Houston, We Have Water: Europeans Find Possible Subglacial Lake On Mars

orosei3hr2-1532477236In one of the most exciting discoveries of our generation, a reservoir of briny water has been discovered by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express under the surface of Mars. This shallow subglacial lake is 2.4 miles wide and may include still flowing water.


While recent discoveries appear to show the existence of large amounts of surface water in the distinct past on the planet, this new paper in Science suggests water may still be there. It was conclusion reached with the help of  the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding or MARSIS project. Imagine even that prospect for possible life or even supporting a Mars colony.

The discovery may be bitter sweet for colleagues for the designer of MARSIS and believed that its signals were showing a subglacial lake.  His name is Giovanni Picardi and he passed away in 2015.  Picardi now may have his vindication.



14 thoughts on “Houston, We Have Water: Europeans Find Possible Subglacial Lake On Mars”

  1. A scientific discovery which has been in preparation for many years is made and two of the three partisan Democrats on this thread use it as an occasion to lob insults at the President.

  2. Water, even brine, on Mars is a huge development. Not, as some people seem to think, as reaction mass for ships on the return leg of the Earth-Mars Run. If we use the logical drive for that mission, VASIMR high-thrust ion engines, then the Martian atmosphere has enough argon for that (the heavy noble gases are the best reaction mass for the long “burns” between Earth and Mars). The idea should be to boost the argon to orbit, fuel the ship that brought people, and go home for more colonists.

    No, the subglacial brines are the foundation of a Mars colony – distill water from them for farming and other human use.

  3. rumor has it that after spending $12 billion sending the “space force” to Mars, dumb donald then negotiated giving away the entire planet on the condition trumpy is authorized to build waterfront condos. the worlds worst negotiator strikes again

      1. Dave137 – we should send Mueller and his crack team of Democratic attorneys. If they can find Russians, they can find water.

        1. I think you’re right. They are about as good a team of prosecutors ever assembled in the country. But I think we should include all of them, Rs and Ds.

  4. If there was life on Mars at some point and a gradual desiccation of the surface I believe it is probable that life either gradually moved to these sub-glacial lakes or that it was extant and evolved to adapt to that environment. That it managed to live to this day is the question.

  5. The Onion had a piece a while back about the Rover vehicle on Mars.
    The article concluded that the thirst-crazed Rover was hallucinating went it reported evidence of water; it was all a mirage.

  6. So that’s where Trump came from. Send him back! Send him back! Send him back!

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