Report: Pruitt’s Lobbyist Landlord Changed Locks When He Failed To Move Out

440px-Scott_Pruitt_official_portraitThe scandals swirling around EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt continues to get worse by the day.  The latest leak reported by Politico  says that the lobbyist owners of Pruitt’s condo became frustrated with his continued use of the property after the expiration of their lease arrangement.  Not only did they reportedly ask him to leave, but went as far as changing the locks.  Pruitt’s deal would be hard for most people to give up: $50 a night for a condo in a prime location where he would only pay for those nights when he used the room.  Realtors confirm that obvious that it was a sweetheart deal and the most recent disclosure would indicate that Pruitt was not eager to let it go.

Politico reports that Pruitt’s “disgruntled landlords” tried to end the use of the room to no avail.  They understood that Pruitt would just use the deal for six weeks but Pruitt failed to move out: “The couple, Vicki and Steve Hart, became so frustrated by their lingering tenant that they eventually pushed him out and changed their locks.”

Between millions spent on an 18 man security team, exorbitant office expenses, and first class travel, it is hard to make Pruitt look worse.  However, there is nothing quite as bad as the optics of a pro-industry EPA Administrator being locked out of energy lobbyists’ condo.

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  1. Ah, yes. trump and his extreme vetting process seems to have failed him again as he fills his swamp with more swamp rats. SAD!

  2. A much clearer view of what going on with Scott Pruitt at the EPA. I was thinking I should write to Pruitt & suggest after he gets rid of 75-80% of the EPA he should move whats left to Tulsa or OKC.

    The Pruitt stuff starts at about 50 or 51 minutes in the video:

    And then this piece:

    1. No Infowars insights, LOL?
      Not that Breitbarts is any more than marginally better….

    2. The Pruitt stuff starts at about 50 or 51 minutes in the video:”

      Not sure want happened, but anyway the Pruitt stuff should start at about 148:30 minutes into this video:

  3. Wait! Pruitt is in the league of corruption of Hillary “BleachBit” Clinton, the eminently ineligible Barry “CEO of Coups “R” Us” Soetoro, Bill “The Rapist” Clinton, Loretta “How Do You Like My Plane, Bill” Lynch, Eric “in Contempt” Holder, Susan “Liar” Rice, the very fired James Comey and Andrew McCabe, the “Toxic Love Birds” Page and Strzok, John “I Voted For Communists” Brennan, James “Congressional Perjurer” Clapper and the many multiple various and sundry other components of the treasonous “deep state?”

    The communistic liberals are conducting a coup d’etat in America as the most prodigious scandal in America political history and Pruitt is of capital concern? Pruitt is a distraction.

    At a similar condition in history, the French rolled out the guillotines. Pruitt’s neck size doesn’t’ fit.

    1. This “Deep State” organization which you have so cleverly uncovered through your dogged and indefatigable sleuthing appears dangerous. It seems that through your tireless efforts, you have revealed to all the world a nefarious cabal of ne’er-do-wells, seemingly hell-bent on eradicating our ‘Merican way of life, our loves of chips and queso, and fluoridating our precious bodily fluids, or some other such dastardly deed. Excellent work Inspector, excellent work.

      this is to “Inspector Gadget, at your service” georgie

  4. Candidate Trump proclaimed he would “drain the swamp” with regards to government officials with tangled private interests. But Scott Pruitt’s service as EPA Administrator illustrates how this administration has actually ‘filled’ the swamp.

    As Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt made no bones about his allegiance to the oil and gas industries. Pruitt essentially touted those links as a badge of honor; which made him just the type of man Trump wanted in his administration.

    During his year as head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt has essentially declared war on environmental regulations. The idea seems to be that clean air and water are luxuries business can’t afford. And though Trump applauds Pruitt’s efforts to undo said regulations, the latter has actually been rather sloppy with his legal paperwork. Pruitt may not be as effective as business interests hoped.

    1. Have you actually ‘seen’ the room??

      I doubt if even Republicans would be disturbed by this matter if $50 per night was strictly “market rate”. See if any Motel 6’s exist in that part of Washington and ‘what’ they might be charging.

