Millennial Modus Operandi? Indiana Man Takes Taxis To Bank Robbery And Back Home . . . Then Pays With Robbery Proceeds

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Derrick Faria, 19, allegedly prefers convenience over stealth in robbing banks.  Faria is accused of taking a taxi to the Fifth Third Band in Evansville Indiana to rob it . . . . and then taking the same taxi back home.  He allegedly paid for the return trip with some of the money from the bank heist.

This may be a new trend among millennial felons, but it is not a particularly good way to start a criminal career.

Faria went into the bank and handed over a note reading “this is a robbery give me all your money.”  He did not use a weapon.  He then went out in front of witnesses and got into the same uCabbi van and went to his house.

To his credit, he gave the driver a $6 tip for a $14 fare — almost 50 percent.  Of course, it was with stolen bank money but generous to a fault.

10 thoughts on “Millennial Modus Operandi? Indiana Man Takes Taxis To Bank Robbery And Back Home . . . Then Pays With Robbery Proceeds”

  1. Could not be funnier, I would suspect the next Millenial would learn from this and just call the bank and rob them over the phone… logic.. save $20 on the cab fair

  2. Well, it seems like Ol’ Derrick was not really taking a cab, but instead flying on something. From the link:

    Police recovered all of the money robbed, apart from the $16 cab fare and $4 tip.

    According to the newspaper, investigators found “paraphernalia used to ingest synthetic drugs” in Faria’s home after they executed a search warrant.

    He was booked into Vanderburgh County Jail, on preliminary charges of drugs, paraphernalia posession and robbery.

    I was curious how they could distinguish between synthetic drug paraphernalia and regular old drug paraphernalia. So, i googled it, and am still confused. Maybe it was the residue, or they found the synthetic drugs? Anyway:

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Standard business model, getting an (unwitting…) investor who profits after introduction of the business. You think this is bad, but what about the “slap chop?”

  4. Well, he is a good tipper, so there is that. And he did not use a weapon.

    When I go to my bank and ask for money they want tax returns, property deeds, etc. I am clearly going about it the wrong way.

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