State Department Spokesperson Cites D-Day As Proof Of Our Long Relationship With Germany

1490px-Into_the_Jaws_of_Death_23-0455M_editThe State Department was eager to brush over miffed feelings connected to the G-7 meeting, particularly with Germany. Perhaps a bit too eager. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert was striving to list examples of our close historical relationship and included the D-Day invasion. It is true that that was a key moment in our “relationship” but it was hardly a positive one.

Nauert (who has done an otherwise outstanding job at the State Department) caused a stir with the following statement:

“We have a very strong relationship with the government of Germany,” Nauert said. “Looking back in the history books, today is the 71st anniversary of the speech that announced the Marshall Plan. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion. We obviously have a very long history with the government of Germany, and we have a strong relationship with the government of Germany.”


That is a bit like General Sherman saying had a “very strong relationship” with Georgia after his “March to the Sea.”


Roughly 200,000 German troops were killed or wounded with another 200,000 captured as prisoners of war.


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  1. Not a big fan of any administrations’ State Departments but…… having lived in Germany for coming on 30 years and having family here and close friends and work colleages and neighboors who are Germans…..I must say that what Ms. Nauert said is absolutely correct. Every German person I’ve ever been in contact with is happy that Hitler didn’t win. 99.9 percent of the bad guys have died……we’re living in the year 2018! My father-in-law was 6 years old when the American drove their tanks down the main street of his town. When he talks about it you can see the absolute joy on his face. He had never seen a black man until that day. And that man gave him chocolate! They considered the Americans to be their saviors. So, for the Germans of today, the good relationship with the US did start on D-day.

    1. Riesling, I guess the older Germans have died off. Many of my German friends had photos with “Onkel Fritz” with full Nazi regalia and their grandmothers muttered that Hitler restored the economy and built the Autobahn. The younger people just wanted to divorce themselves from that terrible part of history and got along well with the GIs.

      Fun fact: Rommel’s son was mayor of Stuttgart =)

    2. Do you believe East Germans were happy that FDR traded them to the USSR (with the rest of Eastern Europe, Poland, the so-called Soviet Satellites) in exchange for the USSR helping to create the most hated nation on earth, so-called Israel? Only about 30M innocent deaths resulted, but not of West. Germans, which might explain their joy. WW2 was certainly avoidable. It started at the Treaty of Versailles.

      Patton cried bloody murder over the trade. His protest correlates with his strange death.

  2. FWIW – Funniest comment I came across today

    “Look at that shot from the G7 with Trump folding his arms defiantly with Merkel bearing down on him and the other leaders looking like all the enthusiasm has been drained from their bodies?

    Obviously, this photo was staged as all hell. And probably had retake after retake… “Try to look more mean Mr. Trump and Merkel… let’s see some frustration baby! You too Mr. Abe!”

    So what the f*ck is really going on here?”


    I posted this as a reply to a thread earlier. But it’s a must watch for all as Abby Huntsman from Fox tells the truth that most sentient beings already know. I’m sure Fox will pull the video as soon as possible and come up with a benign explanation. But watch it now. It is a textbook Freudian slip on her part.

    And if you can’t access it, just google Huntsman and the words two dictators.

    1. That’s funny – maybe she’s doing dark comedy for Fox?

      Hey, I wonder if Rocket Man will offer to let Trump tour the USS Pueblo?

      1. No, it was a Freudian slip – some rare Fox truth telling. Good for her, even though she’s probably mortified that she did it.


    We have never had a president go to a summit of western leaders with the deliberate intention of alienating them. Yet Trump did exactly that. His tweets before the summit telegraphed that he would be a sour apple. What’s more, his demand that G-7 leaders reinstate Russia as a member clearly indicates where his sympathies lie. Though ironically one of his pre-summit tweets referred to the “Russia witch hunt”.

    Our current Unemployment rate of 3.9% indicates the economy is performing at top capacity. In fact, Trump and his supporters keep bragging about the good economy. Therefore there is no logical need for Trump to be imposing tariffs or ripping up trade pacts. No logical reason whatsoever!

    One can only conclude that Trump is trying to alienate our friends for reasons that are quite possibly treasonous. No other explanation makes sense.

    1. One can only conclude that Trump is trying to alienate our friends for reasons that are quite possibly treasonous. No other explanation makes sense.

      OK, you don’t know anything and have an impoverished imagination. This is supposed to be of interest to us just why?

        1. Countries do not have friends. They have allies in certain circumstances. Conflict between competing countries is quite normal and the European political class is largely incompetent. Victor Orban alienates the same crew, because he stands up for his people and not the Brussels nomenklatura.

