Al Dente: Connecticut Woman Awarded $100,000 After Receiving Head Injury From A Bowl Of Pasta Thrown By Irate Lawyer

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 9.13.20 PMConstance Koulmey has been awarded over $100,000 after she was hit by a bowl of pasta thrown by lawyer James Sweeney.  She alleged that she received a head injury from the bowl that Sweeney threw at another restaurant customer.  That left an al dente on her head that was enough for the Waterbury, Connecticut jury to find in favor of her battery claim.

According to The Connecticut Law Tribune, Sweeney was having an argument with another man at Roma’s Ristorante in Oakville, Connecticut when he tossed the pasta.  She was walking by when the bowl “struck her about the head and face, causing the spicy sauce to drip down her head onto her face and in her eyes and further causing her to fall striking her head.”

The pasta was served with a fra diavolo sauce, which as an Italian I can attest is indeed quite spicy and often includes hot peppers (hence the name “Devil Monk”). Indeed, I make a similar sauce for my family though I use a more traditional form of service.

It could be worse. The Napolitans serve dishes that seem designed for battery on a plate like Paccheri, or “slaps” pasta.

In the complaint, she alleged both negligence and battery.




13 thoughts on “Al Dente: Connecticut Woman Awarded $100,000 After Receiving Head Injury From A Bowl Of Pasta Thrown By Irate Lawyer”

  1. Did James Sweeney think he was Sweeney Todd?

    Out of control. She basically got pepper sprayed. I wonder if the bowl cut her scalp, too.

  2. Mr. Sweeney evidently graduated from the Mayo Methot School of Law at Bogart University.

  3. Roma restaurant is near where I grew up in CT. Ate there several times. Very good food. Never saw any flying pasta.

    1. No it’s not!

      If Prof Turley thought he could progress forward to the white sauce he must 1st score big with the red sauce!

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