Florida Man Reportedly Insisted That He Was Not Driving Drunk Because He Only Drank At Lights And Stop Signs

earle-stevens-1531312527.jpgEarle Stevens Jr., 69, had a novel defense in Florida when he was stopped by an officer on suspicion of drunk driving.  According to the driver, Stevens insisted that that he had only been drinking at red lights and stop signs.  The officer was not impressed by the claim that he was drinking then driving then drinking but never at the same time.

Police in Indian River County responded to a complaint that a man repeatedly ran into the back of a woman’s car at a McDonald’s drive-through.  Stevens’ problems did not stop there.  Stevens had an open bottle of bourbon in the front passenger seat and said he felt “pretty good.”  He also did not have a valid Florida license. Finally, he admitted to having had “about three drinks.”  He was previously charged twice with DUI in Missouri.

Stevens registered a blood alcohol content of between 0.153 and 0.147. The state limit is  0.08.



10 thoughts on “Florida Man Reportedly Insisted That He Was Not Driving Drunk Because He Only Drank At Lights And Stop Signs”

  1. He’s still drunk while driving.

    I loathe drunk driving. It is so selfish to put everyone else’s lives at risk because they cannot or will not call a cab. How hard can it be? If they can afford 9 beers at a bar, then they can afford an Uber. Or they could call a friend. Organize everything beforehand so they won’t have to rely on misfiring synapses after they’ve had their good time.

  2. I don’t know Florida’s law on drunk driving, but where I live, that’s not remotely a defense. The crime is “driving while intoxicated”, and doesn’t require you to have taken a drop while driving.

  3. Will this be the same defense when some is pulled over for driving stoned?

    1. Independent Bob – it will be just as ineffective. 😉 However, the cops and judge will get a good laugh.

  4. Sounds reasonable to me. Traffic lights take so long in my county that he could pull up to a red light rip roaring drunk, and by the time it turned green he would be stone cold sober. 🤪

  5. It must be a tough life being the love child of Karl Malden and General Norman Schwarzkopf

    Always having to live up to expectations

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