Attorney and Former Marine Sniper Accused For Firing Multiple Shots Into Office Of Former Co-Counsel

Erik Graeff, 42, is a Vancouver lawyer based in Oregon who is accused of taking a dispute with a former co-counsel to an extraordinary level in allegedly firing several shots into the Beaverton office of Terrence Hogan. No one was hit in the office but one bullet barely missed an Administrative Assistant. Graeff is reportedly a former decorated sniper in the Marines.

Graeff had sent three profanity-laden emails to Hogan before the shooting.  Hogan drew the ire of Graeff in complaining about his work on a civil case. Graeff sent at first a picture of a cat playing the violin but later became more profane.  Hogan suggested that Graeff would need to say a bit more to a bar committee. Graeff responded that he is tougher than Hogan and the Bar.  In what may have been an ominous taunt, Hogan said “You know where I am tough guy.”

Police executed search warrants and seized two guns and ammunition. Graeff was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and reckless endangering. It is surprising that he did not face attempted murder charges.

There are reportedly two pending Oregon Bar complaints against Graeff, including one from a former client who accused him of shoving the client against a wall.

Those complaints will pale in comparison to the impact of the criminal charges and any conviction.  It is not clear if the guns were a forensic match but the circumstantial evidence could not be more damning for Graeff.

18 thoughts on “Attorney and Former Marine Sniper Accused For Firing Multiple Shots Into Office Of Former Co-Counsel”

  1. who hasn’t wanted to jaw jack a lawyer, eh?

    steal $20 with a gun and go to jail for five to ten;
    steal $20 million with a pen and get an award.
    that’s Amerikwa


    Speaking of law enforcement.

    When will Congress impeach AG Jeff Sessions for criminal negligence and dereliction? Alternatively, Sessions is covering up exactly what Speaker Ryan and House members want hidden.

    Members of the FBI, Intel community, Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s entourage have committed clear, present, provable and egregious crimes which have been revealed by honorable and impartial members of these groups and the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General. AG Jeff Sessions has persistently refused to prosecute any and all of these crimes while focusing on the mortal priority as the national existential threat of drug overdoses.

    Why doesn’t the American Attorney General enforce the federal law against federal criminals in America?

    Why don’t the People, through their representatives in Congress, impeach the corrupt and complicit Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

  3. It is surprising that he did not face attempted murder charges.

    He’s a trained sniper, had he wanted to kill anyone he would have likely succeeded.

    1. Agreed. Unlike here in the U.S., I suspect overcharging is frowned upon in Canada.

      1. I believe this is an Oregon case. A Portland-based attorney was arrested Wednesday after police say he fired several shots into a Beaverton office of another lawyer after an argument. Perhaps overcharging is still possible. 😉

  4. Another case of -Motion Picture Industry- copy cat syndrome.

  5. So was he a “good guy with a gun” or a “bad guy with a gun”? Apparently some people believe there is a difference.

  6. I would have thought as a former sniper he would be a better shot. Unless they can match the bullets, it seems flimsy to me.

  7. He looks like a dork. Take away any law license. Take away his guns and right to carry or have one at home, in car, in office or in the yard. Send him to the mental clinic for exam.

  8. shoving a client against a wall“???

    Oh, I am sooo jealous of him! You know how many of Penelope’s clients I have wanted to shove against a wall and smack around some??? A bunch!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. I’d say being a former Marine and sniper which implies sniper recon platoon the shot went where it was supposed to go. and hit the intended target.

  10. His defense should be that it wasn’t him; a decorated Marine sniper wouldn’t have missed.

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