“Stop F***ing Filming and Help me!”: Security Guard Casually Videotapes Officer’s Struggle With A Suspect

download-3There was a truly bizarre scene in Houston this week when a police officer was on the ground struggling with a man who he said was trying to grab his gun.  A security officer circled the scene filming with her cellphone until the officer screamed “Stop f***ing filming and help me!”  Instead, she continued to videotape the scene as the officer screamed that the man was trying to kill him.  The security guard was later fired.

The officer is heard screaming “Help me!” and “he’s trying to kill me” to the security officer.  One man did try to help the officer but not the security officer.The encounter occurred on August 20th with Davon Shavelle Miller, 17.  Miller ran from his vehicle only to be tackled by the officer.  One bystander screamed at Miller to “stop resisting” as the officer and the other man sought to restrain him.  The officer is also heard screaming “Stop grabbing my cuffs! Let go of my f–king cuffs!”

The officer is also heard telling people “film me.”

When the officer says Miller is trying to kill him, one female bystander screams “He’s not gonna kill you . . . We all out here with cameras!”


The security guard then left the scene without ever providing assistance.

I find the security guard’s conduct (and frankly everyone standing around) to be shocking and disgraceful.  I cannot imagine coldly videotaping such a struggle while an officer calls for help.  However, unlike police officers who are expected to act even when off-duty in the face of crime, this is a private security guard.  Is it fair to fire someone for failing to be a good Samaritan or put themselves at risk when they are off duty? This is not to say that the company cannot fire an at will employee for “good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all.”  However, we have previously discussed the firing of employees for exercising their free speech or associational rights outside of their employment.  Is an employee, even a security officer, required to be brave or selfless in their personal lives?

What do you think?



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  1. Just remember people, the police are not under any obligation to protect you, even if you receive (say) death threats. Search for “supreme court police required defend civilian” and you’ll find:
    among others. So why should civilians have any duty or responsibility to protect the cops, especially given cop behavior lately. I’ve seen firsthand how cops treat black people. So no, I don’t blame the black woman security guard with no gun for not getting involved. Minimum wage isn’t enough incentive to risk getting shot. But that’s what cops sign up for when they join the force.

  2. Some people naturally run towards danger and some naturally run away. First responders, members of the military are usually made up of the former group. Yes, they receive lots of training in their chosen profession, but in uniform or not, they are at their core first responders. The latter group are not necessarily cowards. They may have multiple reasons or no reason at all that they just cannot engage. There is a reasonable expectation that someone making a choice to put on a uniform of first responder has consciously decided to be part of that group and not the latter. Otherwise, they are just glorified security monitors.


    Woe be the day when the overwhelming majority within our civil society lose the gut instinct to help those first responders who are themselves calling for help.

  3. Why was that security guard just filming it??? Troubling is the fact that when the officer yelled to her to do something to help because the suspect was trying to kill the officer, the dumb-dumb responded with “he’s not going to kill you”. This is all part of the overall anti-police attitude in the country. Had the suspect taken possession of the cop’s gun, we would have had a dead cop and the security guard would have been like “oh well, not my business”. Shame, double shame!!!

  4. I initially thought that perhaps her company forbids its guards from physically engaging with suspects. She does not appear to have a gun, so she is likely an “eyes and ears” type guard, who is directed to call police, but not personally engage with a suspect. I checked several news items out of Houston, and did not get much info, other than that she was fired because she did not even call 911. Her failure to do that much is inexcusable; any civilian, much less a security guard, should have called 911 immediately and requested assistance for the officer. But I am less certain as to whether she should have joined the fight. She could have simply parked her big butt on the suspects left arm, to prevent him from getting the cop’s gun. But even when it comes to real cops, they aren’t always willing to put themselves at risk. Consider the cops in Florida who hung back and weren’t willing to engage with the recent school shooter. Cops are very well paid and have fantastic retirements, so the position draws many persons who want the benefits but not the danger. Security guards get none of the financial perks, and are generally seen as a low-end position that gets no respect and is often the butt of jokes. But that being said, I think her failure to call 911 renders her unfit for the position.

