Michael Cohen, The Ultimate Red Shirt Defendant Takes A Plea

images-1.jpgThe appearance of Michael Cohen in court as a self-confessed felon was as riveting as predictable as scene in this unfolding drama. Indeed, if this is ever made into a movie, it would seem all too formulaic. Cohen is the ultimate red-shirt defendant. In the film industry, “red shirts” are characters in a movie plot that inevitably die (like those red shirted security officers in Star Trek that always seem to face demise by the end of an episode). You can often spot a red shirt in that character who is so over-the-top in reading letters from home or over compensating in the face of a pending battles. They are dead men walking.  If you play back the last year, there is one guy who stands out in the red shirt, the guy who has to implode and flip. It is Michael Cohen.

For years, Cohen stood out among sycophants and hanger-ons for his public proclamations of absolute loyalty and love for Trump. He called himself Trump’s fix man and said he would take a bullet for the man. Yup, red shirt. He is inevitably the guy who flips for the government.

Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and tax and bank fraud in New York. He will go to jail for up to three years.

The most important charges clearly involve campaign finance violations. When the payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal were first disclosed, some of us immediately said that the payments looked like campaign finance violations. It was that obvious. Yet, like so much of his representation, Cohen seemed to blissfully steer himself and his client into the worst possible path in dealing with threats.

Cohen’s implication of Trump in open court yesterday left the President in the position of an unindicted co-conspirator.  If the government believes Cohen and believes that this is a crime (as it must to file this material), it must also believe that President Trump participated in same crime with Cohen as well as other individuals referenced in the indictment.  While campaign finance charges are rarely prosecuted as crimes, they are crimes and Cohen just confessed to committing them — allegedly with the man who is now President of the United States.

That does not mean that Trump is without defenses.  This is difficult crime to prove as shown in the John Edwards trial and Cohen is a dreadful fact witness.  If what Cohen said today is true,  then what he has said for the last year are lies.  That hardly makes for a compelling fact witness.  Yet, for the first time, a plea has tied the President directly to an alleged criminal act — and that is always a serious matter.

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  1. You just can’t set your bias aside for one minute, can you? I used to be a big fan, but your agenda, while thinly cloaked in faux objectivity, is glaring.

  2. Darren, clicking on a topic title frequently forwards to a wholly different format – sort of “block and blue” – block style under a blue banner. Why?

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  3. I have a solution to our intractable problems. We should split our nation into two new nations where one believes Trump should be in prison and the other believes Hillary should be in prison. Our divide is growing deeper and deeper. Where does this end is what I’m wondering.

    1. How about a nation existing in TRUTH wherein Hillary and Obama are in prison because of their actual crimes and President Trump occupies the office he was duly elected to and the childish “malicious prosecution” as a “witch hunt” is finally laid to rest (oh, hold on, I have to write a check for an NDA to my former girlfriend. OK. There you go,Lila. We’re good. Thanks. Oh, is that OK with you, for me to engage in an eminently legal contract?).

    2. Amen Brother, then the Putin’s Bitch is a TRAITOR part of the country can embark on a re-conquista, where states are pulled back in and traitors have voting rights rescinded and their property redistributed to loyalists and carpetbaggers. Sounds like theft? Just ask the Indians how that legal position worked out for them.

      This would be just in time … we need new bombing test ranges anyway.

    3. Funny I only see this animosity in the press. Regular folks aren’t going around hating each other. The press wants us to think otherwise. Plus you want polarization, see the 70s.

      1. I can see what’s washing over our Facebook wall. I can introduce you to some regular folk who have been in a continual rage for a couple of years now. What’s interesting is that they have serious everyday problems and they’re investing so much emotion in public affairs. The daughter and son-in-law of one pair have decided to move to Toronto (they’re doctors so can move around some if they can transfer their credentials). They’re retired and likely haven’t any skills the Canadian immigration authorities are interested in, so have to decamp to some place near Buffalo to be within commuting distance..

      2. I think there is an element of truth to that. Of course,with sustained exposure, life eventually begins to imitate propaganda.

