Lanny Davis And The Year Of Lawyers Living Dangerously

Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the recent admission by Michael Cohen’s lawyer that he was the source on what appears a false story on the meeting at Trump Tower with Russians and Trump officials.  Davis also admitted that he lied to the media in denying that he was the source of the story.  It may be too early to predict the demise of Davis. We discussed earlier the controversy surrounding former CNN commentator and DNC official Donna Brazile lied to the public about being the author of hacked emails giving Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance. She is back as a commentator on various networks.

Here is the column:

For lawyers, it has been a year of living dangerously. The scandals swirling around Washington have left a pile of attorneys accused of false statements, leaks or other improper conduct. The latest casualty appears to be Lanny Davis, who just admitted to not only spreading a false story but then lying about being its source.

Only recently, Davis — a Democratic stalwart who has been a close adviser to the Clintons — announced that he would represent President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, free of charge. Davis has steered Cohen into a 180-degree turn from Trump loyalist to chief accuser. He suggested that Cohen could implicate Trump in crimes touching on obstruction, collusion and campaign-finance violations. He caused a firestorm nationally when he suggested Trump knew in advance about Russian hacking of Clinton campaign and Democratic Party emails and also approved the infamous meeting with Russian representatives in Trump Tower.

At the same time, Davis attacked Trump and his counsel as liars, proclaiming that his defense of Cohen is powerfully simple — “it’s about truth, and the power of the truth is what Michael Cohen now has no matter what … Mayor (Rudy) Giuliani invents for a president who’s been known to lie.”

Now, Davis has admitted that he lied, fueling allegedly false stories that have occupied national media coverage for several weeks.

In a July CNN story, it was reported that Cohen would implicate President Trump as having advance knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting and that multiple people witnessed his briefing on it. After weeks of such reporting, Davis belatedly came forward to say that, in fact, Cohen did not have such evidence. However, when asked if he was the source of the false story, Davis expressly denied it, telling CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “I think the reporting of the story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation. We were not the source of the story.”

Davis’ denial came as a surprise, since various reports pegged him as the source. Finally, last night, Davis admitted being the source of the false story on the Trump Tower briefing and lying about it when subsequently challenged; he told BuzzFeed that “I made a mistake. I did not mean to be cute.” Well, it’s a tad beyond cute.

As counsel for Cohen, Davis could be accused of spreading not just a false story but a false account of both his and his client’s conduct — and that could put him and his law license in jeopardy. D.C. and New York ethical rules state that “In the course of representing a client, a lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement of fact or law to a third person.” Under Rule 8.4, both jurisdictions state that a lawyer shall not “engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

Making things worse is that Davis’ claim about the Trump Tower meeting suggested possible criminal conduct by President Trump, his son Don Jr., and others. Worse yet, the story planted by Davis, if true, would have implicated his client, Cohen, in false statements made to Congress, since Cohen previously denied such knowledge. In other words, the story was not just false but potentially put his client in jeopardy.

For donors on Cohen’s GoFundMe site, the admissions constitute a type of bait-and-switch. After fueling excitement about Cohen’s impact as a witness against Trump (and driving hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations), Davis has destroyed the credibility of the man he claimed would “reset his life” and try to “tell the truth.”

For its part, CNN is sticking to the story, suggesting it has other sources stating that “Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting” — even though Cohen now states (as he did before Congress) that he has no such knowledge.

Davis is a cautionary tale for lawyers serving multiple roles in scandals. He is a long-standing Democratic figure in Washington scandals, advising a range of clients — including the Clintons — on how to navigate through controversy. He is smart, affable, well-connected. However, he straddles the murky line between lawyer and media flak, a dual role that is highly valued but dangerously blurs what should be bright lines of representation. And the key about spinning stories is not to become the story.

Davis is not alone; the Trump team has shown just how difficult that role can be. Cohen himself was infamous for his ham-handed and ultimately disastrous public statements.  Then there are Marc Kasowitz, John Dowd, Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani — all accused of varying false or misleading statements in public defenses.

It is not clear if Davis is saying he made up the story or whether Cohen gave him the allegedly false account of being in a room with other witnesses when Trump was briefed on the Trump Tower meeting. As I have noted previously, it was a potentially credible claim precisely because it would be so easy to disprove, if no one corroborated it. Either Cohen lied to Davis, or Davis made Cohen into a liar (again). Either way, this could well end up as a rare case where both a client and his attorney are called before bar proceedings.