  5. And yet, we are supposed to believe that he’s still getting a special deal from some lobbyists.

    Regarding the size of his security detail, does it make sense when one considers that he has received more death threats from political enemies (a/k/a environmentalists) than the last four EPA administrators combined? Also, many of these complaints are coming from his neighbors back in Oklahoma, who feign being upset with excess traffic whenever the family is in town.

  6. Trump does not care if Pruitt or anybody else in his administration are grifters, he only cares if they get caught. And even then, its fake news to him and his supporters.

  7. “Reporting should call out Scott Pruitt as a two-faced fraud….If Pruitt wanted a level playing field for renewable energy (solar and wind), he’d support ending the subsidies for oil, gas, coal, nuclear and corn ethanol substitutes.” Miles Grant, Oct. 30, 2017

  8. A landlord should always change the locks when any tenant moves out. Why? Because the next tenant may blame the landlord if the previous tenant comes in and observes sex acts or steals something. Jeso. What is the purpose of this topic?

      1. His SAD attempt at humor; he will be here all week and then some. Don’t forget to tip the waitress.

  9. Pruitt is entitled to a security team and allowed to get the best deal he can on a residence. His relationship with his landlord interests me about as much as his dealings with the paperboy. Bottom line: these are all excusable, non-newsworthy offenses if you like the man and his politics; capital crimes if you don’t. Let him do his damn job cutting stupid and economy stalling environmental regulations.

    1. So you want to breathe dirty air, eat food grown in contaminated soil, and drink toxic water?

      1. So you want to breathe dirty air, eat food grown in contaminated soil, and drink toxic water?

        Well of course anyone that holds a view different than yours must be supporting initiatives that destroy humanity. Way to think bigly.

      2. Speculating- Oiley wants to make money. Nothing else is on his radar, particularly not people who aren’t in his orbit.
        A family member he loved would have to be harmed, like the case a few years ago of school children who ate contaminated strawberries and died (the fruit’s source was prohibited by regulation). And even then, IMO, big enough bucks would assuage his sorrow.

      3. No, but purity in the air, water, and soil are commodities. You produce more purity by producing less of other things. There are always trade-offs. This isn’t that difficult.

    2. Pruitt is entitled to a security team

      Donna Shalala when she was Clinton’s HHS secretary shlepped around Washington without a security detail. Max Cleland when he ran the VA (an agency with a workforce an order of magnitude larger than the EPA) drove himself to work in his custom-made vehicle. (Custom-made because he’s a triple amputee). Bess Truman told the Secret Service to take a hike before her husband left office. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nixon did so in 1986, and spent their last 7-8 years in Bergen County, NJ, sans guards. Jackie Onassis and her children traipsed around Manhattan for about 20 years with no security detail. The homicide rate in this country was considerably worse in 1986 than it is today. Scott Pruitt doesn’t need a security detail.

      I agree with you that his tacky quarrel with his landlord is of no consequence (and rather undermines the contention that the lobbyist was going to get special treatment for her clients or was even seeking it). It’s also Politico, and extension of the DNC press office like most of the media.

      Eliminate the security team, insist he fly coach and do his work in his office, and can him if he actually was insubordinate re the salaries of his patronage employees.

      1. DDS – you would get rid of your security detail if, like Jackie, you were sunbathing nude. There is a Jackie biography by one of her female security detail who dishes all the dirt. I have not read it, just heard about it at my book club.

        1. Clever, but beside the point.

          The terms of the law passed in 1965 granting security details to former presidents and proximate relatives incorporated criteria for determining who qualified. Mrs. Kennedy no longer met the criteria after she married Aristotle Onassis, so the only security she had from 1968 to 1975 was on his dime. The family asked in 1973 that the SS detail following John Kennedy Jr be withdrawn. Caroline Kennedy’s eligibility for SS protection would have been at an end in 1975 if she still had a detail at that point. For children who are no longer minors, law and policy are curt. Steven Ford had a funny story about playing chess with his guards on 20 January 1977. At precisely noon, they all piled into a car and left, leaving him alone for the first time in 29 months. A bit disconcerting, that.