    1. Consider the cops in Florida who hung back and weren’t willing to engage with the recent school shooter.

      ‘The cops’ in question would be (1) a sheriff’s deputy 1 year from retirement who (it’s a reasonable guess) had been shunted off to patrol a suburban high school because he’d proved an indifferent performer in more demanding posts and (2) the supervisory officer of another crew of sheriff’s deputies (who was, er, female). Other officers on the scene (county and municipal) were ready to roll but prevented by the sister in charge. Here’s a suggestion: end AA in public services and hire and promote according to scores on performance examinations supplemented with discretionary command decisions. The military is compelled by politicians and lawyers to pump up the number of women in their ranks by gender-norming performance scores. It’s a reasonable guess that this is common in law enforcement and was practiced there. In many of the building trades, the share of employees who are female is < 5%. That'll give you an idea of what the composition of the workforce in uniformed protective services would be if there were one set of performance standards. Women in law enforcement should be in plainclothes positions making use of specialized expertise: child protective, forensic sciences, forensic accounting &c. Very few should be in uniform with a gun.

        1. TIN, I believe it was the after-action analysis from Columbine that led to changes in how law enforcement deals with active shooter situations. The tactics have since been SOP throughout the country, and that would include law enforcement in Florida.

        2. That was per standing policy, which was later changed. Professional wisdom as to how to approach unusual situation is not static. That’s not what was going on at Parkland.

      1. Spaz: Soooo, are you proposing we go back to the days when all cops were big affable Irish guys, who could use their stereotypical charm to diffuse a situation, but enjoyed a good fight and were quite willing and able to duke it out if necessary? Then it would be Asians in the lab and computer crime sections, and women cops relegated to juveniles and office work? The FBI and most police depts once had gender and height requirements, which kept out Asian and Hispanic males and women. (As well as small white guys.) The courts deemed those requirements as not “Bona fide occupational requirements,” although any street cop will tell you, including my cop bro-in-law who is Japanese-American, that smaller male cops and women are going to be physically challenged much of the time, which means drawing their gun or getting into a fight and needing back-up. But virtually all cops will be physically challenged by young black males, so the depts can presumably address the issue to some degree by assigning cops based on the demographics of the neighborhood. I know that in Oakland, Asian-American cops are typically assigned to Chinese and Vietnamese neighborhoods, to some extent because of language, but also because the Dept knows that if they are in black neighborhoods they will be engaged in physical fights and shootings at a statistically much higher level than if black or white cops are assigned there.

        1. What I actually did say is perfectly plain and doesn’t need much elaboration; if anyone is curious and requires something be clarified, they can ask. You’ve elected to say something else and attribute it to me, which is dishonest.

          1. What I wrote was: “Spaz, Sooooo are you proposing……..?” That’s asking a question, not attribution.

            1. That’s asking a question, not attribution.

              And now you’re compounding one fraud with another.

    2. TIN – as far as the officers in FL, there is one who is especially egregious and no longer working for the department or school. I think the rest were following some stupid commander on the ground. Some were eager to go in and were prevent.

      1. True, but whether the deputy was one year from retirement or one day, he should has done his sworn duty, and perhaps saved some lives.

  5. Are you kidding me? She should be fired and he should sue her for failing in her duties and risking bodily harm. Does she even know the meaning of “security guard”? This woman is an accessory to a potential crime and a moron on top of it.

  6. When an officer gives an order to a civilian, that civilian (or security guard) is obligated to obey.

    1. i did boring song, lame ragtime type music, have that with your weak molson, eh?

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  7. Interesting

    There’s a woman in a green nurse uniform telling the perpetrator to stop resisting. He puts his hands on the cop’s neck & throat several times, tries to get the cop’s gun several times & tries to knock the cop off him using his knees.

    As for the security guard, there are 2 types: LP (loss & prevention) & armed security guards. LP’s usually deal with shoplifting at stores & shopping malls. Armed security guards may actually be former cops or moonlighting cops. Try breaking into these high security data centers: NYSE, Federal Reserve Bank, Google & you will be shot dead.

  8. Another thankless job were morons complain, when people are put in an unwinnable position.

    Does the company she work for have a no engages policy, most likely so, they do not want to be sued. So this lady, following her company guidelines, get’s fired for what? Filming, or not helping the police officer? or most likely, just making the company look bad.

    Then we have these pansies who complain about someone at a $10 an hour job, not risking their life, not trained in apprehension, when the cops makes $30 an hour for doing just that, is immune (for the most part) from prosecution, is highly trained, hopefully, and that’s their job.