The D.C. and New York bars may want to know who came up with the allegedly false stories — and why neither man came forward immediately to correct the record (particularly as money poured into Cohen’s GoFundMe site). If Cohen is responsible, his newly claimed moral clarity will be viewed as just another hustle from a self-described “fixer.” If Davis came up with these stories, he put his client in a materially worse position and the bar might want to know why — and whose interests were being advanced by such accounts. Just as his client seeks a deal with the special counsel to limit his prison time after pleading guilty, these admissions destroyed any residue of Cohen’s credibility as a witness for the prosecution. He also created an ethical equivalency between Trump and his accusers.

Davis recently declared that “this is about truth versus lying and ultimately Donald Trump is going to be done in by the truth.” Of course, truth is rarely the undoing of Washington insiders, particularly those whose careers have been to transform or a least transcend truth. So it is likely that a short but decent interval will follow and then truth will return to its previously inconsequential position in Washington.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

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  1. I have to say, at first glance, the title of your article made me giggle. Now, I need to read the body of the text.

    1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

      What the President of the United States is peddling to his 54 million Twitter followers, then, is an anecdote hung on a flawed analysis of media partisanship. The conclusions Bolyard’s piece draws are entirely based on what she believed going into her “investigation.” If every major media outlet in the country is biased, and Google uses the size of media outlets and the frequency they are cited as sources in its search algorithm (and its does!), then voila, all searches conducted via Google are biased.

    2. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – you actually picked CNN to debunk Trump? Really????

        1. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – I didn’t figure you did it by accident. Just didn’t figure you were that desperate.

        2. Paul has spent too much time out in the mid-day sun in AZ and breathed too much smog imported from LA. It’s not entirely his fault.

          1. hollywood – only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. I hear your got one of your fires out, the one caused by some idiot driving on their tire rim and causing sparks.

              1. hollywood – so the Carr Fire is only contained. I feel so much better. Contained is such a vague word. I like “out.”

                1. Too many fires to simply drown one out when it’s contained so they just let it burn itself out (runs out of fuel).

    1. Hey Hollywood Henderson – McGahn already been to the table with Muler team. JT story is about Lyin’ Lanny Davis. Why you rely on posting links that nobody cares to read (like Ms. Late4HotYoga) instead of original thought? #HollywoodHendersonGotNoGame

    2. Thanks for the link, Hollywood. I especially enjoyed the part where Trump takes umbrage at McGahn announcing to The NYT his own imminent departure without first asking Trump’s leave to have done so. Maybe Trump will sue McGahn for trademark infringement or interference with a contract, or both, for side-stepping the tag-line, “You’re fired.”

      On a less humorous note, this could be yet one more sign of Trump’s long-simmering intention to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller coming closer to a roiling boil sometime around November 7th, 2018 or shortly thereafter.

    3. Hollywood asked, “As things begin to come together, what will McGahn bring to the table?”

      That’s what I want to know. Did Don McGahn know about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened? If so, then why didn’t he stop it? If not, then why didn’t the Trump campaign seek McGahn’s advise about the Trump Tower meeting? Did the Trump campaign have reason to believe that McGahn would’ve advised them against taking that meeting? If they didn’t seek McGahn’s advise, then what did McGahn do when he did find out about the Trump Tower meeting? Did Don McGahn have anything to do with Jared Kushner revising his security clearance forms on April 6th, 2017? Did McGahn have anything to do with The NYT publically reporting the Trump Tower meeting on July 8th, 2017? Exactly what grudges do Jared and Ivanka harbor against McGahn?

      1. Late4HotYoga treats this space like own private echo chamber rambling on with lengthy conspiracy theories and responding to herselfself like homeless guy on park bench. Trump is Late4HotYoga’s boogey man. We need intervention from Late4HotYoga’s mom.

        1. If you come back later in the day, Tab, the L4Doppler effect will have faded into the woodwork. If you don’t believe me, go check one of yesterday’s threads. You’ll see. Broaden your horizons, Lockheed.

        2. ” and responding to herselfself like homeless guy on park bench.”

          Bill, you draw a wonderful picture of Diane that all of us can envision.

