Iran Censors Bar Images Of “Provocative” Buffalo Butts

water_buffalo_2We have often discussed the ridiculous measures taken in Islamic countries to protect their citizens from temptations from banning Zumba to renaming “hot dogs.”   The BBC is now reporting that Iran’s state broadcaster has been busy making television Islamically correct, like removing images of women eating cucumbers on television. However, one particular standout is censoring images of rear ends of water buffalos.

The BBC recounted the experience of screenwriter and director Mostafa Kiayee, who had to edit a nature documentary on water buffalo to delete images of buffalo walking out of the water: “When I asked for the reason, they answered ‘buffaloes walking out of the water from behind is provocative.'”

When the rear end of a buffalo is provocative, you have used religious repression to produce a truly repressed society.


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  1. Forget buffalo butts.

    I want to know when the Hoosiers are going to rename Indiana “NativeAmericana.”

  2. One wonders if there are lawyers cueing up to file sexual abuse suits on the behalf of water buffalos in Iran. If it’s a problem, there’s money to be made. The first guy that will be sued will probably be the state broadcaster. When one complains about something like this, one outs oneself. Just one scandal followed by another….

  3. I don’t see where to comment on Darren’s post on the reservoir stumps. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. What in Hades is going on in Iran if a buffalo butt is provocative? Or, more specifically, what is wrong with that censor? Repressed a bit too much?

  5. “The BBC recounted the experience of screenwriter and director Mostafa Kiayee, who had to edit a nature documentary on water buffalo to delete images of buffalo walking out of the water: “When I asked for the reason, they answered ‘buffaloes walking out of the water from behind is provocative.’

    The BBC is notoriously unreliable – how do we even know if this is true? Demonization of Iran has been ramped up lately.

  6. Watch movies made in the sixties. Some have marble statues of nudes with the breasts blocked out. One wonders if there is a connection between perversity, rape, repression, sexual abuse, pedophilia, etc and this fear of nature.

    1. issac – I just rewatched “What’s New, Pussycat” made in the mid-60s. No nudity, but they were working on it. 😉

  7. I usually don’t comment on such things butt [sic] bestiality may be a problem in societies which may give insight as to why it’s addressed in the Bible. We are able to draw lines as to restrictions in the Bible—not adhered to by many today with freedom(s), or glossed over “for the real thing.”

    We may be more like Soddam and Gomorrah with our so-called “religious “ figures caught up in a do as I say not as I…. At first I thought it was funny but then my other rationale brain kicked in and I can only imagine how they are looking at this present day Democracy: spiraling in all directions like a firecracker ready to explode and yet very few are satisfied.

    Those that have don’t believe they have enough and those striving to the top trampling on the rights/sufferings of others. More so: the masses at the bottom in poverty and squalor. There are even theories they choose to be like this!

    In the end, they may only be able to watch as we turn into pillars of salt—been there, done that! 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Jay S – I have seen pictures of her from the back in her pants suits and buffalo butt would not be far off. 😉

    1. Love it, Darren!
      It’s my understanding that Buffalo Gals were ladies of the evening…… that correct?

  8. “… walking out of the water from behind is provocative.’”

    Fast Times at Tehran High….

    1. Darren………..clever! 🙂
      May I ask if we will be able to comment on your stumps post? They look like works of art!

      1. Cindy Bragg – if you don’t take your water buffalo butt to Iran you should be okay. 😉

        However, it does raise the question: Just who or whom is being aroused by the water buffalo butts? Is water buffalo butt porno a major problem in Iran and what sector of the population do they find it in? Enquirering minds want to know.

        1. Paul C. LOL
          Yes, I’ve herd the adult water buffalo film industry is BIG in Iran. Known by its professional name, Buff Butt, it is found primarily in the petting zoo population, to answer your question. Also, water buffalo trafficking has reached epidemic levels.
          And at casting calls, a major question often asked by young recruits is a concerning one: “Does the camera add 20 lbs to my butt?”

            1. Paul C. Schulte…….oh, indeed, they want the camera to ADD 20 lbs. I believe the slogan is– A bigger butt, is a better butt.
              Recent rumblings within the industry indicate a new, unexpected challenge: Harvey Weinstein is interested and wants in.
              Film at 11.

        2. Paul, there are myriad anal jokes in Farsi. It might be the lack of access to women, or the dire importance of women being virgins when they got married. They do seem a bit preoccupied with bottoms for a country where homosexuality is a capital offense. Which reminds me. The loophole in the law is revealing – it is only the receiver of the act that is considered a homosexual.

          1. Karen S – if you would violate the water buffalo then the buffalo is the one to suffer the punishment?

            1. Hmmmm, tricky. Which takes precedence, the receiver, or the bestiality? Sheep were the traditional objects in rural areas, and are still joked about in Iran.

              According to the late Ayatollah Khomeini, ““A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, however selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.” – From Khomeini’s book, Tahrir al-Vasyleh, fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

              A thousand years of repression does strange things to people…

              1. A better translation of his quote is that the meat of an animal that someone has had sex with transforms it from halal to haram, and the meat must be disposed of. If it was a riding animal, it must be sold far away.

                Also, the age of consent to wed for a girl is 13 in Iran, but she can be married as young as 9 with the consent of her parents, according to Islamic law. The sexual harassment by all these repressed men of women minding their own business in Tehran is intense.

                Interestingly, sex reassignment surgery has been allowed by the government for decades. It seems to be viewed as an option to “correct” homosexuality.

                The imams have their hands full sitting on a powder keg.

                1. Karen S – do the imams have their hands full of the powder keg or something else? 😉

  9. I would suggest teaching buffalo to BACK-IN to the water, and once they’ve mastered that, roll film, from the front. 🤔

  10. It’s always vaguely amusing when Turley offers these obtuse complaints about cultural policy undertaken in societies of which he knows nothing, as if he lived in some pretty and well-ordered world. He actually lives in a time and place where vulgarity is rampant.

  11. Censoring buffalo butts?? That’s crazy. Fortunately Christians are much more sane, drinking the blood of a zombie on Sundays.

      1. No, he’s just a contemporary liberal. There are no non-jerks among street-level Democrats under 70.

        1. There is a basis for a rational discussion as to whether a resurrected Jesus would be a “zombie” by most definitions.

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