Missouri Student Banned From Graduation After Putting School Up For Sale On Craigslist

Scheele admitted to the prank and it is hard to believe that anyone could have considered the sale to be a legitimate offer.


Despite the obvious prank, the school called in the police to investigate the threat . . . from an offer to sale the school at a discounted rate (apparently a common terrorist tactic).  This is the statement from a Independence School District:

Out of an abundance of caution, administrators and police investigated and determined there was not a credible threat. A student who makes a real or implied threat, whether it is deemed credible or not, will face discipline. Due to the heightened concern nationally with school violence, we have extra police officers for the remainder of the school year and will have additional officers at graduations for all of our high schools.

Some would call it “an abundance of caution” and some would call it a lack of a sense of humor.  Nevertheless, a court ruled for the school district in barring him from graduation.

We have previously discussed how schools now call police as the first response to such pranks where a simple parent-teacher meeting once was deemed sufficient. In Arizona, a high school student was hit with 69 charges of indecent exposure for a prank during a football team photo.  In Indiana, a high school student was criminally charged after sneaking into the school to put blow up dolls in the girls bathroom.  In Missouri, a high school student was arrested for putting substituting the word “masturbate” for a name in the yearbook.  The list goes on and on where arrests are the first rather than last resort — leaving pranksters with criminal records.

According to WDAF-TV, school officials admitted that their objection was the reason stated for the sale:  “due to the loss of students coming up.”

If the objection was indeed to that line rather than the posting of the ad, it does raise a free speech concern. The ad was satire but the line reflects a criticism of the school (made outside of school) by a student.

Once again, I fail to see why such matters cannot be handled with a calling in of the student.  Scheele reportedly apologized and I fail to see the proportionality in barring him from a well-earned celebration of graduation.

What do you think?

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  1. School principal dimwittier than typical. Must have gone to MSU.

    1. David Benson owes me two citations, one from the OED. The principal was doing fine until someone told him to read Weart and he did.

        1. David Benson still owes me two citations, one from the OED. David, you have a lot of chutzpah calling me a liar when you won’t/can’t back up your claims. Weart didn’t cover this, did he?

          1. If you bothered to read Weart you would know. But I fear that the text is beyond your fading brain…

            1. David Benson still owes me two citations, one from the OED. I read Michael Mann, that was enough for me.

  2. I don’t understand how the school administration read any “threat” into this obvious joke. The reason offered for the sale (“loss of students coming up”), is unclear, but I assumed it referred to a declining student population, perhaps due to demographic shifts, increased homeschooling, or parents opting for private schools. These administrators are making fools of themselves, but that tends to happen when bureaucrats are allowed to use taxpayer dollars to pursue or defend frivolous lawsuits. If they had to pay the legal fees out of their own wallets, the matter would be resolved immediately.

    1. The declining enrollment is because of the Black Lives Matter protests that occurred last year. Remember the Professor who had to be fired because she wouldn’t let one of the students take pictures of the protestors. She was caught on video screaming: “Get some muscle over here.” indicating that she want the University reporter who was filming to be physically removed from the area. These riots/protests caused MISU” to have major declines to enrollment. Who the hell wants to pay for their kid to go to a college where there is a high probability that if they don’t agree with every political socialist thought, that they may be met with “muscle”? I wouldn’t send my kid there if it was the last College open in America.

      1. “…was banned from his graduation by the Truman High School…”

        It’s Truman High School — not MISU.

        1. You’re right. My point is that Missouri’s State education is in the toilet.

  3. I assumed the “loss of students coming up” meant that students were not applying to attend after middle school. It was an unclear description, certainly. If he was threatening to shoot up the school, I would support throwing the book at him. But this seems to be the modern day equivalent of toilet papering. The school would get disrupted for a day with all the calls of interest, but no damage done. Seems like a Ferris Bueller move to me .

    Unless they can prove this was some sort of threat, it seems like a wild overreaction to a teenage prank.

  4. Kylan isn’t going like seeing his house up for sale on Craigslist…Excuse me, his parents house.

  5. Do school administrators ever make decisions which don’t make them look like smarmy bureaucratic microbes?

    1. A few weeks ago I saw the rerun of the MASH episode in which Winchester uttered the memorable phrase “smarmy bureaucratic microbe”. The episode struck me because it was sorta relevant to current issues. It dealt with a law that forbade immigration of unaccompanied minors to the US. Still topical almost 40 years after the episode first aired – or 65 years after the Korean War cease fire.