          1. Victory is mine. You’ve all got “blurred visions” of L4D stuck in your dizzy heads. Victory is mine.

            1. BBBL sounds like another on the blog that likes to claim victory based on a lack of knowledge. Foolishness prevails.

  2. How does one know with certainty AZ is going red in November.
    1. McCains position is by appointment. The Governor is GOP
    2. McSally has no competition.
    3. But most of all Soros is bothering Florida and has pulled of AZ after muttering I don’t support losers.

    Which means with expected and leans toward and 42 to start with the Constitutionalists need only one of the undecideds to while the other side has to get everything. Three other undecided states are not getting Soros money and his candidate is under investigation for shall we say unethical activites while in office.
    Old George may have picked another loser … once again. Corruption that’s the word .

    1. Michael Aarethun – AZ knocked off three incumbents in the primary, Sinema is a strong candidate, plus she is the first openly bisexual running in AZ. McSally is an unknown, although she ran a great primary. Ducey is required to select a Republican to replace McCain, but that person will only hold the office until the 2020 general election. Ducey and Trump are not BFFs, so who does he pick? I hope he picks Kelli Ward, who was the Republican runner up in the primary and a Trump supporter.

      BTW, over 1 million early ballots came in for the primary, setting a new record, plus there was record voting at some of the precincts here. You would have thought it was a contested general election.

  3. She sure found out about her need for a second life today. When they start bringing in her staff(s) plural to ask about why they didn’t do their job and ensure she had her security briefings how manyh will have ony a shrug and a plead the fifth knowing there is no hope of pardon and how many will pull out their CYA paperwork and and play let’s make a deal?

    Lots of money at stake here. Politics is very lucrative . The former Prez daughter maybe from a book or something clothing or perfume line is now worth on her own 250 million. after taxes She’s in Harvard it said so can a law degree be far behind?

    One has to wonder how much is changing hands to ignore the difference between ‘paid to have something manufactured’ and paid to receive something that was manufactured.’ The nice way to say manufacturing false evidence.

    Shalala still involved is running for office. Wasserman still in office. and the machine part of the collective is still offering us examples of false premises and the 70 or so fallacies.

    No wonder the DNC is bankrupt

  4. The question remains. Cohen plead guilty to a non-crime knowinglhy
    His Lawyer advised him to do so.
    He did it under oath.

    Isn’t that giving false evidence of false information

    In expectation of receiving at some point a reduction

    The lawyer was aware and the Judge should have been aware and so should the prosecutor . That Cohen was pleading guilty by making a false statement that is tha the was pleading for a crime that was not a crime.

    That makes four and there are four letters in RICO.


    Unless it’s legal to lie to a Judge.
    Legal to lie to the investigator
    Mayhap the infamous Libby Law applies as well.
    OK What if anything am I missing?

    1. youre missing that prosecutors get convicts to elocute to their version of a story all the time.
      par for the course, grist for the mill, almost daily. judges and we all know it. but what can be done?

      maybe its why the federal courts have a 90% conviction rate similar to that of the people republic of china courts

    1. hollywood – if you think this is conservative, I hate to see what you think is liberal. 😉 The opening paragraph is a double-barrel shotgun blast at the President. And it goes downhill from there.

      BTW, you can still see the smog when you drive into LA from the East. Your air is only clean when the smog blows out over the ocean. The pollution is getting to you. It may be time to move. 🙂

      1. I think the piece is incredibly conservative. If you don’t, I think I know what you think and you are wrong. Your loss.
        Are you in AZ? When I first came to LA a number of years ago, there were many days when the mountains were not visible. They are generally visible now, although fires sometimes change things up. When I first came here, the “air” burnt my eyes. That no longer occurs.
        The exodus of furniture factories and chrome plating companies and the elimination of leaded gas have greatly reduced photochemical smog.

        1. hollywood – yes, I live in AZ and we get your pollution. Yes, we create our own pollution. Yes, god creates pollution for us. And this is a bad year for us on all three fronts. Yes, LA is “better” than it used to be, but that is like the kid who was scoring 15 out of 100 and is now scoring 35 out of a 100. Yes, the kid is doing better, but the kid is still failing.

        2. “I think the piece is incredibly conservative.”

          We know what you think but as usual the question arises whether you can put that thought into words and list what you think is “incredibly conservative”.

      2. PC Schulte,
        – Either the facts as stated in the column are accurate, or they are not accurate.
        If Hollywood or anyone else needs to label the column, or other articles/ reports, as “liberal” or “conservative”, it’s probably from force of habit.

