Cohen Reportedly Ready To Testify That Trump Knew Of The Planned Russian Meeting In Trump Tower

160px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump_(cropped)Michael Cohen is reportedly ready to give Special Counsel Robert Mueller key testimony contradicting not only President Donald Trump but the sworn testimony of his son, Donald Trump Jr. He will reportedly say that Trump was aware of the planned meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower.   Such testimony may also contradict Cohen’s own statements, which would make a deal all the most essential with Mueller.  Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis has announced that “Cohen is trying to reset his life  . . . This is a turn for him. It’s a new resolve to tell the truth no matter what, even if it endangers him.”  It certainly could be dangerous if it contradicts sworn testimony or statement to investigators

Trump, his son, and his staff have all denied that he had prior knowledge of the meeting at Trump Tower.  However, Cohen now reportedly claims that he was not only at a meeting when Trump was informed of the planned meeting but others were also present.
Cohen previously testified before two congressional committees  investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and did not reportedly reveal such prior knowledge by Trump.
Such testimony would be exceptionally dangerous for Trump, Trump Jr. and some staffers if Mueller believes that Cohen’s account is true.  Mueller has already indicted a slew of individuals for false statements to investigators. This would be an even stronger case for prosecution if the accounts are true.
If Trump Jr. were to be charged, it is difficult to predict President Trump’s response but it would likely be extreme.  Of course, taken Cohen’s word alone on such a question is a rather precarious proposition. The question is whether such testimony could prompt other witnesses to come forward or whether Cohen would be left to stand alone.

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    1. But the blue archipelagites will insist, “we in our coastal cities, and illegal immigrants, are the only Americans that maaaaatter! Deport those dirty deplorables”

      1. Yes, Hollywood, and that is why Democrats rely so much on identity politics and tribalism.

    2. Allan…I only read theater critic Ben Brantley in the Times.
      So, thanks for this……interesting!

  1. I’m not sure why trump cult is so surprised that the pathological liar and thief bred a pathological liar and thief. trump and his brood are lying fraudsters and con artists. Like father, like sons….

    1. “Like father, like sons”

      It sounds like Blankfien is the son of Enigma.

    2. You Lyin Marxist Libs can’t stand it that your Lyin Socialist Hillary LOST! GET USE TO TRUMP WINNING! Cohen is a snake, the lowest form of reptile in the animal kingdom. He’ll be dumped in the swamp like the rest of Liberals. Just a little more time and Washington will be Drainoed!

      1. Elise: your comment reads as over-the-top comedy. Though I suspect you were serious.

      2. Yes, Cohen is a snake. But he’s Trump’s snake as he employed him for over a decade.

        When people go on Judge Judy and complain their partners are abusive or unfaithful, she always reminds them that they picked them.

        So it should tell you a lot about the kind of person Trump is that he would employ such an unethical employee.

  2. Such testimony would be exceptionally dangerous for Trump, Trump Jr. and some staffers if Mueller believes that Cohen’s account is true.

    Mueller doesn’t need to believe it’s true. What he needs is someone like Cohen to say it is true to breathe new life into this “investigation.” And what earth-shattering truth is Cohen to claim? Then candidate Trump was aware of a meeting between his mob crew and Natasha Fatale under the pretense she would provide damaging information about Clinton. Fatale’s boss, Fearless Leader preferred Trump win the election. Instead, Fatale came empty-handed. Meeting adjourned.

    So allegedly Trump and his gang were interested in getting the dirt Clinton had been wallowing in so they could discredit her with her own dirt. That’s horrible! What campaign would go to such lengths to discredit an opponent, with the opponent’s own dirt? Interestingly, the episode where Boris Badenov gave Steele a dossier used to get a FISC warrant to spy on the Trump campaign; that’s the episode where all the attention was on the information in the dossier and not Boris or Fearless Leader. Well now Natasha supposedly has the goods on Clinton and all the attention is on Natasha and Fearless Leader, and no attention on the information.

    I think Arte Johnson had something to say about stories like that on Laugh-In: Very interesting, but stupid.

  3. Another hype story from a complacent Jon Turley. Trump may or may not have known in advance about a meeting that produced nothing – yawn. And star witness for this non-crime is none other than sleazy rat Michael Cohen. Left piled on this guy when we learned about his sleazy lobbying activities, now they love him when there is hope that rat might flip. Easy task for Trump attorneys to destroy rat witness Cohen if there ever were a trial regarding collusion. Muler and Southern District know this and won’t go down that path and embarras themselves. Turley knows this as well and is just playing along with left media hype game to kep his blog eyeball numbers up.

  4. “Lanny Davis has announced that “Cohen is trying to reset his life . . . This is a turn for him. It’s a new resolve to tell the truth no matter what, even if it endangers him.”

    Let us hear the truth. Who is paying Lanny Davis who is so connected to Hillary Clinton and a continuous fixer and defender of the Clinton scandals with many of them yet unearthed? There is no significant scandal here. All this focus on Cohen is merely to prevent the President from doing his job.

    In other words, the left has no policy and would like to destroy any chance of getting rid of nuclear weapons from North Korea. The left would like to see a war between Russia and the United States. The left would like a lot more unemployment and higher taxes. The left would like socialism.

  5. If Don Jr had offered to pay the Russians like the Clinton campaigned paid Russians, it’s all good?

    1. Dear Hstfan82: Just watch, the lefty loons who frequent this blog won’t dare touch the logic you just laid out. The rule of thumb I always hear when it comes to potential white collar crimes is “follow the money”. Muler does that but takes time machine back to 2005 to open cold case tax investigation of Manafort but totally disinterested in more relevant $$ for dossier or $$ for uranium deal.

      1. Paying for the dossier wasn’t illegal. The company that wrote the dossier has been investigated and no charges have been filed.

        The uranium deal wasn’t illegal either. An investigation has found that it was approved legally. The deal required multiple approvals by the U.S., beginning with the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States. Under federal law, the committee reviews foreign investments that raise potential national security concerns.

        Only the president can stop such a deal.

        1. Dear Marry Poppins: You would not make a good boxer as you just stepped into this one: “Only the president can stop such a deal.” – Who was the president at the time of sleazy uranium deal? Good Day Ma’am

          1. Bill,
            Do you know what the U.S. strategic interest was that made the Uranium One deal necessary and/or important?

            1. Olly, Why don’t you try to explain to that to the audience. And then my question for you is would that explanation hold up today if you changed the name from Obama to Trump? Looks like you are trying to stick up for Ms. Mary Poppins with attempt at misdirection.

              1. Bill,
                Actually I don’t have an answer to the question. On it’s face, I don’t see what the U.S. would have to gain by this transaction. And to your point, if Mike Pompeo’s wife had been paid $500k for a speech in Moscow after the Uranium One deal was announced and then President Trump signed off on the deal, this would be HEADLINE NEWS and articles of impeachment would be next.

        2. No charges were filed by our corrupt FBI/DOJ that lied to the FISA court to get a warrant. The same FBI that employs Peter Strzok, Comey, McCabe (who has been referred for prosecution). That’s your reubuttal? What a joke

          You missed my point anyway. Even if the Russians gave Trump dirt about Clinton which Trump sought, unless they conspired to hack or engage in some other illegal like breaking into campaign headquarters activity, it’s not illegal.

