White House Suspends Access For CNN’s Jim Acosta

In a major escalation of President Donald Trump’s war with the media, the White House today suspended the access of CNN’s Jim Acosta from the White House “until further notice.” I have been highly critical of the President’s attacks on the media and, as many might expect, I am equally critical of this move. I felt Acosta was out of line in refusing to give up the mike at the press conference this week.  However, he did not manhandle a female aide as suggested by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and the appropriate response would be to make it clear to CNN that its reporters are not allowed to defiantly retain a mike or yell over the President in such conferences.

The on-air confrontation between the President of the United States and Jim Acosta, the CNN reporter showed both men at their worst.  The President launched into one of his tirades against CNN while Acosta refused to yield and gently pushed aside the hand of an aide trying to grab the mike.  Sanders stated “President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his Administration. We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable.”

While I felt Acosta crossed the line with his defiance and shouting, the video does not show a serious physical contact with the aide:


I felt sorry from the young woman trying to do her job, but she was not treated roughly.

CNN should address the conduct of its own reporter in his refusal to yield the mike and the floor. It seemed to me that Acosta, who I knew and like, was trying to argue with the President.  I have no problem with reporters shouting outside to get responses from a president but this is a formal White House press conference.  Reporters are given opportunities to ask questions but they are expected to yield the floor to waiting reporters.

None of this changes the fact that the President’s tirade was highly improper and chilling in calling Acosta the “enemy of the people.”  That hyperbolic language is damaging to the Office of the President and potentially dangerous for Acosta and other journalists.

The suspension should be lifted immediately.

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  1. Acosta violated the prime directive of what should be a news reporter, Never become the story. He did, he’s gone. Good ridance.

  2. Acosta was a grandstander, should have been tossed awhile ago. Right away with the overworked “racist” comment. What about Lemonade’s comments “white men are the danger to America”.

    1. How about paying attention? Who are the mass shooters, by and large, white men; white supremacists, anyone; god-fearing evangelicals; and don’t forget the russkies.

      1. How many of these shooters were white men, white supremacists, anyone; god-fearing evangelicals; or even Russians?

        In Chicago, 2,590 people have been shot this year. That is 629 fewer than 2017.

        Oh, not mass casualties you say? Does it really matter if you’re concerned with saving lives?

        1. Olly, I don’t even want to respond to YNOT. He is a prime example of a person who doesn’t think. In Parkland the killer was hispanic. In Fort Hood it was a Muslim. At the World Trade Center it was a bunch of Muslims. We have seen killings by the Mafia, Russian mob, Hatian mob and other mobs. Then again there were the Boston bombers. You mentioned where the most killings were and that is in the inner city where a lot of the victims are quite young.YNOT doesn’t know enough to even care about those deaths.


    BY SHANE CROUCHER ON 11/8/18 AT 6:41 AM


    Jonathan Turley wrote:

    “None of this changes the fact that the President tirade was highly improper and chilling in calling Acosta the “enemy of the people.” That hyperbolic language is damaging to the Office of the President and potentially dangerous for Acosta and other journalists.

    “The suspension should be lifted immediately.”

    Agreed. End of story, so let’s move along.

    1. The video is all over so anyone can look at the video from the various news sources. The interns arm was pushed down along with Accosta verbally abusing his privilege.

      Conspiracy theorists such as Anonymous don’t even stop when a video is untouched and available for viewing.

        1. Anonymous, you are absolutely a conspiracy theorist. One doesn’t have to look at any specific tape since television cameras were there. You immediately run to the conspiracy web sites to satisfy your disorganized mind. In synch or not in synch, because of technicalities, Acosta pushed down on the interns arm. That is shown on every video.

    2. yeah, yeah, yeah. You advocate to move on so long as in your mind you have the last word. Sorry PAL, life isn’t like that.

    3. it unconscionable that Acosta stands up and makes a speech like this insulting the President to his face. Press conferences are opportunities for POTUS to communicate not chances for the press to slig dirt at him. Reporters should only ask legit questions not act like a fool. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  4. Professor Turley, come on. If CNN and its reporters don’t know that, then they realy have no business being there in the first place.

  5. There it is. CNN’s Jim Acosta karate chops interns arm & won’t give her the mic
    Contact in video @ 0:21 mark.

    1. Jim Acosta thought it was HIS press conference.

      He was rude to the intern, as well.

      He was rude to the other reporters with legit questions to. A self absorbed, scurrilous dog!

      1. “A self absorbed, scurrilous dog”.
        Acosta was said to be howling mad as they drove him away from the White House grounds.
        Hope the right video posts.

    1. Getting rid of ICE is a preposterous suggestion which “Borders” on outright advocacy of anarchy.

      They ARE weak on crime. Rightly said!

      And oh, the Democrats are experts at pitting Americans against each other! They’re like the man who slaps another and then he cries out in pain because it hurt his hand.

  6. Acosta used a purposeful “push” to keep control of the mic, which is an act, in and of itself (once again), conduct unbecoming in the White House, and therefore the punishment of banning him was totally warranted.

  7. I keep seeing all this outrage about the president pushing back verbally against the bias media, not all media. I understand we need a free press, we also need an honest press without political agendas, seeking truth not their truth. A couple questions…

    1. Who is supposed to hold the press accountable if not the victim of their bias?

    2. Why should the press get a free pass just because they are the press?

    These are never the questions I never see being asked or answered. The press in some cases is just out of line. The president held a press conference and has held many more than his predecessors. So they have plenty of access and he is not afraid to speak. Why is the press allowed in some cases to behave like children and not be called out for it?

  8. I completely agree with President Trump and his handling of the cowardly bully acosta. acosta in my eyes should’ve been run out of town many months ago when he began disrespecting Sarah Sanders. acosta is now history and the daily presser’s will be eagerly watched, again. B-t-w, shouldn’t Mike in the op/ed above be spelled mic?

  9. This is absolutely the right call. Put Rachel Madcow in the WH pool. She would love to handle the lovely female intern. 😉 If CNN is given their pass back, they get a seat in the back row.