  4. While the media is so focused on finding something criminal about trump, the rest of the 50 states have more corrupt politicians, than ashes from a live volcano who have committed blatant crimes while US Attorneys Offices and DOJ turn their heads. I’m so tired of people going tit for tat between Obama’s and trump , if we’re going to change as a country that needs to stop 🛑

    1. Which State level miscreants are committing treason with Russia? I’ll hold my breath while you write up the list … crayon is fine if you were self conscious. Sorry, what was I thinking … Trumpanzees are never self-conscious.

      My guess is each state has a state level blog … dig around and expose them for your area!!!

  5. And what about scienter? the tape released by Cohen sounds like Trump was confused, at best, of the details of the payoffs. Did Trump, a billionaire, really think about where the money was coming from? His Judas lawyer certainly had an ample retainer to “serve” his client, and, chose rather to serve his client to Mueller. Did Trump even think about the financial consequences of an “indirect payment” made by the Enquirer to kill a story? If so, was he able to do anything about an intangible gratuity made by the Enquirer’s owner? Was the Billionaire owner of the Enquirer thinking about what amounts to a small fee?



    So what did Obama do? Well, Obama didn’t do anything, really. His campaign — Obama For America — failed to report 1,300 contributions within 48 hours as required by law. It also received some campaign contributions that exceeded allowable limits from a donor for a campaign cycle and others that had incorrect dates. In total, the contributions at issue amounted to about $2 million, and the campaign paid $375,000 in fines.

    What Trump is alleged to have done is to have personally instructed his attorney to facilitate an illegal contribution by a corporation with the goal of burying a negative story before the campaign and, in another case, having that attorney make an illegal payment to hide another damaging allegation. Unlike the Obama example, the violation was allegedly intentional. Unlike the Obama example, Trump and Cohen then proceeded to lie about what took place for months — until Cohen’s admission in court.

    Some additional context that will shed light on the difference between what Trump did and what the Obama campaign did. A few weeks after the 2016 election, the Trump campaign also paid a fine for improperly handling campaign contributions. About 1,100 donations made to Trump’s campaign violated campaign finance laws, including donations that exceeded the allowable limit in a year.

    How common are such contributions? Trump’s former attorney John Dowd made contributions to Trump’s 2020 reelection bid in excess of legal limits earlier this year. Trump’s former attorney. A failure to respond to the improper donations, a Federal Election Commission letter to the Trump campaign said, “could result in enforcement action.”

    Edited from: “Trump’s Comparison Of Cohen Allegations To Obama Are Entirely Wrong”


    1. What did Trump do that was illegal? The WP steers clear from the law which is questionable at best and generalizes. If Trump wrote a check to Stormy Daniels in order to buy her silence he did nothing wrong.

  7. Former U.S. Attorney, Mark Levin, explains why President Trump’s expenditure for an NDA is fully legal:

    1. Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller is a farce.

      Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller has failed to discover Russian “collusion.”

      Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller is madly flailing about in a frantic search for anything that resembles mud to sling.

      1. Posting this kind of idiocy or the rants of a fool like Levin is a waste of time at this site. Go back to fox news and let your brain continue to atrophy.

        1. I understand your hysterical reaction.

          We’re still waiting for Russian “collusion.”

          I would be upset also if I after two years of “malicious prosecution” as an illegal investigation, I still had


          “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”

          ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

          In your failure, what price will be exacted?

        2. “Posting this kind of idiocy”

          What a nutty response.

          Why not list what he said that was wrong?

          You can’t and that is why your response was nutty.

    2. Thank you George. This video confirms that everything I said on this subject was correct, but Levin said it a lot better.

      I wonder if anyone will disagree with what he says.

        1. Dave Might, if you have a brain you will able to debate the facts. If you lack a brain you will only be able to write the garbage you seem so accustomed to.

          List what Levin said that was wrong.




    Hunter has represented outer suburbs of San Diego since 2008. His father, a longtime congressman by same name, had previously held that congressional seat. In a 60 Count Indictment, handed down yesterday, Hunter and wife Margaret were charged with using campaign funds for a wide range of family expenses. Margaret had functioned as Hunter’s Campaign Manager.

    California has a new Top Two Primary System which allows two candidates from same party to compete for the same office. Said system would have permitted a second Republican to run for Hunter’s seat. There was, in fact, a second Republican angling for Hunter’s seat.