      2. Or hundreds of millions Australian-Chinese agent Alexander Downer paid to the Clinton outfit… He’s the guy you used to entrap George Papadopoulos and, allegedly, get the whole investigation rolling. (That’s the official story, anyway)

    2. The Steele Dossier investigations were not Russian. The Dossier was first funded by another of your right wing republican loons now deceased. You people only have a snippet of information and turn it into wild conspiracies. Bottom line, trump lied again and is getting caught in his web of lies. Why is EVERYONE else guilty of something where there is no evidence but trump is considered innocent where a great deal of evidence reveals his criminal nature. That’s right, it’s a cult. How’s that pizzagate thing going for you?

        1. hst,..
          You are correct, and a few publications and individuals have done what they can to blur the timeline, and the distinction between the Paul Singer / Free Beacon oppo research, and the later involvement of Steele funded by the DNC and Hillary Campaign Fund.

      1. False assertions, generalizations, ad hominem attacks, red herrings, got any more?

  6. Michael Cohen is reportedly ready

    Why not wait until he actually does something on the record rather than waste your pixels on speculation? It isn’t as if there aren’t other things about which to write.

  7. Turley wrote, “The question is whether such testimony could prompt other witnesses to come forward or whether Cohen would be left to stand alone.”

    Rick Gates is already cooperating with Mueller. If Cohen knew that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened, then Gates probably knew that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened. And if Gates knew that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened, then Manafort almost certainly knew that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened. But far more importantly, if Gates knew that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened, then Robert Swan Mueller III already knows that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened. So who else might have known that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened?

    1. yawn in the meantime trump wins trade war with europe helping countless americans while you guys whine away

  8. Turley wrote, “If Trump Jr. were to be charged, it is difficult to predict President Trump’s response but it would likely be extreme.”

    Well then, Turley got something right for a change. What sort of extreme reaction might Trump have to an indictment of Don Jr.? And what would the charge against Don Jr. be? A charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States would almost certainly have to include Jared Kushner, Paul Manfort and, if Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting, Trump himself–albeit as an unindicted co-conspirator. That would greatly complicate the extreme reaction of Trump to an indictment against Don Jr. that names Trump, himself, as well as Jared Kushner as co-conspirators. My best guess is that Trump would grant preemptive pardons to Don Jr. and Jared Kushner. But, since Trump would presumably be an unindicted co-conspirator, Trump might hold off on granting himself a preemptive pardon. What might happen after that will require more head-scratching and more coffee.

    1. It’s likely an initial charge against Don Jr would be lying to the FBI. Little Don looks like just the kind of guy that would flip on his father. In their past, they barely spoke for years because Trump was blasting his mother in the tabloids.

      If Donnie cooperates he gets charged lightly, as long as he brings down his daddy.

      1. I may be skipping ahead to Act Five; Scene One. [Bad reading habits; wouldn’t you know?]

    2. yawn meanwhile trump’s diplomacy with Kim and the DPRK brings may decades old remains of Americans who died in combat home to rest

  9. There’s a halfway decent chance that Mueller already knows the information that Cohen is offering. And here’s why: Rick Gates used to carry Trump’s cell phone with the unlisted number during the 2016 campaign. Mueller gained access to Rick Gates’ call records and communications from the warrant returns on Manafort’s storage locker with the collection of eight ipods. Gates and Manafort were in regular communication with one another throughout the 2016 campaign. Don Jr. made two calls to an unlisted number before and after the Trump Tower meeting. If that unlisted number is for Trump’s cell phone that Rick Gates used to carry during the 2016 campaign, and if that same unlisted number showed up in any of the communications between Gates and Manafort at any time during the 2016 campaign, then Mueller would already know that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before and after the meeting when Don Jr. called that unlisted number. If so, then Cohen may have waited too long to make his offer to Mueller. Or else Cohen might really be upping the ante in his quest for a preemptive pardon from Trump.

    1. yawn meanwhile economic numbers are up again, at least to some degree due to President of the United States Donald J Trump

      1. Mr Kurtz – They are up and to some degree due to Donald J Trump. It’s unfortunate he couldn’t stick with the truth and had to keep lying when announcing results. His son only made it worse by saying Obama had no 2% quarters when he had 15 that exceeded that including a 5%quqarter exceeding this last one.
        Some of these results are related to massive tax cuts to industry and blowing up the debt. Also, deregulation without concern for the effects will have a cost down the road. Who needs clean water and air anyway?

  10. Interesting timing again.
    Today we will have BEST GDP numbers, Military plane on it’s way from Noko bringing remaining of US Soldier.CNN will report Cohen????

    1. Just because the day glo bozo is a racist and imbecilic traitor doesn’t give him a pass on committing criminal acts. So sorry for your loss.

      this is to “but hannity never mentioned illegal campaign contributions” mellie

      1. Marky Mark Mark – the President was not committing a criminal act, even though Mueller will try to make it look like one. He was discussing a legitimate business transaction. The more we find out, the more we find there is no there there.

    2. Mell, The left doesn’t care about the GDP or the Korean Nukes. The left sounds almost suicidal and in their depression, they are willing for loads of people to die.

      Last century, outside of war, the number of dead the left took was in the vicinity of 100 million innocent lives.

      Simply observe Roadkill Mark who posted just below.

    3. Not to worry, Fox News will barely mention potential proof of the Collusion that Trump so vociferously denies. Its viewers can remain in denial.

      1. This is stated by Enigma who doesn’t watch Fox News. If he did he would note that Fox News keeps its listeners up to date on all the trash that spreads from the Mueller investigation.

        It also informs the American Public that the remains of soldiers from the Korean war are now in the air being flown home. It will also release the GDP number when it comes out instead of trying to hide it among the trash.

        1. Allan the Troll, I made a special effort to watch Fox & Friends this morning and came away with stories about elephant poaching, the Jim Jordan interview, Nicaraguan protests, I’m sure they eventually covered Trump’s tweets this morning.
          I often watch Fox News, to hear them deny the truth or make excuses. I watched Tucker Carlson last night as the news was breaking about Trump’s prior knowledge… Not a mention.

          1. You are so full of it. The news goes on continuously all day long and this issue is relatively unimportant but you think it should be an Alert every ten minutes. This will be discussed in full on more than one show. Tucker doesn’t even try to talk about the news, but I ‘ll bet he has an interview on this or a related topic in the next few days. He picks issues and then interviews people. The number of issues is limited in a fashion similar to Professor Turley’s blog. Do you wish to say that the Professor’s blog is garbage because he didn’t cover a topic you wanted to be covered? You sound like an arrogant person that always claims victimhood.

            Did you listen to where they provided the news updates? You can say yes, but who can believe you. Did you listen to Bret Baier or Shepard Smith who provide broader news shows? Hannity and the show following (Laura Ingraham) will probably both include discussion on this tainted piece of news.

            All we have to do is listen to your postings to note that you are not well informed of both sides. If you were your arguments would be more tempered. The alternative is that you don’t care about the truth and spin lies whenever and wherever you wish.

