Sometimes Urine and Sometimes Your Out: Colorado Woman Faces Bizarre Claim of Property Damage In Seeking Job

920x920Angelique Sanchez, 26, may have serious difficulty in pursuing a new job in Aurora, Colorado.  Sanchez was cited for property destruction after she allegedly put a urine sample in a 7-Eleven microwave — resulting in it exploding.  She was found waiting for a physical and urinalysis at a health clinic a half-mile away.

According to the local reporting,  Sanchez was taking the test for a future job. One of the criteria for samples to stop manipulation or substitution is to take the temperature of the sample.  It needs to be within a few degrees of 98.6 degrees.  Microwaves can also effectively destroy the ability to test a sample.


Whatever the reason, leaving exploding urine samples in convenience stores is not exactly ideal for most employment records.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Urine and Sometimes Your Out: Colorado Woman Faces Bizarre Claim of Property Damage In Seeking Job”

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  2. Sounds like she was either trying to degrade her own sample so it wouldn’t test, or bringing a forged sample from someone else up to temperature.

    Don’t people say they do drugs because they want to have fun? And then next thing you know, they are in the news for spraying their boiling urine all over a 7-eleven microwave trying to cheat a drug test. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

    She should have to replace the cost of the microwave, any stock lost from contamination, and to pay for a cleaning service, with an added biohazard charge, plus something punitive. Of course, since she’s looking for a job, how does she pay for what she’s done? 7-eleven is still out a microwave. Geez, I hope they’re out a microwave and not still using that one. My condolences to the owner, and all of the staff who had to deal with her mess.

  3. It seems her motive was to hand in a sample donated by someone clean, and preheat it to around 98 degrees, one of the lab’s requirements. She demonstrated her lack of sophistication by using a microwave oven. She could have warmed it by taping a sealed baggie to her body.

    1. Keen enough to be innovative, stupid enough to be dangerous

  4. I’m not sure what this woman was trying to achieve. Does boiling urine get rid of drug residue? Would’t she just have to provide another sample at the testing lab?

  5. They should just cleanse for a month or so before they go job hunting. Then they would not be ruining any microwaves. This appears to have occurred before. 😉

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