          The serious dirt on the former Jacquenline Bouvier. Joseph Epstein offered some years ago that her motto must have been “Je vais pour l’argent”. The thing is, she and her sisters grew up in a patrician world and crossed paths with such people as a matter of course. Her sisters were handsome and she was a serious head-turner. Their mother advised them in a particular way. It would have been eccentric had they not married money. It seems awfully crass for her to have remained married for 10 years to Jack Kennedy given that she indubitably had grounds for an annulment within days of their marriage, ’tis true. It’s also true that Maurice Templesman was notionally married to someone else. These are the scandals, such as it was.

      2. NII:
        And Churchill had one body guard and a revolver. Times change, people are crazier and past performance is no guarantee of future success.

    3. Thirty years ago you wouldn’t stick your toes in the Potomac River. Now you can survive a swim. And if you actually like his politics, you like grifters

  10. Hmmm — a lawyer, a landlord, and a politician. The scene for this story must be somewhere in Hell.

  11. Between millions spent on an 18 man security team, exorbitant office expenses…..

    Scott Pruitt wants a sound proof office. Here’s the cone of silence. Trump should get one too.

  12. Yes things are just getting worse and worse for EPA administrator Scott Pruitt. But first let us recap:

    1. On March 26, 2018, Scott Pruitt did, with malice and intent, make a photocopy of a letter for a strictly personal matter. Pruit has, thus far, failed to pay back the government for this flagrant waste and fraud.

    2. On March 22, 2018, Scott Pruit did, with malice and forethought, intentionally extend a meeting beyond the one hour allocated length so that he could order pizza served at lunch, charging the cost to the EPA, rather than ordering out at his own expense.

    3. On February 8, 2018, Scott Pruitt did, with malice and intent, take $2.50 in quarters from the petty cash box, substituting an IOU for the shortfall, so that a visitor to the EPA could loading the parking meter on a street nearby. Although Pruitt ultimately did reimburse the petty cash fund the next day, his actions constituted a willful and reckless felony on February 8, 2018.

    Now, new evidence has surfaced that severely incriminate Scott Pruitt:

    4. On March 12, 2018, Scott Pruitt did knowingly and recklessly make a change in his bowel movement habits, wherein he switched from an evening bowel movement to a post-lunch bowel movement; thereby causing additional government expenditures on the amount toilet tissue used during working hours.

    5. On March 10, 2018, at 3:10 pm EST, Scott Pruitt did knowingly and recklessly used his EPA-provided computer to respond to an email reminder regarding a dental appointment, an entirely personal matter having no bearing whatsoever on EPA business.

    6. On March 5, 2018, Scott Pruitt did knowingly and recklessly arrive at his office five minutes late, at 9:05 am EST. Although he continued to work until 6:27 pm that day, the extra time that he worked cannot make up for the lost minutes of March 5.

    As is self-evident, Scott Pruitt’s days are numbered. Fiat justitia ruat cælum! (“Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”)

    1. Ralph Adamo – your research is impeccable. Thank you for taking the time to dissect the Pruitt matter so thoroughly.

    2. How did the scene at the house play out? Did the lobbyist owners put Pruitt’s belongings on the street, after changing the locks? Did Pruitt arrive and beg that he had no money for rent? Pruitt held up the Cheniere logo hat for the cameras in Morocco, he should have been treated better. (sarcasm)

  13. Mr. Pruitt certainly would have looked the fool if he persisted and the U.S. Marshals served him with a writ of restitution.

    1. Being from OK & Pruitt the former AG here I see alot of what he’s doing I like.

      The whole $50-60 bucks a day I don’t understand as those I believe are going rates here in Oklahoma for a basic motel six type room.

      I understand their sickness, if Trumps likes what anyone is doing the Commie/Nazis American hatin trash hates it.

      But you know Darren I’m just throwing their propaganda tactics back in their face.

      Aside from that I’m hearing next year may prove very interesting. We’ll.


      1. ” We’ll” what?