            1. They waited for the inevitable Trump tweets to take their cue as to how to respond. Bret Baier and Shepard Smith would have and will cover it. It was unfair of me to paint the entire network with a broad brush, just most of it. I’m amused at your call for a tempered argument. Have you ever paid attention ton yourself?

              1. Enigma, anytime you wish to attack my arguments with fact and can prove a case where I am wrong on the facts, let me know and I will thank you. You haven’t been able to do so since I have been on this blog. I don’t generally have a problem remembering what I believe or the facts I state because I tell the truth. That is something you have yet learned to do.

                1. I should have added that in this most recent post of yours you did correct your error so perhaps you are learning it is easier to tell the truth than to lie.

                  1. That is about all you can say. You can’t rebut postings or quotes. You can’t rebut facts. You can’t argue based on facts absent emotion and hate. There is almost no reliable content to anything you say.

                    1. You never provide quotes, you tell your version of what I write. I’ve challenged you to provide quotes but you never do. Enough of you for the day. Troll on.

                    2. “You never provide quotes”

                      Enigma, Bullsh!t. I provide plenty of quotes especially when there is a specific statement I am talking about. Anyone that reads my postings should take note of that. When I deal with you in this type of back and forth there is no need to provide one quote after the other because I am responding to an entire statement full of cr-p.

                    3. Your conversations with me mostly consist of you saying I said something I didn’t. I as for quotes… and nothing. You said recently I paraphrased something, I asked for a quote… nothing. You keep saying I say Donald Trump is a racist based on an article from 1927 about his father. I ask for quotes… nothing. You have no business trying to tell anyone else what they have said or believe without backing it up (not from your warped memory). You can quote me on that!

                    4. “Your conversations with me mostly consist of you saying I said something I didn’t”

                      But I have quoted your words. We argued over the legitimacy of what you said over and over long after everyone stopped posting. You insisted on your facts but the1927 article you pushed me to look up never said anything that you claimed. That was true of the housing complaint as well where I went and looked at the original documents. Over and over you have been proven to state things as facts when they aren’t. Now you have to live with it. Do you know how to change that? By telling the truth.

                    5. Saying you quoted my words or providing “a summary” of my words is not a quote. I back up my statements all the time… when asked nicely and not demanded as if you have a right to my looking up what you’re too lazy to.

                    6. “Saying you quoted my words or providing “a summary” of my words is not a quote. I back up my statements all the time…”

                      Perhaps it would be more accurate if you said you back away from your statements all the time instead of “back up” which is comical coming from you..

                    7. Find a statement I’ve backed away from. It’s possible, I’ve been wrong before, just not with you. Provide an example please (quote) not just your faulty recollection.

                    8. “Find a statement I’ve backed away from. It’s possible, I’ve been wrong before, just not with you. Provide an example please (quote) not just your faulty recollection.”

                      I have done so, many times. You will have to wait for the next time you make a comment of a fact that is wrong. In the meantime, it is obvious that you are trying to back away from your initial statements calling Trump a racist.

                    9. ” I haven’t backed away from that at all”

                      You were so adamant about your proof and about the news article of 1927 that I had to look it up only to find that what you were promoting was untrue. We already know who you are Enigma so you only increase the embarrassment you must face every time you respond with another mindless retort.

                    10. You’ve started off well by quoting something I actually wrote. All that would be left is a quote finding where I backed away from saying Trump is racist. While it mostly only comes up when talking to you. I open it up to the universe to document me backing away from that opinion.
                      What I am doing is wasting my time arguing with you. Document it or stop trolling.

                    11. “You’ve started off well by quoting something I actually wrote. All that would be left is a quote finding where I backed away from saying Trump is racist.”

                      “Trump is racist.” is your opinion. You have a right to your opinion but not a right to your own facts. Everyone understands that right or wrong that is your quick way to denounce another person whether that person is a racist or not. It doesn’t make you look good but that is your choice.

                      You are asked to prove your contention and that is where you run into trouble because the facts you lay out show things other than what you are trying to prove. You then backtrack on the facts, but no, you don’t backtrack on calling people racists even when all your arguments go down the toilet. It seems you don’t need facts or proof to call people racists. You use the term as a crutch and demean all the suffering of those people for whom racism has caused harm.

                    12. “Show me a single fact I’ve backtracked on, in my words, not yours. The thing about facts is that they stand for themselves.”

                      I’ve done that several times in the past but your memory remembers only what you wish it to remember. If I did it again you would only conveniently forget again for you are not interested in the truth.

                      We will have to wait for the future when you post. When your opinions are questioned be careful of the facts you present and if you can’t provide facts to back up your opinion then your opinion is a hollow one. That might be better than not telling the truth.

                    13. Saying you did a thing, or that I’ve done a thing, isn’t the same as it having actually happened! Provide an example or a quote and you’re good. Otherwise you’re just babbling on from Allanworld,

                    14. Enigma, no need for me to become your research assistant. You don’t need one because all you do is make things up. I am actually satisfied by what has been proven against you already whether it be by other people or myself. I look forward to your future comments that provide despicable race-baiting opinion without any proof or if proof is provided I look forward showing you the errors you make. If you stop with the errors then it will be nice to see that you can change. It will be even nicer if you stop your despicable race-baiting.

                    15. From the Congressional Record

                      [Congressional Record Volume 162, Number 145 (Monday, September 26, 2016)]
                      [Pages S6073-S6074]
                      From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office []

                      DONALD TRUMP

                      Mr. REID. Madam President, virtually every time Donald Trump says or
                      does something discriminatory–and that is often–the media relies upon
                      a catalog of buzzwords to describe his actions. The press uses words
                      like hateful, intolerant, bigot, extremist, prejudice, to name but a
                      few. Yet there is always one word that many of the press conspicuously
                      avoid: Racist. They never label Trump as a racist, but he is a racist.
                      Donald Trump is a racist. “Racist” is a term I don’t really like.
                      We have all, with rare exception–I don’t know who it would be–said
                      things that are not politically correct, but I don’t know of anyone,
                      when that happens, who doesn’t acknowledge it and, if necessary,
                      apologizes quickly, but Donald Trump doesn’t believe the racist things
                      he does and says are wrong. He says them with the full intent to demean
                      and to denigrate. That is who he is.
                      Each time Trump is given a chance to apologize and make amends, he
                      refuses, and then he doubles down on what he said before. The media is
                      not holding Donald Trump accountable at all. He is not being held
                      So why do reporters and pundits abstain from calling Trump what he
                      is–a racist? It is not as if Trump’s racism is new. His bigotry has
                      been on display since the early days of his business career.
                      When Donald Trump was still working at his father’s side as second in
                      command, the Department of Justice slapped their company with a civil
                      rights lawsuit. Why? Because they deserved it. Undercover Federal
                      officers in New York found that the Trumps discriminated against
                      potential tenants by rejecting applications for housing from African
                      Americans and Puerto Ricans.
                      Trump has even had a secret system for discriminatory practices. As
                      the Washington Post reported:

                      Trump employees have secretly marked the applications of
                      minorities with codes, such as `No. 9′ and `C’ for colored. .
                      . . The employees allegedly directed blacks and Puerto Ricans
                      away from buildings with mostly white tenants and steered
                      them toward properties that had many minorities.