          1. What a lame answer! But I’m not surprised. There is no logical reason for Trump to deliberately poison our relationship with allies.

            This all goes back to that Charles Krauthhammer comment that I posted yesterday, “Trump’s greatest success is normalizing the abnormal”.

            This is an example of that. It is totally ‘abnormal’ for an American president to alienate our closest allies for no reason whatsoever. And the fact that Nutchacha thinks that’s normal makes me seriously wonder ‘where’ Nutchcacha is posting from.

            1. This is an example of that. It is totally ‘abnormal’ for an American president to alienate our closest allies for no reason whatsoever.

              You are confusing actual business dealings with the butt hurt of Brussels cookie-pushers, the latter being of great interest to people whose reaction to news reports resembles the chatter of high school cliques.

            2. PH:


              WHAT’S THE LOGIC???”

              If by “lame” you mean absolutely historically correct, you’re right. As NII explained, People have friends, countries have allies and enemies whose roles change over time. If you think Germany or Japan (I picked these on purpose for you) is your pal, invite them over for your birthday. See what happens. We don’t kowtow to our allies or our enemies.

              God, these are 7th grade concepts you’re struggling with. Have you ever taken a government or poly sci class? At least you got the terminology right in your next verbal eruption.

        2. One of Trump’s cronies lambasted Trudeau for saying that Canada had to look out for her interests first. And what has Trump been saying about America’s interests…. ?

          1. Which crony and what’s the precise text of what he said and what Trudeau said?

            1. Larry Kudlow said Trudeau “stabbed us in the back.”

              (As if you didn’t already know)

    2. Whatever Putin has on him must be absolutely dreadful. I don’t like HRC. . But, damn, if she wasn’t spot on about Trump being Putin’s puppet.

      1. if she wasn’t spot on about Trump being Putin’s puppet.

        In your imagination only.

      2. It’s so obvious he’s puppet that I’m shocked that the media is talking about anything else.

        1. If the Donald is anyone’s puppet it’s Nasty yahoo pulling the strings.

      3. I presume that when Putin and Trump have their (reportedly) frequent phone calls, Putin is just delivering the instructions du jour….

      4. True, sadly true. If he’s innocent, why doesn’t he act like it….

  5. This entire administration is the lethal embodiment of the words: The truth is these are not very bright guys and things got out of hand.

    1. There’s nothing left of liberal discourse but inane conceits.

      1. This entire administration is the lethal embodiment of the words: The truth is these are not very bright guys and things got out of hand. I forgot to include that this is true of many of Trump’s supporters, too.

        1. What’s true of the opposition is that they’re out of salable ideas and programs. All they have left is their guises and poses, which in turn are base on illusions they hold about themselves and about others.

          1. Maybe read a paper once in a while. Or you could watch this Fox News clip where Abby Huntsman makes the Freudian slip of all time about the meeting between Trump and Kim. BTW, every opponent of Trump should watch this and spread it far and wide. Rs know the truth about Trump far more than they are letting on.


            1. Maybe read a paper once in a while. Or you could watch this Fox News

              You keep offering (without being asked for them) displays of (1) vapidity and (2) conceit.

              1. I would say Ms. Huntsman’s comments were not about conceit or vapidity. Rather, her education broke through the Fox and Friends code.

                1. No, your commentary is both vapid and conceited. This isn’t that difficult.

                  I’d suggest you quit thinking about status markers and start thinking about policy and normative questions, if I though a suggestion would do you a bloody bit of good.

                    1. Well, that explains the two volume argument with The Holy Roman Empire, for sure.

        2. Bingo. However, many of those “supporters” are likely sitting in a cubicle a few kilometers outside Moscow.

    1. Yeah. D-Day is right up there with The Nuremburg Tribunals for good days in our relationship with Germany. Maybe Nauert should’ve reminded The Germans of those days as well.

      1. The issue of the Nuremburg tribunals was that a discrete list of bad actors were punished. No injury to anyone but said personnel and their families.

    2. Dropping atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese lives, but I would avoid trying to sell that as a highpoint of our relationship with Japan.

      But perhaps that’s just me…

      1. Exactly what, Riesling? D-Day failed to free the East German people from Communist rule.

        Maybe the Berlin Airlift would be a better example of our relationship with Germany.

        1. L4D is enabling David Benson – it was a decision by Eisenhower to let the Soviets take Berlin and save Allied lives. The geopolitical problem is the fault of Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill, and Stalin. Oh, and let’s not forget the one with the big hooter, de Gaulle.