    You guys are rich (that means your full of it). So you complain that she didn’t help, and praised the company for firing her, on the other hand, you would complain (maybe) if she got fired for helping the cop (just not as loud, right?).

    This is the mindset, the reason our country is so screwed.

    And Lord have Mercy, if the cop had shot the guy, you freaks would be really having a field day.

      1. Median hourly for security guards in Texas is $12.16, plus benefits.

    1. “on the other hand, you would complain (maybe) if she got fired for helping the cop (just not as loud, right?). ”

      Why would we complain if she helped like the citizen did? Especially since it looks like she would be protected by law that Darren pointed to.

  9. First of all, I want to commend the police officer for not having done what seems to be so fashionable nowadays among police: shoot the guy. He was trying to save his life by not allowing the guy to threaten HIS life, in which case he would not only be justified, but it would be reasonable to act in decisive self defense.

    However, there is another facet to the story. Let’s set job titles aside. A person is trying to subdue a younger person. There are bystanders who do what the name says, stand by. One person helps the subduing person. All others disapprove of the subdueing. One person records the scene.

    Now let’s add gender. Two men subdue another man. The women around disapprove vocally. One woman records the scene. This could be seen as male/female conflict. Maybe some motherly instinct to be protective of the youth.

    Now let’s add race. Two white men are subdueing a black man. Black women around disapprove. One black woman records the scene. This could be seen as white male/black male/female conflict.

    Now let’s finally add societal roles. A white male cop and a white male civilian subdueing a black male civilian. Black female bystanders are disapproving. A black female off-duty security guard records this all.

    The story frames this as a cop/security guard disloyalty issue, which is of course one way of looking at it, in “content of your character”, MLK, kind of way.

    Reality though is that blacks have every reason to be distrustful toward police, especially white police. My Harvard educated African-American friend said he wants a dollar for every time he got stopped by the police and no ticket was issued. We have Ferguson, we have Trayvon Martin, we have so many others that got killed by whites and police that it should really surprise nobody that the black female bystanders, when in doubt and not knowing the history, by default are rooting for the young black guy on the ground who could be fearing for his life. Or he could be a gangster. We don’t know.

    As for the security guard it is not too far fetched to assume that she wanted to document the incident in case anything went wrong. From her (black) point of view, the odds that police was in the wrong were 9:1, versus regular white folk would bet 7:3 that the guy was up for no good.

    Up at the top I wrote I commend the officer. This may be true. But there is the distinct possibility that in a number of other scenarios without the black adult female off-duty security guard video recording the scene, the young man would have spent the night in the morgue.

    I’m 8:2 that I would thank the woman for her courage and hope that others do like she did, and that she wins a big fat lawsuit against her employer.



    1. Obviously, you’ve never been in a situation such as this.

      When a person is in need of rescue, they don’t give a damn what the skin color is of someone coming to help.

      Your racist and bigoted comments don’t even make for good entertainment, much less real-world facts.

      1. LOL, it’s clear you haven’t either. By your logic, people at a protest rally against police, would stop protesting, and help an officer when asked.

        You might want to face reality, instead of using the great “cop out”, “Your Racist!” Doesn’t work against people who use their brains.

        1. “It’s clear you haven’t either.”
          I have been there–twice in fact–with someone trying to wrestle my pistol away from me during an arrest. And fortunately for all involved I went home those nights and they went to jail with only a few bumps on their noggins. One was nearly like the video. We were both on the ground and fighting for about five or ten minutes and toward the end he tried to yank it out of my holster. My backup was 20 minutes away but an off duty officer a few miles away at home heard me activate the alarm on my portable radio. He drove over and we took the suspect into custody.

          You ask me to face reality? Well I’ve seen reality and it is not exactly what you have selectively perused on YouTube or read in Mother Jones to formulate your proffered expertise.

          1. aw heck darren you shoulda never told the creepy readership that you were a cop.

            and here we were just thinking you were a computer geek or a law student.
            well, now you’re discredited. sorry.

        2. Darrin:

          Looks like Ron — as in MoRon — is at it again. Why wouldn’t a protester with merely an ounce of humanity aid a police officer who was under attack from a thug even at the event? Well, looks like I’ve answered my own question. What I love about the Left is their unceasing proclivity to self-destruct out of their own meanness. Kinda life affirming.

          Guess Ron doesn’t know what you did for decades. Then again maybe he does. It would be in keeping with the quality of the comment.

