Not-So-Sharp: Wisconsin Man Faces Criminal Charges Over Bizarre Exposure Claims

nathan-sharp-and-superior-1527045855Nathan Sharp, 28, gives family business a bad name.  The son of the owner of Superior Crane Corp., a construction equipment company in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Sharp is accusing of “humping” employees and regularly exposing himself, including laying his genitals on the shoulders of employees.  When an employee objected, Sharp allegedly responded “Don’t you know who the [expletive] I am? I’ll just go talk to my dad.”  I expect that conversation has now occurred because Sharp is now a criminal defendant in a case of fourth-degree assault.

Under Wisconsin law, the first two degree charges involve sexual contact.  Third degree involves such acts as ejaculating or urinating or defecating on someone. That can lead to up to a 10 year sentence.  Fourth degree involves such acts a groping and is a Class A misdemeanor with potential sentences of up to 9 months and/or a $10,000 fine.

The complainants appear to be male employees with one detailed at least 10 such exposures.  The most bizarre account is one worker who says Sharp “placed his genitals on the back of [the worker’s] clothed neck and held it there without his consent.” He then invoked his status as son of the owners to quiet any objections.

Sharp is now facing six counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and two counts of lewd behavior.

14 thoughts on “Not-So-Sharp: Wisconsin Man Faces Criminal Charges Over Bizarre Exposure Claims”

  1. So used to stories like this coming out of Florida. It’s nice to see some other states beginning to share the wealth in tales and acts of stupidity.

  2. Those who depend on Dad for their position and financial security have an exaggerated sense of entitlement. In this case, I hope he loses his job as well as gets jail time.

  3. The story suggests that the kid (pervert) has had a pattern of abusing his position for a long time; he was never effectively called on it and now is facing jail time.

    His parents did him no favors when they tolerated previous abuses.

  4. 10 times? He did this 10 times to one of these guys? I don’t know what’s more bizarre, that a grown man would do this to people or that he didn’t get punched or injured in a very sensitive area the first time. The proper response to, I’ll go tell Daddy if you complain, is great, while you’re at it, tell Daddy to bail you out.

    What kind of environment do they have at this company that this was brushed off?

    1. I agree! WTH is wrong with people?! Why is everyone so docile and complacent with these idiots? Men and women need to take responsibility for their own lives! Have they no self-respect?! Who could just sit there while someone does this? What kind of “job” is worth the loss of self-worth? Certain, immediate and profound “negative feedback” will save us all from these morons better and faster than legal action.

      1. “Who could just sit there while someone does this? What kind of “job” is worth the loss of self-worth?”
        People who really need their paycheck ….

  5. Sounds exaggerated…like a financially motivated group effort to collect pay-out.

    1. It appears that many people do not understand what it’s like to have your family’s food, shelter and (possibly) health insurance linked to keeping your job. I’ve read about people accept worse treatment than this to feed their families.

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