Susanleon33326: Cross Dressing Florida Man Arrested For Pretending To Be Bored Housewife To Film Straight Men Having Sex


21 thoughts on “Susanleon33326: Cross Dressing Florida Man Arrested For Pretending To Be Bored Housewife To Film Straight Men Having Sex”

  1. I hope the jury sees the video where the supposed victim grabs the back of his tightly crew-cut head and deeply penetrates it. So many bored housewives have shaved heads…. Give me a break. This is about something else. He filmed the wrong person. As for the minor thing, that’s definitely more serious, if true.

  2. Diane, Nope!

    Donald said he didn’t mean “would” but then said “wouldn’t” ….. And then said no.

    By the way Diane, you have a strange social media platform that is red flagged as a security risk.

    1. Jerry,
      Is there another Diane here to whom you were responding? Because I don’t know what you mean by “a strange social media platform that is red flagged as a security resk.”

  3. Somewhere along the line the herd will have to be thinned out. I still believe Darwin was right.

  4. I am alone in wishing that we still had a category called “unspeakable”? And then we didn’t speak about it?

  5. “bored housewife”? Because cheerleader, model, and Playboy Bunny would obviously be a fraud.

  6. Um, who was penetrating whom?

    Sounds like the guy was the guy being penetrated. If so, it seems notable that there are any federal charges given that the fbi still doesn’t seem to recognize that a man can be raped unless the man is anally penetrated:

    > A: The old definition was “The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.” Many agencies interpreted this definition as excluding a long list of sex offenses that are criminal in most jurisdictions, such as offenses involving oral or anal penetration, penetration with objects, and rapes of males.

    > The new Summary definition of Rape is: “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

    If the Feds don’t recognize the man was rape, why should there be any federal charges?

    Rape by Fraud will be a great can of worms to open.

    She said she was a virgin.
    She said she had never been married before.
    She said she was a blonde.

    She said she was rich.
    She said she was a doctor.
    She said she had no children.
    She said that was her house.

    She said she had no diseases.
    She said she didn’t take drugs.
    She said she had a job.

    She said she was fertile.

    1. Ash, that was a great post.

      I would like to add that one aspect male victims of pedophiles suffer is that they may have responded. That is not their fault, but rather a simple physical response to stimulus.

      A man can still be raped if he has a response. One should recall the man who was raped at machete point by an ex girlfriend. He did not give consent and was an unwilling participant but she managed to create enough stimulus to get the act going.

  7. I do not agree with the no rape by fraud, I think the court was wrong. Fraud is fraud, anything based on the fraud is still criminal in nature.

  8. This is indeed rape by fraud by a sexual predator. It also illustrates ways in which men and women can learn to protect themselves, and avoid such situations.

    Since Deneumostier is also a pedophile, I hope he gets put away forever. That poor child. I hope he was saved before this monster gave him any life threatening STDs.

  9. I’m definitely predicting a plea bargain on this one, as I doubt any of the straight men who were tricked into having sex with this mutt are going to want to identify themselves and testify as to the details in open court.

  10. Punishment: remove his genitals and stuff them in his mouth. Do not tape his mouth shut. That would be the death penalty. Sew him up so he does not bleed to death. If he has kids then castrate them too.

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