  10. Acosta assaulted and battered the female White House employee and Michael Avenatti has scores of witnesses to corroborate these facts. 😘

    These next two years will be so much fun now that it has been established: there is no truth ala WaPo, facts are made up ala MSM, and the Republicans control the Senate more than ever to stock the Federal Courts!!! 🖕🏾😜

  11. Jim Acosta is a news slut. His ego is more important than the ego of CNN. It is too bad that acosta forced this showdown at the press briefing, but it has been a long time coming. He thinks he is above reasonable, even pushy decorum just to get his ugly face on TV. He has clearly demonstrated, time after time, that it is all about him. His hostility against this administration and their representatives is rude and out of bounds. It’s about time he is non grata.

  12. Acosta is unhinged.
    He is dangetous.
    His actions indicate he is going to go postal any minute.
    The Secret Service are probably the ones who did not want to take the chance of having such an obviously deranged individual within striking distance of Trump.
    Smart move.

    1. What nonsense. Acosta didn’t do anything of the sort and gives no indication of being deranged.

      1. Picture a whole room of Acostas at an Obama press conference. I don’t think anyone would permit that type of behavior including Obama. It is dangerous and should be forbidden.

      2. Says the ultra gullible person who probably still believes everyone can keep their doctors.

      3. He’s a self centered jerk. Bye bye, jerk! Enjoy your last five minutes of fame

  13. President Trump was unhinged and looking for trouble. He was abusive to Acosta and the reporter that tried to defend him. Later to the reporter whose question he called racist. Hideous behavior for a President

  14. “However, he did not manhandle a female aide as suggested by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders”

    The definition of manhandle doesn’t mean that anyone threw a punch. Holding the microphone is a privilege that is supposed to be immediately given up on request. One doesn’t utilize one’s strength to maintain control over the microphone even thought the push was gentle.

  15. Trump was on a roll yesterday, also attacking PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor for asking if his statements about being a “Nationalist” enabled white nationalists. He repeatedly called it “a racist question,” given he had no real response.

    1. It was a racist question utilized by those that like to play the race card.

      Anyone using such a technique as that reporter should be called on it. The PC crowd constantly likes to change definitions of words so they don’t have to deal with the facts on the ground.

        1. Why Enigma would I want to go to another site to read what you say there? We already know your affinity for playing the race card and using it to distort anything said by anyone you disagree with.

          1. “Why Enigma would I want to go to another site to read what you say there? We already know your affinity for playing the race card and using it to distort anything said by anyone you disagree with.”

            B.S. by Allan.

            1. Enigma:

              It wasn’t racist; it was stupid and demeaning. It’s like me asking you if ordering a tuna sandwich triggers pirates on the horn of Africa. The correct answer is: How the Hell should I know and how could I possibly be responsible for their ignorance? The reporter sounded like a rube transparently trying to bait the President.

                1. you can be a nationalist without being an ethnic nationalist. you can be an economic nationalist and represent the interests of all native born regardless of race. steve bannon made this point forcefully just the other day


                  that’s Steve’s viewpoint and I think Trump pretty much is coming from the same point. but, you are right that white people like what Trump says and see him as a sort of white guy champion. I do. What’s wrong with that, exactly.? Should we not have any champions while every other group on Earth is allowed leadership, everyone besides us? Is it immoral just to be white, or may I only be a good person if I Hate the color of my own skin?

                  1. Mr. Kurtz – The problem with being the champion of white people is that he’s the President of the entire country, brown, black, red, yellow and otherwise. As for whether Trump is immoral or not, that ship has already sailed, check with any of his former wives or the current one.

                    1. well obama was both a hero for blacks and a president of all. can’t trump be a hero for whties and a president for all?

                      i am asking about is it immoral to be white and not self ashamed in general, not specific to trump.

                      do you believe that whites must adopt a self effacing viewpoint as a matter of due course, to be ashamed of their race?

                      please just answer that in general. i don’t expect blacks to hate their own skin color and refuse to identify with it; but do blacks expect that of me?

                    2. I have no problem answering any of your questions. I would fault Obama for trying so hard to appear to be a President for nall that he oftan failed to address issues that were too specifically black. When he did so like saying “Trayvon could have been my son,” he was demonized by white people, at least on Fox News.
                      To your question, I have no problem with anyone being proud of their heritage, including white people. The problem lies with laws and policies designed to diminish some or enhance others.

                    3. hey, thanks for answering my question

                      i agree that obama went out of his way to be fair and not antagonize white people. i did not feel antagonized by him and quite frankly i expected the opposite

                      i had no problem with what he says about Trayvon. then again i find a lot of white people who repress their racial feelings, are a little too touchy about black people expressing black cohesion.

                      i’m not uncomfortable with it, but people often find my views “racist” so I am perhaps an outlier in that regard

                      it’s great to have a civil conversation

                    4. JFK proved long ago that fidelity to one’s wife is not a criteria for being President.

                    5. I would fault Obama for trying so hard to appear to be a President for nall

                      LMAO. Trying so hard with the help of Lois Lerner.

                      he oftan failed to address issues that were too specifically black. When he did so like saying “Trayvon could have been my son,”

                      The people responsible for addressing problems which are exceptional in the black population are state and local officials. The federal officials can assist by not getting their assess in the way. (Of course, they will). It is not the federal government’s job to combat crime or school disorder in Detroit. It is the job of the State of Michigan and it’s subsidiaries.

                      As for Trayvon Martin, he was a most unfortunate Darwin Award winner. I’m sure his family misses him, bit his demise is not a specific example of any social problem that requires a systemic policy response.

                    6. Wretched – What is supposed to happen when it’s the State and local officials that are corrupt? Your example of Michigan is the ones that destroyed the water in Flint, along with Emergency Managers who sold off assets to corporate interests for less than true value.

                    7. Wretched – What is supposed to happen when it’s the State and local officials that are corrupt? Your example of Michigan is the ones that destroyed the water in Flint, along with Emergency Managers who sold off assets to corporate interests for less than true value.

                      This is a complete non sequitur aside from containing two gross factual errors.

            2. The question appeared in such a fashion that it appeared the race card was being played.

              1. Another dodge, the race card was being played in what way? Simply saying something is racist or saying the race card is being played is no explanation. It’s a relevant question, particularly since someone saw fit to send bombs to many of the very people Trump attacks, mostly black.

