Florida Man Takes Drugs To Police Station To Confirm Authenticity . . . Police Confirm and Then Arrest Him

180613214452-douglas-peter-kelly-exlarge-169Douglas Kelly, 49, can rest assured that he was not ripped off.  Kelly was convinced that a dealer had sold him fake drugs so he went to police to bring charges.  He gave the police a bag of meth that he said did not feel right. The police tested the meth and found it was genuine . . . and then arrested Kelly.


Kelly is from Hawthorne, Florida and went to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.  He was arrested and charged with possession and booked into the Putnam County Jail.

The police posted the following note for others seeking police assistance in such matters: “If you believe you were sold bad drugs, we are offering a free service to test them for you. “Remember, our detectives are always ready to assist anyone who believes they were misled in their illegal drug purchase.”

10 thoughts on “Florida Man Takes Drugs To Police Station To Confirm Authenticity . . . Police Confirm and Then Arrest Him”

  1. While it is certainly entertaining to read the public commentary from the police department. They should be careful not to convey the message that citizens could risk arrest if they attempt to turn in illegal drugs they find on their property for various reasons. It seems to happen mostly when parents find drugs in their children’s rooms but on occasion is the result of someone newly moving into a house or apartment that formerly housed a drug user.

    On another note, most states have a counterfeit controlled substance element of selling illegal substances. (informally known as a Burn Statute where drug dealers proffer the sale of controlled substances to undercover agents only to have the “drug” be a fake. Formerly this voided the prosecution because there was no violation of law.

    1. I think in at least some of those cases the phony dealer was charged with some kind of commercial fraud or theft through deception.

  2. The key to good drugs is knowing and trusting your dealer. Evidently, this guy didn’t. It was nice of the police to test the product for him and to offer their services to the public. Although, I do think they should think about doing an anonymous testing thingie. Arresting you after you had your product tested is just a little rude.

  3. Florida seems to have more than its fair share of “Darwin Award” type stories.

    1. No, the Funny Times grants the Darwin Award to someone who gets himself killed by some act of egregious stupidity. This fellow will indubitably appear in another feature which they have in every issue, “Least Competent Criminals”.

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