Senior Treasury Official Charged With Leaking Material Related To Russian Investigation

In what could prove the most serious leak prosecution in decades, senior Treasure Department official  Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, 40, has been charged with leaking information to the news organization, Buzzfeed, that she removed from her work at  Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). According to the criminal complaint,  she was the source of leaked financial information on Paul Manafort, Maria Butina and other suspects charged in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.  While she allegedly first sought to conceal her relationship with a report and denied any contacts with the media, she later claimed to be a whistleblower. That is not likely to help her. She was reportedly found with a drive or memory device containing information in what could prove a lengthy sentence if convicted.

She is accused of releasing “Suspicious Activity Reports” on potentially illegal transactions sent from bank.  This included photographing material surreptitiously.  One just one day in August she allegedly “exchanged approximately 541 messages” with the reporter via an encrypted app and continued to use the same app to send the documents.

She is charged with one count of “unauthorized disclosures of suspicious activity reports” and one count of “conspiracy to make unauthorized disclosures of suspicious activity reports.”

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  1. What did she leak and where? If she leaked pee and left it on a carpet then prosecute her.

  2. This ship of state needs more holes. The public deserves to know. On with the leaks. Or we could do what Trump and the Saudis do, hide the info and use ‘double talk’.

  3. Look at them…..I knew if they really tried and put their hearts into they could catch and expose smeone with the opposition.
    Oh, they do grow up so fast, bless their little hearts.

  4. While an easy case can be made and urged for laying off political appointees of the previous administration(s) with perhaps an exception during a Government Slowdown and not bringing them back there is certainly more digging to do beyond that level.

    First things first don’t waste Government slowdowns (not shut downs as that’s never happened) use them to make a major deduction in government employees. They can join the line AFTER the returning military for job preference.

    The one exception is those nearing retirement who have no record of violations in other words a last minute out going vetting. They were still political appointees regardless of party.

    Shooting from the hip that should take care of most of the 30% needed to pare down the size and multiplied by the average pay packet bring the budget back into balance,

    We already know that the shutdown is nothing more than a slowdown with four characteristics.

    1. No critical operations are involved in the layoff. Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Social Security, Medicare, IRS etc. Though some might be looked at again.

    2. 30% is the figure most used for the Slow Down Lay offs. It only needs refining by keeping the park attendants and getting rid of the over regulators using those two as an example. Add to that those on full time union duties.

    3. We’ve already learned the former serve a useful function. The latter do not.

    4. Add no lame duck packing of last minute political appointees.

    A Win Win Win solution

    Caveat – Any of the office managers can and should be able to make a case for retention knowing the ultimate decision is up to the CEO of that branch of Government.

    Chief Justice, Two Senior members of the two houses of Congress, President.
    Which brings us to returning functions to their proper branch of government. AKA getting rid of the Fourth Branch problem.

    And while we’re at it quit saying Shut Down when it’s a Slow Down. The term is stupid anyway. If government ever shut down who would be left to start it up again?

    Objectivism or Subjectivism wins every time.

    1. Segues to what happens to those laid off permanently? They apply for government employment or go elsewhere. Just like everyone else. With the low unemployment rate and something called infrastructure rebuild coming up the unions and contractors already hard pressed to find employees it’s a no brainer solution.

      Perhaps technical retraining in a usefull skill? Perhaps using our second choice by revamping the Green Card Program and using both Employment Offices and Unions to tap that source. Nothing says Green Carders can’t be union members. Unions can ensure the employee is paid properly.

      Why? At some point the amount left to employee will be those who truly can’t, those who are in other training, and those who truly won’t work. Besides with a 30% cut back in government employees we also drop the number needed due to high employment.

      Green carding for a number of contracts is then tied to a place in the immigration system. with a rule for ‘at what point’ can immediate famiiy be added?’

      A convenient way between tech retraining and vetting to take care of the DACAs.

  5. Democrats march to a different drummer. They are bragging, even competing with each other over the number of different Democratic campaigns to which they are contributing money. Election campaigns held in districts where they do not, of course, live and for candidates who do not actually represent them. They consider themselves patriots and heros for getting as many Democrats elected as possible.

