Report: Trump Met With Michael Cohen Night Before Stormy Daniels Interview

440px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_TrumpI recently wrote a column that argued that President Donald Trump would be wise to accept the offer (and reported parameters) for a sit down with Special Counsel Bob Mueller. In addition, I argued for another obvious and long overdue action: severing any and all ties with his personal counsel Michael Cohen.  Cohen’s reckless and ham-handed lawyering has seriously undermined Trump’s position and he could very well find his bar license in jeopardy due to his prior actions.  Despite Cohen’s radioactive reputation and worsening legal position, Trump decided that the night before the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels was a good time to have dinner with Cohen at Mar-O-Lago.  It was a baffling decision when any competent lawyer would be insulating Trump from Cohen.

I previously discussed how Cohen’s style seems to resonate with Trump, who was influenced by the infamous lawyer, Ron Cohn. 

Trump has a number of talented lawyers in Washington.  Yet, he continues to tie himself to a lawyer who has been widely condemned for his tactics and lack of judgment. My assumption is that Trump either did not consult with his D.C. counsel or ignored them in arranging this dinner at the resort.

Cohen not only put Trump in the worst possible position but he has made himself part of the unfolding scandal.  If he was hungry last Saturday, most of Trump’s lawyer would have preferred to order him a pizza to his room and put Trump anywhere he was not.

Cohen has continued his signature for throwing out empty threats of defamation lawsuits.  In the meantime, he is fast making himself “libel-proof” due to his plummeting reputation and continued missteps.


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  1. Quote about Dowd’s replacement, age 69, plucked from obscurity, “Has the kind of presence and mind that would make Trump listen.”
    FYI, Gen. Kelley, your mind and presence don’t measure up to a lawyer whose claim to fame is a Jews for Jesus case with fellow attorney, evangelist, Jay Sekulow (assuming that current opinion prevails).

  2. The “ Orange One” simply cannot help himself. He’s a sleaze bag. That’s how he operates.
    I wonder, at what point Cohen will have had enough of covering for the Sleaze.?
    What does he owe the “ Orange One “ for, that he has put his entire future at risk for.?
    Tell me your company, and I will tell you, what you are.

  3. JT picking on Cohen again. Cohen meeting with Trump is called loyalty. JT again goes after Cohen and gives pass to sleazeball tactics of his former pet student Avenatti. Why not question Avenatt’s motives for stirring up this circus?

    1. Jon Turley will always give a pass to Michael Avenatti because he is aligned with Avenatti. If Turley had any integrity, he would disclose in every article he writes that involves Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels that he has a relationship with Michael Avenatti and that his opinions may be biased by that relationship. But asking Jon Turley to demonstrate some integrity is asking a bit too much. But on the plus side of Jon Turley, he hasn’t yet banned my comments.

    1. “Liberty2nd
      March 27, 2018 at 9:34 PM
      Why can’t he met and yak? ”

      That’s the same thing I keep asking myself, why won’t DAG Rostenstien & Mueller stop refusing & insist to go ahead & meet with the US Marshals Service & answer all of the questions under Oath?

      Like: What about this FBI agent Carter Page dude & you guys using him & a fake Hilliary/DNC/FBI & a Foreign Naition’s intel service, MI6, using Hillary/FBI/MI5 Pizzgate Memo to Illegal get multiple FISA Warrants in an attempt to commit Treason/ Sedition, etc., against a duly elected Prez?

      Have you or Prof Turley every heard about the fruit of the Poisonous Tree Rosenstein/Mueller?

  4. Republican convention speaker and Facebook board member, Peter Thiel, who famously said, women voting equaled an oxymoron, says Palantir, a company he founded, did not do what the Cambridge Analytica whistle blower says it did. Oh, which, oh which person should be believed?

    1. Correction: Palantir now says, “We learned today that an employee engaged in an entirely personal capacity with people associated with Cambridge Analytica.” I’m sure it was just cocktails.

  5. The editorial board of that “-leftist” rag, TNYT, came out in favor of even stiffer sanctions of the Putinists.

    So there.

  6. Prof Turley appears to me to be very confused about how Trump should behave in public & with his lawyers.

    Turley seems to argue Trump should never say anything to anyone again, to go sit in a corner, handcuffed , STFU & waiting on the American hatin trash Criminals Rosenstien & Mueller etc. so he can Kiss their azzes & let them & their Commie/Nazi friends run the USA.

    On the contrary I believe Trump should invite his lawyers, Rosenstein & Mueller to go with him on a hunting trip to Texas with Ret VP Dick Cheney & work things out. LOL;)

    We could all say plenty about Ret VP Cheney, but he clearly understandshow to negotiate with lawyers. LOL

      1. There’s been an equipment malfunction. Get back in the time machine. You’ve arrived almost two decades too late. It’s 2018 not 2000.

          1. Billy Clinton paid a heavy price for his philanderin ways. Donny porn King T rump has paid some people to shut up and be threatened all the whole grabbing and attacking all da women that did not want to have sex with him. One of these days one of his accusers is goin to win and da porno King will pay up and move out.

          2. The yellowed paper copy must have been supplied, after the time travelers got out of the machine in 2018. If they had brought it with them it would be the color of a current newspaper. So, the stop in 2018 is intentional, not a machine malfunction. hmmmm

  7. “[Mcmaster] and the National Security Council recommended to the president that he expel Russian diplomats on Wednesday, and then Trump fired him on Thursday,” Maddow said.

    “And now, raise your hand if you think that President Trump is going to follow that recommendation and expel Russian diplomats from the United States as punishment for the nerve agent poisoning that he was too afraid to bring up person-to-person when he spoke to Vladimir Putin last week. You think he’s going to kick out their diplomats?”

    – Rachel Maddow

    1. What happened to America? 2% of the population controls the airwaves promoting national suicide? How do freaks of nature get on daily television? Do they generate revenue or are they subsidized? Madcow, Cooper, Lemon, Shep, etc. – do Americans know they are being indoctrinated by freaks of nature? Aren’t there rules for broadcasting? Is America full of freaks? Has America been irretrievably brainwashed?

      “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

      – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

      I’d say it’s about time for a healthy dose of “terrible resolve”.

        1. Personal data “given” in response to false pretenses? Where, on an ethical continuum, does theft begin?
          In Russia, are all cons considered legit?
          If I give to a charity and my gift is used to buy gold fixtures for the Zuckerberg mansion, it wouldn’t be as clear as you stated, would it, Paula?

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