          1. The Red Army was already there, Caviler. Ordinarily one doesn’t call a fait accompli by the name of a decision by Eisenhower. Unless one is Patton . . . or bloody Niall Ferguson.

            1. L4D enables David Benson – there was a race to take Berlin. However, at a certain point, Eisenhower put the breaks on the Allied troops from taking Berlin. You should read more about military history.

        2. Since the East was not yet under Communist rule at that time it wasn’t neccessary yet 😀. But you’ve got a good point with the airlift. The French invited then Chancellor Schroeder to the 60th anniversary Normandy celebrations. Time for Americans to move on and realize that not all Germans are nazis.

          1. Riesling quibbled, “Since the East was not yet under Communist rule at that time . . . ”

            The time being June 6th, 1944? Guess what, West Germany was not yet free from Nazi rule on June 6th, 1944?

            Do you blockheads seriously think you’re going to get away your risible nonsense?

  6. How do you know that many of the people of Germany weren’t happy to hear the allies had landed on D-Day. Have you forgotten how many non German Jews were killed who opposed Hitler. I’ll give you Nauert’s remarks could have been phrased differently but no matter what this administration says or does you and the left will find fault. If the President comes back from the Noko meeting and the North has agreed to remove all it’s Nukes the cry will be “Trump engages with NK to pollute the planet by burying their Nukes”.

  7. Roughly 200,000 German troops were killed or wounded with another 200,000 captured as prisoners of war.

    Yeah, and Europe was the better for it.

  8. With Fox News running this country…..did anyone really expect anything else.?

    Hauerg, has been reall good at her job, though.

  9. Hmmm, knocking out the Nazis and rebuilding the German economy, I’d say was Fcking Postive gesture to the German People.

  10. When you staff your administration with recruits from Fox News, what do you expect? I watched Trump today standing next to Andrew Bolton and Larry Kudlow and thought “all that’s missing is Judge Jeannie” (who Trump considered for Deputy A.G.). Russia may be only the second worst foreign influence on the country after Australia.
    Give Kudlow credit for sucking up to Trump in front of the world after missing all the chances his cohorts have had at cabinet meetings. He is giving Pence a run for his money. The President was off his game, rambling incoherently and generating new talk about his mental stability.

    1. When you staff your administration with recruits from Fox News, w

      Your alternative is what, Ben Rhodes and Marie Harf?

      1. What’s wrong with competent people schooled and trained in public policy and government? I know your ilk doesn’t trust smart people, but don’t regurgitate some “Deep State” nonsense or, God forbid, some “swamp” folderol.

        This is to the nutty sufferer

        1. Neither one was competent. Ben Rhodes was a failed writer. Harf had some academic background in the subject but insufficient sense (as she made glaringly clear). In part in her case it was being asked to go on the air and chuffer about subjects about which she didn’t know much.

          You wouldn’t know a ‘smart person’ from a bucket of sh!t.

        2. Marky Mark Mark – I trust some smart people, but I pick and choose who I trust. You, I do not trust, but it is not because you are smart, because you are not, it is because you cannot see the forest for the trees. You are a danger to your clients.

    2. After years of disparaging Fox News, I find it the only media outlet that actually presents real rebuttal from the other side of the aisle. CNN doesn’t nor does NBC. That’s why Fox mops up in the ratings wars.

      1. From whence would Enigma prefer to staff the pr apparat at the State Department? It used to be more common to hire quondam reporters and editors than it now is. James Haggerty, Pierre Salinger, George Reedy, George Christian, and Ron Nessen had all been reporters before they worked as WH press secretary. Nessen’s time in politics was an interlude between his tenure at NBC and his tenure at Mutual Broadcasting Service. Salinger also resumed his career in journalism after 1964. Bernard Kalb interrupted his time with NBC to run the State Department’s public relations office.

      2. It would be unfair to paint all of Fox News with a broad brush. You can find actual news and even conservative viewpoints based on facts that give those with a different opinion something to consider.
        I was saddened to hear about the terminal condition of Charles Krauthammer who I may have often disagreed with but never considered him a source of “fake news”. Chris Wallace is an outstanding newsman as in Shepherd Smith and a couple others.
        You have to catch your Fox News in the middle of the day because Fox & Friends and the evening opinion shows are terribly fact free. I couldn’t watch the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC for the same reason.

        1. F&F isn’t meant to be news, nor is Tucker Carlson or Hannity either. The problem is that CNN doesn’t make the distinction between news and commentary.

          1. It’s F&F, Tucker and Hannity that are getting those ratings. O’Reilly could be watchable sometimes, others he played up to his image and news value was replaced with entertainment.

