McCabe Demands Immunity From Congress

Andrew_McCabe_official_photoIn what must be a particularly awkward move for the former acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe has demanded immunity in exchange for his testimony from the Senate Judiciary Committee.  As we have discussed, McCabe has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his criminal defense and the Inspector General referred his case for possible prosecution for lying to investigators.  The Senate wants to hear his testimony on how senior officials at the FBI and Justice Department handled the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.


McCabe’s counsel Michael Bromwich wrote the Committee that “Under the terms of such a grant of use immunity, no testimony or other information provided by Mr. McCabe could be used against him in a criminal case.”

The demand for immunity comes as Washington braces for the release of the Inspector General’s report on the conduct of McCabe, James Comey, and other high-ranking officials during the Clinton investigation.  I do not blame Bromwich for seeking immunity when his client could well be hit not just with a damning IG report but an actual criminal charge under 18 U.S.C. 1001. However, the Committee would be insane to grant it.  This is precisely what happened with Oliver North. North was in May 1989 convicted of three charges: accepting an illegal gratuity; aiding and abetting in the obstruction of a congressional inquiry; and destruction of documents. He was sentenced to a three-year suspended prison term and two years probation, $150,000 in fines and 1,200 hours community service. However, an appellate court on July 20, 1990, vacated his conviction due to the influence of his immunized testimony before Congress on witnesses. The special prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, had tried to prevent his investigators and prosecutors from watching the congressional hearings but these extraordinary efforts were insufficient.


The last thing that the Republicans would want is to create a barrier to McCabe’s prosecution.  The answer therefore is likely to be “no.”

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  1. If he doesn’t get it he could blow up the whole Clinton scheme. And maybe Obama’s?

  2. Here, ladies and gentleman, is your real election interference and collusion: between the massive, all-powerful and unaccountable intelligence bureaucracies, the media, the Obama administration, and the Clinton campaign.

  3. The only thing McCabe should be offered is a shortened sentence. He can tell all in exchange for a reduced jail term. A Traitor should never be given immunity. And that is what he, Comey and the FBI ,DOJ gang conspiring to take away the votes of American Citizens by framing Trump.

    Of course Obama, Holder, Lynch and Susan Rice should follow. With Hillary at the end. BY that time deals could be made for reduced terms if they tell all about Ms. Clinton.

  4. Give the bird immunity and let him sing. That will destroy his standing in the smart set, which is the most important thing to all these crooks. No more Georgetown parties with starstruck, half-naked ingenues admiring his brilliance and courage. No more playing the cool head, knowing secrets only the select get to know. No more getting to drop lines of the form, “At the White House this morning I brought up …”

    Everywhere he goes Andrew McCabe will silently shunned. Those once on his side will think him a traitor. Those on the other side already think him a traitor. And nobody wants to hang out with, or even be seen in a grocery checkout line alongside, a traitor.

  5. It’s a bit premature for deal-making with McCabe. The IG report should be released and digested before thinking about any immunity. Then, a careful analysis has to be made about who spearheaded the “Russian collusion narrative” within the Obama admin as an action plan to try to entrap / frame Donald Trump the candidate. And, who was responsible for continuing legal harassment after attempts to prove collusion went unfulfilled. The roles of John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates and others in using their public offices to tilt the election need to be analyzed.

  6. From the reports of the scurrilous activities of Comey, McCabe and Brennan, there should be enough evidence to charge all three right now. Why is this request for immunity an option for McCabe or any of the other crooks? Legal SNAFU? Without a doubt. Too much ‘precedent’ and not enough straightforward unadorned impartial Justice deriving from Equal Protection Under The Law. The lawyers are getting fat with fees while We The People watch their circus of madness. Enough.

  7. This may be a golden opportunity to reform a broken agency. Most FBI officials are probably well-meaning Americans working in a terribly dysfunctional bureaucracy (good people working in a bad system).

    One would be hard-pressed to name a single manager at this agency that subscibes to a “constitutional rule of law” model of American government – probably not a single manager since the agency was created. FBI managers and leaders seem to subscribe to an “authoritarian” model of government similar the East German Stasi during the Cold War [unconstitutional secret police].