        Amusing comment that doesn’t address the obvious corruption of an EPA head who should have been booted out months ago. Trouble is that Trump loves his abject ignorance and efficiency in wrecking the environment in favour of his industry puppeteers. It’s so abject; so ignorant; so egregious, and the cherry on the cake is his personal integrity deficit as he adds to the American deficit. A perfect circle of corruption, totemic of the towering Trump treachery..

    2. If reports are true, they would have had trouble rousing him. Good people.

    3. Would have looked the fool, indeed, but wouldn’t have felt any shame about it.
      As crooked as his master our debauched and depraved idiot President. MAGA.

  14. Well, he has been saving money at the agency. That they are not reporting.

    1. Paul

      What he has been doing is taking steps designed to make his friends and professional cronies wealthier, whether the actions are giving an inappropriate raise to his friends, awarding his personal security contract to a crony, or pushing the agency to adopt rules which cost industry less money. There is not much of a pretense to base his actions on reason or scientific studies. It is a pure money grab.

      1. Don de Drain – not true. His relaxation of regulations should save businesses $31b a year.

        1. Paul

          You just made my point. This is all about money going into the pockets of certain businesses and their owners allied with Pruitt in one way or another. Period.

  15. It’s actually easy to make Pruit look worse, Turley’s comment notwithstanding. He had Samantha Dravis on the payroll for three months without having to show up for an “Associate Director for Policy,” a job similar to one she held in the Bush Administration. She did get to go on the Morocco trip (with the excessive layover in Paris) so Pruitt could push Carl Icahn’s business having nothing to do with the EPA which was the sole reason for the trip. She, by the way, was one of Rob Porter’s ex-girlfriends and looks a bit like Ivanka. I say that would make him look worse. Oh yes, and the people that reported this got demoted.

    1. Enigma, contrary to your Leftist spin on the facts, Cheniere is not Carl Icahn’s company. He holds a 13.75% stake in the common stock, and 40% of the company is controlled by some of the leading institutional investors. Cheniere’s business plans have been promoted by the Obama Administration, which helped get it off the ground by giving the company its necessary regulatory approvals. Icahn took his stake in Cheniere while Obama was president. Trump is continuing that same level of support. And BOTH the Obama and Trump administrations had been doing what they could to help Cheniere for good reason. Cheniere has created thousands and thousands of jobs and has been a powerful boost to the economy. For the first time in history, the US is on track to become one of the largest exporters of liquid natural gas. Thanks to Trump’s support, China signed a contract to buy liquid natural gas from Cheniere, another first.

      As for Pruitt’s trip to Morocco, Morocco is the only African country with which the United States has a free-trade agreement, is a signatory to the 2015 Paris climate agreement, and has collaborated many times in the past with U.S. officials on its push to expand domestic solar energy production. During the trip, Moroccan officials took Pruitt on a tour of the IRESEN Green Energy Park, which the EPA said showed the administrator “firsthand the work being done to promote environmental innovation, including solar energy across Morocco.” That Pruitt also too the time to help advance the possibility of the US exporting liquid natural gas to Morocco is a good thing for the US.

      Of course, to Leftists, anything helping the US to become strong economically is a bad thing, not a good thing. So, yes, it’s a matter of perspective. If your perspective is to see the US fail, to lose jobs, and to see the energy industry and economy crushed, why, yes, Pruitt is definitely not your guy to be holding any government post. On the other hand, if your perspective is to see the US succeed, for jobs to continue to grow, and to see the US energy industry competitive with other world players, then you would conclude that Pruitt is doing a great job. Perspective is everything.

      1. And as for Samantha who we are paying to do nothing? The raises to his boys that he outright lied about knowing about to Fox News. The controversies following him from Oklahoma that the Senate had to rush his confirmation through before the judge released the Emails showing he was/is an industry stooge? He isn’t making America great again, just making the rich richer.

        1. Why are you posting past midnight and again at 5 am?

          Get a career, make money, get somewhere in life, stop envying others and employ the brain you presumably have to further your goals….

          oh wait…you live off of the entitlements Democrats created in order to enslave you.

          got it

          1. Linda, I typically go to bed late and I got up early to… go to work. You are beginning to sound kind of trollish.Perhaps you’re the one in need of something to do?

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