  6. The school administration is probably squirming over the reality the budget is out of whack because enrollment will be down for the next fiscal year. Staff will need to be cut because of a budget shortfall that dwarfs Scheele’s asking price.

    Great job kid!

  7. Because the kid with a 3.9 GPA posted about ‘loss of students coming up’ the school district decided to release this:

    “We take student safety very seriously and appreciate the students and parents who brought this to our attention. Out of an abundance of caution, administrators and police investigated and determined there was not a credible threat. A student who makes a real or implied threat, whether it is deemed credible or not, will face discipline. Due to the heightened concern nationally with school violence, we have extra police officers for the remainder of the school year and will have additional officers at graduations for all of our high schools.”

    Interestingly, he does not fit this criteria: “A student who makes a real or implied threat, whether it is deemed credible or not, will face discipline.”

  8. Nope. Doesn’t violate his First Amendment rights. Rosanne Barr suffered a similar fate and no one rushed to support her via the First Amendment so sorry, this future HIllary voter’s rights weren’t violaed either. Nice try though.

    1. Yes they were. There is a huge difference between a private actor such as ABC cancelling a show, and a state actor such as a school district doing something. The First Amendment only restricts government entities.

    2. If you’re going to read, and then comment on, an article by a constitutional scholar, you ought to consider reading the Constitution first and then boning up on the applicability of the First Amendment.

  9. “… I fail to see the proportionality in barring him from a well-earned celebration of graduation.

    What do you think?”

    Well, remembering my own high school graduation ceremony, I’d say that the kid won’t be missing much other than a snooze fest — but I’d bet that he’ll be the hero of the after-party, which will be a gas-and-a-half, and where he’ll probably be treated like a god by the other graduates, and deservedly so.

    1. William Bayer – The guest speaker at my high school graduation said that most of us would not remember what he said that day and that is as much of his speech as I remember. 🙂

      1. And THAT’S my point. I don’t remember any guest speaker. I only remember Bob Beck saying a few words as top graduate. He was sort of a friend of mine — we played tennis together a few times anyway. I then spent my later years wondering if the Bob Beck who was frequently mention in the news here in Cleveland as the lawyer for the Police Department was the same Bob Beck. If so, it was a waste of a very good intellect. The Bob Beck I knew couldn’t been much more than a lawyer.
        All I really remember from my high school graduation was the after-party at a local recreation facility that had bowling alleys and a swimming pool. The swimming pool was filled with bowling balls before the party ended, and it was the first time I ever got drunk — being offered booze by a few people that I didn’t really get along with all through high school but who turned out to be pretty good guys at the party. Or maybe that was just the booze. I had a hangover for three days, and didn’t drink alcohol again until by second year of college.

        1. “couldn’t” should be “could’ve” — Man, I’d swear that some of these typos are injected by WordPress. These are NOT typos I normally make, either in quality OR quantity.

    2. WB – don’t remember the ceremony – it was the party after that was such great fun. Our valedictorian showed up – a sweet, sheltered boy and I offered him some scotch, Turns out he liked it way too much and wandered back to the high school the day after totally still soused which I got in trouble for

      1. LOL — it sounds like we went to the same party. You didn’t happen to attend Charles F. Brush High School by any chance? Probably not. Likely we all attended the same graduation after-party no matter which high school we attended. At yours, you played the role of the guy’s that got me drunk. Word is that after the party we drove around in my car (that is, my dad’s 66 Impala), with me in the back seat screaming “I want some boobs” — or at least this is what I was told later.

  10. This is truly a free speech issue. And a public debate issue. What do you do when the school is no longer needed? Were his English grades social promotions? I would hold him over the summer and make him retake English grammar and spelling.

    1. Hold him over? I’d graduate him with honors just for the crack about the “bigger than normal dining room” or the one about “huge parking lot, great for partygoers.”