    When Adelson or Soros do the same thing they are slime because they are doing it in behalf of Republicans. Not to mention the sheer horror and evil of the Russians…

    1. When Adelson or Soros do the same thing they are slime because they are doing it in behalf of Republicans.

      Soros is working on behalf of Republicans? Yeah, no.

    2. Soros has been involved with international socialism and nothing but international socialism since he was a child. Do some research before you make foolish statements.

          1. Michael Aarethun – I have a VA clinic next door to me. Next time you come up let me know, we can met for coffee.

            1. Tucson for me not Phoenix but you never know! Now if TUFESA would only go to Florida!

  6. If any of this allegedly leaked information was used by Team Mueller in the course of his investigation to secure indictments, plea deals and convictions, would this provide grounds for appeal?

    1. Depends on how it was obtained, for who and for what use. The fruit of the poisoned tree would be involved.

      Thief steals information and transmits to Reporter. Reporter hiding behind a loosely applied First Amendment KNOWINGLY uses the information or the same for political operatives. This is transmitted to a law enforcement officer who knows the history of the information trail but uses it anyway That goes to a judicial system that does much the same thing. FOPT.

      But if the information is provided in a sealed unsigned envelope with no way of proving or knowing from whence it came but it still can’t be used to prosecute but can be used to investigate as long as the ‘source unknown’ is approved by the Judicial system (The Judge.)

      Part of that investigation is walking it back to the probable source or sources as a separate crime and not, for one glaring example, paying for it.

      Unlike the FISA warrants it could not be in circular fallacy fashion but a complete history appended.

    2. Mueller can get warrants for FINCEN info in a heartbeat from the FBI who can probably access it without warrants no problem.

      That is just my speculation but I have a feeling that FBI can tap a lot of federal information databases for “Background investigations” aka black bag jobs.

      Then if he sees what he wants to use in court he can get the warrants easily.

      This is kind of the way it’s been done a lot for a long time, just evolving as the technology evolves.

      See the police rely on sneaky methods all the time. The time when they put the case together with warrants and all that is when they finally decide they want to build a case and not just snoop on somebody. That’s just how it works.

      He doesnt need to rely on a woman breaking the law for her own private purposes. Despicable!

    3. Mr. Robert Swan Mueller, II’s team of patriotic defenders of the American Republic, truth, justice, and liberty likely already had the information prior to the leak. I don’t think anyone here has enough information to definitively argue one way or another. But it’s not that hard to obtain a search warrant from a federal magistrate, so I’d be surprised if the defenders of the American Republic, truth, justice, and liberty were unprofessional enough to rely on second-hand leaked information rather than just get it straight from the source via warrant.

  7. Democrats strike again. By any means necessary. More direct violence from the left is forthcoming. It is all they have left.

      1. Not quite. According to the Catholic News Agency the firebombs were only thrown a the town hall, which is a stone structure.

        Another example of “if it is on Breitbart News, it is just Made Up Stuff.”

  8. Whatever the maximum federal sentence is. Plus 100 years. Income tax returns are private and sacred.

    1. They weren’t income tax returns. As JT wrote, they were “suspicious activity reports” filed by banks with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Which is obviously not the same agency as the IRS. Duh. This is to, “My mind is ‘private and sacred,’ which is why I never open it, Paulie.

      1. Kitty Wampus – my 2nd most favorite NPC, you are correct. Still, it is the Treasury. Who houses the IRS? The Treasury? My banking records are sacred, too.

        1. Any transactions of $10,000 or more are required to be reported to the government. Possession of currency in that amount may be automatically assumed to have criminal involvement and confiscated. How sacred are your banking records? I opened an account by providing my national name (SSAN) and nothing else. The new bank had chapter and verse on my entire banking history and asked me to show the one identifying physical feature that proved I was me.

          As the value of the dollar has shrunk (30% during Obama administration) and more from the previous one that amount is no longer morally valid should be $50,000 or so I would think….