                      In the 1980s, Trump took his racism to Atlantic City. This is Donald
                      Trump at his best. He cheated, coerced, filed bankruptcy, did anything
                      he could to cheat people out of money. In the process, his racism came
                      to the forefront in Atlantic City. Trump was accused of making his
                      African-American employees move off the casino floor when he didn’t
                      want to see them, which was any time he came to the casino. One
                      employee, Kip Brown, said:

                      When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would
                      order all the black people off the floor. It was the
                      eighties, I was a teenager, but I remember it: they put us
                      all in the back.

                      Trump was later fined $200,000 by the New Jersey Casino Control
                      Commission for that act of disgusting racism.
                      In the 1990s, John O’Donnell, the former president of Trump Plaza
                      Hotel and Casino, wrote a book about his time working with Donald
                      Trump. O’Donnell reported that Trump frequently denigrated African
                      Americans. He remembers a lot, but he specifically remembers Trump
                      saying of his accountants:

                      I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza.
                      Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of
                      people I want counting my money are short guys that wear
                      yarmulkes every day.

                      How about that?

                      I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza.
                      Black guys counting my money! I hate it.

                      Those are words from Donald Trump’s mouth.

                      The only kind of people I want counting my money are short
                      guys that wear yarmulkes every day.

                      That is what he said.
                      Speaking of another African-American employee, Trump told O’Donnell:

                      I think the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault
                      because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is. I
                      believe that.

                      [[Page S6074]]

                      That is Donald Trump. He thinks that Blacks are lazy and that they
                      can’t help it because it is one of their traits. Trump didn’t deny it.
                      He later admitted: “The stuff O’Donnell wrote about me is probably
                      But since Donald Trump became involved in Presidential politics, his
                      racism has reached even new heights. Trump led the so-called birther
                      movement to delegitimize our first African-American President. Last
                      year, announcing his candidacy for President, Trump denounced Mexican
                      immigrants as “criminals, drug dealers, rapists.”
                      Consider all of the despicable racist things he has done this year
                      alone. He has repeatedly called for a ban on Muslims entering the
                      United States. Trump attacked a Gold Star dad and a Gold Star mother.
                      They are Muslims. Their son, CPT Humayun Khan, was killed in battle,
                      but Donald Trump didn’t only question Mr. Khan, he questioned Mrs.
                      Khan. She was sitting there, and he said: I guess she is not talking
                      because she is forbidden to speak by Islam.
                      Donald Trump refused to condemn former KKK grand wizard David Duke,
                      who is still in politics.
                      Donald Trump has retweeted messages from Nazi sympathizers and White
                      Donald Trump launched a racist attack on U.S. District Court Judge
                      Curiel, a man born in Indiana, but Trump didn’t like that because his
                      mom and dad were of Mexican heritage. He said he should be disqualified
                      from hearing the case. Speaker Ryan called Trump’s offensive attack “a
                      textbook definition of a racist comment.” This is the U.S. House of
                      Representatives Speaker, who acknowledges that his Republican
                      Presidential nominee is a racist. Yet here we are, 7 weeks from
                      election day, and the Speaker of the House and the Senate Republican
                      leader are both endorsing this racist man.
                      Republicans should not support a man for President who by their
                      Speaker’s own admission is the textbook definition of a racist. Think
                      of the example Republicans are setting for our Nation’s youth.
                      Republicans are normalizing this racist behavior. This will be their
                      legacy–one of them. They have plenty to add to that. Those who refuse
                      to denounce Donald Trump’s actions as racism are complicit in
                      propagating and normalizing his hate.
                      It is time for reporters and journalists to be honest with the
                      American people. They owe Americans the truth: Through his words and
                      deeds, Donald Trump is a racist.


                    16. Enigma, I note you quoted Mr. Reid who openly admitted that he lied about Romney in Congress because he knew that nothing he said in Congress could lead to an actionable libel suit and surprise, surprise, here is Reid doing it again.

                      It takes a liar to quote an admitted liar.

      2. enigma – speaking of collusion, how is the collusion between Hillary and the Russians going?

          1. enigma – yes, that’s the problem with Hillary and the Russians and collusion. You have to be more specific. 😉

        1. Russians, British, Aussies, Ukrainians — who were she and her minions in State, DOJ and FIB not colluding with to smear Trump and torpedo his campaign?

  11. The professor conjectures, conjures, among other things, “Michael Cohen is reportedly ready to give Special Counsel Robert Mueller key testimony …”
    “He will reportedly say …”
    “Such testimony may …”
    “It certainly could be dangerous if …”
    “However, Cohen now reportedly claims …”
    “… did not reportedly reveal such prior knowledge …”
    “Such testimony would be …”
    “… if Mueller believes …”
    “This would be …”
    “If Trump Jr. were to be charged, …”
    “Of course, taken Cohen’s word alone …”
    “The question is whether such testimony could prompt …”

    Does conjecturing and conjuring by the professor rise to the level of gossip?

    Keep on bloggin’

    dennis hanna

    1. Dennis, the mainstream media has been heavily focused on Michael Cohen. It is widely believed that Cohen has struck a deal with Mueller. None of this bodes well for Trump. But consumers of right wing media may not be getting word on Cohen.

      1. Peter, the right is well informed on the antics of the left and any unpleasant news that affects their candidates. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the left. Take note, how little you know about needle exchanges and straws. I know you will object, but I read the NYTimes along with other papers and note how ignorant I would be if I relied on the NYTimes and the rest of that crowd alone.

  12. It is hard to see how laying this out in the media is helping Cohen. If Cohen needs a deal with Mueller and/or the US Atty for the SDNY, that should be negotiated privately with Mueller. The more Cohen speaks to the media, the less value Cohen has to prosecutors as a credible witness. Unless by “leaking” that there is no tape (when in fact there is) Cohen/Davis is trying to lay a perjury trap for the President, hoping he charges straight into denials. I suspect that Lanny Davis has an agenda here that is more about avenging lifetime friend Hillary Clinton that helping his client Cohen.

    1. Ron – Cohen has reached the lowest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

      1. Being represented by Lanny Davis is the lowest level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs??? I would’ve sworn for sure that being represented by Rudy Giuliani was the lowest level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

    2. So Cohen should take the fall for trump crimes? the pathological liar and thief has thrown Cohen under the bus and doesn’t give a damn, but Cohen telling the truth to avoid jail time for trump crimes is the lowlife? The cult of trump. Daddy lies to America, and son lies to FBI and congress and that’s ok. SAD!

  13. Cohen is an embittered ex-employee so his testimony is suspect at best. And I have never trusted Lanny Davis.

      1. I don’t know how much of the law Lanny Davis knows, but I think he is an incredible fixer and representative of those he supports. Hillary is his number one and he has scampered the earth putting out Clinton fires.

    1. Lanny Davis is a lifetime supporter of the Clintons. That is where his strong loyalty lies, Democratic Party second, Cohen third.

    2. Caviler Schulteacher said, “Cohen is an embittered ex-employee . . .”

      Or Cohen is just another contractor who got stiffed by Trump.

      1. L4D still enables David Benson – Cohen is going to come off as an embittered ex-employee on the stand. He is going to make a horrible witness for Mueller.

