Worst Halloween House [Member] Ever . . .

Dq2IR26U0AA5up7225px-GovernorSanford-_OfficialPortraitIn Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford is lucky that he was not egged, tped, and then burned in effigy after he invited people to come to his office for Halloween after four to trick or treat and walk away with . . . copies of the Constitution.  The Constitution is my life.  I love the Constitution.  I have spent a lifetime speaking and writing about the Constitution. However, it ain’t the same as a Reeces or Snickers bar.  Indeed, Sanford needs to flip to the Eighth Amendment: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”  This was the infliction of cruel and unusual punishment on Halloween.

Sanford seemed clueless to his abominable act, writing on Facebook:  “Unfortunately, no candy, but we do have Pocket Constitutions for all trick or treaters.”

Mark Sanford


Happy Halloween. Accordingly, Pocket Constitutions are at the ready for today’s trick-or-treaters.

And Sanford wonders why he was defeated in the GOP primary.  When I was a kid, we loathed the parents who would give out apples or “healthy alternatives” to candy, but nothing would have prepared us for an inedible copy of the Constitution.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential [candy], to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither [candy] nor Safety.”

As for our Halloween, we have the house decked out with our graveyard and ghouls. We had great weather and a lot of kids . . . and gave out full-sized candy and no Constitutions.

13 thoughts on “Worst Halloween House [Member] Ever . . .”

  1. What a cheapskate! He got those pocket constitutions free, as do all members of Congress, to issue to his constituents. And he wasn’t willing to spend a few bucks for some mini Snickers bars!

    1. Show Me Data – JT is adverse to proof reading. 😉 It is a curse we all live with.

    2. Show Me: Congressman Sanford did have a sex change operation. He was in the same hospital room as Tabby, who was getting the same procedure. And Sanford almost died! No, not because of the surgery, but out of sheer boredom after listening to Tabby for two days! It was more painful than having his weiner cut off! 🙀

      1. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it helpful?
        Then perhaps don’t post.

  2. JT, it is trick OR treat. Did they think they were getting booze? I love those pocket Constitutions. I used to try to get them an give them to my students to carry around for when the cops picked them up. I taught them to say. “I am very carefully reaching for my Constitution. I am fully armed now.”

  3. We had an awesome Halloween. My husband and I waited on the front porch with candles lit on the wooden steps going up to our front porch. I played Michael Jackson “Thriller” continuously on our living room stereo, and our neighbors “boogied” on their front porch to the music while also distributing candies. We ran out of candies at one point and our neighbors shared their loot with us as we reached for Biscotti’s to give to the kiddies. Thankfully we never ran out of red wine for us adults

    All in all the kids, dressed in cute comic book costumes, and their parents, some also dressed in costumes, appreciated the warmth and good cheer, and we had fun with our neighbors too.

    Happy All Saints !!!

    Bob & Jim

  4. My 3 year old granddaughter was Minnie Mouse. The sheer joy on her face being dressed up like one of her TV friends was worth 10 million bucks.

  5. Adults wreck Halloween. You can tell adults w/ no inner child, they are like this bozo who doesn’t understand kids or the pure joy of Halloween. It’s also adults w/ all the PC costume horseshit.

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