Warren: I Will Not Take A DNA Test

official-portraitWe have been following the controversy over the claim of Native American ancestry by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the continued criticism from President Donald Trump who continues mock her as “Pocahontas”. Recently, we discussed Warren’s surprise speech doubling down on her claim and whether Warren would simply take a DNA test to put the matter to rest.  The suggestion was echoed by the media in Massachusetts like the Berkshire Eagle  For $100, the question is why let the matter simmer. Warren answered that question this weekend and the answer is no.


Warren told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that she would not take such a test because “I know who I am. And never used it for anything. Never got any benefit from it anywhere.”  Some may find it a bit curious that Warren would not want to confirm an identity that she repeated cited in her academic career and still says is central to her life.  The question is why Warren would not want to know and if any of her family has already had such tests performed.  Since Warren listed herself as a minority on law faculties, this identity was sufficiently important to her to claim as part of her identification as an academic. Yet, she has no interest in confirming information on what degree (if any) Native American heritage is shown in her DNA for a relatively small fee.  Moreover, such a test would effectively silence her critics, including Trump, if it produced confirmation of her long claim of Native American ancestry.

Warren added:

“My mother and daddy were born and raised in Oklahoma. My daddy first saw my mother when they were both teenagers. He fell in love with this tall, quiet girl who played the piano. Head over heels. But his family was bitterly opposed to their relationship because she was part Native American. They eventually eloped . . . That’s the story that my brothers and I all learned from our mom and our dad, from our grandparents. It’s a part of me and nobody’s going to take that part of me away.”

Warren added that she is not going to run for President.  That is a statement of intent that might change with a couple years remaining of shifting political conditions, including possible offers for a vice president slot.  Moreover, media is reporting that she is not ruling out a 2020 run and is positioning herself for precisely such a possible run.

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  2. Fraud- and one who’s included in that very low,approval rating of political hacks.

  3. I do not blame her for believing family stories when she was younger. How would children know to question what their older relatives told them?

    Where I do take issue is that she used a minority status to identify herself as an academic. There is no way to either prove or disprove that she benefitted from such. What we do know is that the current academic climate would give preferential treatment to anyone claiming Native American ancestry. It’s enough to question the ethics of her claim.

    We also know that she submitted a recipe plagiarized word for word in a cookbook entitled, “PowWow Chow”. Did Warren even attend Pow Wows? Have any history of interacting with any tribes? Or was her ancestry, which she held central to her character, simply revolved around those stories? Even the title of the cookbook sounds disparaging.

    I also take great issue that when she was presented with evidence that her family stories were untruthful, she did not research it and either prove or disprove it. She is an academic. She should at the bare minimum be able to prove her thesis that she is of the Cherokee tribe. Instead, she refused to prove it, and merely informed us all to take her word on it.

    I wouldn’t care if her family stories stayed just that, family stories. However, she took it farther than that and identified as a minority in her career. She capitalized on this story in her later political aspirations. Even now, she claims she will speak for the rights of her “fellow” Native Americans.

    I take great issue with a blonde, blue eyed woman claiming to be a minority, when that status is supposed to help minorities who, theoretically at least, may be passed over by racist hiring practices. It remains debatable how much racism actually exists in national hiring behavior. She most certainly was not discriminated against based on her state of natural tan.

    I also take issue with her refusal to back up her claim. Frankly, it makes no sense. Many people will have a drop of African or Native American blood in there somewhere, even if it’s 65 generations removed. The traces of DNA may still be there. Then she could say, you see, I really am Native American! Just 65 times removed! In fact, the only way it does make sense is if she has already privately taken the test and found it negative for tribal ancestry.

    1. Karen,
      Overall, I agree with you.

      “I also take issue with her refusal to back up her claim. Frankly, it makes no sense.”

      She may not want to dismantle a beloved piece of family lore, one that involves her parents’ wedding and declares a stance against bigotry. I suspect it is very wrapped up in her identity. Discovering it is false could be hard to reconcile.

      I am not saying she should not seek the truth. I do feel some sympathy for her.

      1. She might feel personal pain that her identity may have been based on a lie. That must be hard.

        However, all she needed to say was that she cherishes those stories, and frankly does not want to know if they are false. Let them be treasured memories, and then remove all references to herself as a Cherokee. If she is unwilling to prove it, in the face of evidence that it was a lie, then she should gracefully bow out of these repeated assertions of her ancestry.

      2. PR:
        Had she not sought career advancement based on the lie and to the detriment of the deserving, I’d agree with you but she did and that’s hard to excuse.

  4. My goodness! The pages of the Daily Tatler below are just Full of It!

    Nothing about the law here…

    1. David Benson – you are not a lawyer anyway. Why do you care what JT or the rest of us post here? Are you are Warren apologist? “That is not the white woman you were looking for.”

      1. I had hoped to learn something about the law, not the Blog of Fools.

        1. “I had hoped to learn something about the law, not the Blog of Fools.”
          What would you call someone who is constantly frustrated because he looks in the same place over and over again only to find the object of his search is still not there?

        2. David Benson – you might check to see if your local community college teaches criminal and civil law for paralegals. Then you could learn what you want.

  5. At a conference in India, Hillary the sociopath said women voted for Trump because their ‘men’ told them to. Hillary said Republicans who voted for Trump don’t want ‘black people to have rights’ or ‘women to have jobs.’ What a mixed up messed up sociopathic loser Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be. Thank God every day for Trump.

    1. bethnrob – did Hillary leave out us Independents who voted for Trump?

