Maine Teen Arrested After His Joyride Through A Corn Field Is Posted on Facebook

888623_851907-Kristopher-Welch-mug-1-e1530889103678Kristoffer Welch, 19, allegedly made his first mistake in tearing up a corn field with his silver Ford truck in Maine.  The second mistake was posting the act on Facebook.


Welch is accused of causing $5000 damage to the cornfield.  The video showed the Ford truck left spinning wheels as it tore through the cornfield.

Welch is now charged with aggravated criminal mischief, a class C felony.


17 thoughts on “Maine Teen Arrested After His Joyride Through A Corn Field Is Posted on Facebook”

  1. Social media are like public goods. The stupid people are equally entitled to it.

  2. I’m surprised it’s just $5,000 worth of damage. He destroyed part of the farmer’s crop, his annual income. It’s like some teenager went into your bank and ripped up part of your salary. Does he get a slap on the wrist? That’s what you live off of.

    It sounds like a prank, but it cost this farmer income. I don’t agree with jail time. I think the teenager would be better served if he had to get a job and repay the farmer what he lost. He can’t do that in jail. He should also be required to work, for free, at the farmer’s during planting season and again in harvest, so that he can appreciate the back breaking hard work that goes into feeding all of us. Once you seed a row yourself, you will understand the outrage when someone busts it up for fun.

    If it was an organic field, there would be consequences for any leaked diesel fuel. Ripping up the ground will make it harder for the Harvester to trundle down the rows.

  3. Whatever happened to the guy who took the MAG hat and assaulted the kid. Surely if this Jackass was charged for attacking corn the other guy will be charged as well or did they buy the buzz words video?

  4. I think his real problem was living in Maine. So little local entertainment that all he could think of to do, was rip up a cornfield.

  5. Restitution is necessary. Need to get the price of that corn back. 6 months probation and a suspended license.

  6. No, his first mistake was being born to someone who spells Christopher as Kristoffer. But he’s a kid sowing his ‘wild corn,’ as it were. Make him pay restitution, perform community service, and then drop the charges. A felony that will prevent future employment is not in anyone’s interests. Back in my day, if a kid did something like this, he could enlist in the military and all charges would be dropped.

    1. Pay restitution, but then the community service ought to be working as a farmhand, especially on a farm with crops and animals that require care in the wee morning hours, after which he has to tend to the crops–maybe hoeing out weeds chemicals did not kill, or roguing beans. Good hard work would be good for his soul.

      1. I agree, Prairie Rose. The punishment would fit the crime, and may teach him a valuable lesson.

    2. Agree 100% that dropping the felony after community service and restitution. We have way (WAY) too many people who did something really stupid, can learn from it, but the felony conviction stays with them and indeed ruins their life, and frequently many others when an individual has to turn to crime to stay alive.

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