UChicago Protesters Demand Reparation For Slaves Labor . . . For School Unrelated To UChicago

university of chicagoMy alma mater University of Chicago was the scene of a curious event recently.  Students held a “Rally for Reparations” to demand money for African Americans to pay the unpaid debt from the use of slave labor at the founding of the University of Chicago in 1856.  Activists denounced the school as “drenched in the blood of enslaved African Americans.” The only problem is that University of Chicago is not related to the University of Chicago, which was founded in 1890.  That did not seem to matter as part of the event.



Various groups like Reparations at UChicago, the UChicago Socialists and UofC Resists held the teach in with a local Black Lives Matter chapter, as reported by The Chicago Maroon.  Obari Cartman, the president of the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists, called for payment of land, educational opportunities, and a student loan repayment system.

They cited the fact that the University of Chicago founded in 1856 was built on land donated by Stephen Douglas. Douglas’ money was based on property using profits from his Mississippi slave plantation.


However, UChicago had no relation to that school which was founded in 1856-57 but closed in 1886 due to debts and foreclosure: “The new university did not use or benefit from the shuttered institution’s land or its endowment.”

Nevertheless, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America demanded that Chicago establish a “truth and reconciliation committee that would produce a comprehensive reparations program” and that the city of Chicago “void all its contracts with the University until it complies with the ordinance and addresses the RAUC’s demands.”

This is like demanding reparations from everyone named Stephen Douglas regardless of the lack of any familial connection.

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  1. You cannot make sufficient reparations to satisfy the debt of the sins of the past.

    Slavery was global, and in fact still exists on the African continent. How are they going to make this fair? Will they deny admission to any descendent of Africans who sold their enemies to slavers? What about foreign exchange students whose families still own slaves? Or maybe their more recent ancestors owned slaves. Perhaps all descendants of the Dutch and Portuguese, heavily involved in slave trading, should be banned from college admissions in perpetuity. It doesn’t matter what those descendants actually do in their own lives. The sins of the father can never be washed away.

    What kind of reparations do they owe Asians, who did forced labor, and are now passed over for admission because they are too high achieving?

    At some point, you are responsible for steering your own boat.

    People come here from around the world, from poverty where people actually starve to death, from war torn areas and tribal warfare. They come here from all walks of life, all races and ethnicities. Somehow, minorities who immigrate here fare better, on average, than minorities who are born here. At some point, perhaps the problem is that the former believe the American Dream is an amazing opportunity to seize with both hands, while the latter have been brainwashed to believe they should scuttle their own future and then blame some white guy who wasn’t even present when they made any of those choices.

    For centuries, women had no power. They could be forced into arranged marriages, and their husbands could beat them, and then commit them to a mental hospital so they could enjoy their mistress. If a wife wanted to leave her abusive husband, she couldn’t take her kids. How do you repay that today? And who would do it? The female descendants of the abusive males? The male descendants of the abused women?

    How do you engage in reparations when slavery was global, and African tribes participated in it themselves for personal gain? What’s enough? Wasn’t 620,000 people dying in the fight to free the slaves enough? What about the billions we have spent over the years on programs designed specifically to benefit minorities over any other? Is that never going to be enough? Are we to encourage racism and punitive action against white people in perpetuity?

    Accordion to the victim profiteers, you would think that Caucasians have opposed African Americans at every turn. How easy to ignore all those who died to free the slaves, all those who voted for Civil Rights, those who voted for benefits for minorities, those who voted for a black president…When are you responsible for your own life?

    Many Asian immigrants come here from severe privation. They defect from China where they are forced to abort their wanted children. Or they survive crossing the demilitarized zone from North Korea, ill and worm infested. When they arrive here in the US, do they let their kids become slackers? Have children out of wedlock, drop out of school, and live in multi-generational poverty. No, they do not. They put so much pressure on their children to succeed that they can make a diamond out of them. Those kids have no time to get into trouble, because they are too busy taking piano or violin lessons, Mandarin classes, and studying for the SAT. Personally, I consider it a jot too much pressure when their kids seriously contemplate suicide rather than admitting to their parents they get a B+, or they want to sing instead of going to med school. However, the cultural pressure on Asian Americans to be an educated success, supporting their parents and subjugating their own needs and desires to their iron-willed parents is intense.

