Behold The Beauty of Jupiter’s Clouds

Jupiter’s clouds have always fascinated many of us like nature’s massive lava lamp.  This image from NASA is one of the most captivating yet of the incredible sight on the largest planet.  The photos seems to confirm that indeed paisleys are back and part of a galactic trend.

Previously NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured a dolphin-shaped cloud that seems to be swimming through its atmosphere in the Southern hemisphere. One can only dream of a Jupiter that turns out to be a habitat for space dolphins . . .  

The planet’s atmosphere is composed of  molecular hydrogen and helium and there is no lower boundary as it merges with the liquid interior of the planet.  The winds are amazing and reach 384 miles per hour in the famed Red Spot of the planet (that is compared to the max of 200 miles per hour of a category five hurricane on our planet).  

13 thoughts on “Behold The Beauty of Jupiter’s Clouds”

  1. The top photo presents an aura akin to what one could experience in watching the film “The Shape of Water”.

  2. This is one of the most beautiful photos of Jupiter. It is amazing that the very violence of the planet is what looks so beautiful from space.

    1. Yeah, but do you see the critter that is chasing the dolphin! I hope he gets away.

      Plus, I saw a crowd of spectres where you saw horses. And up above, a mermaid, with her boob hanging out.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  3. Thank you professor turley. Your passion and eclectic interests in rush rush world are so inspiring. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing what is important to you. If only i had a few teachers like you in college.

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