School Superintendent Accused For Being Serial Pooper On High School Football Field

download-1Thomas Tramaglini, 42, was arrested for a particularly vile alleged crime: being a serial pooper on a high school football field.  That alone would make him a standout as an alleged felon. Yet, the real surprise for police was to learn of his day job:  Superintendent of Schools in Holmdel, New Jersey. He was named superintendent of Kenilworth schools  in August 2015. Tramaglini also worked as a lecturer at Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

The security had staked out the field after someone defecated on the field or track on a daily basis.  The arrest of Tramaglini occurred at 6 a.m.  If that is when he did his “business,” it was pretty bold given the many people who jog at that time. The police reportedly have a security videotape.

He is now charged with lewdness, littering and defecating in public, according to the police.

He is also now being called the “pooper-intendent” and is on leave from his $147,504 a year job.

18 thoughts on “School Superintendent Accused For Being Serial Pooper On High School Football Field”

  1. If he’s married and all his children are girls, he probably doesn’t get bathroom time.

  2. A typical public servant bureaucrat, showing his true feelings towards the people who pay his salary.

  3. It looks like the sh-t has really hit the fan for Thomas Tramaglini. The prosecution is likely going to be able to positively ID Mr. Tramaglini via DNA evidence derived from the feces discovered on the field. DNA can be obtained from stool samples in a great many cases, as noted in the following study:

    Mr. Tramaglini’s defense attorneys, however, have a near full-proof defense strategy. They’re going to throw whatever sh-t they come up with against the wall and see what sticks. Sounds like a plan to me.

  4. The only explanation I can come up with is mental illness. This seems like some sort of compulsion. I cannot see him risking his job, and at a time that he would be predictably caught, otherwise.

    Who knows?

    It’s hard to witness anyone throw their life away.

  5. What is more striking is his PhD Dissertation topic

    “Student Achievement in Lower SES High Schools“

    “The main takeaway for an audience is that curriculum management seems to make a measurable difference when teachers are actively engaged in adapting curriculum materials to specific local conditions, that is, in making the curriculum proximal to learners.”

    Perhaps he wanted to be more proximal to his audience and hence left them gifts to let them know he did give a crap.

    He is 42, handsome, single and a Democrat.


    1. He’s supposedly been married and has children. His problem is somewhat more elaborate and obtrusive than a failure to raise and lower the toilet seat.

      He has an EdD degree, not an authentic research degree. In some alternate universe where sensible people are in charge and Spock doesn’t have a beard, teacher’s colleges would stick to certificate programs which consist of a limited menu of methods courses, an internship, and a stipended apprenticeship; schools of public administration would train principals; and any research degrees would be in public policy or psychology and subject to the rigors of those disciplines. There’s a reason Richard Feynman offered that if he had to guess where you find ‘cargo-cult science’ it’s in ‘education research’.

  6. Don’t the coaches tell them to “leave it all on the field”?

    Hopefully he will be allowed to wipe the slate clean.

  7. Better a football field, than doing it all over the country.

  8. What sort of perversion induces him to do this?

    1. DSS – someone who thinks the football team is getting too much money?

  9. The defense. Tramaglini is a marathon runner.

    A few factors can contribute to this urgent need among runners, including the gut-jostling act of all those footfalls. Diet is a big factor, too. The Mayo Clinic suggests limiting high-fiber foods at least a day before a big run and avoiding caffeine and high-fat foods 3 to 6 hours before you strap on your sneakers. It might be a fetish also.

  10. Paid Leave!!!

    He’s got to be Sheeet me!

    What an over paid Ahole, 147,000+ a yr. geez, please start double flushing these turds.

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