    Party officials should have supported that second Republican. Because Hunter’s legal problems were well-known after The San Diego Union Tribune reported his misuse of campaign funds more than a year ago. But Hunter’s father, the former congressman, persuaded party officials to withhold support from that other Republican. Consequently Hunter’s seat could be lost to a Democrat in November.


    1. Uh oh. Trump just admitted [in an interview with the Fox News dimwit who thought Japan was a communist country during WW2] that he did pay hush money to shut up his porn stars before the election.

      One reason I think he has cognitive issues is that 20-30 years ago he wouldn’t have been dumb enough to confess openly. Now, he is increasingly disinhibited and he confesses all the time.

      1. queenie said, “Now, he is increasingly disinhibited and he confesses all the time.”

        Trump has been told by many “legal experts” that Trump has the power to pardon himself. So why wouldn’t a self-pardoning President confess? Well . . . They say Trump seeks reelection to a second term of office as a self-pardoning President. There’s always a “catch.”

  9. Team Trump on Orwell:

    Now: Truth isn’t truth and crime isn’t crime

    Soon: Treason isn’t treason

    Finale: Prison isn’t prison.

    1. i dont follow tweeter but i hear DJT says stupid things. that is indeed a stupid remark. obviously cohen’s days as a lawyer are over.

      i notice he also is applauding the deportation of a 95 year old to fulfill long belated revenge on the Axis. That is stupid too.

  10. Listen to Cohen talk. The New Yorkie accents are beyond the Pale. Most of us Dems do not want Bernie either. The rest of the country is sick of Yorkies. The Dems need a candidate from the Midwest or West but not California. Neutral accent. New York is full of thieves. No more Hillary. Not someone too old. Age 64 is about right. Good perspective at that age.

  11. Trump likes Mar A Lago. When this term is up he will retire. Pence will get elected. Forget the Red Shirts. Call the Men in the White Suits! Y’all know what that means.

  12. My comment won’t post even though it says it has posted. The entire JT site is appearing radically differently on my computer. There is a problem and I hope someone will look into it.

    Thank you.

    1. Noticing what you posted below, it looks like someone was trying to save you from embarrassment.

  13. The deep state is openly taking control.

    First, Trump can go down for this. He threatened Stormy Daniels, an action I find reprehensible. He called both women liars while lying about paying for their stories to be silenced. To me, Trump should have been impeached for war crimes a long time ago. However this is a campaign law violation and he can legally be taken down for this action if proven in a court of law.

    That said I cannot help but notice there are missing prosecutions. Clinton’s e-mails show one crime after another. They show her direct interference in the 2016 election where she directly stole the primary from Sanders.

    Further, I cannot help but notice that Clinton and her many allies in the deep state, MSM and “think tanks” are all pushing to create chaos and wars in this and other nations. In the process they have engaged in multiple illegal actions and have encouraged censorship and a police state in our own nation. Meanwhile, Trump seems to me to be deeply involved in these same plans for chaos and war. He has appointed a known torturer to head the CIA and has surrounded himself with deep state neo-cons in foreign policy and deep state neo-liberals in economic policy.

    Whether he has made some sort of deal with the deep state to do their bidding and leave with a pile of money when they feel his usefulness is up, I don’t know. It seems likely to me but if he did this, he is a true idiot. He’s playing way out of his league with this group.

    My personal hope is that Trump will finally figure out who he has made a deal with–that being the deep state who looks at other people like so much soiled toilet paper. They are above the law and they will do/have done anything. If Trump would declassify and release documents of deep state wrong doing to the public, while it is true that he will be implicated, he could accomplish something for the good in his life.

    The deep state is taking down this nation. They are ruining us through wars and economic privation. They have turned our nation into a cash cow for wealthy, connected individuals to further enrich themselves. They are stealing tax payers blind. They are killing our troops and the people of other nations. They are on a mission of ecocide. I have never witnessed such an evil group as these people in my lifetime.

    I hope whistleblowers will release everything they have and I hope the American people will stand for peace and the rule of law, no matter what their party. This is our nation and the earth we live on which is a stake.