        1. I think the head makes sense, “The real scandal isn’t collusion with Russia, it is everything about Donald Trump.”

          1. “The real scandal isn’t collusion with Russia, it is everything about Donald Trump.”

            Typical generalization. Avoids specificity because specificity is open to critical review and critical review leads to those that believe a scandal exists having to prove significant specificities that they cannot prove.

            That is why some hide behind articles instead of stating the important things that prove Trump has committed crimes significant enough that he should be removed from the Presidency.

        2. Tom Nash – “Facts!!! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Facts!!!” It was an opinion piece.

      1. Just like horny toads in Texas, I’m sure a variety of frogs in California are nearing extinction.

        1. hollywood…….Here in Texas we call horny toads “Democrats”. And yes, they’re nearing extinction,.

                1. hollywood….I was just writing you to correct that….I knew toads didn’t sound right……Good catch for a Californ!
                  TCU is a fine school, btw, and Ft Wuth is , or used to be, a wonderful place to live…It’s on the Chisholm trail, and they still drive longhorns, daily, down the streets over by the stockyards.

                    1. Cindy Bragg – my hometown has a high school rodeo every year and a Bucking Horse Auction, which is a big deal. 😉

              1. Cindy Bragg – I would posit that a certain amount of the TCU Horned Toad are also horny. 😉

                1. Paul C….I’m sure that your hometown high school rodeo is a good one! Those little kids work so hard. Our son in law’s father was a revered and honored high school foot ball coach in Louisiana and wanted his sons to follow suit. But our. son in law rebelled and said no to football because of the pressure on him……so his dad said he had to be involved in some sport, so he said ” rodeo is a sport!!” He is an excellent carpenter by trade….and wonderful story teller.

    2. Thanks for the USAToday link, too, Hollywood. Keep ’em coming.

      P.S. It is not impossible to prove that members of the Trump campaign knew the Russians had thousands of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton and were willing to disseminate them in return for sanctions relief and policy concessions in Syria and The Ukraine. Consequently, taunting Mueller with the old triple-dog dare is a really bad move on Trump’s part.

      1. L4Yoga enables both David Benson and Marky Mark Mark – it is impossible to prove, however is seem possible to prove that Hillary emails were going directly (real time) to a Chinese company. If we want those emails, we need to ask the Chinese, not the Russians.

      2. P.S. It is not impossible to prove that members of the Trump campaign knew the Russians had thousands of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton…

        Let’s see now, Hillary Clinton robs a bank. She smiles at the surveillance camera on her way out the door. The FBI looks at it and says she had no intent to rob it, she thought everyone made withdrawals that way. Somehow the video gets out and the Trump team is told of this and they meet with someone that has the goods on his political rival. The meeting is a bust and then all of a sudden the damaging evidence is made public. So what does the FBI/DOJ do? They ignore the bank robber and instead launch a full blown investigation into an alleged conspiracy to make that damaging information public. Then the bank robber loses the election and the full weight of our lawfare system goes after the known bank robber; nah. They go after the legitimate winner of the election.

        Welcome to our banana republic.

    3. “Trump’s collusion is now beside the point”

      That is a sub headline of the article and that represents ongoing leftwing opinion. Day after day a new thing pops up and when its value is dispelled a few days later the sub headline reappears. ‘Trump’s —— is now beside the point’. Insert the claim of the day that will be in the trash tomorrow.

      In the end it is not about obstruction of justice, it is not about collusion, it is not about Stormy, it is not about Trump University, etc.

      It is only about the election.Trump beat Hillary and some people can’t get over it.

      1. That’s it in a nutshell, Allan. I can’t even get worked up about any of it anymore. What he lacks in character he makes up for in being an excellent president. I am very satisfied with almost everything he has accomplished so far, none of which would have happened under anyone else.

        1. did anyone notice a new trade deal with Mexico favorable to American workers?

          did the supposed friends of the working class on the left hail this? no

          1. I noticed an announcement of a trade deal, “possibly the best trade deal ever” yet reports are that it is little different than NAFTA (except excluding Canada) and the person making the claim about how good it is… always lies? A deal has been announced, it has to be ratified by Congress and allegedly several northern state Republican Senators have great concerns as to how their states will be affected and whether they could vote for it. I might wait just a bit before claiming victory over Mexico.

