Armless Man Accused Of Stabbing In Miami

Crenshaw mu_fittedIt could be one of the most curious criminal charges of the year. Jonathan Crenshaw, 46,  is an artist in Miami Beach who is accused of stabbing a tourist.  However, Crenshaw paints with his feet because he has no arms.

According to the Miami Herald, Cesar Coronado, 22, was stabbed with scissors and accused Crenshaw. Coronado said the he and his friend, Cindy Barrientos, 22, were asking for directions when Crenshaw attacked. The tourist from Chicago was stabbed in his arm.

Crenshaw has prior arrests, including battery on police officers.  He is now charged with aggravated battery.

6 thoughts on “Armless Man Accused Of Stabbing In Miami”

  1. Sounds like another fantastical Democratic clogging up of the legal system. Did he out-box the accusers as well?

  2. The question will be how big are the objects he can manipulate with his feet?

  3. A jury may not believe the alleged victim. It is one thing to hold a paint brush with your toes but more difficult to hold a pair of scissors and strike someone in the arm. This story needs to be called Farewell To Arms.

  4. When he was forced to bid Farewell to Arms, he should have recognized he importance of being Earnest.

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