                1. This was one question by a reporter I don’t follow. I am not calling her a racist rather making note of the fact that the question by itself taking into account claims thrown out on a daily basis that the race card was being played in such a way that it becomes impossible to answer . When did you stop beating your wife holds the same tone as her question.

                  Maybe I gave her too much credit in recognizing that she should have been more careful in her wording. Maybe she isn’t as skilled as I thought. After all when first dealing with you I couldn’t tell if you played the race card or not, but after many discussions it became clear that you did.

                  1. The question was easy to follow unless A) You were unaware of Trump’s proud claim to be a nationalist and the history of the word or B) Had no inkling how proud white nationalists were to see Trump using it.
                    Of course the idea that white nationalists would ngo out and start sending bombs based on incitement from the President would never cross your mind.

                    1. if you study actual acts of violence by self proclaimed racists going back to the 1980s there is very little connection to who is president or what the president has said about anything. it’s a fundamental premise of racists since the 1980s that the government itself is illegitimate. since then they may have liked one president or another more or less, but revolutionary acts of violence have never been, as far as I know, intended to be a component of electoral politics even by the perpetrators, not unless you go back to the 1960s perhaps.

                      I will spare the readers a survey of the racist violence and literature but
                      the following is a widely disseminated and infamous piece of racist advocacy of what Leftists call “direct action.” It specifically rejects electoral politics and it even rejects organizations of any kind as such


                      The next thing….. the faux bombs mailed by the crazy in florida should not be attribute to racists. Cesar Sayoc was part Philippino and I am not aware of anything which suggests he targeted based on race

                      the racist who shot up the synagogue Robert Bowers specifically rejected Trump — it seems he was unaffiliated and clearly following the notions advanced by Louis Beam many decades ago in the link above

                      Overall it seems clear enough that this assertion that “Trump is inciting violence” lacks any proof.

                      Trump has said firm and adverse things to be sure. But what constitutes an actionable threat under the law, or an actual criminal incitement, is far beyond what is tasteful, well into what seems very awful. Trump has not tested those boundaries in the slightest.

                    2. enigma – Trump is a nationalist and he happens to be white. Soros is a globalist and he happens to be white. Obama is a globalist and he happens to be biracial. I am and always will be a nationalist. Being white does not mean I exclude others. I am very inclusive. Like The Donald, I want the people who are here to be here legally. But I want to go back to the melting pot not the new salad bowl America.

                    3. im ok with the salad bowl but i want my guys to be the lettuce and not a wee little olive in the corner which gets tossed in the garbage

                    4. The question was easy to follow unless A) You were unaware of Trump’s proud claim to be a nationalist and the history of the word

                      Are you aware of the complete history of the word? If you did, you’d have an inkling of why it is necessary to add the word White (pick any modifier) in order to make your point. White modifies the word Nationalism to mean something completely different.

                    5. Enigma, your race card has a dictionary along with a gramatical section that states who is permitted to say what even if Merriam-Webster disagrees. Trump defined his use of the word which was gramatically correct. You don’t like Trump and consider him a racist so suddenly the word takes on new meaning and you feel that with the race card in your back pocket you can play that game. Next you will order the term nationalism and then patriotism abolished. Trump used the term to contrast globalism.

                      White nationalists can feel the way they wish just like members of the Black Caucus can excude whites and even try to exclude blacks that are Republican. I find both a bit repulsive but you only find the one that includes the word “white” repulsive. Imagine if we had a white caucus in Congress, you would be crying racism, racism non-stop.

                      The statement by MLK probably has little meaning to you: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

                    6. Allan – You’re a one trick pony. Calling someone racist or accusing them of playing the race card which is the same thing. It keeps you from ever having to listen and/or learn. Here’s another quote you likely never heard from MLK while you defend your racist, misogynyst, xenophobic President (not to mention criminal.
                      “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

                    7. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

                      What a wonderful quote Enigma but the other “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” is far more germane to our discussion. You would like to receive all sorts of benefits by using the race card. I think that is horrid. An underserved young person whose education has been compromised might need help to get him to a better place and make him more productive. It doesn’t matter the color of his skin whether black, brown, white, yellow or other. He needs help. You would rather see the race card being played.

                      Enigma, you can travel your road that leads to identity politics and hate. I will travel mine.

                    8. Allan = One Trick Pony, call someone a racist. Another MLK quote for you as you probably only knew the one that serves your interest.
                      “A riot is the language ofn the unheard.”

                    9. Enigma, I know it bothers you tremendously, but I truly believe in MLK’s words “… they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” When I offer charity I like to think it goes to the most needy rather than any particular color or creed. You seem to object to that idea in that you seem to believe a white person is privileged while a person of color is not. A white Congressional Caucus would be racist but a black Congressional Caucus not so much even though both groups are among the most privileged of this nation. You were provided a scholarship and went to college. I consider you privileged in that sense and don’t think you qualify the same as a poor person of any color. On the other hand you wish to inject color into the equation so I think it is a self serving way of providing perks for a specific group of poor people.

                    10. The white Congressional Congress has had a name, it was called Congress. When have they ever not controlled the whole thing? I did have scholarships to college although I certainly qualified as a poor person. I got an academic scholarship for one semester as a result of being a National Merit SemiFinalist and the rest of my time I was on a basketball scholarship. I’d like to think I earned both of those, I had offers from over a hundred institutions, mostly predominantly white ones. Race exists in many situations whether you acknowledge it or not, especially including racist comments and actions of Donald Trump throughout his lifetime. That doesn’t go away by you saying I’m playing the race card. His record still stands.

                    11. “The white Congressional Congress has had a name, it was called Congress”

                      Enigma, based on your logic all non-white people should be excluded from Congress and maybe that should include Jews, Catholics and some others. That is the type of narrow and racist world you live in.

                      ” National Merit SemiFinalist and the rest of my time I was on a basketball scholarship. I’d like to think I earned both of those,”

                      I think you did earn it and I am happy for you, but “You didn’t build that” according to Obama. You are now in the privileged class as are all your offspring, but why give up on something that reaps you benefits. It’s time for the next poor child no matter what race or religion to get his advantage so he can likewise create generations of productive people.

                      Racism exists everywhere as well as anti-Semitism and even anti-Catholicism along with a lot of other isms. Humans have biases. Learn to live with them and stop complaining and asking for handouts. Parts of my family were in worse circumstances than most of your slave ancestors if you had any. I haven’t heard one peep from those relatives and even here in the US some of them were discriminated against. I hear post after post of whining from you.

