Kavanaugh Denies Knowing Ford And Ever Going To The Party

download-6download-7Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has categorically denied knowing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford or going to the party where she says he tried to rape her in the 1980s.  The categorical denial certainly clarifies the situation but it is not a response that most seasoned lawyers would advice.  Ford cannot remember much about the location or the time of the party, but Kavanaugh is saying with certainty that he did not go to the party.  Moreover, the denial puts Kavanaugh one polaroid away from disaster. One picture of the two teens at a football game or party would be enough for a coup d’grace on his confirmation.

Kavanaugh’s team is putting forward dozens of women to vouch for him.  Those testimonials are unlikely to make much of a difference. It comes down to corroboration or contradiction.  Kavanaugh has set out a bright line denial — making this a fact dispute.

As I have said in commentary, there is a possibility that someone can have a false association with a traumatic event.  I have handled a significant number of polygraph disputes where results have been rejected as unreliable.  Ford could have had this traumatic experience but wrongly associated Kavanaugh with the attacker.  In such a case, she could pass a polygraph.  The key will be any contemporary witnesses like any friends with whom Ford confided after the alleged attack.

Monday’s hearing will indicate if any such corroboration or contradiction has been found.  Indeed, it would be better for both sides to avoid leaking any damaging information until the hearing to push Ford or Kavanaugh.

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  1. The FBI should investigate the Kavanaugh sexual abuse allegations. This is how it should proceed. Then the Senate should include the issue in its interviews of Kavanaugh. That is the American way. Rushing this through is the partisan way, unAmerican.

    In any event, Kavanaugh would be a disaster for America. Kavanaugh’s views on not having to identify and control campaign donations further supports the oligarchs who run this country. What use is a Supreme Court if the judgement is already decided by the top few percent. The Congress and Senate are primarily composed of puppets. With Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court America will be ruled by an unholy trinity of bought and paid for stooges. At least with the Congress, Senate, and Presidency they can be voted out every few years. With the Supreme Court when the Republicans get through with it, America will be lost for another generation.

    Kavanaugh is also for increasing the separation of the Presidency from the justice system, which is there to protect America. We are seeing how when an extremely unPresidential person gets into the White House damage is done that will take decades to reverse. Imagine an idiot like Trump with even more power. For those Republicans, imagine a Democratic President with more power. America has an antiquated system that is slowly replacing the concept of check and balance with oligarchy and dictatorship.

    We are presented with the candidates by the oligarchs. The facts are replaced with lies and bombast. To understand one has to simply spend a moment reflecting on the last Presidential election. America was presented two almost completely insupportable choices, and choose the worst of the worst. Even if Clinton had won it would have been the lesser of the two evils. There will be no integrity in US government until unrestricted campaign funding by oligarchs is made illegal. America is the only country that works this way, perhaps along with Russia.

    Kavanaugh is a step in the wrong direction for America.

    1. That is the American way. Rushing this through is the partisan way, unAmerican.

      American way? North or South?

      Rushing this through? The confirmation process timeline has been followed per protocol. DiFi sitting on a letter that should have been presented to the committee prior to the confirmation hearings is the very definition of the partisan way.

      We are seeing how when an extremely unPresidential person gets into the White House damage is done that will take decades to reverse.

      Nah. President Trump has reversed plenty of the damage caused by Obama in the short time he’s been there. Having Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the bench for decades to come will go a long way towards unwinding much more of the damage progressives have done over the last century.

      1. Olly, in his narratives it appears Issac prefers quantity over quality. I don’t think he understands anything about how our government is supposed to function. It would be a good thing for him to read the Constitution and then comment on it so that people can help him understand what it says.

        1. Allan, I have no idea what Issac understands. But based on what he says, he prefers ends over means. We have a lot of problems in this country that many of us on the Left and the Right would agree on. Where we deviate is on the cause and solution. Issac clearly has no allegiance to the rule of law and separation of powers. As a result, your recommendation will be waved away. Issac has no humility; to him, it’s everyone else that lacks understanding.

