Texas Woman Pleads Guilty To False Rape Claims

1519460376777Breana Rachelle Harmon, 19, has pleaded guilty to filing a false claim that she was kidnapped and raped by three black men Texas.  The plea comes after being charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor following her arrest in March 2017.

We have previously discussed how false rape accounts are often not punished (as in the case of the infamous Duke Lacrosse rape case) or lightly punished. The Duke case shows how some prosecutors like North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper can take the politically expedient move of refusing to indict a false accuser despite her ruining the lives of multiple people.  There has been a variation of sentences for false rape charges but they vary greatly, including just a few weekends in jail. (herehereherehereherehereherehere; here; and here). On the other end of spectrum, the English courts recently handed out a significant sentence.

In the case of Denison, Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown opted to increase the charges in like of the harm potentially caused by Harmon’s racially sensitive charges.  It is a striking difference with the treatment of Crystal Magnum who caused a major national upheaval with her false allegations of a gang rape by white college students. (Magnum was later tried for murder in a separate case).

The Harmon case began on March 8, 2017 when she ran into a church bloodied and without pants and claimed the gang rape by the three black men in ski masks.  She claimed that the men cut her with a knife.

The police however grew suspicious when her blue jeans did not correspond with the knife wounds on her leg and she eventually confessed to cutting herself.   As this article explains, other problems became evident.  The black pocket knife found near the scene of the alleged attack proved to be a gift from the former fiance, Samuel Hollingsworth.  They also found  two smoked Marlboro cigarettes, including one with a blood stain.  Moreover, the hospital reported that there was no physical evidence of a sexual assault taking place and expressed doubt over the rape claim.

Harmon later admitted that she concocted the story because she was afraid that her Mom would be angry with her.  She is now looking at a real possibility of jail time.

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  1. This is an important story not only do to it’s potential to inspire hate crimes against African Americans do to the false allegations of rape but, do to the unchallenged public narrative that just about any and all such allegations need to be accepted without question.

  2. Rex, what if all of the detectives who doctor evidence in capital cases go to Texas to doctor evidence in capital cases?

  3. She created a false rape story because she was afraid her Mom would be mad at her? For what?

    I dearly hope that she didn’t accuse any specific person, because no matter if a case gets dropped, those rumors follow forever.

    She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, along with anyone else who deliberately fabricates a rape charge. In addition, claiming her assailants were of a different race, may have been racist. What a horrible thing to do.

  4. A false accuser like Breana Rachelle Harmon is a a psychopath, someone incapable of feeling pain inflicted on another person, a byproduct of popular culture that actually promotes harassing, bullying, and persecuting anyone perceived different, the behavior beginning as soon as a child turns on a TV or enters public school.

    The Parkland shooter, Cruz, was a victim of his classmates who had ostracized him because he was different. All he wanted was to belong, no differently than anyone else. And when the only person he had ever belonged to died, there was no one to turn to, not one single classmate. The absolute solitude was just too much for Cruz. John Steinbeck had described the solitude in “Of Mice and Men.” Cruz was so desperate for rescue from the hellish solitude, he had actually called authorities on himself. And when authorities failed him, Cruz turned to his last chapter: getting even. He didn’t get even with his neighbors, or police, or politicians. No. He got even with his classmates, the ones who hurt him the most.

    No other civilized society allows kids to be vile, mean, horrible, spoiled specimens who routinely bully, shun, alienate and hurt non-conformists, destroying self-esteem and ruining lives.

    President Trump tried to seize this exact narrative immediately following the massacre in Parkland. Laura Ingraham echoed it. But Big Money lobbyists and Fake News saw things differently because there’s no money in teaching kids to behave or actually be civil. So the narrative quickly abandoned Trump’s and instead focused on spending huge amounts of money, for example, on mental-health care, which is largely already responsible for much of the child psychosis caused by incompetent doctors prescribing psychotropic meds. Or spending more money on school administrators who naturally will pi$$ it all away on themselves. Or more money for government agencies, every one of which had failed to intervene prior to the Parkland massacre. And of course the gun control freaks who want to leave personal protection to the very agencies who failed in Parkland, from the FBI all the way down to the school officer.