    1. TSA’s “Quiet Skies” program*:


      ” A Boston Globe investigation has revealed the existence of a domestic surveillance program run by the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, which has been shadowing U.S. citizens on planes and in airports since 2012. Under the program, called “Quiet Skies,” federal air marshals collect information about U.S. travelers, including common behavior like using the bathroom repeatedly, sleeping on flights or sweating heavily. In the wake of the Globe investigation, TSA officials have bowed to pressure from Congress and plan to meet with the House and Senate Homeland Security Committees. We speak with Jana Winter, the Boston Globe Spotlight Fellow who broke the story. Her investigation is headlined, “Welcome to the Quiet Skies.””

      *The program began in 2010. In 2012, changes in the program prompted someone to leak some of the details to Jana Winter.

      1. Jonathan Turley — in July:

        “‘Quiet Skies’ TSA Surveillance Program Targets Americans Without Warrant”


        “TURLEY: Well, there’s a real question of whether our air marshals have better things to do. But there’s also a concern about how intrusive and how restrictive this program may prove. If they are trying to see what’s on the screen of a computer or take more intrusive steps, it could raise serious privacy issues under the Constitution. Also, if they’re using these types of digital dossiers to restrict people, putting them on flight lists or putting them under some type of other limitation, that could also raise a serious matter under the Constitution. We simply don’t know.

        “What we know is that the TSA seems to be sort of vacuuming up a lot of these observations, putting them into databanks, and that creates some obvious concerns. We don’t want to live in a fishbowl society where we feel that, wherever we move, the government is watching and recording our conduct.”

        From the Boston Globe article:

        “If this was about foreign citizens, the government would have considerable power. But if it’s US citizens — US citizens don’t lose their rights simply because they are in an airplane at 30,000 feet,” Turley said. “There may be indeed constitutional issues here depending on how restrictive or intrusive these measures are.”

        1. I know a couple guys who were or are sky marshals. Enlisted military types, clean cut, but smart. No other LE experience required. Feds hired tons of them after 9/11. i wonder if they ever ratched down the ranks?

    2. Thanks, Jill. More people should know about this giant conspiracy. The truth is that Hillary Clinton is indeed an actual witch with supernatural powers to manipulate events.

      1. I thought I was the only one that new that, and yes, she does have a broom.

      2. Peter,

        I see so many people who think as you do. Evidence doesn’t matter based on party affiliation.

        This must change. We need people to drop partisanship and just look at reality. The facts don’t have a political bias. They simply are.
        Some people cannot see reality about Trump because of their partisanship. Others can’t see reality about Clinton because of their partisanship. But the problems we face are not based on either one party or another. They are based on the fact that powerful people are able to evade the rule of law.

        I fell like I’m talking to cult members when I say these things because this is a simple concept but one that partisans can’t grasp. It’s very important to let facts come out and fall where it may. This is our nation at stake. There’s no real reason to defend what is indefensible and further, what is harming our own nation. There are facts which show Clinton committed crimes. There are facts which show Trump committed crimes. That evidence should be examined in a court of law. However, you will see that many times, these facts are not submitted to a court of law. That should worry people, but for partisans it is of no real concern. That’s a shame because allowing a legal procedure to proceed where there is evidence of crimes, no matter how rich or powerful the person may be is vital to restoring the rule of law.

        I doubt what I said will get anywhere, but that’s my position.

      3. My comment just disappeared again.

        Peter, there are facts and evidence. Whether you want to see them or not is up to you.

        1. To add some info to my prior comments: “Hillary Victory Fund solicited six-figure donations from major donors, including “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane and Calvin Klein, and routed them through state parties en route to the Clinton campaign. Roughly $84 million may have been laundered in what might be the single largest campaign finance scandal in U.S. history.”


    3. For the sake of your own mental health, you really, really need to stop watching Fox, because if you really believe this crap, you’re in trouble. There is no “deep state”, no main stream media collusion, no coup de etat. The only place you hear these phrases is on Fox, and they’re manipulating you, so that you won’t see Trump for what he really is: a has-been television performer with malignant narcissism, and who would do and say literally anything for attention and adulation. He wanted the biggest prize of all: to be the leader of the free world. not for patriotic reasons, but for selfish reasons. Fox keeps harping on the Mueller investigation as being a “witch hunt”, but how many Trump-connected witches so far have either pleaded or been found guilty of various crimes?

      1. There is a theory out there that truth is alternative fact based on whether fact is truth. And it really does not matter because Jade Helm is still in motion and the secret plan to lock us up is still in effect.

