The Bikers Did It: Virginia Man Admits That He Made Up Claim Of Being Kidnapped and Drugged

larry-wayne-priceLarry Wayne Price Jr., 39, allegedly wanted to “disappear” with his mistress.  Eventually, however, his brilliant plan would involve a hoax about kidnapping bikers, drugs, and finally criminal charges.

Price’s wife reported him missing April 14th and led to a massive manhunt for the wealthy businessman.  He was later spotted on the side of the road near Gratton, Virginia. Price told the police at the hospital that he was kidnapped by two men, drugged, and taken to his business at Hawg Pit Cycles in West Virginia. He said the men took his money from a safe as well as a pocketknife and his 9mm handgun.  The problem was that the business had a security camera system that showed none of that — a curious oversight for a guy constructing a false account.

When confronted by the FBI, Price then alleged that it was actually a motorcycle gang that took him because he had an outstanding unpaid loan.  He however insisted that he would plead the fifth out of fear.

Police however found a woman who managed a restaurant who had an intimate  relationship with Price.   She told police that Price wanted to disappear so that they could move into a house near her father.

Price is now charged with lying to federal authorities and being held on a $500,000 bond. Presumably, he will also soon face a divorce proceeding.


10 thoughts on “The Bikers Did It: Virginia Man Admits That He Made Up Claim Of Being Kidnapped and Drugged”

  1. Men like him are a dime a dozen. They have a few successes, are good liars, schemers, and scammers, and often are able to weasel their way out of horrific criminal behavior.

    1. MMMMMMM……sounds like someone the nation knows, can’t get my finger on it. No no… let me guess.

  2. The best-laid plans of mice and men do oft go astray – Bobby Burns.

  3. In nineteen hundred-and-sixty-three, Jacqueline Gay Hart, a twenty-one -year-old debutante from a very monied family, disappeared just before her wedding. When discovered in Chicago some weeks later – after a search that involved the FBI – she told a story of having been kidnapped. Later, she confessed that she had made up the story because of an attack of nerves before her wedding. Her fiance forgave her, and they married quietly at her father’s house. No charges were pressed.

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