          I’m hearing rumours now of a $500 and possibly a $1,000 bill like Mexico. Anyone with any factual information on that?

          1. there is a $500 Euro note and they want to get rid of it.

            there is no way the US brings back the $500 unless we have inflation

            there is also no way that FINCEN is going to drop one iota of their onerous mass surveillance program. it reaches farther than ever.

            they can do a SAR on you at any bank if you even look at them sideways,. and you will never know.. dont even HINT that you might be “structuring” or someone will wet their britches

            economists, the deep state, globalists all want us to go to “digital currency.”

            fight that trend– cash is the last refuge of real liberty we have left now

      2. You wake up in an ugly, spiteful mood, and it doesn’t get any better from there, right Kitty?

        1. Oh bwa.bwa.bwa. Lighten up, ya fat fur ball. Kitties just like to have fun, and your boy can handle the ribbing just fine. This is to, Paulie’s mama, fffffffffffffffs.

          1. Kitty Witty Titty – Paul is an orphan. As an NPC you should know that. Check your programming.

            1. If you’re an orphan, it’s because your parents took one look at you and killed themselves. This is to, “The face even a mother can hate,” Lil’ Paulie.

              1. Kitty Shat……….how truly evil and detestable you are for saying such a cruel thing to Paul C.

                1. Cindy Bragg – thanks for the support, but an NPC like Kitty Witty Titty is programmed to say things like that. NPCs are incapable of thinking for themselves.

                2. If one doesn’t want to be treated like a despicable troll, one shouldn’t comport oneself as a despicable troll.

                  this is to “but it’s okay when old white guys get away with rape” cindie

                  1. Marky Mark Mark – you are one of two NPC trolls on the blog here. You complimented the other NPC troll tonight.

              2. Kitty Witty Titty – Nice try NPC. They loved me so much they tried to have 5 more just like me. Never succeeded, but I will give them points for trying. 😉

  9. Don’t stop get them all. When will we see Stozck, Paige, Ohr charged.

  10. These naive, strident adolescents need to experience adult consequences! A long prison sentence and lifelong ban from public employment should do the trick. Good job, DOJ!

  11. Lock her up!

    Stuff like this is why I say the Clinton Campaign already had a copy of all of Donald Trump’s tax returns. Too many people like this in government who will break any rules under the theory that God is on their side, and they can do no wrong.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. It’s a continual laugh using that as an excuse when it’s already out. Same with the 18 year tax write off. Passed by a Demo controlled Congress, signed by President Clinton, used first by the Clintons, and then NYT and then by Trumps Tax Attorneys and CPAs.

    1. Wait man!! What’s with this ‘guilty until proven innocent’ routine? The Saudis didn’t do anything. Brett Kavanaugh’s room mate who attested that Bad Boy Brett was ‘passing out drunk’ often, in direct contradiction to the good judge’s sworn testimony, who didn’t make it to the FBI’s more thorough investigation doesn’t count.

      Republicans and Trump-Hypocrites beyond the pale.

      The questions, Did the Saudi Prince know anything? Did Russia interfere in the elections?

      Trump’s answers, They strongly denied it.

      So, exposing the malfeasance of Manifort is a bad thing?

          1. Isaac, silly fool for apologizing for this wretch.,

            FINCEN forms are serious business and they are a serious pain in the ass for innocent people who have to file them on the job, or have them filed on them, a source of worry. to say nothing of SARs!

            people that don’t handle much cash can blithely apologize for the miscreant

            I sense that’s you isaac. you don’t work in a bank do you. or a job that does cash business. nor do you have much cash do you isaac. Maybe you think that’s just the 1% your class adversary. sad!

            1. Nice. Thanks for checking in with today’s opinion from hannity. Of course, it’s okay when it happens to one of “those people.”

              this is to “I wish I had a ‘hannity was here’ tattoo across my lower back” kurtzie

          2. Isaac,
            …Rest assured that very few here hold you to to “a higher standard”, or any standard.

      1. If you had twisted that say five to ten degrees more it would have made a circle.

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