        1. Why was I not informed of this back in the 1970’s? No. Wait. Maybe I was informed, but plumb forgot about it since it’s almost fifty years now and it still hasn’t happened yet. Unless . . . Why wasn’t I informed that it had already happened? Did I plumb forget about that, too?


          The FEMA camps conspiracy theory holds that the U.S. Federal Emergency Management …. In 2015, fears of the FEMA roundup beginning surfaced with the announcement of a domestic military training operation called Jade Helm 15. County …

    1. I think Duncan Hunter is being accused of more than a campaign violation, perhaps theft, embezzlement, etc. Get your facts straight.

      1. He and his wife have been accused of a variant of embezzlement.

        1. Yes, but I believe if we held our Congress to the same standards and laws we hold common folk we would see a lot more under indictment. I don’t know how Charles Rangel kept out of Jail.

    2. Thanks, bettykath.

      “Rep. Duncan Hunter and his wife indicted in use of campaign funds for personal expenses”


      “The charges of wire fraud, falsifying records, campaign finance violations and conspiracy were the culmination of a Department of Justice investigation that has stretched for more than a year, during which the Republican congressman from California has maintained his innocence.

      “The detailed indictment portrays the Hunters as living well beyond their means and said they “knowingly conspired with each other” to convert campaign funds to personal use.”




    Trump was afraid voters’ awareness of two women with whom he had extramarital affairs would wreck his election chance, so a scheme was cooked up to prevent them from finding out. It stands to reason that Trump gained the presidency illegitimately. Certainly 78,000 votes in three critical states might have gone the other way (or 78,000 more Hillary Clinton voters could have shown up to vote). We’ve been considering whether solicitation of help from Russia or former FBI director James B. Comey’s improper interruption of the election with new “evidence” in the Clinton email case means Trump didn’t really win fair and square. But more than these factors, it is very possible that Trump was right — the revelations about Daniels and McDougal, in addition to the “Access Hollywood” tape, could have sunk him. He thought that was the case, so why shouldn’t he pay them off? (This isn’t Watergate, where the break-in was the difference between winning and losing. The irony is that Nixon clobbered George McGovern, meaning the break-in was thoroughly unnecessary.) In considering whether to rush through the swing seat on the Supreme Court without benefit of his whole record, the Senate should ponder how the Supreme Court’s legitimacy would be affected by confirming the pick of a president who allegedly broke the law to get elected.

    Text edited from: “What You Might Have Missed In The Cohen Tape”

    By Jennifer Rubin


    1. In the above opinion piece, Ms Rubin questions the legitimacy of Trump’s Supreme Court picks.

      When the presidency is won, very, very narrowly, by covering up extramarital affairs, is it a legitimate victory?

      When only 78,000 voters decide an election, this question becomes a real issue.

      1. Had Trump engaged in nefarious activities prior to the Presidential election that helped his campaign and election, then he is no longer a legitimate President.

        1. not quite. a lot of electoral law infractions are civil and not very significant.

      2. “is it a legitimate victory?”

        Fortunately for the rest of us the answer as to the legitimacy of the President’s win is not in doubt. The Constitution and the rules that follow dictate how the Presidency is won.

        You accept only facts you like and lie about the rest. Trump is our legitimate President and he is doing a great job.

        Maybe a 501 (c) 3 charity should be created to help those so badly afflicted by the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

        1. Haha. “Great job,” As if. Thanks for checking in with the view of the “hardy 38%ers” composed of the gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make. Pro tip: being the last one in on the con isn’t a sympathetic position.

          this is to “but hannity says everything is hillary’s fault” allan

          1. Marky Mark Mark – I know that you have three demented people who like your work, however your insults have a stale, sameness about them. Because you continue to repeat yourself over and over and over and over none of us is really insulted. Rather we are amazed by two things. One, your lack of creativity. Two, why you think you are a pro.