                    12. “One example of “whining?”

                      All one has to do is follow what you write.

                      ” pointing out real issues of which I am guilty.”

                      Sometimes you point out real issues that are objectionable and should not happen but more frequently, at least with me, you play the race card. You seem to be in favor of creating a nation where people take sides and discriminate against people of other races and religion. I think that is a sickness of the mind that cannot end until people recognize these bigots of all colors for what they are.

                    13. What you call racism is nothing more than self-serving whining. It doesn’t have to mean tears streaming down your eyes unless you are in front of people you wish to impress. You are a whiner and typically hide it behind a political screed.

                    14. Enigma, just read your past posts and the way they are written. I am afraid that whining is the least of your problems. Anyone else can judge for themselves.

                    15. “Then providing one example shouldn’t have been hard. Perhaps you can’t comprehend the meaning of example?”

                      Enigma, maybe you don’t comprehend the meaning of opinion. As we have seen many times you confuse fact with your opiniont so I can understand the boxes you wish to put yourself and everyone else into. That is a game that need not be played.

                    16. “I knew you couldnt do it. It went without saying to provide an exact quote, not paraphrasing what I said to make you right. One trick pony.”

                      As I said that was my opinion based on a multiple of your postings. I affirm that position now and will do so in the future. As I also said everyone else can judge for themselves. When it came to you confusing your personal opinion with fact I stated and proved my case because what you called fact was fiction and not open to opinion.

                    17. “An example is beyond your reach. One trick pony.”

                      Do you think repeating the phrase “One trick pony” makes you appear any smarter or changes the ways in which you whine?

                      That you whine is my opinion as I have stated over and over again. Opinions are different for different folk. Do you think repeating the phrase makes people think you whine more or less?

                    18. It has the advantage of being true as opposed to you constantly talking about playing the race card.” As long as that is all you have, Ill continue to point out your one trick.

                    19. Enigma writes, “Ill continue to point out your one trick.”

                      …And you will do so while playing the race card.

                    20. You are a sad case Enigma. It is my opinion. Everyone else can draw their own opinions. AS far as I am concerned you are a whiner and a bunch of other things. Another called you a crackpot or something like that. That is likewise an opinion. Learn the difference between fact and opinion.

                    21. You could have given an example to back up your opinion. Instead you name call and insult. It’s not only my opinion you’re a one trick pony, it’s a fact.

                    22. Enigma, it is an opinion based on what you have said in the past and not necessarily what is said in any one posting though I think it can be observed in many individual postings as well. You don’t like that characterization and that is obvious. The solution is to stop whining.

                    23. Someone that isn’t racist doesnt worry about someone calling them that, it’s the hurt dogs that holler. Now you seem to be saying you can’t point it out in individual posts but it’s my tone? You really should back it up or find another trick. But making factual arguments never has been your forte. Out of curiousity, what in your opinion is, “playing the race card?”

                    24. “it’s the hurt dogs that holler.”

                      Enigma, along with not knowing a lot of things it appears you don’t know much about dogs either.

                      “Now you seem to be saying you can’t point it out in individual posts but it’s my tone? ”

                      I didn’t say that at all. I said it was it is my opinion. Can you not even paraphrase another correctly?

                      ” But making factual arguments”

                      Are you deaf as well as blind (in a metaphorical sense). Opinion is different than factual arguments. It is my opinion that you are a whiner and IMO I think these recent postings of yours augment my opinion.

                    25. “So you won’t or can’t back it up?”

                      Of course I can back it up. I am the expert on what my opinon is.

                      Along with being known as a whiner do you also wish to be known as foolish?

                    26. “Of course I can back it up.” Yet you havent, you keep making the same baseless claim, that you now refuse to define without saying what the basis is. Time to put up or shut up. One trick!

                    27. ““Of course I can back it up.” Yet you havent, you keep making the same baseless claim”

                      Enigma, how much more foolish do you wish to sound. I am the expert on what my opinion is. Where is your sense of logic and where is your understanding of a simple word “opinion” or phrase “my opinion”? Do a search for either the word or the phrase and you will see them a multiplicity of times. You seem to be having trouble with the English language.

                    28. Other people back up their opinions all the time, you can’t, reasons being obvious. What was your definition of “playing the race card,” again? Oh, that’s right, you just use it when discussing race is uncomfortable for you. Good night Allan. You obviously have nothing worthwhile or responsive to contribute.

                    29. “Other people back up their opinions all the time”

                      We are talking about my interpretation of your discourse and what I feel about it. I bet others have had similar observations. I am sorry your feelings are hurt but after awhile your whining is annoying and foolish whining is worse.

                    30. enigma – do you think racism doesn’t exist when schools recruit black BB players? Blacks are roughly 16% of the population of the United States but they are clearly more than 75% of the membership of some top teams, both college and professional. Is that racism?

                    31. I think racism existed when the best basketball players, many of whom happened to be black, were denied the ability to attend segregated schools, some of them state schools they bpaid taxes on. As for the present, I think ability and the salary cap result in the current percentages in the professional ranks. There seems to be no barrier to European players, there could be a case made that some inferior white players make the team to sit at the end of the bench at a relatively low salary to keep the team within the salary cap and have more white representation, although there are certainly some excellent white players.
                      As for colleges, ability, how well they are perceived to fit within team chemistry and other factors having little to do with race are the biggest factors. There may be sociological factors which lead inner-city black players in particular to focus on sports as a way out of their circumstances. If you believe Jimmy the Greek, you may attribute it to other factors.

                    32. enigma – I think all sports need affirmative action across the board. I want to see a little person as quarterback of a SEC team. I want the teams to reflect the rainbow that is America. Imagine a wide receiver in a wheelchair being covered by a corner back on crutches. What if half the team was female? And they got to select their own uniforms each week?

                      I feel a book coming on. 🙂

                    33. enigma – I remember the all white Minneapolis Lakers. Saw them play on black-and-white tv a couple of times.

