Police Arrest Florida Man After Pulling DNA Sample From Doorbell

There is a fascinating case in Edgewater, Florida where Jason Braun, 41, was arrested after police were able to lift his DNA from a doorbell. The story is an example of advanced forensic tests have become and how little is needed now for a DNA sample.

Police allege that Braun rang the bell and then broke into the home of an elderly couple.  An 81-year-old man responded and fired several shots from a 22-caliber pistol at a burglar coming through the window of his living room.

Since the burglar escaped, there was little to go on until the police learned about the bell ring.  According to Fox 35, a match was found five months later.

By that time, Braun was already in custody on a similar charge.  What is particularly fortuitous, police say Braun put on gloves . . . after ringing the bell.


9 thoughts on “Police Arrest Florida Man After Pulling DNA Sample From Doorbell”

  1. I’m glad they caught this guy, and that the homeowners were armed. What were an 80 year old couple going to do to defend themselves otherwise? Hope that someone who broke in when they were home didn’t mean them harm?

  2. Pity the 81 year old used a 22 caliber pistol as opposed to a shot gun or a respectable weapon to take down the assailant.

    Arm the citizenry and watch crime become nonexistent.

  3. Age 81 is not all that old. I wish she would have shot him in the lower 48 if you know what I mean. As for DNA it is possible that his DNA was taken from him in jail and then super lied about where it came from by it cops. Yeah! itShay can happen. So the topic must be about Frame Ups. DNA now gives cops the ability to frame some people. Hillary’s DNA is on all the uranium sold to Russia. Bill’s DNA is on Monica’s toenails.
    Harvard’s DNA is on all of its law grads who think their itShay don’t stink. And so on.

  4. See? Who needs guns? The 81 year old would have made out better had he just reasoned with the burglar.

  5. A Boston DJ is trying to get a DNA sample from Elizabeth Warren. This will make it easier. 😉

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