        1. Had Trump not refused to pay Cohen’s legal bills, none of this would be happening, now. Trump could even have hired someone else, anyone else, but Lanny Davis to represent Cohen. But you’re right. Leave an employee in the lurch, holding the bag, while slowly twisting in the wind, and they come off on the stand as embittered.

          1. L4D still enables David Benson – if you have been following along, Trump paid Cohen. However, Cohen is broke, charged with numerous crimes and squealing like a stuck pig. Sammy the Bull had more veracity.

            1. Giuliani said that Trump paid Cohen a monthly retainer for cleaning up after Trump’s messes. I don’t take Giuliani’s word for it anymore than I’d take Trump’s word for it. Now if Cohen says that Trump paid Cohen a monthly retainer for cleaning up after Trump’s messes, then I might take Cohen’s word for it. Has Cohen said that?

            2. Excerpted from VOX article on the SDNY subpoena for Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg:

              “Weisselberg had previously been linked to the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, the porn actress who says she had an affair with Trump in 2006. According to the New York Times, he had set up the $35,000 retainer that Cohen received from Trump’s personal trust, which was a repayment for the $130,000 Cohen arranged for Daniels ahead of the November 2016 election to keep her quiet about the alleged affair. It’s unclear if Weisselberg knew the purpose of the retainer was reimbursement for the Daniels payoff.”

              If Weisselberg says Cohen got paid the $35,000 monthly retainer to clean up after Trump’s messes, then I’ll believe it. If Weisselberg says that Cohen didn’t get paid the $35,000 monthly retainer to clean up after Trump’s messes, then I’ll believe that, instead.

    3. Paul – I agree with how untrustworthy each of those individuals are. But seriously, do you trust Trump on any issue? His affairs? The payoffs? He’s denied those. Prior knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting?

      1. enigma – I signed off on a document and six months later did not remember seeing it. When you are hit with a lot of information from a lot of sources and making a lot of instant decisions when some of these people say they do not remember, I actually believe them

        1. If Trump can’t remember anything he may, or may not, have signed with, say, Kim Jong Un, for instance, then how will Trump remember anything that he might someday sign with Vladimir Putin? And especially so if he signs it in private without any witnesses???

        2. Paul – Would you be likely to forget an affair with a Playboy Playmate or a Porn Star, and having paid them $150,000 and $130,000 respectively to remain quiet? I think I’d remember.

          1. enigma – he did not pay off the Playmate, he bought her story from the Enquirer. BTW, Stormy like to be addressed as an adult film star and he signed an NDA with her. They cut both ways.

            1. Paul, one can’t expect accuracy from Enigma. He is unable to recognize the difference between pay off’s and buying a story, not that either of them in such a case would be illegal. All Enigma knows is that he doesn’t like Trump. Therefore Enigma feels he has a right to alter the truth. If he liked Trump he would alter the truth in the opposite direction. The value of honesty in Enigma’s world on this blog is quite low.

              1. You do realize, don’t you, Allan, that when you post a reply to Paul, anybody and everybody else who cares to can read it, too? Now ask yourself: Did Paul answer enigma’s question? Or did Paul dodge enigma’s question with irrelevant hair-splitting? Finally, ask yourself whether Paul’s original non-sequitur reply to enigma was either honest or accurate. Namely, that Trump signs so many different documents that Trump can’t be expected to remember whether or not he knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened.

                1. Diane, the problem lies with Enigma who twists the truth and race baits. His means to a similar end as mine causes more harm than good.

                  I can’t really comment on your post because there is too much rambling that sounds more like quibbling rather than sophisticated talk on the state of affairs.

                  1. You do realize, don’t you Allan, that when you reply to L4D, WWAS and R Lien can read it, too–if they care to.

                    1. “You do realize, don’t you Allan, that when you reply to L4D, WWAS and R Lien can read it, too–if they care to.”

                      Why? Diane, are they a few more of your aliases? Gosh, the trash you associate with is amazing.

                    2. L4D still enables David Benson – except for the occasional day when I delete all my Turley emails, I read all the comments. I read all of yours.

                2. L4D still enables David Benson – at least describe me accurately in your wildly inaccurate post. I gave an anecdotal example and then my opinion based on that example. I actually believe Comey when he says he does not remember being briefed on the Hillary laptop the first time.

                  1. Plenty of Allanonsense around here… And now we have Paulpuckey — with his crazy requests for citations and his “L4D enables”…nonsense.

                    1. Anonymous, dumb as a brick.

                      Anyhow, thank you for thinking about me all the time.

                    2. “…thank you for thinking about me all the time.”

                      Your Allanonsense got a few seconds of my times today. Even that was too much.

                    3. “Your Allanonsense got a few seconds of my times today. Even that was too much.”

                      But, I didn’t even mention you, yet you were thinking about me. Wow! Then you say even that was too much. So why did you bother to make the comment? Answer: you are as dumb as a brick.

                    4. anonymous – you do realize those are demands for citations, not requests. Request went out the window weeks ago. You really have got to get your verbiage correct.

  14. Cohen doesn’t have any credibility. He taped his own client and should be disbarred. Why did he do that? It seems that he was either going to blackmail Trump, or try to sell his story to the highest bidder. His testimony is predicated on getting a deal for himself by telling Mueller what he wants to hear about Trump. His testimony is bought and paid for and if I were a juror it wouldn’t carry any weight with me. I think the guy is a sleazeball.

    1. Out of curiosity, of all the characters involved, who do you think has credibility? Guiliani? Donald Jr? Manafort? Trump? What Cohen may have is corroboration, if true there are definitely witnesses. Will they be willing to perjure themselves (further) to discredit Cohen who may have other proof of his own?

      1. Enigma,
        Well, Cohen is not only a Democrat, but an unethical one, so that answers any further questions regarding his credibility. .
        Lanny was a plagiarist at Yale, then lowered his standards further by leading the cheering squad for the Clintons. Ooooh…..if only those pom-poms could talk!

        1. Cindy:
          Hey, hey there Lanny looked great in those knee socks, pleats and a pony tale. Boola, bulla just rolls off his lips. On a serious theological note, is it wrong to pray for fire and brimstone to rain down on our Sodom on the Potomac?

          1. mespo….LOL! How about asking God to send rain…… a really, really special kind of rain?! 😊

            1. ” … a really, really special kind of rain?!”
              Frogs? Yeah, frogs are good and very Yul Brynnerish!

              1. mespo…Yes!! And frogs are so lovely this time of year. Locusts too.

        2. Cindy – If you want to keep your head in the sand, I suggest watching Fox & Friends this morning. They are addressing elephant poaching, Jim Jordan is on talking about his bid to become Speaker of The House (with no questions about his allegedly knowing about the sex abuse at OSU where he was a wrestling coach and several on the team have said he knew). Nothing about Trump knowing in advance about the Trump Tower Meeting and all the implications of who all has committed perjury or lied to the FBI in support of the lies they’ve been telling. Pretend it isn’t happening, maybe print up some t-shirts, “I Believe Rudy!”

          1. Here goes Enigma again. We should give Enigma the Innuendo Award. Any dirt, real or imagined, brings Enigma to the forefront so he can add more dirt and further twist the truth.