                    34. i guess i don’t find racial sentiments repulsive. I can understand why any people bands together on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion and so forth. That’s all, it’s just group forming stuff. So for example one can hate Jews for example because they are good at it, or you can admire them for it; but they do it and so does everyone else. I would like to see people stop moralizing overmuch about the subject

                      But as we can see from even steve bannon telling white nationals to “go f themselves, it’s economic nationalism only” that white people are the most uncomfortable of all with it. i am not sure why, but i think it has to do with our cultural heritage which identifies so closely with the Enlightenment themes of individualism and equality.

                      Other peoples who feel oppressed by social structures favorable to whites, probably never believed whites who like Massa Tom talked the equality stuff. I can understand why. i believe that whites certainly have benefited over time from what the leftists call “white supremacy” and segregation and so forth. Of course they did. I don’t feel guilt over this– without offense, to be honest, i feel lucky, because i am white. I won’t offer any reparations for this but i can be honest. (as an aside, it probably changed because the richest whites decided it was time to change, like it or not, and wouldn’t brook resistance in the 1960s any more than they would the 1860s…)

                      But times change the foot is on the other shoe, so to speak, and white people maybe need to learn that individualism only goes so far. circumstances change and often necessity impels forms of social cooperatioin that previously were not possible

                      that can be good or bad, depending on whatever situation and where one finds oneself

                      in this way we need to look not to ideology but to interests, facts, and the situation at hand, under with all exigencies accounted for.

                      for example, native born uneducated blacks are more threatened by illegal immigration labor competition than whites are, in general., so maybe some do like Trump’s policies. you never know.

                    35. hey enigma you sound like a worthy recipient of scholarships good for you

                      whites literally have controlled congress as you say; but not in the name of any white racial group as such.

                      it’s the hallmark of American white government in the 20th century that it voluntarily relinquished racially discriminatory laws which benefited the white majority. 55 years ago with the Civil rights act.

                      but it’s all gone far beyond that to demonizing the white racial group as such. whereas it’s lionized for nonwhite groups to organize for political aims, it’s considered illegitimate ab initio for whites. that’s not fair

                      and more importantly than fair, it’s crazy to support that if you’re a white person who’s looking at the certainty of becoming a demographic minority. insanity and yet all these white liberals feel shame over their own skin.

                      I don’t feel any such false guilt or shame. if need be, I will group up to survive along any lines necessary, and I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

                      the name calling of white folks as racist loses its sting more and more. especially as it is overused, white folks who previously tried to be fair, will be less inclined to be fair and more inclined to survive. Nature is not fair; the lion is not fair to the antelope. The lion is not even fair to the lion; they fight over game and mates, and a new alpha slays the cubs of the previous one unseated.

                      But we are humans with the capacity for peace and harmony as well as conflict. So it doesn’t mean a racial conflict is inevitable. actually the rise of explicitly pro white racial social groups may provide many previously unseen opportunities for social cooperation.

                      if the objective is simply to crush whites as a group, however, and at times it certainly seems like that to white people; but then whites will group up harder and faster and it won’t be cooperation it will be other things. that’s just group dynamics. doesn’t matter if people use fancy words or get propagandized their whole lives– some folks, most people, will never lose the will to live.

                      as Americans we should be able to cooperate on national security one would think; and yet even as Putin trots out a new generation of ICBMs and doomesday torpedos, the Democrats have pilloried Trump for diplomacy with Russia, to extend their false narrative of him as a quisling. That is a dangerous game and one that can literally get us all fried in about 30 minutes if things went wrong. think about it.

                    36. “yet all these white liberals feel shame over their own skin.”

                      Why should anyone feel shame over their skin color and why should anyone wish to shame them or treat them as second class citizens? That is what is incredible. People that have suffered because of race or religion should be the first to understand how horrible that type of culture is. Yet, we see this on a daily basis even being promoted by those previously discriminated against. It’s sickening and is creating a nation of angry and insecure people.

                    37. No offense but white men didn’t voluntarily relinquish” shit. Not to women, not to any minority, not to the LBGT. Everything any of those groups got was paid for, often with blood and without fighting for those rights, none would have been offered.
                      This may not be on your radar as much as it is on mine but Congress has passed multiple Civil Rights Acts over the years along eventually with a Voting Rights Act. Every single one was weakened by the Supreme Court including the most recent ones. Almost always by the white men that filled the court.
                      This is admittedly generalizing but there’s a fairly strong movement of white people imagining reverse discrimination because ceding any rights to others reduces their still present advantage both in policy and law.
                      What Trump is being looked at is not Russian “diplomacy” but conspiracy which is quite different. Of course you can always believe he’s telling the truth? BTW, he was caught in more lies today by the leftist Wall Street Journal regarding his payoffs to women.

                    38. enigma – white women traded the right to vote so black men could be free. White men died for that, lots of white men. The Civil Rights Movement would have been nothing if whites had not gotten behind it. You remember those pictures at the soda fountain? It was both blacks and whites sitting together. You remember the picture of the marches? Blacks and whites? You remember who voted for the Civil Rights Act, white Republicans. God Damn them. They are not to be trusted. Evil white Republicans passed the cruel and unusual Civil Rights Act.

                    39. White women and black women were together in the Suffrage movement until the white ones sold out Ida B Wells and others and neglected the concerns of black women. It would take a black woman to better describe how intersectionality has failed them but I’d be glad to give you some info if requested.
                      Yes white people were an integral part of the Civil Right’s movement. Some of them died as a result because other white people weren’t having it. Those white Repebulicans along with some Democrats that passed the Civil Rights Act (I assume you’re talking of the one in the mid-1960’s were soon joined by many Dixiecrats from the Democrat Party as LBJ underestimated “losing the South for a generation. It’s very safe to say that todays Republicans in Congress nor the President would vote for no such thing today.

                    40. I think voluntarily relinquished is applicable to the 20th century. I was not talking before. If you go back to the 19th century then sure I think the price was paid for in blood was and to the small numbers of blacks who got killed in the Civil war like at Fort Pillow that was a comparatively small number to the ”
                      three hundred thousand yankees stiff in southern dust” as the song goes. And add to that the reb casualties too and you’re over 600,000. I had four brothers of one of my lineal ancestors die in the Yankee army’s meat grinder. Gone but not forgotten

                      Blood feuds have a way of sticking around for many generations. For my part I have taken my licks from blacks when i was a kid but since I came of age I’m not stupid enough to get cornered by a group anymore. The last beating I took almost killed me and since then I’ve not only been smarter but also armed on a daily basis. Funny how I have been ok since then.

