confidantes. She lived in the White House during his presidency, and when she suffered a stroke, Franklin altered his will to include her. Eleanor and all the children were warm towards Missy and considered her one of the family. Franklin’s son Elliott later revealed that his father and Missy had had a long affair, and it seems likely that the family was aware at the time.

    Due to the passage of time, the loss of documentary evidence, and conflicting stories from members of his circle, it’s hard to determine the exact nature of some of Franklin’s relationships. However, it is clear that he had a strong mother, a brilliant wife, and a circle of female friends and lovers who challenged and supported him throughout his life.


  8. JFK, Monster
    By Timothy Noah

    “I knew that John F. Kennedy was a compulsive, even pathological adulterer, given to taking outlandish risks after he entered the White House. I knew he treated women like whores. And I knew he had more than a few issues with his father about toughness and manliness and all that. But before I read in the newspaper that Mimi Alford’s just-released memoir, Once Upon A Secret: My Affair With President John F. Kennedy And Its Aftermath, described giving Dave Powers a blow job at JFK’s request and in his presence, I didn’t know that Kennedy had an appetite for subjecting those close to him to extreme humiliation.”

  9. To reiterate:

    Bill Clinton as enabled by Hillary Clinton

    1. Eileen Wellstone (1969) Allegation: Sexual assault

    2. Anonymous female student at Yale University (1972) Allegation: Sexual assault

    3. Anonymous female student at the University of Arkansas (1974) Allegation: Sexual assault

    4. Anonymous female lawyer (1977) Allegation: Sexual assault

    5. Juanita Broaddrick (1978) Allegation: Rape

    6. Carolyn Moffet (1979) Allegation: Sexual assault

    7. Elizabeth Ward (1983) Allegation: Unclear

    8. Sally Perdue (1983) Allegation: Unclear

    9. Paula Jones (1991) Allegation: Sexual harassment

    10. Sandra Allen James (1991) Allegation: Sexual assault

    11. Christy Zercher (1992) Allegation: Sexual assault

    12. Kathleen Willey (1993) Allegation: Sexual assault

      1. Former AG Loretta Lynch swore to go along with Comey’s decision no matter what it was.

        Fun fact:

        Former AG Loretta Lynch knew what Comey’s decision was before it was made public.

        To wit,

        “Page messaged Strzok that “it’s a real profile in [courage], since she knows no charges will be brought.”

        Loretta Lynch and certain DOJ/FBI agents willfully and deliberately engaged in an illegal conspiracy to falsely exonerate Hillary Clinton as an egregious abuse of the power of government against the People.

        Can Obama be far behind?

  10. I think it’s getting entirely too easy for someone from a former relationship to ruin a person’s life. There ought to be some of statute of limitations on this as well as a requirement that a filed police report on the record.

    1. Well, Hello! It’s called the “American Death Warrant” – The 19th Amendment – whereby the nation is given over to incoherence and hysteria. Since 1920, global communists*, AKA liberal democrats, supported by “women” voters have forcibly imposed the principles of communism – central planning, redistribution of wealth and social engineering – aborted America’s babies, put it’s birthrate in a “death spiral” and perpetuated and increased its population through invasion/immigration to “fundamentally transform” Americans out of America. Global communism, facilitated by women’s suffrage, has caused the death of the real, free, constitutional America and the globalization of communism. Have you noticed, Communist China is America’s largest “trading” partner as China forcibly imposes central planning, redistribution of wealth and social engineering on the Chinese people?

      * Liberal, socialist, democrat, global, communist, globalization, leftist, collectivist et al. are all fungible.

      1. Uh, it’s time to take the blue, green, and yellow pills.

        This is to “I was born in the wrong millennium” georgie

        1. Way to go Mark M. You totally avoided the substance and instead decided to play superficial games. Either you are too ignorant to be able to intelligently engage the assertion or you know the assertion is correct and you want to avoid discussing it. Which is it Marky M Mark Funky Bunch?

              1. How about, although the Earth is objectively verifiable to be round, I won’t take the time to debate the matter with a “flat Earther” because “crazy gonna do crazy.” Transfer that philosophy to the nonsensical commentary usually posted here. You’re welcome.

                this is to bedlam inmates georgie, t-hot bobbie and andie

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