Father and Son Debate The NFL Kneeling Controversy Over Thanksgiving Dinner . . . Father Ends Debate By Shooting Son

Some families actively try to avoid political discussions at Thanksgiving dinner, which I have never truly understood. Yet, it appears that even discussions of sports today can devolve into politics and Jorge Luis Valencia Lamadrid, 51, shows just how far that can go.  Lamadrid got into an argument with his son over the kneeling controversy in the NFL . . . and proceeded to allegedly shoot him at Thanksgiving dinner.

Lamadrid shot his 21-year-old son–Estenban Marley Valencia–after their argument led to patio furniture being flung at each other.

That certainly makes the worst Thanksgiving dinner for most of us improve by comparison.

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  1. Lamadrid told police he did not intend to harm his son. Okay. Then why did he go get his shotgun when his two sons started fighting? His story is that the gun went off when he was hit in the face with the water bottle, indicating his finger was in the trigger guard. He also said their fight was getting out of hand.

    Totally inappropriate.

    1. Anonymous – I think if I was their age, a stolen Playstation 4 would be cause for someone’s death. All his saved games are on there.

  2. I discuss politics with friends and family. However, I do not believe it is a good idea to talk about politics while at work. It leads to arguments and disunity at work, and workers are supposed to be a team.

  3. I did not do the research that others did but I know that the Prof Turley is far smarter than this post. The issue with news for the last 30 years, and especially the MSM, has been their omission biased reporting in the attempt to bias the American public against conservative, thoughtful policy options. This article seems to do the same thing – create a narrative with partial truths. We’ve been demanding that the press do better and I hope next time Prof Turley does as well!

  4. You have to go to the link and read the whole story to understand what went on. When you do, the headline here is very misleading. No, father and son were NOT arguing about kneeling. The two sons were arguing about kneeling. The violent drunk son became drunker and violenter, and was asked to leave at the point of a shotgun, but instead he went outside and started throwing things around. The violent drunk threw a water bottle at the father, which caused the father to squeeze the trigger on the shotgun, and some of the pellets hit the violent drunk’s hand.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. The best possible outcome would have been to stop the persistence of these genes in the gene pool in their tracks. Unfortunately, he failed.

  6. There is very important information left out of this story before I can take a side. Who was on which side? Until then I am standing between hang ‘um high to self-defense.

  7. Maybe it’s a good thing Prof Turley posted this story.

    I have many other things on my mind, but my caution lights have been flashing for sometime the past few years.

    What are you going to do if someone/ a mob kicks your front door in like about happened to Tucker Carlson’s family a few weeks back?

    What are you going to do to protect yourself & family if you get trapped at a stop light & someone breaks in your window & attacks you & your family? Call 911? Take your phone out & get their pictures as they beat the crap/harm or you & your family?

    I didn’t used to have to think about this type stuff around here, but those days I think are gone for now.

    1. fast answers if you are armed and ready, and trained into muscle memory, hopefully; but not taken lightly under any circumstances

    2. The first gun I personally owned was a gift from a cop I dated. He told me that in the history of his career, he had never arrived in time to stop a violent crime. If some crazy person is breaking into a house, the woman inside has to find the phone, call 911, explain the situation, give her address, the call has to go out, the cops have to drive there, assess the situation, gain access… If the bad guy cares more about killing a woman than about getting caught, she’s dead. The cops are there to make an arrest. They would save every victim they could, but they just don’t usually arrive in time.

      If a mob broke down my door, I would assume they were there to kill me and would defend myself and my family. I’ve been robbed before when I was home, and it was unpleasant. I was amazingly lucky. That was one of the reasons why I received that gift.

  8. I think this is but a harbinger of future political discourse. Imagine shoot-outs in the halls of Congress. Why vote, when you can just fire away? I believe it was Mao who said that power flows from the end of a gun.

      1. clever. you just inverted Mao and ended with Sun Tzu

        somehow i doubted you intended to be that clever but you get a plus one anyways

  9. Esteben’s a pretty mean drunk. Shooting him in the hand may have saved his life since he likes to drive drunk. I’m walking this dad who fired on
    sonny boy after being hit in the face with a water bottle. Btw, the dad wasn’t arguing. Esteban and his little brother were mixing it up.

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