Trump Team Admits President Dictated Trump Jr. Letter Despite Prior Denials

Dictation_using_cylinder_phonographIn yet another contradiction from the Trump legal team, the recent letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller included the notable admission that Trump “dictated” the statement that is at the center of the obstruction investigation.  Previously, Trump lawyers, particularly Jay Sekulow, categorically denied that Trump had drafted the letter.  Once again, these are continuing unforced errors produced by either a failure of attorney-client communications or a lack of due diligence. Either way, it is an example of how much of his investigation has been fueled by sheer blunders.


In the confidential letter, published by the New York Times, the Trump team wrote

“You have received all of the notes, communications and testimony indicating that the President dictated a short but accurate response to the New York Times article on behalf of his son, Donald Trump, Jr.,”
That is a major contradiction on a major piece of evidence.  The statement was widely condemned as misleading when it was issued in July 2017. While I continue to view the letter as a poor basis for obstruction, this type of contradiction (and the long failure to correct it) does not help.
On July 12, 2017, Sekulow expressly denied that the President was “involved in that” and said that letter was produced by Donald Trump Jr. and his lawyers.  On July 16, 2017, he again stated
“The President was not — did not — draft the response. The response came from Donald Trump Jr. and — I’m sure — in consultation with his lawyer. … Let me say this — but I do want to be clear — that the President was not involved in the drafting of the statement and did not issue the statement. It came from Donald Trump Jr.”
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also said on August 1, 2017: “He certainly didn’t dictate, but he — like I said, he weighed in, offered suggestion like any father would do.”
Those and other statements now appear categorically false.

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  1. Is it not possible that Trump dictated a response but what he dictated was not the statement that was ultimately released? Kind of like the Trump Jr. meeting was supposed to be about dirt on Hilary, but turned out to be about Russian adoptions.

  2. Dishonesty has always been an issue with me. That was one of my biggest complaint about Obamacare – “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. The average American family will save an average of $2500 a year.” Those were deliberate lies to pass legislation that was going to hurt us, in an effort to force single payer in the future, once they made health insurance completely unaffordable.

    I take issue with President Trump’s blunders and this false statement, as well. This statement put Sarah Sanders in a difficult position, when she delivers public statements like this that are later proven to be false.

    He really is a mixed bag for me. I am happy with the improved economy, and have noted that Democrats are trying to ruin it to, once again, hurt the American people for political purposes. An example is their trying to rescind the tax cuts and sanctuary states that defend even violent criminals who are supposed to be ejected out of here.

    But I blame each political party for their own actions. Democrats as noted above, and Trump for self-destructive actions. Some of his problems have been self-inflicted. I believe that he needs to make some precision changes for a more effective team. You expect this high an office to have the best legal advice, but that has not been the case.

    This brings to mind some advice I recall from Alan Dershowitz from years ago. To paraphrase: If there is bad news, get in front of it and deliver it yourself. Do not let your foes reveal and message what you could do yourself.

      1. David Benson still owes me two citations, one from the OED.Did you read and understand the original Obamacare law? Do you understand the regulation and changes that have taken place under the Act? Have you read the modifications to the Act? Do you understand them?

        It appears everything you are getting is third-hand from your son. Do you have actual first-hand experience with Obamacare?

          1. David Benson still owes me two citations after two weeks, one from the OED. I have a “Cadillac” insurance policy and Medicare A. Medicare is not Obamacare, even a fake scientist would know that.

  3. Turley should replace “continuing unforced errors” with “evidence of guilt” to be more accurate. The defense he suggests; I obstructed justice because I was scared, seems like the right way to go. Good luck with that!

    1. scared of what exactly? and guilty of what? Are you now going to make up a crime?

      1. According to the article… scared of the deep state which makes him lie and obstruct justice.
        I don’t have to make up any crimes, there will be a long list which will include money laundering, fraud, and conspiracy.

  4. The 738 poll gives The Donald an approval rating of 41.6%. Love that 3 place accuracy…

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