    Cliches are born of statistics. Right now, Modern Family makes jokes like, “I forgot to factor in the Asian,” when the little girl is ready for school before the adults, because statistically Asians are extremely well educated and successful, regardless of whether they immigrated her from some wrack of a hovel in their native country.

    African Americans could have those same statistics if they created a similar cultural pressure on their kids to succeed. The surest protection for a woman from poverty is not to have a child out of wedlock with a deadbeat Dad. So that’s the first step. Under no circumstance will any more young black women throw their future away on men who won’t stick around to be a father, let alone marry them. Stay in school. Study after school. Pass your tests. Get free tutoring help. Don’t do drugs. Don’t do crime. If they experienced the same geological pressure, like plate tectonics, at work in the Asian community, or the Indian Brahmin or Kshatriyas castes.

    As long as someone is telling you that some white guy is holding you down, you are a victim. Seize your own destiny, brush aside the victim profiteers, and rise above. From now on, hold those who make poor choices as bringing down the black community. It is everyone’s responsibility to lift up both yourself, and your children, and to hold yourself accountable. There are some things that just happen and cannot be changed, but you had better have a strong hand on the rudder for what you can change.

    1. Sooo true, but you can’t reason with these people, because it wasn’t “reason” that brought them to the Reparations Table.

      It was an underlying resentment toward white people that has existed for centuries in this country, and is not allowed to die down by black race hustlers and White Liberal Democrats who both race bait for votes and power.

      After 50+ years of intense Victim Propaganda by the Democrats, can you really blame young black people for becoming the kind of idiots who think they are entitled to reparations for something that happened to blacks about 8+ generations ago??? Where does all this negative energy and falsehood go? It doesn’t just evaporate into the ether. It goes into the brains of blacks the same way the Nazi’s “Jews are responsible for all bad things” mantra soaked into the heads of the German people.

      My goodness, but Americans and Krauts and Japs had all sorts of reason to resent each other, yet by 1965, one generation past World War II, most of that had died down and we were all good friends and allies. Sooner than that, really.

      Yet, Black Resentment continues on, as most beautifully illustrated by our very own Enigmainblack, and will ignore the 77% illegitimate black birth rate, and black disdain for education, to arrive at the conclusion that it is Institutionalized Racism and Mass Incarceration that has the average black in Boston worth a mere $8 in net capital after debts. Lower in other studies. Like most Blacks, he can’t let loose of the resentment.

      Reality is not just staring Blacks in the face, it is jumping on them like the Thug Trayvon Martin, knocking them to the ground, and then banging their heads against the Concrete Sidewalk of Quit Being So Effing Stupid!, and still they do not see. I do not see Blacks ever getting it under these circumstances.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  2. I once ignorantly rode my bike down the lakeside trail once south of Hyde Park & 55th street and got PTSD from it. This was back when the Robt Taylor project was still standing.
    I deserve reparations too but will look to the AA community for it.
    I won’t hold my breath.

  3. You are attempting to inject logic into the debate.

    This is all based on emotion.

  4. I think the democrats have started a movement that they now have no control over.

    1. Independent Bob – the Democrats have started several movements they have lost control off. They are up that old creek without a paddle right now. They are talking the talk, but they can’t walk the walk.

  5. Dims really getting in bed with Deep State……

    “An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history.

    If the Democrats capture a majority in the House of Representatives on November 6, as widely predicted, candidates drawn from the military-intelligence apparatus will comprise as many as half of the new Democratic members of Congress. They will hold the balance of power in the lower chamber of Congress.

    Both push and pull are at work here. Democratic Party leaders are actively recruiting candidates with a military or intelligence background for competitive seats where there is the best chance of ousting an incumbent Republican or filling a vacancy, frequently clearing the field for a favored “star” recruit.”

    Entire article:

    “The CIA Democrats”


  6. NAACP should pay reparations for continuing to use the derogatory term “colored people”. I thought they were #Woke.

    And what about the way Democrats use the term “alien” to describe people living in our nation of immigrants?