            1. On the contrary, I know for a fact that my fans are legion, and none are demented.
              Moreover, a rythmic familiarity is a feature of my contributions; just like science stands on the shoulders of giants, my missives rely on and are incremental improvements on what has been achieved in the past.
              Finally, the claimed effect of my observations on you, your ilk, the gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket traitors and grifters on the make is of absolutely no concern of mine. You are however, completely free to choose to improve your position and lot in life by synthesizing and internalizing the core reality embodied by my contributions–or not. You are free to just keep doing you. You’re welcome.

              this is to “I say ‘we’ because I have a mouse in my pocket” paulie

              1. Marky Mark Mark – I say “we” because I have noticed more and more people becoming annoyed at your attempts at humor. Emphasis on attempts. Compared to the others, I am Mr. Nice Guy. 😉

                1. “I say ‘we’ because I have noticed more and more people becoming annoyed at your attempts at humor.” — PCS

                  What a purveyor of tripe you are, PCS. How do you “notice” that “more and more people” are annoyed with Mark.

                  The obvious answer is that you don’t; that you confuse your self-genuflection with assumptive opinions of strangers.

                  And, of course, you think your humor represents some epitome–not realizing that the very claim you continually press to Mark exposes your trivial and uninformed views.

                  You are an idiot.

                  1. R. Lien – I am fairly observant of the people who engage with Marky Mark Mark. He is my especial project. 🙂

                    BTW, I am not an idiot, my mother had me tested. 😉

          2. Hi roadkill, I haven’t heard from you in quite awhile. I guess you were baking in the sun and stinking things up. You didn’t have to exert yourself so much to write your much duplicated hannity note. We can smell you where you are.

              1. I didn’t see you anonymous. Were underneath road kill helping him to stink the place up.

            1. Allan,
              “Anonymous” has used a few of her own words here recently, in addition to the serial posting of the words of others with the links.
              Since Anonymous needs a lot of time to compose a comment that goes beyond the words of others, using with links and/or quotes, it might be “quiet awhile” in between her comments.

      3. Peter Hill – the Electoral College decides the election. Someone needs to read the Constitution. If we had gotten an honest doctor’s report on Hillary, she would have never been in the running.

          1. Allan – it is supposed to be, but it is not for me. It notifies me that words are spelled incorrectly, but will not change them. So, I have to google the spelling. 😉

        1. Paul, only 78,000 people delivered that ‘Electoral College victory’. Could they have decided the election had the public known about Trump’s extramarital affairs on top of “Access Hollywood”..??

          1. Peter Hill – would they have voted for Hillary if they knew she had Parkinson’s? Who knows?

            1. PC Schulte,..
              – Or, if they hadn’t changed “gross negligence” to “extreme carelessness” in the so-called investigation of the email scandal.
              Or if 30,000 emails had not received the “Bleach-Bit” treatment.
              So had Hillary won, her opponents might be asking for a “do-over”, too.
              Not sure if that is what Peter is suggesting, or if he merely wants to undo the election results because “only 78,000 votes delivered the Electoral College victory”.

        2. An “honest” doctor’s report”? You mean like the one that says that Trump is in “astonishingly good health”? Funny, but I don’t find those words in the CPT manual. What, exactly, were Hillary Clinton’s health problems that would disqualify her, and don’t quote any of the garbage you heard on Fox, either. I want actual facts from a real physician who actually examined her and arrived at an evidence-based diagnosis. If you don’t have that, then admit it.

          1. Natacha – getting one who examined her to release her records would really be very interesting. That would never happen. I have heard a doctor go through her obvious symptoms and he thinks there is a great likelihood she has Parkinson’s and is taking a particular drug which is causing some of the reactions you are seeing on tapes of her. I have a great deal of empathy for her if she does. It is not an easy road she is on if she has it. If she does have it and she is taking the drug I think she is, she should never be President. She will never wake up for that 3 am call.

            If you can set up an appointment for her with an independent neurologist, I will start a GoFundMe.

            1. Paul: are you a physician, or is this more of the Faux News garbage? What “obvious symptoms” does she have? She stumbled once? Well, everyone does this, and she’s no spring chicken, but she did keep up a grueling campaign schedule. No reputable physician would begin to make a diagnosis of Parkinson’s on this flimsy “evidence”, but, most importantly: WTF does this have to do with this post? Why do Fox and Trump disciples continue to harp about HRC? Is it because she won more votes than Fatso did? If you want something to worry about, why not worry about Trump’s endless lying, his ties with Russia, the constant turnover in the White House, the fact that his attorney, campaign manager and deputy campaign manager have either pleaded guilty to multiple felonies, or have been found guilty (Manafort), despite the fact that the Judge did everything possible to help Manafort.

