The United States Should Grant Asylum To Asia Bibi

Flag_of_PakistanWith all of the criticism of asylum cases at the border, it is easy to forget that there are many worthy applicants for asylum and one that should get priority view is Asia Bibi and her family.  After the Pakistani Supreme Court overturned her abusive death sentence for blasphemy, Muslims violently rioted demanding the reimposition of the sentence.  Asia Bibi was originally given a death sentence for insulting Mohammad.


The incident leading to the charge began when Bibi fetched water as a farmhand and offered it to other women. The Muslim women refused because it had been touched by a Christian (Bibi) and thus “polluted.” Later a mob tried to beat her to death and she was rescued by police, who then charged her with blasphemy after the same women accused her of saying bad things about the Prophet Mohammed.

The Supreme Court ruled that the evidence used against her was highly dubious.  She spent eight years under the death sentence but Muslims are demanding that she either return to death row or be executed outright.

Her husband Ashiq Masih is calling for asylum and the United States should grant it.

While the Supreme Court brought a modicum of integrity to their much maligned court system, the government has already yielded to the mob.  Authorities promised the hardline Tehreek-i-Labaik (TLP) party that they will start proceedings to bar her from leaving the country.

Since 1990, at least 65 people have reportedly been killed in Pakistan over claims of blasphemy.

There could not be a stronger case of persecution or abuse.  The United States should send a message to Pakistan and others that we stand by free speech and free exercise.

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  1. Let’s see.

    – On the date of issuance of the unconstitutional “Emancipation Proclamation,” America granted “asylum” to slaves who became illegal aliens when they were freed because American citizens must have been “…free white person(s)…” per the Naturalization Act of 1802 while the legal course was compassionate repatriation as deportation.

    – After the Vietnam War, millions of parasitic Vietnamese took full advantage of gullible America and were granted “asylum” based on a non-existent threat to the vast majority of them.

    – Half of Mexico is in the United States using it as their personal playground as an “asylum” and “free stuff” distribution center.

    America is full of parasites on the dole as sympathetic “global citizens.” 14-lane freeways in California with cars bumper-to-bumper full of incongruous and voracious hyphenates. How many more global welfare cases can America award complimentary taxpayer dollars to under the sham, false pretense of “asylum?”

    1. the threat to south Vietnamese was plenty real George the communists there were taking rampant revenge

      also there are at least tens of thousands of Chinese here who came under the one child policy. if not more. which was specifically endorsed as an asylum policy by Congress.
      they are law abiding and productive residents on the whole

      I prefer Chinese to Vietnamese but the Viets are not really bad either

      I would send every last Mexican home before I bothered with any of them. but that’s just me.

      I heard years ago, Juan Williams, said on radio that more blacks in New York city were born in Africa than the US. I’d send all those migrants back too, before lifting a finger against Asians

      But since we all foolishly adhere to this nonsense about equality, divergent capacity and outcomes among different populations, is somehow off limits to discuss

      1. I agree. Perhaps as many as 1,000 officer/political types were threatened. There are millions and millions occupying Southern California, enjoying the good welfare-affirmative-action-mortgage-assistance life and still coming, while 58,000 Americans are still dead in Vietnam. Geez, I thought America won WWII – why has America been invaded ever since? To the vanquished went the spoils. Chinese destroyed China; Mexicans destroyed Mexico, etc., etc., etc., and they want out. Is that a rationale to enter the U.S.. The Founders said that Americans were to be “…free white people…” If the Founders passed it, it’s constitutional and righteous. It’s the same policy as China, Japan et al.

        Ben Franklin, we gave you “…as republic, if you can keep it.”

        Apparently we couldn’t.


    The Saudis have spent billions exporting Wahhabism to Pakistan. The insanity described above is a product of that effort.

    America must realize the Saudis are the worst friends we ever made. The Saudis are, quite arguably, more of an enemy than Iran. Wahhabism promotes a level of ignorance beyond Iran’s theocracy.

    I believe the U.S. should immediately halt assistance to the Saudi war on Yemen. The U.S. has no interest whatsoever in promoting said war. Our involvement there has become a moral stain on America. We are aiding a very evil kingdom!

    1. maybe so. the Donald talked tougher against Saudis than any president in memory; and yet it seems like SSDD now that he’s been worked over by the “Deep State”

  3. Well that’s awkward; Pakistan will have some explaining to do with their fellow member nations of that powerhouse body of the UN Human Rights Council if this Christian woman is harmed. [sarc: off]

  4. The Vatican has no tolerance for women.
    Their mantra is “no women allowed”.
    Nobody wants to dig deep and find the root cause
    Of those atrocities.