          1. Olly, Issac is of a nature that encourages societies to fail like we are seeing in Venezuela. There is no way for him to discuss anything for he is superficial and cannot discuss in depth any of those things he repeats everytime he posts. He has no principles and that is why he focusses on the ends.

              1. What nonsense are you talking about anonymous? Do you find that brick in your skull substituting for a brain a bit heavy?

  2. If Judge Kavanaugh denies knowing Ford and claims innocence in the alleged incident, surely he could request a FBI investigation to verify his claim and refute her allegation.

    1. What’s the FBI supposed to do that the committee staff cannot? They take an affidavit from her, take one from Kavanaugh, take one from Judge.

      And you’ll be in the same place you were Tuesday morning. It’s 36 years ago and there isn’t any residue but this woman’s dubious ‘recollections’. The therapist / counselors notes don’t help you because they have elements which contradict her latest version, do not have any names, and suggest it might have occurred ca. 1984, when Kavanaugh would have been resident in Connecticut 60-100% of the time (and no longer attending school with Judge).

  3. This morning NPR’s political reporter (sounds like an early 20s female) said something like (article not posted yet) “There’s no need for the Republican Senate to rush the hearing Monday. They could delay the hearing.”

    IOW, it is wrong, immoral, and inappropriate for the US Senate, duly elected by each State’s legally empowered voters, after 6 days of scheduled hearings, to assign the date and time of a brand new previously unscheduled hearing for Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. Instead, NPR suggests 327 million Americans allow a previously unknown nobody lifelong Democrat named Ford alone, with so far sum total zero physical evidence, just her word, to VETO Trump’s SCOTUS pick, and start over, AFTER THE MID TERM 2018 ELECTION WHEN BY STRANGE COINCIDENCE RECENT POLLS INCREASED THE DEM’S CHANCE OF TAKING CONTROL OF THE SENATE. To which I reply, “When monkeys fly out my butt” (props to Madonna).

    To Turley’s excellent point that Kavanaugh should not have said, “I never met Ford,” and “I was not at the party she describes.” Kavanaugh should have kept his pie hole shut tight, except maybe to deny ever attacking Ford or anyone.

    Suppose the police accuse you of murder in Town X. You stupidly claim to the police, “I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE EVEN BEEN IN THAT TOWN X.” Subsequently, a man tells the police he shall swear under oath you were in his Town X, visited his store, and bought items ABC. You just added “obstruction of justice” charge to your murder charge. The truth matters not one whit. All that matters is who the jury believes. Now, maybe you could say, “I never murdered anyone including the victim.” But always the best practice is to shut yer pie hole and keep it shut except for your attorney.

  4. Ford has said several times that she told no one in the world about the attack until 2012, when she realized that Kavanaugh might be nominated to the Supreme Court. At that time she told her husband and claims also went to see a therapist – raising an inference in my mind at least that she saw the therapist in part to “make a record” (however belated) of a prior report of the alleged attack should Kavanaugh ever be nominated to make it more credible for her to come forward when that day arrived.

    If find the fact that Ford CONCURRENTLY wrote the “Finstein letter” requesting anonymity and AND leaked the existence of the letter to the Washington Post, when combined with the hire of a DC lawyer and the timing of her self-outing (after the confirmation hearings concluded) to be consistent with a long term strategy to bring Kavanaugh down. The fact that Kavanaugh so closely followed Kavanaugh’s career from California is also speaks of an obsessive, 30+ year grudge.

    As for the polygraph, a polygraph can also be spoofed with Xanax and also with physical techniques readily available on the web.

  5. What we need for political appointees are monks and nuns from cloistered monasteries. And they must be canonized saints.

    1. Here goes Peter Shill again, innuendo, this time using a familiar joke said by all so many and transforms it into soemthing else. If you wish to believe every word Kavanaugh said why not choose his serious worlds or would that end your ability to criticize based on ideology?

      You are dishonest and don’t care about anyone’s reputation.

  6. I wonder if Booker will be wearing a canvas loin cloth, an Ocrea on his left leg, donning a Galea and holding a Scutum in one hand and a Gladius in the other at Mondays meeting.