      1. No she basically said that anyone who didn’t vote for Her is deplorable and stupid.

        1. bethnrob – I hope Hillary runs again so I can not vote for her again. 🙂

    2. oh wow. I just saw this and posted it on another topic. Yep, that useless lying POS lecturing Trump and falling all over. She should be prosecuted

      1. Autumn – Judicial Watch is doing great work. If they can only get the FISA warrants.

        1. I dunno Paul – seems to me that they have unearthed so much and yet Sessions, etc. does nothing! Still, I applaud their tenacity and always look forward to their latest videos/announcements.

          1. Autumn – Sessions does seem to have double secret prosecutors on the loose.

  6. Is anyone (other than the MSM and Progressives) so naive as to think that Senator Warren has not already taken a DNA test and learned, to her dismay, that she has no Native American blood? And so, naturally, she will now publicly reject any proposal that she take the test.

    It is so easy today to get a DNA report. My bet is that she had her husband (or close friend) sign up for the DNA test and then had them submit her saliva for the test. If the test had come back positive for Native American ancestry, she would then have taken the test in her own name and hurled the results back at her critics. But since it came back negative, she has to refuse to take the test.

    1. I took the ancestry.com test and it came back with what I expected (50% Irish; 50% Scandinavian). Then I took the 23andMe test and was surprised to find out that I have a very small amount (2.5%) of European Spanish dna. Which explains where the dark hair and eyes of my “Black Irish” relatives comes from. The rest of us are blond. In any case, some dna tests are more comprehensive than others.

      I agree that EW may very well have already taken a test. Although I ordered both kits under my own name, they provide a code to look up your results online, so that if the web sites are ever hacked, your results will remain confidential. And, of course, I could have had someone else purchase the kit for me.

      1. TIN – Black Irish just means foreign Irish. Of course, we know the some of the first Spanish Armada wrecked on the Irish coastline and some crew survived. They may have mixed with the local Irish.

        1. Are you sure that some crew survived? The orders were to kill them all…

          1. David Benson – you really think the Irish follow orders. 😉 Silly boy.

  7. DNA testing is one way to prove some kind of Native American heritage. But why go to the expense? Go to your local library and consult the Census records and then cross reference them with the Dawes Rolls. In the run-up to Statehood, Oklahoma Territory was required to enumerate, or list, anyone who was considered a member of the tribe. Many people with marginal amounts of blood quantum from the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole, Choctaw, and/or Creek tribes tried to enroll, since they believed they might receive a small part of the communal land holdings when they were parceled out prior to Statehood. Tribal elders were on hand at the enrollment locations to preside over who and who was not a tribal member and to decide of the issue of blood quantum. If you are too lazy to do your own research, the Cherokee Tribe will refer you to competent genealogist within their community. Record keeping to well back even before the Civil War was excellent. Bottom line. She’s been caught in a lie!

      1. Squeek, the UK is no longer the type of country that would allow an Orwell, Huxley, Churchill, Burgess, etc. After The Guardian sat by and had their harddrives with Snowden files literally smashed up I knew it was over. Sad. Londistan is trying to shut down the whole country.

        But I still have faith people will persevere. BREXIT baby!!

        1. No, the UK is toast. Too many foreigners, and too much focus on being the World’s banking center. Which requires globalization. Just like here, it would take a revolution to set things right.

          Think, just 100 years ago, in 1918, the Sun never sank on the British Empire. Doesn’t take long to fall from the top. That will be about the same as our trajectory down the tubes.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. “Think, just 100 years ago, in 1918, the Sun never sank on the British Empire. Doesn’t take long to fall from the top. That will be about the same as our trajectory down the tubes.”
            I’m reading a wonderful biography of Benjamin Disraeli, who more than anyone besides Queen Victoria, was responsible for that vivid description of eternal imperial sunshine. The author is historian Stanley Weintraub.

    1. Tragic that you are so confused, suze. We elected Trump as our president. Kudos to America.

  8. It would be awesome if Warren had the imagination and the spirit to challenge the Turnip. If the Turnip releases his tax returns to the public, she would take a DNA test. One wonders if a DNA test would be conclusive proving anything what with the diluted traces of indigenous blood. Who knows, maybe the Turnip would be completely exonerated like all the other times he claimed as such.

    1. Isaac,…
      -I think that a 2020 run for the presidency is at least in the back of Sen.
      Warren’s mind.
      Watch for the signs, like if she starts claiming to have Hispanic and Black heritage.
      Now that she’s got the affiliation vote of the Indians sewed up, look for her to get solid blocks of support from other racial/ ethnic groups.😉

      1. Making Stuff Up. She stated that she is not going to bother to run for president.

        1. David, you seem to have lost the ability to differentiate opinion from making things up. Tom said ” “I think” which is a phrase designating an opinion. He then gave a valid reason why he said what he did, ” at least in the back of Sen. Warren’s mind.” A number of people running for President stated that they were “not going to bother to run for president.” and later did so. Even your premise is wrong.

          What is going on that professors in the field of science can’t differentiate opinion from making things up?

          1. Allan,…
            -I’ve found that it’s pretty much of a waste of time trying to explain anything to Professor Pompous of the Palouse.
            He already knows it all.

            1. Actually, with regard to David, I think some of his rantings represent a lack of self-esteem.

        2. David Benson – Warren parsed it very finely. She is not running for President (say this silently, right now). She didn’t say she was NEVER running for President. In fact, if the Democrats get rid of the Superdelegates, there is already a draft Bernie and Liz movement.

  9. Will I’m confused. Are there blond hair blue eyed Apaches? And brunettes?

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