    2. You said, “Reality though is that blacks have every reason to be distrustful toward police, especially white police. My Harvard educated African-American friend said he wants a dollar for every time he got stopped by the police and no ticket was issued. We have Ferguson, we have Trayvon Martin, we have so many others that got killed by whites and police that it should really surprise nobody that the black female bystanders, when in doubt and not knowing the history, by default are rooting for the young black guy on the ground who could be fearing for his life. Or he could be a gangster. We don’t know.”

      Are you daft??? Trayvon Martin was a thug who got exactly what he deserved. He was banging poor old George Zimmerman’s head against against a concrete slab when he got shot. Same with Michael Brown. Both of them were garbage, and the world is better off without them.

      If blacks “distrust” the cops, it is because the cops are arresting them for being criminals. They would much prefer it if they could just commit crimes in peace, free from the fear of arrest..

      As far as “driving while black”, black men as a group deserve it. They want to be associated with black thugs, as for example when they take a knee a for dead black drug dealers, but then act surprised when they get associated with black criminals. Makes no sense to me. Here is one of those poor young black men you feel so sorry for:


      Put this on in the background and get educated about those poor suffering black folks.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Sometimes I find myself having the attention span of a goldfish, but this one here blew my mind.

        Link forwarded.

      2. a black guy was crashing my head on the concrete once when i was a teenager but thankfully a teacher saw him and pulled him offa me. i wasnt armed at the time.

        that was probably my fault somehow, now i have been reeducated and know that was surely my fault, we are all equals, even though he was stronger than me and knew how to fight better, which is why I was losing, badly, but we are all equals nonetheless and he was really just rectifying a history of social injustices.

        probably the brain damage, however slight, is the cause of my ongoing set of prejudices, not the facts, just my addled wits associating certain obvious personal characteristics with a statistical likelihood to commit violence. that’s just my foolish brain damaged self because we are all equals in spite of whatever the facts may seem to tell us.

    3. if i had a gun and somebody wrestled with it they would eat hot lead fast,
      i don’t and I avoid all conflicts and strictly pacifist so no problem. here, take my stuff!
      sign me up when the reparations program gets going, I want to divest myself of my white privilege
      only once i am poor and homeless will the grief of guilt abate! boo hoo

  10. I am an old man and even when young I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag. But I’d like to think that in that circumstance I would have done something. At least called 911 and tied to help the cop in some way. I could have put my boot on th ceep’s nose if nothing else.

    1. Stackpointer:
      There’s a code of conduct in being a man which requires your engagement to maintain civilization. Call it the Social Compact or a Debt of Honor or just plain manliness. It’s as old as the cave dwellers and the more it’s denied by society the greater the explosion when it inevitably is thrown off. This women’s actions and inactions are reprehensible, but those of the male onlooker are especially heinous. It shows cowardice or racial animus or bystanderism (or anything except gallantry) and I’m not sure which is worse. I applaud your male sentiments but even at your age it’s worthwhile to mix it up with a bad guy once in a while. Even old lions remember their roar.

  11. Well, I think the “security officer” did have a personal and moral obligation to help out. I am not as convinced she was cowardly as much as she was documenting what she expected to see, the white cop abuse the black guy. So she wasn’t going to help.

    OTOH, re: “Is an employee, even a security officer, required to be brave or selfless in their personal lives?”

    I thought in our f*d up age the in 2005, “Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone” https://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/justices-rule-police-do-not-have-a-constitutional-duty-to-protect.html and also in 1981, Warren V. DC

    So… I guess the answer is no legally, though I think the answer is yes, morally.

  12. It is nice of Darren Smith to put that statute out there for us and I think most states have one like it, but people have forgotten about it. They no longer realize they have a duty to be called on to help.

  13. There should be a certain standard of conduct expected of a security guard. The employer was right to fire her. If she was incapable or unwilling to intervene in a scuffle, then she was an inappropriate choice for a security guard.

    When women want jobs that are usually given to men, they need to perform those jobs as well as a man. That means that female police officers have to engage in take downs just the same as their male colleagues. I have known female police officers who were very capable. I don’t know what the job description was for the guard. Is her only job to announce that there is a crime occurring?

    On one of those bar makeovers, there was an older female bouncer. The guy running the remodel staged a violent barroom fight by stunt men to gauge how she would react. She just stayed against the wall and couldn’t do anything. Women deserve a fair shot, but they shouldn’t be given jobs if they can’t do it.