                      White folks that have never taken a beating are often liberals, I observe. But blacks don’t need to fear whites, overall, that’s the source of most of the money that’s going into social programs benefitting blacks, and the infrastructure, and the other social strucutres that nourish us all, so it’s mostly just the Dem party leadership that keeps that ramped up far beyond any factual basis.

                      Rather, take a look at Central America and see if you like how they run the show better, because if you get your way and oust the Donald and throw open the welcome wagon it won’t be long before blacks are outnumbered by the assorted Central Americans and boy are they are often a lot less charitable than white folks. Feel free to do your own research on that.

                      To say nothing of all the Asians that are here and are coming. Do some research on how black minorities fare in Asian countries if you want a glimpse of how that might go.

                      And foreign born blacks are not your tribe either. Get a good look at South Africa now and see that it’s not only rich white farmers that are getting the shaft but anybody outside the dominant tribal coalitions. I mean can you blame whitey for Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda? I suppose some people probably do call it a legacy of colonialism or some other lame excuse.

                      Oh, we crackers were a greedy lot to be sure; but not quite so cruel as what may be coming.

                    41. Mr Kurtz – The twentieth century is replete with lynchings related to voters rights. Black people didn’t get the right to vote until 1870 and after a brief period of Reconstruction which effectively ended in 1877-8 when Republicans pulled Federal Troops from the South, few black people were able to vote due to Jim Crow laws including voter suppression methods very similar to what today’s Republicans use today. I don’t mean to diminish positive things Republican did prior to the 1877 Compromise, but they traded that all away for a disputed Presidency. Almost all of the worst voting rights offenses were in the 20th Century including wiping out of whole towns, one 10 miles from where I live today outside Orlando.

                    42. “The twentieth century is replete with lynchings related to voters rights. ”

                      The number of blacks lynched in the twentieth century is dwarfed by the number of blacks killed in the inner cities. That doesn’t seem to cause you much pain because your agenda is quite different than making the country a unified nation where people of all colors and all religions enjoy each other.

                    43. “One trick pony…”

                      Enigma, did you ever look at the total number of lynchings of black people and then compare it to the number of black people killed in the inner cities because they are run by people who think like you do. You like to live in the past so you can play the race card,and whine and cry about what happened all while segmenting people into groups based on race. What a horrible world exists in your mind.

                    44. “You do know more white people are killed than blacks in this country right?”

                      Generally one looks for rates of death when population size is unequal. You seem to have an agenda and the smell of your agenda isn’t very good.

                      What does this have to do with what I mentioned above? Whether or not white killings is high or low the black families in the inner cities suffer greatly due to mindsets like yours.

                    45. Enigma you bring up Jimmy the Greek. Are you saying there are no real physical differences on the average between blacks and whites? I am wondering how far the political correctness indoctrination has befuddled you at college from recognizing observable reality.

                      The Olympics tells the tale every 4 years and it’s obvious enough to anybody with two working eyeballs and a brain

                    46. When playing college basketball I learned early on not to underestimate the ability of someone just because they were white. When Kenyan’s sweep the distance races in the Olympics, I attribute it to their training in altitude and the significance of distance running in that country as opposed to race.

                    47. of course what you say is wise enigma

                      but do you credit the yarn that an old Jamaican man, father of a friend who told me:

                      the weak blacks died on the boats. they took the remaining africans first to Jamaica to break them. they shipped the ones that were broken to america and the strongest ones they kept in Jamaica to cut sugar.

                      that was his hypothesis and i couldn’t help but remember this when Usain Bolt won the 100

                      I guess some of my racist attitudes go back to that old guy and his wife who were Garveyites. They used to entertain me with black nationalism theories over big repasts of meat pies, curried goat, boiled cabbage and black beans and rice* yum! But they were very tribal and had a lot of derisive things to say about others outside their own narrow scope.

                      * racist central americans call black beans and rice “moros y christianos…” get it?

                  2. Allan and enigma – I took her question to be racist and I thought POTUS did a good job of trying to defuse her.

                    1. I believe, Paul, you took her question exactly the way she intended. She used it as a tool not to inquire into the meaning of the word rather to use it (racism) as a tool to push her desired ends.

                  3. Enigma….”Not to women, not to any minority, not to the LBGT.”

                    puhlleeeze dont be lumping your peeps into my people. We are hardworking immigrants who learned English in a short period of time, fled our countries because they oppressed LGBT and wouldnt allow my girlfriend and me to marry, and we dont carry a chip on our collective shoulders like your peeps do. You are all about grievances, hate and divide and conquer. Your people have had language, education, relligion and family given to them for centuries and you, like no other group, have destroyed your very institutions. You get no pity from my wife and me and our thriving gente! 💃🏽🏳️‍🌈🖕🏾

                    1. “No offense but white men didn’t voluntarily relinquish” shit. Not to women, not to any minority, not to the LBGT. ”

                      Olivetti, what Enigma doesn’t wish to understand is that societies evolve. He doesn’t. Where do we see the most slavery today? India, Pakistan and black Africa. That is the direction Enigma is heading. Who the enslaved will bein the future is yet unknown.

              2. gosh all that talk about foreign food and the cold weather has me hungry for some huǒ guō that’s hot pot to all my laowei brothers out there. off to visit with my chinese friends who don’t think I’m a racist! i’m not sure they even have a word for it. lol

                1. Kurtz, I think I had hot pot in China when we were hungry and dropped into a local eatery. It was an inexpensive place frequented by working class Chinese so I ordered a whole bunch of meals in order to taste a variety. I don’t have the slightest idea what was in the various pots.

                    1. Paul, Life is short so one has to experience as much as he can in a short period of time. Food can be a major experience. Since on different occasions in China and Indochina I ate in homes of people without running water my concern was more about how the food was prepared than what it was. I always made sure the food was untouched, and boiled or cooked on a hot grill. Of course for back up there was always the antibiotics and anti parasite drugs along with things to clean the water and food..

                    2. Allan – I am watching a Netflix series called Mekong about a woman who goes up the 3000 miles of the Mekong River. She is delightful and the film is filmed with things I never knew before. She is also a participator.