  5. I agree that she should be given asylum but we should also stop supporting Pakistan and other countries like it. Religion enforced by the power of government should not be supported by the USA. THIS SHOULD BE TRUE AT HOME AND ABROAD.

  6. Societies based on religion have one foot in the insanity of the past: Charlemagne and other early Christian conquerors gave the defeated two choices, convert or die. The Spanish Inquisition. The religious wars after the reformation. The witch nonsense of early New England. and on and on. The other foot is freedom. The more evolved countries must accept those fleeing from the insane areas of the world. Slaves could flee the madness that was the Southern Slave States of America and find refuge in the North and Canada. Statements must be made that illustrate that religious fanaticism in place of common sense and morality must not be acceptable in this free world. The most appropriate nation would be a moderate Islamic one where the society has evolved beyond barbarity. Failing that, the US has a large Islamic community. Perhaps it is even more appropriate for this US Islamic community to champion her and her family’s asylum in America. The US Islamic community sponsoring Christians who are persecuted by fanatical Islam; there is a statement worth making. Who knows, perhaps they would convert to Islam in the light of a compassionate Islam.

        1. They might convert to Trumpism in light of a compassionate Trumpism.

          (No! She did not type those words. Did she?)

          1. trust me a lot of successful Muslim doctors will be voting for Trump. I talked to a wife of one at the polls today. especially syrians

            1. Mr Kurtz says: November 6, 2018 at 2:01 PM

              totally false, talk about ignoring relevant facts at hand in discussion

      1. Darren Smith – it has got to be a step up from where she is now. Besides, I want the Vatican to put their money where their mouth is.

      2. article about heinous Pakistan and they turn it into a complaint fest about Catholics

  7. Oppression based on religion is abominable no matter which groups do the attacking and which groups are attacked, including in Occupied Palestine.

    1. Samantha, you seem to be arguing that religion is causing what you call “Occupied Palestine”. In a way you are correct because the people of one religion wish to destroy the Israeli State and all the Jews within. That is pretty clear expecially when one listens to to the Muslim call for Israel and its people to be destroyed. Read the Queran. Read about Dhimmi status and look around the Middle East and ask yourself what is happening to all the Chrisitians that resided in the Middle East? I’m sure you can remember what happened to the Yazidis.

      Isreal didn’t always have control over the West Bank area yet the same fighting and calls for the death of Israel existed. Below is a short video you might wish to watch to provide further explanation.

    2. religion is often a proxy for nationalism. figure that out and a lot of things come clear

    1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

      Since Trump took office, the number of Muslim refugees who have been admitted to the United States has fallen by ninety-one per cent. Visas issued to immigrants from majority-Muslim countries have declined by twenty-six per cent, with temporary visas falling by about a third. (The number of Christian refugees has fallen by sixty-three per cent in the past two years.) Last fall, the Administration slashed the refugee cap to its lowest level in more than three decades—forty-five thousand. At the current pace, the government is expected to resettle fewer than half that number.

      Repeated for emphasis: (The number of Christian refugees has fallen by sixty-three per cent in the past two years.)

      [End excerpt]

      Did you know that a fair number of the refugees from The Syrian Civil War are Christians? Supposedly that is one of the reasons that Trump’s Travel Ban 3.0 is not a Muslim Ban.

    2. Also excerpted from the article linked above:

      The President and his Attorney General have reservations about admitting refugees from Christian nations, too. This weekend, Trump attacked the dozens of Central Americans at the U.S. border who are seeking asylum in this country, complaining that “these people pouring across are going to vote for Democrats.”

      Trump’s words repeated for emphasis: “these people pouring across are going to vote for Democrats.”

      1. Yes. You read that correctly. The POTUS, Trump, makes decisions about granting asylum to refugees based upon the supposed likelihood that they would not vote for Trump and with the presupposition that they would be allowed to vote against Trump.

    3. refugees and asylees are different. you study up before you lecture the lecturer
      “late” is very presumptuous as usual!

  8. Would India allow her asylum? It borders Pakistan. She and her family should end up in a non Muslim country. Religious fanatics with this mindset could be the source of the next Great War.

    1. India has had a quasi religious Hindu party in charge a long time now. not likely they would bother to save a Christian

      “tolerance” and “diversity” are not much valued outside of Europe and America.

      SO why bring them here if those are so important? cheap labor, that’s the real answer

  9. I’m sincerely sorry for this woman but why must the US get involved. What about Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, the Vatican or any other nation? Why is it always the US?

  10. The U.S. doesn’t need to admit every sob story in the world. Send her to Ireland. Didn’t they just remove blasphemy from their constitution? Plus, I’m sure she could use a pint or two of Guinness after all she’s been through with those crazy Muzzies.

  11. Granting this family asylum should just be a matter of reflex. If we truly want to anger Pakistan then send in the US Military to rescue them.

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