Cohen: “I’d Rather Jump Out Of Building Than Turn On Donald Trump”

US_Capitol_Building,_East_side_steps_and_domeI have previously noted that the ultimate strategy for Michael Cohen, the personal lawyer of President Donald Trump, could be a presidential pardon.  With a search warrant covering everything from Stormy Daniels to Ukrainian transactions to Russian deals to taxi medallions, the situation looks pretty bleak for Cohen (who was also allegedly today to be in arrears on his taxes for his medallion business).  As I noted in my recent column, two men are in a position to get Cohen out of the quagmire of his own creation: Trump and Mueller.  If there was any question of whether Cohen is more likely to pursue a pardon than a deal, it was in his comment yesterday to a radio show host:  “I’d rather jump out of a building than turn on Donald Trump.”

Of course, prosecutors may view that description as apt if Cohen is criminally charged.  Absent a pardon, Cohen would be unlikely to garner much sympathy from the court in any sentencing given his controversial actions in his career.
The statement clearly reflects what has appealed most to Trump in Cohen: loyalty. However, the choice of proven loyalty over proven ability is a dangerous one as shown by the utter disaster that Cohen created in the Stormy Daniels controversy.
The problem for Cohen could come with the passage of time. If prosecutors find different criminal acts by Cohen, it will become more difficult to portray him as the victim of a “witch hunt” .  After all, if Mueller’s team did find probable cause of criminal acts, they are supposed to act on that evidence,  In this case, the matter was left to career prosecutors in the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.


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  1. Michael Cohen: “Donald Trump s the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

  2. So if you raided the house and office of every single American, including mobster Mueller, what % of people could one expect to find some level of criminal behavior at some time (even once) in their lives? Obviously the vast majority have done something that these freaks could call a crime and act on it, that what the FBI does. On the other hand if they don’t want to find a crime, they do everything in their power not to find it or say it doesn’t matter, exhibit A: Hillary Clinton.

  3. So Mueller/Rostenstein admit Mueller can’t investigate legally trumps lawyer so they cook up this fraud of a parallel construction type fraud in NY & thus Trump’s legal Rights have been violated.

    One of the reasons we were lead to believe in public for the illegal raid was Illegal Campaign funds viva the stormy hooker fantasy the DNC/Mueller cooked up.

    My question & a question of a caller asked Mark Levin yesterday was: If the 100,000 plus thousand bucks to pay off & kill the storming hooker claim then would not the 15 to 30 Million $ paid out by the US Congressmen & Senators to get rid of sexual claims against Congressmen & US Senators also be unreported illegal Campaign funds?


      1. Yes says one of 50 million plus of Infowars Guys/Gals, & Oh No the info is not from Infowars but from US Constitutional Law Scholar & Staff of Staff of the AG’s office under Reagan, Mark Levin & his listeners.

        I’m moving forward with other research right now but if you wish to search for it you can start here:

  4. With a search warrant covering everything from Stormy Daniels to Ukrainian transactions to Russian deals to taxi medallions,

    Can we actually wait for the warrant to be made public before we comment on its ‘contents’?

  5. Trump is learning the hard way, what everybody who has worked in or with government closely already knows. When you win public office, the first thing on your agenda is to clean house. The old saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer no longer applies. You can still keep your friends close, of course, but your enemies must be eliminated. And even if the people you thought were your friends begin to falter and demonstrate disloyalty, then they too must be terminated.

    In some lines of work, the termination must be of the permanent variety, and not a metaphor. But the metaphor is a good one to keep in mind, as illustrated so well in The Godfather (novel and movie):

    1. Ralph Adamo – Julius Caesar taught us the lesson that we must destroy our enemies. 😉

    2. The Israelites killed every living thing in Jericho to preclude an attack from the rear as they advanced into the “promised land.”

    1. Assuming that the execution of the warrants didn’t uncover actionable wrongdoing on his behalf.

      I wouldn’t bet against that.

      I also wouldn’t bet that Cohen is willing to take the fall for his master at all.

  6. Trump could pardon Cohen. But New York could prosecute as a state prosecution and Trump could not pardon him for a non federal offense. What I would do is let Cohen join the army and send him off to Vietnam.