            I heard Enigma did nothing as that next door girl was raped. Did he do nothing because (1)he was the rapist, (2)the neighbor who was listening and watching or just (3)a neighbor fast asleep that didn’t know anything was happening? If this was a Republican Enigma would choose 1 or 2 never admitting that number (3) was the most likely.

            Anyone who thinks the jury system is foolproof should just consider what happens when a man like Enigma is on the jury.

              1. Anyone who played the game telephone knows how ideas become distorted with repetition and time. Look at Enigma, the 1928 article according to Enigma proved Donald Trump to be a racist, but then with a solid investigation, one sees that Enigma has fulfilled his hate by twisting memories and creating stories that are fictional. That is Enigma’s nature and that is the nature of people when they become so incensed and prejudiced that facts, logic and the law become meaningless.

                There is a reason for legal statutes of limitations. Memories and details fade. Enigma is playing a dirty game of politics. If you don’t like someone tie them to a story of the past that doesn’t look good. A story can always be found and if there is a likable purpetrator that can sound credible frequently others can be brought on board without even knowing they are perpetuating a lie.

                Anyone that doesn’t recognize Enigma’s type of action, as the action of a fool, should remember all those parents who were accused of all sorts of bad things because of distant memories their children had that never existed in the first place. Those memories were erringly prompted by social workers where questions both true and false had been raised. The stories were created by leading questions making kids remember things that never happened.

                1. Allanonsense says that somebody is suborning perjury from college-aged Ohio State University wrestlers, because that has happened in the past to school-aged children and even to pre-schoolers, too.

                  1. Diane, think Duke LaCrosse Team and a whole host of other lies that created false memories and facts that have been documented over and over again. That is one reason eyewitness testimony isn’t always the most accurate testimony. What you call nonsense has been studied quite deeply. Unfortunately, you are not well versed in the sciences and whatever logic God gave you seems to be covered up by a bunch of slimy garbage.

                    1. Allanniny says that God-given logic as well as the sciences require the assumption of false memories of things that never happened as a result of leading questions posed to college-aged wrestlers at OSU that planted those false memories in the minds of those college-aged wrestlers at OSU, because eye-witness testimony is notoriously unreliable.

                      BTW, Allaninny, is Gym Jordan facing any legal culpability in the OSU sexual misconduct scandal? Have any of Gym Jordan’s accusers been questioned by any law-enforcement officers with investigative power? Has Allanninny been made privy to the assumed fact that those presumed LEO investigators were supposedly posing leading questions to college-aged wrestlers at OSU that purportedly planted false memories in the minds of those college-age wrestlers at OSU? Or is it the case that Allaninny is simply making each of his several assumptions up off the top of his head as he’s going along?

                      One last question for Allanniny: Are the facts of one case legally relevant to the facts of another case? By “legally relevant” I mean admissible in a court of law; such that, say, the facts of the Duke LaCrosse Team case would be legally admissible as exculpatory evidence for the defense in a court of law trying another case, such as the OSU wrestling sexual misconduct case.

                    2. “Allanniny says that God-given logic as well as the sciences require the assumption of false memories”

                      Diane, I can’t help it that you are so poorly educated on this topic and so many others. The truth doesn’t escape you. Instead, you try to push the truth away to promote your litter in a fashion where one thought seldom follows another.

                      You live in world of disconnected words that act like a forest you can hide in, but do your words make sense? No.

          2. Enigma, honeylamb,
            I answered your question. You asked “of all the characters involved, who do you think has credibility?”
            I’m just a country Granny, and so I felt proud that I answered the question, and actually, was hoping to win, possibly, a Chrysler Cordoba!!
            Put your li’l ol’ chin in my hand and look at me, please, when I say.: although it’s fashionable to despise rich, old, white men, you will never be able to lock-up ALL of them, nor should you try.
            Please put on your Critical Thinking cap. I’m sure it would suit you.

            1. Cindy – I know there is great difficulty i Trumpland understanding the difference between would and wouldn’t and does and don’t, etc. My question was who do you think “HAS” credibility and your answer still came out that Cohen and Lanny don’t.
              You still missed the prize (which was a Sebring convertible not a Cordoba). There is still a consolation prize available if you name someone involved you do find credible?

              1. Enigma……Well, darn. How clever of you to realize I didn’t answer “has”.
                (These kids grow up so danged fast!)

    2. He taped Trump because he was asked to something illegal, and wanted proof it was a mutual decision.

      You are already seeing Trump turning Cohen into the fall guy on the campaign finance violations.

      The recording is insurance that Trump wanted it.

      1. Marry – Cohen appears to have taped all his meetings, not just Trump. He may have even taped his bowel movements for all we know.

        1. If Cohen taped himself defecating in The Czech Republic in the Summer of 2016, then we might be interested in those tapes. Otherwise, no thanks.

          1. L4D still enables David Benson – speak for yourself. If you can identify Czech plumbing by the flush, more power to you.

            1. Cohen uses a cell phone with a camera. He takes selfies all the time with his cell-phone camera. He plasters them all over the Twitter-sphere.

  15. It remains to be seen where the leak came from? If true, both Donald Jr and Jared Kushner will have lied to Congressional Committees and the FBI. Trump himself will have lied to the world but there’s no news there. If Trump knew in advance and approved of a meeting with Russians to get dirt on Hillary. He really ought to stop saying, “No Collusion!” This truly meets the definition.

    Of course, as someone will point out, collusion is not a crime but conspiracy is. Let’s not forget that Russia has known all along about Trump’s lies and could have exposed him at any time. They know about his financial connections as well. Trump’s real lawyers (not Guiliani) must hate to wake up and face each new day.

    1. As long as were remembering things [an admittedly difficult task where Trump is concerned], let’s not forget that Aras and Emin Agalarov set up the Trump Tower meeting in the first place and that Emin Agalarov presented to Trump a heroic portrait of The Donald done up in an old-timey military dress uniform on his birthday just a few short days after the Trump Tower meeting. Let’s also remember that the promise of a Trump Tower Moscow was the Agalarov’s carrot-dangle in case Trump lost the 2016 election.

      1. Let’s also remember that Late4Dinner falsely claimed that the attendees of the Trump Tower meeting gave Congressional testimony that an agreement was made to ease sanctions on Russia in exchange for dirt on Hillary.
        A wildly inaccurate claim like that won’t always pass by unnoticed and unchallenged.

        1. Welcome back, Tom. I was afraid that you were serious about leaving. I’m sorry you’re still upset. The claim at issue is that the four Russians who attended the Trump Tower meeting testified to Congress that Trump Jr. supposedly said the his father might revisit the sanctions relief request from the Russians after his father won the election. You might be less upset if you learned how properly to construe your adversary’s claim. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. All you really have to do is just keep on chipping away at it. Chip away. Chip away. Chip away.

          1. So it now goes from a quid pro quo deal to ease sanctions in exchange for dirt on Hillary to an alleged statement that a Trump Administration “might revisit” sanctions.
            I won’t bother to explain the difference between your earlier statement, and your latest version.
            “Chip away” at your earlier false claim by now substituting another version.

            1. On a related matter, The Atlantic article ” “How the Left lost its Mind” ( July 2, 2017) deals with the obsessions and distortions of some on the left.