        2. Einblack – you couldn’t watch the Ed Schultz show? And you identify as a Liberal? Let me guess, you are down with Maddow – sad, such an intelligent woman who sold her soul

          1. Autumn – I did get 11 minutes into the video, I’ve read some RT stories but never watched it. In your words, what is it you would have me believe about Rachel Maddow? I don’t identify as a liberal and hold many views that used to be considered conservative until the hijacking of the right. For example I am mostly for the idea of voter ID until we get into the ways it is implemented in some locations, One can be for ID and still recognize the voter suppression tactics in all the laws that accompany it.

    3. “Russia may be only the second worst foreign influence on the country after Australia.”

      You sure like to gorge yourself on the kool-aid. Drink up.

  11. On what basis did you offer the opinion that Nauert had “otherwise done an outstanding job at the state department”! I have to admit I have difficulty believing that opinion. Someone so clueless about history and foreign relations would be severely limited working in the field of foreign relations.

      1. JH – she is an arrogant fool.

        There is not the slightest indication of that.

      2. Thanks for the link, Autumn. My impression is that she was in over her head and used the Russians! As an excuse…just like the Dems.

        1. Bitte schoen Riesling. Nikki is a useful tool for the neo cons / neo libs – like a Chatty Cathy doll – program, wind up and let loose. Incapable of original thought. Would be dangerous with all the hateful rhetoric she spews,but fortunately the rest of the world sees through her and ignores her bs.

  12. So you’re telling me that Nauert thought that D-day was the allies working in concert with Germany…………….to destroy Germany? Please tell us how that works again, Heather dear?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….if you wondered how and why the US lost every God forsaken war since WW2, stop wondering.

  13. I can see were she was trying to go with that, but her lips took an awful detour from where her mind was heading.

    1. Please feel free to stop thinking that. Her mouth reflected exactly what her mind thought: that Germany was one of the allies, not the enemy.

  14. An extremely embarrasing day & a horrible week…but we shall overcome….

  15. On second thought, maybe this is a strong message to Merkel. Remember D-Day? We could do that to you again, hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

    1. In a bizarre way, you could be right… This is where our modern relationship with Germany started from… something for Germany to reflect on. It would not have had success it has without American help after World War II

      1. Really. That is really the message we should be sending? Disturbing!

        1. Justice Holmes – considering the messages we have been getting from Merkel and her cronies, this is exactly the message we want to send. If we pull our troops out of Germany, a huge section of the German economy takes a hit. If we leave NATO, it probably collapses under its own weight in 5 years.

          1. If we pull our troops out of Germany, a huge section of the German economy takes a hit.

            The American presence in Europe has been declining for 50 years. Last I checked, we had 57,000 billets in Germany. In a country which has 44.6 million employed persons, it’s not going to make much of a difference to remove 57,000 soldiers and 30,000 or so civilians.

          2. Paul, there are many corporations over here making money off the bases too – AAFES gets free shipping and rent free retail space, the fast food franchises, the suppliers of planes, tanks, uniforms,etc. And it’s a win for Germany when a base closes – base housing, golfing, ski and other recreational facilities as well as schools revert back. My alma mater Stuttgart American High School was fully renovated and then closed a few years later. Time to bring em home.

          3. Leader in the clubhouse for the most ridiculously uninformed, ignorant, hillbilly statement made on the blog today. Congratulations, you’ve issued a very competitive entry against a number of dedicated challengers. Good luck to you sir.

            This is to “hey, who scrubbed my house of all the sharp objects” paulie

            1. He’s pwnd so thoroughly you make an idiot out of your self every time you attempt a reply.

            2. Marky Mark Mark – and yet you are unable to develop a cogent argument to defeat it. BTW, when are you going to realize that insulting me is just wasting your time. If you were really as smart as you think you are (a legend in your own mind) you might actually engage in the discussion sometime, rather than hit-and-run insults.

    2. Well Paul, Germany IS still occupied, but no, I don’t think she’s that smart =)

      1. No, Germany is not occupied, and never was. American soldiers there might be sufficient, if so deployed, to contain security issues in a restive population of about 10 million. Germany’s population is 83 million.

          1. Lies do not become truth because you restate them. There aren’t 10,000 American soldiers in Italy.

            1. What is it called again, when a foreign power has bases in a country and lets the blackhawks fly along the Rhein River daily to make sure the locals don’t forget it? Hmmm…

              1. It’s not called ‘occupation’ because the troops are not engaged in civil affairs and there isn’t the manpower to actually secure and govern an area even if that’s what you were trying to do.