  7. I demand reparations too. At one time an ancestor of mine produced a whiskey that rivaled Jack Daniels. But for historical events his distillery might still be around today. Therefore, give me money.

  8. Give it to them (and just who are they specifically ) and give no more to them if all their present government handouts are forever null and void.

  9. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee – anyone with any brains sees 1984 written all over this! The protesters are demonstrating a lack of intellect and an inadequate education. This is sad.

  10. University of Chicago. Went in dumb, come out dumb too.
    If any of those Black or African Americans have an ounce of White blood in their bones and bodies then they need to make reparations too. More light skinned the more reparations.

  11. Why would you expect rational thought from these blubbering SJWs? They’re fact averse. The seal was the dead give-away but hey why even glance at your school’s crest? How white privileged! These little racists need to be summarily suspended until they pass a logic test or pay their own way which ever comes first. I’m not holding my breath for either event. The stupidity on display is astounding.

  12. Certainly when advised of this fact, they doubled-down on their demands for reparations. It is just the nature of idiocy.

      1. I suppose nobody commands as vast an intellect or clairvoyance as you do professor. Has the student movement stopped their campaign as soon as it came to light that they were focusing on the wrong institution? No, they haven’t. Instead they continue. Is this not doubling down?

        You might look only as far as your own comments as to this reparations campaign as being “Nutz” or “Beyond stupid” to see that I’m saying the same thing you are in my labeling of their fool’s errand as being “idiocy.” Yet, you claim that I am “Making stuff up.” Well perhaps since we said the same thing, then you too are also “Making stuff up.” Or is it that you are simply lacking in short term memory and have such a penchant for casting others down that your hair-triggered responses simply punch forward reflexively and automatically without the benefit of thinking? My God you are pathetic.

        Ordinarily I pity those who are challenged, but in your case your arrogance casts you into a light that reflects an image I can only view with contempt.

        A lesson you could benefit from, if your mind isn’t completely closed, is to recognize which is a worse condition: a person who is just an ordinary fool, or a braggart elitist in academia who arrives at the same conclusions and mutters the same nonsense? You sir, are most certainly the latter.

  13. I’m in favor of everyone without exception who was alive 1865 or prior…. wait a minute let’s include the Jim Crow days… make that 1898 days or later mmmm wait another minute all anti civil rights progressives from 1898 days until now be garnished regardless of current color. and the money can go to fund any University which can proof it is neither racist nor reverse racist.

  14. Does anyone teach local history anymore? BTW, they just don’t want to pay their student loans.

    1. Can you imagine the futility of trying to explain to angry black students that it just isn’t the same college??? Do you honestly think that the group of people who still holler “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” in spite of the total debunking of that narrative, are actually going to sit down and listen to anything???

      BTW, I am on their side when it comes to paying student loans, the modern form of Indentured Servitude.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. I’m against student loans for women until women are also subject to and must sign up for the draft and the men must.

      2. Squeeky – I threw a party when I paid my student loans off. However, it is the cost of higher education, we all did it, they are not special.

      3. Really? I paid for my college. Why should I pay for others now? Especially worthless degrees.

      4. Squeeky:

        You can solve the modern indenture due to student loans by not granting them any more.

    1. Squeaks, its getting to be a crowded platform already….raising the corporate tax up 5%, raising the highest earners rate up to 39%, eliminating ICE, abortion up to 39 weeks, free community college and we’re still 7 months away

      1. Yeah, but if it will get them votes! Maybe the Dems will demand an end to The Alamo movies, and demand reparations for the Mexicans we defeated back in 1850 whatever.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Battle of San Jacinto 1835 or Goliad 1836 by the then ‘citizens’ of Mexico former immigrants FROM the USA who later as the Republic of Texas opted to join the USA Had nothing to do with the USA at the time those battles were fought. Are they going to demand the Tejanos pay as well as gringos?

        2. Squeeky – La Raza is working on that. They want Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California back. I am willing to give them S. California as far as Sacramento.

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