                    3. “Allan – I am watching a Netflix series called Mekong about a woman who goes up the 3000 miles of the Mekong River.”

                      Thank you so much, Paul. I was on the Mekong and travelled one day by boat to what we refer to as the Costco of Vietnam. You will know what I am talking about if they showed it, a large number of boats selling “wholesale” individual goods to intermediaries on smaller boats. Sometime later we took a small powerboat to get us to Cambodia.

                    4. Paul, I checked with Netflix and it isn’t in my area. Was Sue Perkins the woman? If no can you make sure of the exact name and any other inforrmation as I couldn’t find it in an app search though I did see a bunch of things with Mekong that I didn’t think were it.

                    5. Allan – The Mekong River with Sue Perkins. You should be able to search for it.

                    6. I think that’s the dyke who’s one of the announcers on The Great British Baking Show.

                    7. DSS – I don’t watch the cooking show and I could care less about her sex life. However, she seems like a trier and she seems sweet.

                    8. DSS – I don’t watch the cooking show and I could care less about her sex life.

                      You could care less, but she brung it up.

                      She’s perfectly redundant on The Great British Baking Show. Just out of puerile curiosity, it’d be interesting to know why she was given that sinecure.

                    9. DSS – All I know is that Netflix is carrying it here in AZ. And she is being sponsored by somebody, but I cannot remember who, it is in the credit crawl at the end of each episode.

                      Would I go up the Mekong River and visit all those different people. No. I like indoor plumbing.

                    10. Paul, the trip is fantastic and you can reside at hotels with indoor plumbing and the like. The worst accomodations I had was in Laos in a hotel that was previously supposed to be the former Royal Palace. We thought we were in for a treat and it was horrid.

                      I will check Netflix intermittantly because all shows are not shown everywhere at the same time so even if one thinks it is not showing in the US it can easily pop up somewhere.

                    11. Your comment is lacking coherence, Paul in “AZ.”

                      Allan can’t access it via Netflix. Others in the U.S. can’t access it via Netflix. But Paul is able to access it — even though Netflix says that it isn’t available in the U.S. It’s available in the U.S. via the BBC, but not Netflix.

                      No one said that you’re traversing the Mekong, Paul. How’s life on the old troll farm?

                    12. I didn’t see Netflix stating that it wasn’t being shown in the US. I am not sure how Netflix divides up the territories and whether or not everything in the US receives the same shows. I know it’s not true world wide since there are all sorts of licensing agreements that Anonymous knows nothing about. That might even occur regionally in the US. How to get a show licensed in one country but not another is likely easy. Use a VPN which will fool Netflix so it thinks your adress is in another place where a iicense to show exists.

                    13. Natacha – I have belonged to Netflix since the 2nd year they were in operation since it was a place I could get foreign films uncut. Maybe I am on a special list?

                    14. I think CNN should not be allowed to ask questions until after July 4th, 2020.

                    15. I cannot recall whether it was via Netflix or PBS, but we’ve seen snippets of it in our home. So it is distributed in the U.S. (It being the Mekong show. The baking show is I’m sure distributed through both Netflix and PBS).

                    16. I’ve checked. It’s either dropped off Netflix or we saw it via PBS.

                    17. DSS, I saw a snippet and wasn’t impressed. Do you think it was a good enough show to go through the trouble of getting it in an alternate fashion?

          2. I give him credit for using the avatar which shows a black face presumably his own and advancing his racial interests. I find that brave. Well done Enigma! It’s applauded for black folks but a white guy does it? then call “RACIST” so sorry I am not brave like Enigma to use my face and name. But, I can still call for the interests of my group to be advanced like he does too.

            I guess that’s why I don’t see Farrakhan as such a nefarious figure. To me, he’s an honest advocate for his people. I don’t deplore that in any person– and I certainly don’t deplore whites for having their own interests in mind either.

            let’s have an open discussion, with some frank talk. I think black and white Americans can work together in a lawful and respectful manner, and achieve many good things to improve our great country. But, the name calling of whites will have to end, for it to be respectful. That’s my humble opinion.

              1. well it seems sometimes like anything a white persons says good about white people as a group is deemed hate. but other ethnies can praise themselves all day long. so that’s pretty unfair isnt it?

                1. i mean if we said “we like country and western music” or “we like peanut butter and jelly” that would be ok. but if we say something crazy like “white folks created western civilization and everything from geometry and philosophy to physics” that would be RACIST

                  oh which reminds me. Nobel Prize winning physicist and inventor of the transistor– CONFIRMED WHITE “RACIST”


                  by the same token if someone said well chinese culture invented gunpowder the compass printing and paper money; that would be true, but, not racist? is this fair?

                  1. Mr Kurtz – the Egyptians invented geometry, those damn pyramids did not get up there by themselves. 😉 The Greeks borrowed geometry and philosophy from them and wrote it down, then expanded.

                    1. …Hmmm. I wonder if some of the leftists on this blog think that the Soviet Union invented those things.

                2. That is PC cr-p. Everyone has a right to protect their own. Some however, feel they can take advantage by playing the race card.

        2. This is a legit point, but easy to understand why from our perspective. That is, WHITE PEOPLE. We have a perspective too. And indeed we have the RIGHT like other social groups, to speak freely about our interests, to organize lawful social and political ways, to realize those interests.

          But you say that is RACIST. But it is not racist for the NAACP. That’s a double standard. Trump just shuts it down right out of the box. Trump is smart!

          Or you can admit that white folks have a right to act lawfully according to their perceived interests, and THEN we will have a reasonable discussion. BUt if you don’t grant that premise, then it’s just propaganda aimed right at us. Won’t play along, sorry.

          1. Trump was entirely correct. The double standards are wrong and I call them racist in a backwards fashion since that isn’t the most appropriate use of the word.

    2. Trump did respond saying that there are two kinds of beliefs Globalist or Nationalist and he said is a Nationalist who loves and stands for this country. Liberals take something that has been said by leaders throughout history and want to use it to call Trump a racist. Lincoln called himself a Nationalist and no one would have turned that on him.

      1. Leaders in history, along with Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists have used those words in a particular context, as they still do. David Duke is celebrating Trump right now. To paraphrase something Andrew Gillum said about Ron DeSantis, “Racists think he’s racist.”