    My concern is this rising rhetoric against police officers, with the most extreme occurring in BLM and Antifa. It is all based on false information if you look at FBI crime statistics. A white person is more likely to get shot by the cops than a black person. The person far and away most likely to kill a black person is another black person. If all of these activists want to save black lives, then descend on Chicago and clean that war zone up.

    One of the best ways to avoid getting shot, regardless of skin color is to A) don’t break the law and B) comply with police instructions. This should be intuitively obvious to the most casual observer, but don’t punch a police officer, go for his gun, or wrestle with him on the ground if you don’t want to get shot or hurt by a police officer. Why is this so difficult for people like Davon Shavelle Miller or drunk doctors to grasp?

    I want to know if the security guard refused to help, and stood there filming, because she felt that the cop was going to engage in an unjustified shooting against innocent lamb Davon? Out of all of those people, one man stepped in to help? Helping restrain Davon was also protecting him from himself.

    I’m glad that one man had the spine to help those who put their lives on the line for us every day. The rest of them were weenies.

    1. OK, I will add that the lady in scrubs was at least trying to be helpful in repeatedly telling the guy to stop resisting.

      It sounded like it was Davon who yelled he’s trying to kill me, at first, because the lady said he wasn’t going to kill him because they were all out there filming with cameras.

      I took this to mean that they all felt that the cop was the biggest threat in this scenario, and not the alleged criminal wrestling with the cop and a good Samaritan, and reaching for the gun in full view of the camera. It sounded like the lady in scrubs was reassuring the suspect that it was OK to stop resisting because they were not going to let the cop kill him. Am I assuming too much?

      Our country has become ungrateful and entitled in its attitude towards police officers. There is a system in place to deal with grievances and bad apples. Stop treating every cop out there like they’re racists and every shooting like it’s unjustified and racist.

      1. Karen – The 80 y/o man in the security guard uniform who is snoozing in a chair every time I go into my bank isn’t going to engage in any “take downs.” Hell, we’ll be lucky if he’s awake to call 911 if there is ever a bank robbery. The fact is, most security guards are hired to observe, and call 911 if there is a problem. They are specifically prohibited from engaging in any type of intervention or apprehension. So there is no reason to not hire women for these positions, especially since studies have shown that women are more observant and detail oriented than men. A typical woman would provide a much more detailed description of a bank robber than a man.

        1. The fact is, most security guards are hired to observe, and call 911 if there is a problem. They are specifically prohibited from engaging in any type of intervention or apprehension


          Karen – The 80 y/o man in the security guard uniform who is snoozing in a chair every time I go into my bank isn’t going to engage in any “take downs.”

          A grand total of 0.6% of the workforce consists of men over the age of 75. They’re disproportionately self-employed.

  14. I located the following statutes of Texas:


    Art. 2.14. MAY SUMMON AID. Whenever a peace officer meets with resistance in discharging any duty imposed upon him by law, he shall summon a sufficient number of citizens of his county to overcome the resistance; and all persons summoned are bound to obey.

    Acts 1965, 59th Leg., vol. 2, p. 317, ch. 722.

    Art. 2.15. PERSON REFUSING TO AID. The peace officer who has summoned any person to assist him in performing any duty shall report such person, if he refuse to obey, to the proper district or county attorney, in order that he may be prosecuted for the offense.

    Acts 1965, 59th Leg., vol. 2, p. 317, ch. 722.

    Unless there is another statute or extant case law declaring otherwise it seems the security officer is liable for her omission in helping the police officer when he clearly made a command, summoning her to aid in overcoming a suspect’s resistance to his lawful arrest.

    That she violated Texas law in my view alone may be cause for her employer to terminate her employment.

    The security profession is also regulated under TITLE 10. OCCUPATIONS RELATED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND SECURITY, CHAPTER 1702. PRIVATE SECURITY.

    Unlike ordinary civilians, I believe there is a higher expectation for security officers to assist law enforcement officers who are in need of aid. The nature of private security, especially if uniformed, is that there might be the need to lawfully use force in the defense of themselves or others. It is a integral element of their occupation.

    As such the security officer here displayed cowardice when a peace officer ordered her to assist him. Toward the end of the supplied video, one can clearly see that the suspect reached for the officer’s sidearm and hear that the officer made reference to this felonious act.