      There’s no such thing as an intelligent person who lacks a sense of humor, because it would be impossible for a truly intelligent person to survive on this planet without one. So I’d say this kid’s alright. It’s not like he made a racist crack, or a chauvinistic crack, etc. — it was a good, clean shot at his high school. That’s not out of bounds. In fact, it’s a bull’s eye.

      1. William Bayer – he misspelled dining room (dinning room) which alone is enough for summer school. 🙂 I think they are holding him back for the wrong reasons. I give him points for the ad, it is funny. However, as a former English teacher, I could not release him on the world.

        1. Yeah, I get that. But it could’a been a typo. If you chalked up even half of my typos here on WordPress (which I swear causes at least half of my typos after I hit the post-comment button), you’d probably flunk me for Engish, and I never got anything less than an A in English. (Although I expect you object by my using “could’a” instead of “could’ve” — the spell-checker sure objects).

          And real humor is almost entirely missing in youngsters today. This kid just might be the last of a dying breed. I’d turn him loose on the world just for that. He seems harmless enough. Could’a tried to make his statement with an AK-47, but he was intelligent enough to choose the most powerful weapon of all — as proven by how much it must’a stung the humorless goons that run the penitentiary I mean school.

          By the way, I once had an English teacher who went on and on, almost for an entire class period, describing how “Anyway” is not a proper way to begin a sentence — so in the next paper I turned in, I showed him how much I was paying attention by inventing a dozen different ways to use “Anyway” to begin sentences.

          Fortunately, the guy had a sense of humor and got that fact that I was able to turn his lecture into a joke — same as the algebra teacher I once told you about (the guy that said “greatest thing since canned beer”) appreciated how I could turn the Pythagorean Theorem into a joke, even though it required turning the teacher into the third square standing in front of the blackboard instead of being written on it.

          Maybe I just admire humor in kids more than I admire it in adults, from whom I expect it.

          1. William Bayer – you do know that JT pays me good money to post on here as a contrarian? It keeps the conversation flowing. 🙂 The rest I do for free.

              1. David Benson still owes me two citations, one from the OED. You I do for free.

  11. Doesn’t “the loss of students coming up” reflect that many students will be leaving the school after graduating? That’s what I took it to mean. How is this even a criticism of the school?

    1. Agreed. I think it’s hilarious. And I’d like to know how he came up with the specific asking price of $12725. That’s in the ball park of a used 2014 Toyota Corolla. Maybe that’s what he needed to buy a car. LOL

  12. I think I would have been more insulted by the low price he was asking. But “the loss of students coming up.” doesn’t hardly make any sense. Did he actually pass English? But obviously, the school admin over-reacted. BTW did he get any offers?

    1. I was gonna make an offer, but after checking out the “bigger than normal dining room” (LOL) I decided that the place wasn’t worth more than $10, 500, tops.

    2. Thomas,
      I, too, wondered about how he passed his English classes. Don’t they teach grammar anymore?! I wonder if the school officials are not all that ticked over that comment but are actually embarrassed that he is graduating with such a deficit on public display.

      His ad and ‘offending comment’ are obviously a senior prank. Perhaps they should have counter-posted with an ad showing his diploma for sale to zing him back.

  13. I think we have collectively lost our sense of humor. The student’s post was brilliant and scorching.

  14. I think the student may want to tell the school admin if they don’t let him graduate with the others he will sue the school for copyright infringements of the
    New England Patriots logo!

      1. I’ll see your Animal House’s Dean Wormer and raise you one Ferris Bueller’s Mr. Rooney.

        1. WB – don’t forget Fast Times at Ridgemont High =) Love Spiccoli!

          1. I actually considered that, but it turned out that Mr. Hand wasn’t such a bad guy in the end, so I played by Mr. Rooney card — but your right — Mr. Hand was pretty Wormer/Rooney-like until the end.

        2. William Bayer – didn’t Mr. Rooney have a pedophile problem?

          1. I believe I heard that somewhere. I don’t hold it against the part he played in the movie, though. If I did, I’d have to research the personal histories of every character I liked in every movie I’ve ever seen — and I don’t really want to find out about that stuff. It’s bad enough knowing that every animal I’ve ever seen in a move made before 1999 is dead. It sort of takes the fun out of watching any of the Lassie movies that TCM was running back-to-back-to-back during the last 36 hours.

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