                A troop force of 10,000 might be enough to secure Turin. About 4% of Italy’s population lives in Turin.

                  1. Nii’s age is irrelevant. Riesling’s age, however, might be relevant.

                    The military occupation of both West and East Germany by The Allied Powers (Soviet Union included) ended in 1949 with the federation of both German states, and with the notable exception of the occupation of Berlin which did not formally end until 1990. The presence of US troops in West Germany and Berlin after 1949 is ordinarily called an alliance for mutual defense. Unless, that is, one operates under the influence of Russian rhetoric on the subject. Well, do you, Riesling?

    1. Nauert said, “Tomorrow is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion.”

      Did she say that on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018? Or did she say that on Saturday, June 9th, 2018? Isn’t there some sort of anniversary that occurs on June 9th?

      1. L4D enables David Benson – there are no listed anniversaries about Germany for June 9. I tried Googling it.

        1. The Trump Tower meeting was on June 9th, 2016. It only took two years for Putin to get Trump to pitch Russia rejoining the G8.

          1. L4D is enabling David Benson – The very publicly held Trump Tower meeting did not discuss adding Russia to the G-7. The Russian woman met with Fusion GPS just before and just after the Trump Tower meeting. Coincidence? I think not.

            1. The Trump Tower meeting was no more open to the American press and the American public than was Trump’s oval office meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak the day after Trump fired Comey.

              You are correct however when you admitted that “you think–not.”

              1. L4D is enabling David Benson – everyone had to traipse through the lobby of the Trump Tower to get to the meeting under the gaze of the press, hence public. The meetings with Fusion GPS we did not find out about until recently (hence covert). BTW, how are you dealing with the news that the DOJ/FBI started their investigation of Trump in 2015?

                On another note, I was watching a Frontline on Trump and Clinton on their run-up to the election and one of the key points they made was that Barack was micro-managing policy from the WH. So, that text msg about the WH makes more sense now as does the CYA made after Barack was out of office.

                1. Why did it take nearly a year for the press to report anything about the Trump Tower meeting to the public?

                  1. L4D is enabling David Benson – who really cares about the meeting? Nothing illegal went on. Liberals got their panties in a twist when they thought Trump was going to get dirt on Hillary from the Russians, however, liberals could care less that Hillary supposedly got dirt on Trump from the Russians. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

                2. Senor Bos said, “BTW, how are you dealing with the news that the DOJ/FBI started their investigation of Trump in 2015?”

                  What news? I just did a keyword search and came up with nothing, nil, nada–neechevo. Maybe Dr. Benson is right. Maybe you all just make stuff up.

                  1. L4D is enabling David Benson – what are you using as your search engine and your search terms?

                3. You had better not be talking about the first FISA warrant on Manafort. That FISA warrant expired before Manafort joined the Trump campaign.

                  For another thing, you had better not be talking about parallel construction on the communications between Manafort and Kilimnik. Those all involve retroactive collections of communications requested well after the FBI started its investigation of Russia’s effort to cultivate George Papadopoulos.

                4. one of the key points they made was that Barack was micro-managing policy from the WH.

                  I doubt President Fundraiser had much granular knowledge of any area of policy He just wasn’t interested. The deputy staff director at the National Security Council was a failed writer. Now, a spiteful exercise to injure people who call into question the value of his splendid administration I can see him taking an interest in, with appropriate precautions to keep his fingerprints off any skulduggery.

        2. Paul, have you considered changing your name here to David Benson is Insufferable?
          Just a thought…

          1. wildbill99 – I am very comfortable with my own name, but if you want to use it, go for it. 😉

      2. Dear Late For Dinner,
        When you don’t have a good argument, you pull the Russia! Card. Pathetic.

      3. FYI late for dinner: the French have been 8nviting the German Chancellor to attend D-day celebrations in Normandy since the Kohl era…..Schroeder went to the 60th anniversary….Merkel’s been as well…
        Maybe they know something you don’t 😀

        1. When Riesling doesn’t have a good argument, Riesling plays the non sequitur card–just like Heather Nauert.

    2. With apologies to “Animal House,” the White House no doubt keeps remembering “when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor” …… George Santayana, does anyone in Washington remember the past anymore? Or care?

    3. Paul, no, they memorize dates so they can pass Scantron tests but are not taught context. Kinda like geography – why do so many folks mix up Sweden and Switzerland? =)

      1. why do so many folks mix up Sweden and Switzerland?

        They don’t.

            1. Autumn – my personal favorite is the people who write the Great State of New Mexico to see if they need a passport and visa to enter. 🙂

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