  7. If Cohen thinks Trump and Putin will hold on to his money when he gets out of prison, he’s in for a big surprise.

      1. Don the Con can’t keep his tiny hands off the blower. He talked to Cohen just a couple of days ago. He’s flailing like a beached whale. Sad!

  8. I think Trump should pardon all of them. Then equal justice will have been applied. Clinton’s Cartel all got immunity and the guy who erased the 33,000 emails got immunity then refused to answer who told him to destroy emails under subpoena! Really where were the no knock dead of night Raids by the FBI. No double standards. Pardon all.

    1. No pardons.

      Two hills, with Clinton and her mutts nailed to crosses on one and Trump and his mutts nailed to crosses on the other. It’s time to set an example as to what should be expected in our leadership. The Congress, the Senate, and the Judiciary should have to file between the hills on their way to work. Too harsh?

      The government against which the founding fathers went to war in order to create this new world, was never this corrupt.

  9. OK, Michael, it looks like you are going to have to jump. Hope you have your parachute ready because don’t expect Donald to come and save your arse – not a hope in hell my friend.

  10. It won’t be necessary for Cohen to jump out of a building for the President. Trump has already pushed him out of an upper story window.

    1. Mike A., …
      -I hadn”t read your comment when I talked about Sater pushing Cohen out of an upper story window.
      Don’t want to get sued for plagiarism!😧

    2. OMG! I love constitutional free speech. Were we in Russia or China we might have already succumbed to a robust dose of polonium-210 or been run over by a tank.

      1. I can say the craving in Don the Con’s piggy eyes. What he would give for that power…

        1. Lol. That would ” see” the craving in the Grifter’s eyes and not ” say”. Just sayin’ ????

  11. Congress must conduct a consolidated and accelerated Class-Action or Mass-Action Impeachment of Sessions, Wray, Rosenstein, Mueller and the many other members of the DOJ/FBI “deep state” for subversion, election tampering, abuse of power, malicious prosecution, usurpation, corruption and treason as the DOJ/FBI “deep state” conducts a coup d’etat in America. Congress must restore dominion of the Constitution or allow its destruction.

    1. When did that happen. He was on some news showe just a few moments ago…

    2. Only if you get rid of the RINO/DINO faction. That will take the independent self governing citizens as the RINO/DINO are the problem and not likely to change their well paid sinecure. BUT hope springs eternal. The left was severely trashed asunder in 2016 and not recovered and the right wing of the left is heading for the hills so less RINOs means more room to elect Constitutionalists.

    3. The Constitution calls for majority rule, minority rights. A government of the people, by the people and for the people eliminates the travesty of a Koch oligarchy. The bait and switch verbiage from the Kochs about “freedom” should be exposed for what it is.

      1. Right.

        I get that.

        The minority, Hillary, loses the election but still has the right to rule through lies, fraud, corruption and malicious prosecution.

        I’m gonna take a wild guess that “majority rules” is impossible if the minority has rights that preclude said rule of the majority.

        Can you follow your own convoluted, nonsensical bull—-?

        Minority “rights” are defined in the Communist Manifesto not the America Constitution.

        Majority rules. Period.

        The vote means majority rule and nothing else. The minority has no right to nullify the constitutional limitation on Congress to tax solely for “general Welfare” while deliberately omitting and excluding the power by Congress to tax for “individual welfare” or redistribution of wealth. Also, the right to private property makes “Affirmative Action Privilege”, quotas and other “minority rights” immutably unconstitutional. America is a restricted-vote republic not a one man, one vote democrazy. Your lazy and untalented “covetocracy” has no authority to take what it wants from successful people.

        The one thing the Founders gave all Americans is freedom and the right to pursue their own perception of happiness. All men are created equal. After creation, all men are on their own. Success is up to the individual not the state.

        1. The verbiage is impressive. Trouble with your cleaving to the need for ” constitutionalists” is the utter absurdity of this literalism. Courtesy of your constitution the majority vote didn’t carry the day because of the electoral college which ensures that all men are not created equal. Just like the bible, your constitution is riven with contradictions to its stated aims and open to interpretation that is far from settled in so many aspects. Just look at the gargantuan cock-up of the second amendment. Jeez…

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