Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

Hint: Christopher T. Queen, 48, is the face of our times in this midterm election. Queen seems to express the unhinged rage of American politics.  He allegedly threatened to shoot up a polling center in Pennsylvania.

According to WPXI, Queen allegedly complained to election workers he was promised a gun and money if he voted “straight party.”  The problem is that he was not registered to vote and became irate when told that he was not registered.  He is now charged with “terroristic threats” though it would seem that a mental capacity review would useful.


14 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. Is this really about the face of the election? It seems more likely a symptom of a country that intentionally dismantled most of its mental health facilities in the 80’s

  2. And he believed that? Not sure what the terroristic threat was, he was not to get the gun until he voted a straight ticket.

    1. PC Schulte,…
      -He might be an ACORN recruit; maybe they’re now sweetening the deal with the added promise of a gun in addition to the money.😄

  3. His name is Queen and he was promised a gun and money if he voted “straight party”. Maybe that confused him.

    But just by looking at him I would say that this man should never be allowed within 100 feet of a coffee house.
    Same advice for candy stores. He’s got that sugared-up caffeinated college hell week look so common during final exams.

    1. Cindy,..
      He would do well to steer clear of the crack houses as well; he appears to hyped-up on more than just caffeine.

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