              1. It would be more accurate to call this Trade Deal a proposal, yet to be approved by Congress. As of this afternoon, talks broke down between the US and Canada which somehow failed to bow down before Trump. All of the article is based on what Trump says the deal is… and he lies.

                1. enigma – Trudeau of the moving eyebrow is not being sane on this. However, the people of Canada voted for what they got. BTW, you have a surprise. 😉

                  1. Paul C. Schulte……….Not to worry about the moving eyebrow.
                    It’s my understanding that they “home” 🙂

                  2. It didn’t help that Trump made insulting comments about Canada while negotiating a deal. If he could only shut up and stop tweeting, he’d be more effective in implementing his policies. Fortunately, he can’t stop.

                    1. enigma – Trudeau is so metrosexual, he is the perfect target for Trump. And after the moving eyebrow thingie, I have a hard time taking him seriously.

                      BTW, is your Grammarly working in WordPress?

                2. enigma……This is not a swipe at you….It’s an observation:
                  .I really don’t know how you and other anti-President Trump commenters have the energy to fuel your personal vitriol against him day after day. I really don’t. And it never ceases. I would be exhausted and depressed if my days were spent being so bitter. And it seems that you and others act as if Pres. Trump has wronged you personally. I’d like for you to show us on a doll where President Trump has hurt you.
                  If he has indeed wronged you, then be a man and forgive him, and move on with your life. It’s really that simple. Forgiveness is powerful. So is hatred. Your choice.

                  1. Cindy – No personal offense taken. Forgiveness usually takes place when an act is over, not when the abuse continues on a daily basis.
                    There’s a scene in “Lawrence of Arabia” where Anthony Quinn, leader of his tribe states, “I am a river to my people.” Trump is a river to his people as well. Some of his people (not a swipe at you) are white nationalists, neo-nazis, Klan members and more who he openly appeals to, some of whom made it into his administration. Multiple members of his team have spoken at their events, he has breathed more life into their existence than any other even than possibly the mere existence of Barack Obama. While the man in my opinion is detestable, it’s his policies that cause the most pain to Americans that don’t happen to be rich among other things. What amazes me is the number of people who adopt a policy they would never, ever have considered until Trump uttered it. They cannot acknowledge his daily lies and desire to know nothing about his and his team’s relationship to Russia despite the number of clandestine meetings that they’ve lied about.
                    When Trump is gone and done, I’ll consider forgiveness. I truly don’t hate him which would be like poisoning myself to get at him. I offer as an example that I don’t hate anyone here, despite some of the vitriol directed at me. I’m thinking of C.V. Brown in particular.
                    I have considered whether spending the time here that I spend is worthwhile but I’ve met some good people and occasionally run across some well-reasoned arguments worthy of consideration.

                    1. Enigma….Thank you for your response. I am saddened that fine people like you believe “truths” about Pres. Trump based on fabrications that were fed to the public in a manner that would make Joseph Goebbels envious. But I’m just a country housewife and not a source to be taken seriously, I suppose.
                      One of my nephews worked in an impressive position in the Obama administration. Most of my dear extended family believes as he does: Obama great! Trump evil! There’s no changing their minds. Anyway, good luck to you.
                      Oh, and true forgiveness has no strings attached. As Jeremiah Wright would say, “It’s in the Bible!” 😐

                    2. Cindy – There is a lot of stuff out there that is false and one has to be discerning about what one chooses to believe. There are information sources on the left, The Palmer Report for example that I give no more credibility than InfoWars. I found the late Ed Schultz unwatchable in the same way I find Hannity. That doesn’t mean there isn’t quite a bit of truth about Trump that can’t be dismissed because he calls it fake news. His policies aren’t fake, the cast of criminal swamplike creatures he staffed the White House with aren’t fake. Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are white nationalists and proven themselves over and again. Several cabinet members are crooks. People are starting to go to jail, and his supporters blissfully smile. More indictments are coming, and they will extend into his family. His financials will be revealed including money laundering and tax fraud, and there will still be those who chose not to believe. This is a case where time will prove one of us right. I’m quite content the odds are in my favor.

    1. CNN claims it had other unnamed sources for the story besides Lanny Davis. Also, the substance of the story remains a separate issue from the sourcing of the story.