  7. WTF is this woman up to when she says she will appear ONLY AFTER THE FBI COMPLETES “a full investigation”??!!! GEEZUS people. This is a political hit job meant to delay the confirmation, smear Kavanaugh and derail his nomination. Period. End of story. She either shows up on Monday to testify or the Senate votes this week to confirm Kavanaugh WITHOUT her testimony. Do not capitulate!

    Last I heard, the FBI investigates white collar crime, terrorism, cyber crime, public corruption, counterintelligence stuff…and we have retired FBI agents running around investigating the huge backlog of government staff waiting on security clearances –of which Kavanaugh has been vetted through 6 already!!!…..but I didn’t know the FBI was responsible for using its limited investigatory resources to investigate last minute drunken teenage groping accusations that were not ever reported for almost 40 years and have literally no way of being verified or investigated beyond ‘he said, she said’ and are being used as a political weapon to derail a nomination the Dems want to stop at any cost??

    1. Good comment by TBob. Subpoena the person to show up to testify.
      She would probably puke on a bible at church service.

      1. Yes and the Dems are seeking to delay this vote until after the midterm election because they think they are going to take back the House in some kind of blue wave and will then have the votes to block the nomination. That’s what this maneuvering by Ford is all about…nothing more, nothing less. Sorry Dems, your playbook is transparent.

          1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after sixteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – David you have been Making Stuff Up for at least sixteen weeks. You do not have the right to call anyone else out until you clean up your own house.

            1. Paul C Schulte continues to write untruths. He appears to have a mental condition.

          2. TBob just Makes Stuff Up.

            I doubt you realize this is your tell that a comment has a reasonable likelihood of being true and you have absolutely nothing to prove otherwise.

    2. His bald denial is now the issue. The event is manifestly relevant. so sorry for your loss of morality, ethics and honor. That jacket fits you, though.

      this is to “but my team is the old white guys” t-hot bobbie

      1. Mark M – The issue is that some Dems/women believe “Republican men” want to take away ‘women’s rights’…and so does Kavanaugh…and they will fight that with all they’ve got, whatever it takes.

        If the Dems can stir up enough controvery, enough doubt, enough chaos to stall, delay, tarnish, and derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation…until after the midterms….where they hope to win back control of the House…and possibly the Senate…then they will block and derail the Kavanaugh confirmation altogether.

        The Dems are on a seek and destroy mission. This last minute accuser…who is “not ready” to testify before the committee and tell her story…even behind closed doors…who instead wants to dictate the Senate’s schedule to accommodate her ‘readiness’ which will be determined sometime after a full and complete FBI investigation has been conducted…??….is all a part of that mission. If you can’t see this, then you are blind.

      2. Mark M do you withdraw your false quote against me,
        or the false and malicious statement that I “watch Hannity and bag his balls?”

        Vile defamer, begone!

    3. What is there for the FBI to investigate? Kavanugh’s alibi? Ford claims to not recall the month, date or year of the alleged attack. The crime scene? She says she does not recall where it occurred. Or how she got there. Or how she got home. She does recall that she had “only one beer” though! That is a pretty specific recollection. Too bad no one will be able to ask her what she was doing when she consumed that one beer, or whether she suffered other black-out memory losses in high school

  8. She’s bloody lying. If she was telling the truth she wouldn’t hesitate to come forward. She’s part of the Resistance and now she’s getting cold feet because she knows damn well this lie could destroy her as well. If the dems get away with this, no man is safe. No. Man. Anyone can come forward and make a false claim of sexual abuse. I am ashamed I was ever a registered democrat.

    1. Thanks for your opinion and contribution, “julia.” (as if). My opinion, since that’s what we’re doing here, is that “I’m ashamed you claim to be an actual living, breathing human, who purports to have a conscience, sense of morality, or justice.” Thanks for playing.

      this is to “ya know, even if he’d raped the trollop, I wouldn’t care as long as he’s one of my team” “julia”

      1. Mark M: do you withdraw your false and defamatory statement that I “watch Hannity and bag his balls?”

        Hannity may be a public figure but I am not

        Your IP has been logged Mark M, i wonder, are you using a VPN?

        is that why you insult all the other posters here in a low down slanderous and false and malicious way that nobody else stoops to here?

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