    For example: in an American style “constitutional rule of law” model, Mueller’s FBI would have arrested those that perpetrated torture [felony], committed warrantless wiretapping [felony] and Cointelpro-style blacklisting [felony]. The Mueller FBI even admitted that it considered arresting Bush interrogators, since FBI agents witnessed felony crimes by interrogators.

    In a “constitutional rule of law” model designed by Madison and The Framers nobody – not even the FBI – is above the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution. Never forget, the U.S. Constitution is a “wartime”, designed to be followed even during wartime. It was created during wartime when the U.S. was at war with the then top super power in the world with the best military in the world. There is neither a wartime-exemption nor a terrorism-exemption, there are emergency wartime clauses already built in. Every FBI official swears to a supreme loyalty oath to operate within the legal boundaries of the Bill of Rights/U.S. Constitution – that’s the “Fidelity” part of their motto.

    2018 could be the year we could reform the FBI into an American rule of law agency instead of a Cold War style Stasi or secret police. The big question is how to Americanize our national security agencies?

    1. Ashcroft’s Zersetzung – the US Constitution is NOT a wartime document, it was created after the war for independence ended. The wartime government worked under the Articles of Confederation. It was an effort to amend those that ended up with the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (some states would not vote for the Constitution unless they were guaranteed a Bill of Rights).

      1. The Articles were ratified about 8 months before Yorktown. Not much war left to fight.

    2. The constitution did not give the federal government a general police power.
      There should be very little the FBI need do.

  8. Sleazeball McCabe raises $$$ from public for defense of his sleazeball tactics, now he wants immunity.
    Sleazeball Avenatti (JT friend and former pupil) raising $$$ from public for simple civil matter (NDA).
    Sleazeball and girly-man Comey hawks weasel book for $$$ then fades into obscurity post-Memorial Day weeekend.
    Trump aproval ratings continue to rise, economy continues to improve, inching closer to NK resolution, etc.And lefty loons continue to sing from sunrise to sunset.

    1. Sleazeball Trump is off to a ‘Hair-off’ in Asia with the dictator of a tin pot country, right after a seven hour deposition for sleaze ball activities, and before being sued by a porn star. Sleaze is the key word here.

      1. LOL are you referring to the Zervos deposition? That is laughable as her complaints only began after Trump didn’t show up at her failing restaurant. Have you read the comments by her relatives about her…sorry I’m still laughing. Daniels is a tool used by the dems to try and damage Trump. Sorry a mutually agreed upon sexual encounter is not significant…now if he raped her …wait that was Bill raping Juanita

        1. Millstream – Bubba Bill is in the news claiming to be a victim and admitting he never apologized to Lewinski. That was after he said Obama got a pass from the press because he was black.

          1. Slick Willie was a good President over all. He advanced the human condition in the US far more generally and successfully than Bush and there is no question than Trump. He was sucking and still sucks at the teat of the oligarch. He was and still is a narcissist to the extent that he messes himself with explanations and lies. He could not keep it in his pants. Add it all up and he is still ten times the President than Bush and Trump so far. Trump is despicable and a failure on all fronts. Nice hair tho.

            1. I like both Bill Clinton and Trump as presidents, so far.
              Not addressing their personal idiosyncrasies, which are as flawed as any highly testosteroned leader would be.

            2. issacbasonkavich, I’m sorry, I do question your remark about Trump. Lowest unemployment in decades, more jobs available than we have people qualified to fill, DOW just keeps going, potential for keeping more of you money via Tax Reform Bill. A failure? I think not. President Trump had two divorces and was single after each one. A bachelor with money, free to date anyone he wants. His sexual life during these periods is nobody’s business!

          2. Millstream – a stream of Piss much more descriptive – Idiot

      2. Sleazeball Trump is off to a ‘Hair-off’ in Asia with the dictator of a tin pot country

        Tinpot? I realize you don’t recognize it comrade, but this is what leadership on the foreign stage looks like.

        Your welcome!