                1. I have not read any of the offenders listed in the Atlantic article that Nash recommended.

                  1. O Bother. July 2, 2017, is six days before July 8th, 2017 in the sentences below this one.

              1. June 2nd, 2017, was six days before The NYT first reported the Trump Tower meeting on June 8th, 2017. I’d bet The Atlantic would like to take that article back. But I can easily understand why Nash might be pining for the good old days before anyone had publically reported the Trump Tower meeting. Cling to it, Tom. Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

                1. The Atlantic probably does not have the prophetic psycic abilities that L4D appears to have.
                  So they could not have reasonably been expected to know the upcoming news about the Trump Tower meeting.
                  That does not, however, take away from the article’s major theme.
                  Not does it have anything to do with the distortions, the non-stop spin, and the total inaccuracy found in the marathon postings on the website that L4D/Diane has created for herself here.

              2. Read the article which is a cautionary tale for the left. Of those sources, I often see The Palmer Report which I pretty much immediately discount. They don’t have anywhere near the same influence but worth making note of.

              3. TN – it’s interesting how The Atlantic no longer allows comments on their articles – at least the last 5 I’ve read. Obviously they don’t want any push back.

                1. I noticed they pulled their Disqus comment section sometime in the months after I completely smashed an Atlantic by a Sleazy Pieces of Lyin’ Crap minion claiming that Trump has inspired a wave of hate. I completely dismantled SPLC and its legacy, showing that it is the premier hate group in America. Most of the comments agreed with me. Not long thereafter, comments disappeared.

                2. Autumn,…
                  A lot of publications have shut down their comments sections…you can google “publications shutting down comments sections”, or use similar search language, and you’ll find a pretty long list of sites that no longer allow comments.

                  1. David H.,
                    Didn’t see your comment before I commented to Autumn, but you may have noticed an overall trend to shut down comments sections.
                    This is the only blog that I follow regularly, and post comments on.
                    In reasearching different subjects, I’ve seen a lot of different comments sections over the years.
                    Bloomberg may have been one of the sites that no longer allows comments.
                    I read many of the c.1800 comments on one article; maybe only 10% had anything to do with the topic of the article.
                    And the author was sloppy in his writing; ill-informed and sparsly covering important details in his story….guess “it all pays the same ” at some pubications, where a reporter gets compensated the same amount , whether his material and coverage is excellent, or if he’s just “phoning it in”.

                    1. The New York Times permits comments but if the commenter is from the right his comments are delayed or not even posted. They are trying to create public opinion.

            2. If the “quid” is sanctions relief and the “quo” was information damaging to Clinton, then the “quid” was interrupted when Flynn got caught asking Kislyak to hold off on retaliation for the election meddling sanctions that Obama put in place shortly before Trump took office as President. Since Kislyak’s end of that conversation has not yet been publicly disclosed, we amongst the public do not yet know if Kislyak revisited the sanctions relief request with Flynn. That damned pesky pestering Comey with his confounded Russia investigation kept getting in the way of the Great Deal Artist, Trump. Maybe someday Trump will thank Comey for having scuttled the “quid” end of the bargain. But I doubt it.

              1. One reason that I never subscribed to ths website that Late4Dinner has established here is that untangling what she said, and fact-checking questionable and patently false claims, takes 2-3× as long as reading her voluminous posts.
                It’s also the reason that I don’t read most if her posts anymore, but when I do catch her “toying with the facts”, I’ll probably mention it.
                I never cared for her music, either.

                1. Ptommy, Ptommy, give me your answer true
                  Will you let me peddle along with you
                  When you and I go cruisin’
                  You’ll thank me for choosin’
                  You to come and have some fun
                  On a bicycle built for two

                  1. L4D,..,.
                    – I forgot about the “Hal/ Daisy” discussion we had years ago.
                    I was thinking about your role as the creative force behind the group, The Spinners.😃😀

                  2. It’s surprising that Nash doesn’t like this one:

                    Games people play
                    Night or day they’re just not matchin’
                    What they should do
                    Keeps me feelin’ blue
                    Been down too long
                    Right, wrong, they just can’t stop it
                    Spendin’ all day
                    Thinking just of you

                    1. You are definately NOT in any position to talk about others “playing games”.
                      I’ve watched you twist, distort, spin for too long to let that BS statement of yours pass.
                      As I’ve said before, in an “exchange” with L4D, it can take twice as long to untangle her word games and distortions as it does to type the original message.

                    2. “an “exchange” with L4D, it can take twice as long to untangle her word games”

                      Tom, I have noted a distinct deterioration in Diane’s syntax.

                    3. OFCOLA. That’s the chorus to The Spinners’ one and only Top Ten Hit song. “They Just Can’t Stop (The Games People Play)”

                      You can’t even follow your own argument when you’re tethered to it with a “Battleship Chain, fifty foot long with a two ton anchor.”

  16. We are still talking about an investigation about nothing, built on lies and overseen by a conflict-ridden team of Clinton cronies — starting with the crooked Mueller himself.

    Any attempt to manufacture a process crime from nothing will rightly be seen as a purely political move having nothing whatsoever to do with justice.

    Frankly, this hoax investigation built on poisonous lies should never have begun. It is a mockery of justice and an insult to us taxpayers spent subsidizing a political hit team.

    1. Riiiiigght. Thanks for checking in with today’s Pravda Faux News swill. Unfortunately for you, other gullible rubes and dupes already beat you to it. So sorry for your loss.

      this is to “I too, have a ‘Hannity was here’ tattoo across my lower back” davey

      1. You must have a tattoo that reads “I’m so stupid that I mistake ad hominem and generalization for actual argument.”

    2. The investigation began because a campaign worker George Papadopoulos bragged to Australia’s ambassador that Russia was giving him dirt on Clinton.

      Law enforcement would be negligent not to follow up that tip.

      1. This is why the so-called investigation began:

        “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president right? Right?!”

        “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”

      2. Papadopoulos claimed to Downer that the Russians had some [unspecified] nasty information on Hillary Clinton.

        [dh: All indications are that Papadopoulos had heard this through the rumor mill . He was not claiming to have seen or to be in possession of any such “dirt,” let alone “emails hacked by the Russians.”]

        Downer subsequently told the FBI. And the FBI then began investigating not Clinton, but possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russians. …

        It turns out it’s a bit more complicated than that. In fact, as The Hill has reported, Downer is a Clintonista, and signed over $25 million in Australian government funds to the Clinton Foundation to fight AIDs in Southeast Asia. It was one of the biggest gifts ever to the foundation.

        Today, nation after nation that once tapped their taxpayers to give money to the Clintons on the assumption that she would be president are walking away from the scandal plagued global Clinton charity, which has been shown to be a front for enriching the Clinton family. The Clinton Foundation today is a shell of its former self. …

        Downer “is himself closely tied to a Chinese firm experts say is deeply involved in espionage against America.

        [dh: so already, we have Clinton colluding with an agent of not one, but possibly two foreign governments to take down her political foe… The China connection is hardly surprising, given that Hellary always admired Maoism and the ChiComs have owned the Clintons since funding there early political campaigns in the late 1970s.]