              1. Natacha – I am not an physician and I do not play one on TV. However, the doctor who was talking about her was talking her gait, bug eyes, body freezing, head tremor, falls, etc. These are either a result of the disease or the drug according to the doctor. None of this is meant to be mean. Here you go. Decide for yourself.


          1. Trump also claims to be a “very stable genius”, but this is not a doctor’s diagnosis.

              1. A very stable genius in astonishingly good health would be able to vet candidates and hire only the best, and, as we have seen, he’s done that–right?

          2. Enigma,..
            That’s why there is no need to have Hillary examined by an independent neurologist, as Paul suggested.
            We can just send her to Trump’s doctor, and see what Dr. Demento has to say about Hillary’s health.😀😄
            ( I forgot Trump’s doctor’s real name, but after seeing him in interviews, I made an appropriate substitution).

    2. That is stupid. The man had gotten on the Howard Stern show and bragged about his womanizing. HRC hired a dozen women to appear at one time and level [often false] accusations against him. And he was STILL stomping her. The argument that these payoffs were another other than blackmail payments to prevent his wife from knowing about these particular affairs is difficult to stand up against.

  15. The level of denial here is astounding. Cohen tried to be a fixer, but he failed. Now Trump will pay the consequences. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    1. ” Now Trump will pay the consequences. ”

      Hollywood, at one time we all pay consequences for things another did or said. In this case the consequence will be mostly bad press and providing an argument for people on the other side (for a phony impeachment). It’s mostly gratuitous BS because virtually every Presidential campaign is involved in campaign violations. So you are right he will pay a tad, but much worse for the President is the fact that the news media refuses to adequately publish good news created by him.

      When looking at this situation one must first think.
      Is the law Constitutional? Doubtful. Is it vague? Yes.
      The law is violated all the time and nothing happens.
      The President could pay off Stormy Daniels personally and it would be totally legal.
      Cohen made a statement. Facing many years in jail was it an embellishment to lower the sentence or was it accurate? Cohen has never stopped lying so when do we know when he is telling the truth? Does what Cohen says even constitute a violation of the law and does it make a difference that his statement occurred under pressure from a NY prosecutor rather than a federal one? What does one do with a law that is vague and not prosecuted?

      Do you remember the John Edwards Trial? He was aquitted.

      Do you really think this is a big deal or has it become a big deal because every item that can be negative towards Trump has been blown out of proportion and this is the newest one.

      Are you falling for all this BS?

        1. “Can you breathe in that hermetically sealed bubble?”

          It sounds like you live in one.

    2. there are legions of legal fixers out there working for insurance companies insuring major institutions out there in trouble for sex problems all the time. They’re called universities.

      most alumni will show more loyalty for their university president than a citizen will show for a US president

      you guys think it will be fun if Trump gets in deeper trouble, but, the US chief executive makes choices and holds the tiller on the boat on which we’ve all set sail. keep that in mind

  16. Trump’s Campaign Manager – guilty
    Trump’s Campaign Vice Chairman – guilty
    Trump’s foreign policy advisor – guilty
    Trump’s National security advisor – guilty
    Trump’s attorney – guilty
    First two Representatives to endorse Trump – Indicted

    Looks like Trump is filling the swamp.

    1. Political show trials are not the same as the firings of the entire leadership of the FBI/DOJ – Comey, McCabe, Strzok et al.

      Facts are different from fabricated pseudo-charges which will never be adjudicated.

      Oh, BTW, NDA’s are legal.

  17. Mr Kurtz: My advice is to not ask Ms. Late4Yoga to explain anything, just like you would not ask homeless man why he sleeps on park bench across the street from homeless shelter.

    1. Mr. HoD. IANAL, but my best guess is that homeless people sleep on park benches across the street from homeless shelters because they were waiting for the doors to be unlocked and, well, they fell asleep while they were waiting for the doors to be unlocked.

      BTW, did you notice how “homeless” Tab Lockheed’s advise to you is? Don’t ask L4D to explain the meaning of the acronym IANAL is advise that belongs on a park bench across the street from a homeless shelter on the other side of town.

      Yes. Tab Lockheed is just like Crosstown Traffic. So hard to get through to HoD.

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