Virginia Man Puts Copyright Claim To Video Allegedly Molesting Two-Year-Old Boy

5b02fc9768aba.imageIt appears that Dashawn Webster, 22, may have been more concerned with complying with copyright laws than the criminal code.  Webster is accused of adding a “copyright” to images of him allegedly molesting a 2-year-old boy.  The Portsmouth, Virginia man also allegedly added his own name to the movie.

Police simply traced the screen name and found Webster.  They ultimately seized a thumb drive with 15 images of child pornography that were watermarked with a copyright symbol.  Webster’s assistance did not end there. He reportedly admitted to producing the child porn and said the child was only 2 years old.

Webster can now rest assured that his copyright claims are duly noted.


17 thoughts on “Virginia Man Puts Copyright Claim To Video Allegedly Molesting Two-Year-Old Boy”

  1. I have long thought that our penal system should include special prisons for the criminally stupid.

  2. Those poor little kids. My heart breaks for them. Thank God this monster is put away. How did he get access to them? Has everyone involved been punished?

    Now they need to track down all the sickos to whom he sold those movies. I assume they were for commercial use if he stupidly copyrighted them.

  3. He’s cute………I bet the kids just flock to him! (Yuck!)

  4. Since it is a copyrighted image can you limit its use in court by refusal to grant permission for its publication?

    1. Law enforcement has overriding powers of investigation and evidence gathering. If you think about it, the only way the law can work is by giving privileged, superior powers exclusively to state prosecutors, with Constitutional constraints on that power.

      To see young criminals document their crimes using digital tools continues to amaze.

  5. But, but, but. . . he’s an aspiring rapper! And, we have too many black men in prison. And his no-doubt single black mother is a worker of Black Girl Magic! And, he is simply a victim of Institutionalized Racism and White Privilege! And, Black NFL Players need to take a knee for him! And victim sputter sputter flwopp.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. We had a case here back in the early 80’s where Mitchell Rupe murdered two bank tellers during a bank robbery. A jury sentenced him to death. At the time hanging was Washington’s execution method and that was to be his fate. But he gained enough weight, at over 400 lbs., to convince a federal judge hanging in his case constituted cruel and unusual punishment due to the risk of decapitation.

        The state sought to resentence him, since the execution method changed and he could choose either the gallows or lethal injection. A jury had one hold-out and he was subsequently sentenced to life. But karma caught up with him and he died of liver failure and other health problems.

      2. Yep. I think capital punishment is appropriate for the Jerry Sanduskies and other child rapists of the world. Then you never have to worry about recidivism. The price for a repeat offense is just too high.

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