  5. Evidently if you are connected to Hillary there are second acts in life.

    1. PC Schulte,..
      Maybe even a third act for Hillary herself?
      She came close in 2008 and 2016. And there’s a widespread feeling that “she was robbed” in 2016.
      In fairness, if Trump runs for re-election in 2020, let’s give Hillary another shot at it.
      Bernie and Biden will both be 80 years old, or pushing 80. And she’s a year younger than Trump, so at 73 ( in 2020) she can attract “the youth vote”.
      Instead of “It’s time for Hillary”, the 2020 slogan can be “She’s baaack”.

      1. Tom Nash – I do not think that Hillary can physically endure another extended Presidential campaign.

      2. To accomplish that, HRC would have to run a third consequential campaign for the nomination while having never won the presidency. The last person who managed that was Wm. Jennings Bryan (who managed to lose all three general elections). Suggest there are some headwinds to accomplishing that. Even if you’re health is satisfactory.

        This man has his critics, but this is an interesting thesis:

        1. DSS – I sent this to both Cindy Bragg and Natacha. Thanks for putting it out there again. 😉

              1. Paul C Schulte…….Aren’t you kind! I got spooked because someone named R Lien left a nasty, mean reply to me and I didn’t know who it was…..and. didn’t know what to think, unaccustomed as I am to that kind of verbal attack.
                But I have not seen that name all this week……..So, as Sir Larry Olivier asked Dustin Hoffman. “Is it safe?”

                1. Cindy Bragg – if you are taking fire, you are over the target. 😉 You have two choices with trolls. 1) Ignore. 2) Engage. I have done both and continue to do both. Depends on my mood. 😉

                  R, Lien is one of three consistent trolls on this blog. Just don’t let them drive you away. That is their purpose.

                  1. Paul C. Schulte…..Thank you, Paul. Good advice that I will heed. And actually, per the “incident”, I had not even engaged this person R Lien in conversation. On the post about the black hole art piece in Portugal, I had merely commented to Squeeky that we had missed her. R Lien then clicked on my reply button and the next thing I knew “Son of a bang! Son of a boom!” I was bombarded with such hateful, sinister verbal bullets. It frightened and sickened me.
                    If I see that name again, I won’t read a word of its comments. I come here because I like Prof.Turley, I always learn so much from all of you, and it keeps me off the streets 🙂

                    1. Cindy Bragg – does you husband know you are working the streets again? 😉 I thought your bad back was your excuse for having him do the shopping. 🙂

                  2. Paul C. Schulte….LOL. Oh yeah, my back…ouch! There it goes again. 🙂 Yes, hubby knows about the streets….he’s always saying:
                    ” As long as there are sidewalks, you’ll have a job!”
                    (Joan Blondell, ‘”Footlight Parade” 1932) 🙂

                    1. Cindy Bragg – maybe those 4-inch spikes are why you have back problems. 😉 Hmmmmmmmmm??????

                  3. Paul C. Schulte…..Yeah, those spikes are bad for the back, Add to that, having to haul my walker up and down that pole when I get to the club to do my act. Now THAT, my friend, is a work-out! 🙂

                  4. Paul C. Schulte…………Yes! You caught me. I have a specialty act at the strip club.: I strip furniture.
                    Just give me a can of Homer Formby’s finest and a drummer and look out! 😀

        2. TS to Dance and PC Schulte,
          Harold Stassen never won the nomination, but he ( officially) ran for President 9 times.
          I think he had 4 consective tries in the 1940s and 1950s.
          That’s a tough record to break, or even tie, but if Hillary starts now, and lives long enough, she’s got an outside shot at matching Stassen’s record.
          PCS….-I think it’s illegal in the U.S. for casinos, online betting sites, etc. to bet on political outcomes.
          LADBROKES in the U.K. is evidently a betting site, and the odds are updated and posted.
          I think they had a 40% chance of Trump running for, and winning, a second term.
          So there is a 60% chance that some of the most seriously unhinged TDS victims will maintain some vestige of their sanity.
          Ladbrokes might make odds on whether Hillary has another publically recorded collapse if she runs in 2020.
          I think they have Elizabeth Warren among the top prospects to win the 2020 Dem. nomination.
          With so many possibilties, all of the Democratic possibilties for the 2020 nomination have “long odds” of actually getting nominated; e.g., Sen. Warren might been given a 1-in -6 chance, Bernie might be a 20-to-1 longshot.

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