    Jared Lee Loughner, who like Cruz had been an ostracized victim of classmates, admitted he went over the edge after Giffords and her entire staff had launched a campaign to totally ignore and isolate him. When he finally perceived he had nowhere else to turn, he then got even.

    The exact same mechanism is at work in double suicides, where one spouse has no one else in the world, betrayal sending them over the edge, not just taking out the unloyal spouse but even children, too.

    Who but Trump himself would understand the real narrative? He’s been a victim of not just half the nation but also the entire mainstream media behaving like all the school kids with blood on their hands.

    So long as we continue to neglect teaching our children to behave and be civil, to be empathetic rather than psychopathic, massacres will only continue, the real perps always going free.

  5. I don’t see the legal basis for increasing charges from misdemeanors to felonies on the basis of “potential harm” caused by “racially sensitive” charges. She didn’t falsely accuse any specific individuals, as in the Duke case. She accused three unidenified black males. So there was no actual harm to anyone. The “racially sensitive” issue is highly questionable. Apparently the enhanced charges are based on the fact that because black men commit an extraordinary number of crimes in relation to their 5% of the U.S. population, that people see them as likely criminals, and therefore some 19 y/o chick in Texas should make the stereotype worse (if that’s even possible) by falsely accusing black males of a crime they did not commit. I would love to see the U.S. Supreme Court hear an appeal of enhancing charges from misdemeanors to felonies on that basis.

    1. Your inability to see “potential harm” suggests you have no knowledge of American history. Google, Emmett Till, and see what even allegedly whistling at a white woman could get you? Of course, America is much more evolved now, the White Nationalists, skinheads, Klan, and Alt-Right are out in the open now. Some work in the White House.

  6. Women lie a lot. A whole lot more than men. Which is probably why the Muslims give their testimony half the weight of a man’s. Which we should probably do too, but it will never happen.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. Another distorted one seeking attention and deserves some type of “lasting imprint ” punishment.

  8. This woman sounds mental. Not sure locking her up would help – community service for 5 years wearing a jumpsuit.

  9. I guess the cops in Denison, Tx didn’t get the liberal memo to always, always, always believe the victim even if there’s no evidence of a crime and the victim isn’t really a victim. Can a march with pussy hats be far behind replete with some screeching harpy like Chelsea Handler, Madonna or Jennifer Lawrence calling for something or other. I’m going to demand the entire town fork over their Lewis Carroll collection starting with “Alice Adventures in Wonderland.” They don’t need them any more.

  10. False claims must be prosecuted. If the accuser is an adult the penalty should be equivalent to what the accused would have served if found guilty.

  11. I am glad they are doing this. Twaney (sp?) Brawley deserved to spend 15 years in jail for ruining the life of a police officer. If they start sending more women to jail, these false reports will stop and the only reports will be true.

    1. Tawana Brawleywas either clever or lucky. She never made any of her false allegations in an official (presecutable) setting. The man she caused the most damage to was a prosecutor, not a cop. She never made allegations against any specific cop just a few fictitious ones.

      I think the reason few of the women who make false rape allegations don ‘t get much jail time is because most of them, like Crystal Magnum, are crazy.

  12. False claims like this make it more difficult for a woman who is assaulted to get justice in a court room.

    1. That is another issue which exists in, pretty much, all cases. Rapists are given a slap on the wrist to life in prison depending on race, privilege, connections, state, etc. Women are sometimes destroyed going through the process of seeking justice. Sometimes they become respected leaders of women’s movements. However, there is no reward.

      Falsely accusing someone of something is a crime that should carry penalties equal to those applied to the crime if it were not false. In this case, as she named three Blacks in Texas, she would be getting three life sentences. In California, in the case of the Stanford swimmer, a slap on the wrist and/or an apology.

      1. Isaac, what if all of the false accusers go to California to level their false accusations?

      2. In some states, California is one, the penalties for false incrimination are equal to those of the crime falsely alleged, Technically a detective who doctors evidence in a capital case is eligible for the death penalty

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