      3. I don’t thonk that seven hour deposition is going to get schedule before NK summit next week where Trump will lock down Nobel Peace Prize. Winning!

          1. It’s so funny how you lefties think you are the arbiter of such things

        1. Bill Martin, I like your attitude about a Nobel, but President Trump could bring complete world peace and there would be no Prize. However there have been lots of talk about retrieving Obama’s.

      4. That statement might gain traction but for its failure to mention Clinton or Obama or Uniparty sleaze, as if only Trump had a sleaze issue. They’re all sleazy but Trump’s sleaze is out in the open and always has been. Nor has Trump subverted the Constitution or used the powers of govt as weapons against political enemies. Sleaze is the key word for your post.

    2. Will the actors ever be required to testify? If so, do it on Pay-per-view and wipe out the National Debt!

  9. McCabe ‘demands?’ Who is McCabe to demand anything? He should be begging on his knees.

  10. So demand an offer of proof from McCabe that his testimony will have sufficient value to warrant providing him with immunity. As well as a narrow definition of what he is getting immunity for.

    As much as I loathe McCabe the objective is to find the truth. And the truth in this instance is more important than prosecuting McCabe.

    In fact I would have no problem with congress providing full immunity to McCabe, Comey and the entire panopoly of Obama administration conspirators in return for their FULL cooperation and honest testimony.

    We should remember that a witness who has been given immunity can not plead the 5th and MUST answer all questions, and STILL must do so truthfully. An immunity deal can not provide immunity from perjury for the testimony provided under the immunity deal.

    Put simply, if you give McCabe immunity, he must tell the the whole truth and he can not take the 5th.

    1. Apparently, you have forgotten when Hillary’s people ALL GOT IMMUNITY BEFORE they were even given a question. That’s HOW corrupt Democrats operate….NO HONESTY. Her ‘Tech guy WAS given immunity, IF he testified, but then HE DID NOT. It’s the Game that Democrats Play…..WE ARE THE UNTOUCHABLES, and you think they ALL should get immunity, without even KNOWING what the IG report says, that is ALSO ‘BEING SLOW WALKED-AND NOT BROUGHT OUT BEFORE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?’ Nice try! As NO DEMS EVER GIVE THE WHOLE TRUTH…It’s foreign to them!

      1. if the tech guy has immunity then lets subpoena him and get his testimony

    2. Dhlii “he must tell the the whole truth (McCabe)” Surely U jest.

      Too much faith in this crooked liar.

      1. An immunity deal eliminates the right to plead the fifth.
        But it does nto waive the requirement to tell the truth.
        In fact is significantly increases your risk of being charge with perjury.

        I do not know if McCabe will tell the truth – so far he has seemed highly motivated to throw everyone else under the bus. But if he does not he will go to jail for perjury.

        I am sure the advice of his attorney’s will be to not provide any excuse for perjury charges.

  11. I don’t think the arrogant McCabe is in ANY position to DEMAND immunity. He will be charged along with the Rest of the Corrupt FBI, DOJ, CIA people who THOUGHT they could interfere with a National election, which most likely Obama directed his people to “FIX THE WIN FOR HILLARY”…..again, McCabe should NOT BE DEMANDING ANYTHING. HE’S A LYING, CREEP, ALONG WITH THE REST OF THEM.

    1. Of course this leads straight to the top: “Obama, who wanted to be informed on ALL that was happening.”
      The American people deserve to have ALL these ‘arrogant, self serving, corruptibles charges with crimes AGAINST the American people.’ There CANNOT be a “Two Tiered System of Justice”….None of these Bad Actors are ABOVE the LAW.

  12. The DOJ/FBI beg for immunity from the American People.

    Thumbs down.

    Draw and Quarter them all in the public square.

    1. That’s the best laugh I’ve had all week.

      I wonder if for Darren Smith videos like this bring back memory.

      1. We’ve had so many high-speed tank pursuits, it’s hard to remember them all. Steamrollers on the other hand,..

  13. McCabe and Comey were last seen driving a stolen getaway tank down a highway somewhere in Virginia…


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