    If she is not willing to come to the aid of an officer who could have been shot if he was disarmed she is unsuited to be an employee of the security company. Occasionally there are times when peace officers come to the aid of security officers and vice-versa. We cannot have a situation where someone wimps out and refuses to provide backup. That leads to strained relations at the very least.

    She got what she deserved in getting sacked. Though in my view she should also be prosecuted.

      1. PAUL:
        Reat-a-cops are just play acting. You know that. Any sign of trouble and they’re behind a wall calling 9-11 and trying to avoid a dry cleaning bill.

        1. Such a brave web warrior; above exhorting an elderly man to get in a tussle and belittling rent-a-cop integrity. What color is your cape?

    1. A Westlaw search shows that no one has ever been prosecuted under Article 2.15 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. There is some body of law pertaining to private security guards who were fired for assisting officers in need in situations where company policy prohibited such actions.

      1. Caveat: no one has been prosecuted pursuant to 2.15 who ever took it up on appeal.

        1. wow westlaw has some super duper new capabilities I guess since i dumped it long ago; when i used to use it every day it sure in hell didnt have the capability to log any history of indictments or criminal informations

          you must be a real expert marky mark

      2. This is one of those Damned if you do, Damned if don’t situations. The company she works for, most likely has a no engage policy, as the vast majority of security companies do.

      3. “A Westlaw search shows that no one has ever been prosecuted under Article 2.15 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.”

        Oh, well, I guess that makes it OK, then.

  15. She’s in uniform, so presumably on duty (though perhaps commuting to or from). The news reporters covering for station KPRC2 in Houston weren’t able to identify her employer.

  16. Ethnic Exception The Navy is full of them all their brains are in thieir butt. That IS a racially oriented remark but it is not racist. There is a difference.

  17. 1. Was she working or not

    2. What was she hired to patrol? It’s an unsuitable job for a woman in most circumstances.

  18. “Is an employee, even a security officer, required to be brave or selfless in their personal lives?”

    Let’s put that comment in perspective – how many times a day does a police officer put his/her life on the line to help us? And you have the nerve to ask that. Must be a lawyer.
    And yes, my father was a police officer.

    1. “how many times a day does a police officer put his/her life on the line to help us?” probably zero. You watch too much TV, try reality for a dat.

        1. Having grown up in CA, my idea of cops was LAPD. Then I moved to Washington, D.C. and saw fat, slovenly cops with rumpled uniforms and their shirt tails hanging out; I couldn’t believe it at first! But then I saw a few of those cop shows like COPS, LivePD, Southern Justice and so forth…..Holy cow! Some of those cops and deputies are 100 pounds overweight and couldn’t chase my grandma around the block! I don’t know what happened to weight and grooming standards….maybe some of these depts never had any. But obese, out-of-shape LEOs don’t inspire much respect or confidence that they can perform their jobs adequately.

          1. I’ve noticed the same issue. There are some parts of the country where obesity is rampant in the LEO world. I view this probably the same way as you in that it tends to affect a professional demeanor and strength in presence. Worse than that it is dangerous to one’s health especially considering the higher propensity for heart disease. Of all those I’ve known over the years that worked the road I can off the cuff remember only five or six who were obese that I worked with, one of which died an early death due to his compromised health, and another lost his job because he failed his physical fitness milestones.

            I think what happens is there is often a propensity in some departments to become sedentary and just drive around or sit at a desk. Most often there is a correlation sometimes between low physical activity and reactive policing. (just answering calls). If you want to make a dent crime you have to get out there and hit the ground running. Simply put to be effective one must leave the car behind, mingle with other people, do foot patrols, and go after young career criminals who tend to run away on foot. If you want to catch car prowlers you have to be willing to drive around at night blacked out with the window down and be ready to jump out and arrest someone on a moment’s notice. Healthy LEOs can do this, obese ones not so much.

            1. Darren, LEO, engaged, needs help, I’m going in & I’ll help them Ph’k some $hit up, I’ll know & we’ll sort it out later.

      1. What total Commie/Nazi American HitingTrash you Continue to show your self as.
        Time’s short, I suggest you leave the planet as soon as possible as world wide the people are able to track your IP address.

        Run you Loser Run! LOL:)

      2. My father was a police officer and my experience comes from being around the police my entire life growing up. The family of a cop never knows if he will come home at the end of his shift.
        That’s the reality. And here’s another reality: you’re a complete jerk.

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