        …Recall, now, that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee both ponied up to have former British spy Christopher Steele gin up a phony dossier on Donald Trump, to be used as the basis for the current ongoing investigation …

        And that former FBI Director James Comey dutifully took the dossier to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to approve a wiretap of former minor Trump aide Carter Page, as the entry point into a much larger investigation of Trump’s entire campaign. [dh: they were already apparently doing blanket surveillance as well as humint; the perjury based warrant just made it “legal”]

        As of today, that year and a half old investigation has yielded nothing, but has taken down a bunch of peripheral players in and around the Trump administration on technical violations of the law.

        What neither the FBI nor the Mueller investigations revealed to the public or Congress was that the FISC application to spy on Page was based on information from four Clinton supporters: Steele, Downer, former Clinton Foundation employee and Clinton administration official Sidney [dh: “Sid Vicious”] Blumenthal, and Clinton dirty tricks operative Cody Shearer. Journalist Michael Isikoff’s reporting on the matter was also used, but it turned out to be sourced from Christopher Steele.

        In short, the whole investigation — all of it — was a product of Clinton and her followers, both inside and outside of the FBI and Justice Department.

        Let’s put this all together. Downer, a Clinton supporter [dh: also, foreign agent #1] tells the FBI that the Russians have dirt on Hillary, based on a conversation with a Trump adviser. The FBI launches an investigation.

        Hillary Clinton pays a former British spy [dh: foreign agent #2] to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, with Russian officials’ help [dh: !!! ] The resulting dossier is used as a pretense for launching a spying operation against Trump.

        Meanwhile, Comey and a variety of high-level openly anti-Trump FBI officials, including James Strzok and Bruce Ohr, collude to drop the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s clear breaches of the law with the unsecured, homebrew email server she used while secretary of state. Intelligence officials later say it was almost certain that Clinton’s server was hacked by either the Russians, the Chinese or both.

        The entire “investigation” of Trump, start to finish, seems to have been propelled by Hillary Clinton and her minions. At some point, Congress, which is responsible for this corrupt and likely illegal mess, should step in and end it by either defunding Mueller, forcing him to focus on the original aims of the investigation, or by simply shutting it down.

        Russia Scandal: Did Hillary Clinton Run FBI’s Trump Investigation?

        1. That huge formatting was not on purpose… Thats the way it pasted.

          1. You might want to start thinking about constructing an actual legal defense for Trump before its too late. You see, whatever it is, or might have been, that you think Hillary Clinton did or didn’t do is not an actual legal defense for Trump. The reason for that is that the facts of one legal case are not admissible as evidence in any other legal case–not even if the facts from the previous legal case might appear to be exculpatory in the subsequent legal case.

            OTOH, if you really believe that shutting down the special counsel’s investigation is the only actual legal defense available to Trump, then, well, wouldn’t that be quite revealing of your true opinions on the case against Trump??? If so, then put your faith in the pardon power, the Trump and his lawyers do, and especially the preemptive self-pardon that Trump, himself, keeps threatening to grant himself. Talk about a historic Presidency! The first ever self-pardoned President running for reelection to a second term of office? That would be Soooo YUGE!

            1. And Mueller “might” want to start thinking about either charging Trump, or concluding that no charges are warranted… or the other, I don’t care, but it’s foolish to keep this investigation in legal limbo with respect to Trump himself.

              1. As I’m sure you know, Gnash, there’s exactly one reason that Mueller would not subpoena Trump to testify before a grand jury: Department of Justice rules preclude subpoenaing “targets” of grand jury investigations. “Subjects” of grand jury investigations are routinely subpoenaed. Ergo, every day that goes by without a subpoena for Trump to testify before a grand jury is one day closer to Trump becoming a “target,” rather than a “subject,” of the special counsel’s investigation. One might otherwise expect that Trump supporters and defenders would rue each and every last day that Trump gets closer to becoming a target, rather than a subject, of Mueller’s probe and beg and plead with Mueller “Please, please subpoena Trump already.”

                1. Whether Trump is officially designated as a “subject” or a “target” is meaningless, IMO.
                  He’s had a “target” on his back since he won an uoset election victory in 2016.
                  And the Special Counsel team is eager to uncover a substantial criminal violation on Trump’s part, and that quest is clearly not resticted to the area of “Trump-Russia” collusion.
                  Re the length of the investigations of Trump; different people with different expectations, and different objectives,may have a certain “timeline” in mind about how long Special Counsel team and others should continue without answers to the central questions.
                  I’ve already commented on that so I won’t go over it again, except to repeat that patience is wearing thin with the Sp. Counsel investigation, and time is not on Mueller’s side.

                  1. Tom Nash – I would posit that Donald Trump had a target painted on his back when he won the nomination.

  17. Your skepticism is amusing. Of course, Cohen has made lots of threats and told lots of lies in his “career.” But do you think Lanny Davis would expose him like this if he was going for a big lie? Who you gonna believe, Cohen, the liar, or Trump, the all time liar?

    1. Davis is responding to what he has been told by Cohen So it’s still his single unsupported statement vs the other two.

      As far as background goes Cohen is a known liar as many attorneys have already pointed out while the preponderance of the same charge against the President is hear say, unsupported made up without foundation ..TDS driven.

      These situations have so far evaporated when it comes down to witnesses showing up

      Objectively one should never make a decision based on the absence of facts in evidence and furthermore we don’t know if Hollywood is even a real person but we do know that ‘source’ has been unable to provide anything approaching facts on any other subject. As have others. And as we all know at least the educated subjective does not stand against objective

      That’s what we know.

      Innocent until proven guilty is the phrase for this one and we can easily show
      Hollywoods fondness for making up ‘stuff’ or quoting unknown non existent sources.

      I would put my chip with the known facts which is … just another in the long, tiresome attempts to divert attention from more weighty matters….

      Besides we all know who paid for the information that was supposedly offered by said lawyer although there is not proof of that and she denied it leaving…… only Mr. Cohen twisting twisting alone….. with only the likes of Holly wood and the fairy tail world pf ,,mystic nothing.

      Furthermore Cohen is trying to get off the hook and Davis figures Meuller will grab at anything at this point.

      Question is…. whose going to pay for all the time lost away from the job when it’s over or worse…if something happens because of that forced inattention?

      1. Haha. Rich. Evaporated? What alternative reality are you occupying today? Pro tip: The meds are rendering your posts even more incoherent.

        this is to “in my world, he doesn’t look like a day glo bozo” mikey

      2. As I mentioned elsewhere….

        Oh complications! It now seems Rudy is leaking all this supposed Cohen stuff. Apparently, he figures Mueller has this info based on the searches of the hotel, office and home. The idea is to pull the teeth now before Cohen gets out his tale. But once you get past broken windows and 9/11, Rudy is a little out of his depth.
        Guess what, Cohen–if he’s willing–can still testify about this before one or more grand juries. And Rudy’s leaks don’t stop that. Rudy needs Depends, but he’s fresh out.

      3. MA

        ‘Cohen is a known liar…’ So what. Trump is, hands down, the most prolific liar in America. Trump is now becoming known to all for what he is: a liar, a cheat, a buffoon, and so on. Those that knew him, such as Cohen, knew this and knew also that there are no rules with Trump. Therefore taping anything is par for the course, what Trump would have done, and further more Cohen explained his taping as note taking that Trump was aware of. If seems that whatever is on the tapes is not attorney/client privileged information. If it is, disbar Cohen and impeach Trump.

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