        1. I’m sure Chinggis Khan was all about leading his nation too. Most leaders are. We can say America is a “creedal nation” but in fact, we all have some kind of racial identity, even when we are biracial.

          I noticed today that the guy who can read all our emails, General Nakasone, who is head of the NSA, is half white and half Japanese. A lot of “hafu” or “hapa” people will tend to identify as Asian, for whatever reason. Obama’s mom was white but he was considered black. That is something challenging more for whites than other racial types; white folks lose their characteristic look when the interbreed with other peoples. I realize that purely factual observation makes me “Racist” to say so, but maybe other people could observe that here is a reason why white people sometimes feel threatened by social mixing with other groups. It tends to erase our phenotypic identity in a way that is not similar to other groups.

          So anyways, we are individuals but we yet have race, even if it’s on a very definite level a creedal nation, and racial groups do instinctively act in social ways. The challenge for America in the postmodern era is to develop a way for people not just to be atomized individuals according to the Enlightenment tropes of the Founders, but also to be real social creatures, and yet whatever their group affiliations, to coexist in a lawful and peaceful fashion. Seriously, it’s a very big challenge. Now pretty much the Left things the way to achieve this is to Demonize White Men. NYT and NPR were all aflame about white terrorists yesterday and today the news is another mass shooting. Right on cue. Will demonizing Whites work any better than demonizing Muslims has worked? I doubt it.

          It’s not a matter of hate it’s a matter of social instincts. Most times throughouth history and prehistory tribal belonging was a matter of pure survival. Even today, it can be and is in many places all around us, here and abroad.

        2. Enigma said, “Leaders in history, along with Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists have used those words in a particular context, as they still do.”

          Okay. Let’s explore the history of phraseology, shall we. For instance, where did the 1% class struggle come from? Nazis used that exact rhetoric in their genocide against the Jews.

          Nazis claimed patriotism. It is irrational to say that patriotism equals Neo Nazism. Nazis also believed that all mothers should work for the good of the country, individuals should give up their rights for the common good, and many other paradigms with a close similarity to the modern Democratic Party. That does not make the DNC a Neo Nazi organization.

          We conservatives tire of the ad hominem Saul Alinsky attack of demonizing opponents. Can’t win an argument? Call them racist. Call love for your country Nazism or Fascism. Call wanting to negotiate better trade agreements White Nationalism. It’s ludicrous, but if you repeat a lie often enough, people believe it.

          Why is Globalism wrong? Because it makes countries into member states, stuck with decisions that are bad for the country. For example, moving the seat of the European Union government between two countries twice a year is so stupid as to defy belief, but it is written into the globalist EU agreement. Those member states can do nothing about it excep Brexit. If you agree to globalism, you can get stuck with stupid decisions like that and lose the sovereignty to decline. That’s irresponsible to the people you represent. Alliances and trade agreements can be beneficial to the parties involved, but globalism is destructive. It’s not like this is Rome, conquering the globe and forcing it to Roman ways, making everyone a Roman citizen. This is Rome submitting to a Liberal bureaucracy at times at complete odds with the good of Rome or any other member.

          1. well, i agree with that about globalism, but i don’t dismiss that nationalism can and often does have some ethnic component, in previous times and in our time. i just don’t agree that is per se immoral.

            also fascism and national socialism were different phenomena, but that distinction is something nobody seems to be intersted in so I won’t belabor it tonight

            except to say that there is nothing at all nazi about donald trump, but, sure, there are elements which resonate with what political theorist Roger Griffin defines as fascism, such as the palingentetic call for national rebirth, and the theme of unifying the people as an organic whole under a strong government that represents them as a whole and not just a result of competing factions. those are fascistic themes but does that make them wrong or bad themes?

            1. I’m a 71 yr old, lifelong liberal democrat who became an independent when Mrs. CLinton rigged the primary and convention. I voted for trump. Haven’t regretted it yet. He is fresh air to me. Hope he runs in 2020 and wins.

      2. Gabby – BTW, Lincoln’s nationalism was little different than Trump’s. He hoped for a strong prosperous home for white people. His own words indicated that and real historians have made an issue of it all the time. The Emancipation Proclamation only applied to states that seceded from the Union and given his druthers, he’d have sent the slaves back to Africa.

    3. Enigma – Ghandi was a self described nationalist, as was Nelson Mendella. They put their countries first and looked out for their people’s best interest.

      There is nothing wrong with being patriotic or a nationalist. If you think about it, do you vote for a President to sacrifice the good of our country, putting what benefits other countries first? We are not electing the leader of Canada or UK or Columbia every 4 years, but our leader of the United States. Nationalism is a manufactured crisis, as is equating those who oppose illegal immigration with racists. In a country of 325 million people, a small percentage are going to have major character flaws, such as racism or violence. It is false logic to equate patriotism with Xenophobia.

      It is also perfectly normal to feel your own culture is the best as far as you are concerned. Most of the world is ruled by dictatorships, the plight of women globally is quite poor, and most do not enjoy a shred of free speech. Obviously Western culture is superior, unless you like starving in a dictatorship. Many people around the world feel their country is the best, for them. I cannot imagine attacking them for it.

      And any denigration that contains “white” in it is racist. Literally.

  16. Damn good, Mr President! Maybe this will get these nasty reporters to use some respect. It’s been coming, the press have treated this President rudely for much too long.

  17. It was obvious yesterday that Trump was looking for trouble. Hideous behavior for a President

    1. Martha Nelson can you cogently describe the trouble Trump was looking for?

      Trump described the meaning of the word. You wish to add another meaning to that word. Maybe it is the way you think that is hideous.

    2. Oh sure. If you globalist’s don’t agree with a non-globalist, he is hideous, and racists. But you should use your brain once in a while and look up the meaning of Nationalist. I am one. Mariam Webster’s dictionary defines nationalism as:
      Definition of nationalism
      1 : loyalty and devotion to a nation

      Ha, and you think your smart? Too smart for you to question what you think? No wonder Donald Trump was elected President. With your genius IQ, how is it that you survive?

  18. That’s the major problem CNN has no standards for their reporters and fail to demand any decorum! Acosta should be banned permanently from the White House pool.

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