Missouri Man Commands Cheetahs To Eat Zookeeper

In torts, we discuss the common law rule that
words alone do not constitute assault.”  That is a good thing for Joseph L. Binford, 37,  in the criminal law context.  When Binford was confronted Tuesday night at  Dickerson Park Zoo in Sprinfield, Missouri, he immediately commanded the zoo cheetahs to eat the zookeeper.  They declined.

Binford was found talking to invisible people and flailing his arms before he tried to enlist the zoo animals.

Notably, if the cheetahs responded, it would represent a fascinating tort issue. Cheetahs are subject to strict liability as wild animals.  Even if they responded to command (a sign of domestication), cheetahs would remain classified as wild.  The question however is whether they are under his command legally.  Zoos, by the way, are subject to different rules in most states where negligence applies.

Fortunately, none of that has happened.  Binford  will face charges of disarming an officer, fourth-degree assault and first-degree trespassing.  The charges stems from his refusing police commands, throwing a dinner fork at and officer and then struggling with officers, including grabbing an officer’s gun.



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  1. Jonathan Turley, thank you for this irreplaceable site. I can find nothing like it anywhere on the web. Thank you.

  2. Well, Missouri IS the “Show Me” state, so maybe the cheetahs needed a demonstration first?

  3. Joseph L. Binford might be nothing more than a movie fan. As I’m sure Mr. Binford has noted, the wild animals and monsters in movies only eat authority figures, such as law enforcement and military personnel, and people who vote Republican. I’m not sure if individuals who appear to vote Republican carry a certain scent, as former Senator Harry Reid alluded, but movie monsters appear to crave it. Perhaps, it’s an olfactory equivalent to the dog whistle designation talking heads apply to every word that comes out of a Republican’s mouth.

    1. Rilaly

      They, Republicans, do carry a certain scent, as do most politician; it’s ‘eau du BS’ or ‘Merde #5’. Our President is unique in that he carries several scents all at once which makes it difficult to ascertain whether or not it’s BS, Merde, or this basic foundation ingredient ‘Mensonge 45’ which is peculiar to Donald Trump. It is said that ‘Mensonge 45’ can be detected from the other side of the planet. It is particularly pungent in North America. Some tin pot dictators and middle eastern royals seem to enjoy the stench, but it is irritating at the very least for most of the world.

      1. As the big LOSER, Little ‘Trust Fund’ Robbie O’Rourke would have said, mierrrrrrda! He and his proposed platforms also stunk of same.

      2. Then that is why Macron’s hands all over Trump in the past two days make him so unpopular?

      3. Issac, I so agree with you. But I had to have some fun in a comment earlier with the globalist Mansewer Macron, the false man (or whatever he is). Surely, you smell his stench, too? Please, respond. Thank you.

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