Turley To Speak At Newseum On The Special Counsel Investigation

I will have the pleasure of joining an esteemed panel today in a special event held at the Newseum.  We will discussing the Special Counsel investigation and related issues from indicting a sitting president to possible impeachment proceedings.  The event is organized by the Freedom Forum Institute and the panel will also include Stuart E. Eizenstat, American diplomat and attorney (and author of the new book, “President Carter: The White House Years”) and Kenneth W. Starr, former federal judge, U.S. Solicitor General, and independent counsel for the Whitewater investigation. The moderator will be Greta Van Susteren, broadcast journalist and host of legal and political affairs programs on Fox News and MSNBC.

C-Span is planning to show the event.

The details are below:


December 15, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Knight TV Studio
555 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001

Free and open to the public. Registration required.

21 thoughts on “Turley To Speak At Newseum On The Special Counsel Investigation”

  1. The mutual admiration for Starr was “extravagant” and nauseating. His so called respect for the opinion of others was so obviously veiled contempt. I lost count of his use of the word extravagant to characterize his disapproval. Stu was the one speaker that had it right. Adherence to rule of law and integrity is what counts. Let’s keep it simple.

    1. Stu was the one speaker that had it right. Adherence to rule of law and integrity is what counts. Let’s keep it simple.

      Eisenstadt’s a partisan Democrat. If adherence to the rule of law is what he actually wants, he’s got a problem.

  2. I hope that somebody will question the moralist Starr about his resignation as head of Baylor after dismissing the numerous rapes that were swept under the rug by him Sort of says a lot about his so called Whitewater fraud.

  3. Prof. Turley, Thanks for posting this notice. I was there today and enjoyed the discussion. I could have listened to the three of you talk for at least another hour and was sorry it didn’t go longer.

  4. At first I thought you said, “Ad Nauseum,” and I was like, “Well ok then, thanks for the warning.”

  5. Are we going to discuss Mueller wiping Strozk’s cellphone before giving to the IC? Or the lack of a chargeable offense under the Constitution? I do know that impeachment is political and the Democrats really do not need a charge, just the votes. However, there is a pragmatic side to impeaching the President. Judicial Watch is already investigating the vote harvesting in CA. 2020 will not go down like 2018. All those newbies are vulnerable.

    1. Paul – “Are we going to discuss Mueller wiping Strozk’s cellphone before giving to the IC?”

      This seemed like the kind of “fact” worthy of scrutiny before simply accepting. After reviewing the actual report (not just the Breitbart version) it seems that all of the employees of the SCO were issued I phones and when they left that department, the phones were reset to factory specifications and issued to other agents. Strozk’s prone wasn’t wiped and then handed over to the IC, it was retrieved from the agent to whom it had been issued and then examined. Page left her phone in the office when she left, it seemingly missing for a while but found and determined to have been reset at the time she left which is normal practice so the period afterward during which it was missing makes is sound like part of a great conspiracy but is meaningless.
      The practice of resetting I phones and laptops, for example, seems quite reasonable if the items are going to be reused, unless you’d rather our government store and save every piece of equipment ever used by an individual in case someone wanted to examine it later.
      Meanwhile, Trump entities are the subject of 6 Federal/State investigations and literally every day we get new evidence of their corruption. Like Orrin Hatch though, many her simply “don’t care,” or aren’t aware because the news doesn’t penetrate the bubble. The question is already no longer if Trump gets Impeached but when? I’m all in favor of waiting for the final report because the Senate isn’t quite ready. But neither was the Nixon-era Republican Senate (Nixon won 49 states) which eventually concluded Nixon “didn’t have the votes” and he resigned. Some believe he’ll quit as part of a comprehensive deal to save his kids (including Ivanka it seems). We will see?

      1. I’m actually embarrassed for the bozo. The insult he brings to that office is offensive embarrassing. And frankly unAmerican. I’m a former solider. Plain disrespectful.

  6. Prof Turley, er al,

    Make sure you bring plenty of Bananas for everyone attending since the US public have seen more then a enough Hard Evidences that Rat Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, Clinton’s, Obama, etc, etc, etc…., have turned the US’s legal system & much of the govt into a Banana Republic!!!

    And even with all that’s known now fm’r US attorney Joe Digenova couldn’t bring himself to call for those Traitors azzes to be Lock Up!

    And you could address what to do once the Social Contract has been Broken.

    1. Unfortunately for you, your ilk, and the gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make, the traitors are in the process of being locked up now; although the ringleader of the traitors, your very own day glo bozo, will not get his prints taken until January 21, 2020. So sorry for your loss, and your obvious head injury.

      this is to “I’m not drunk, I just got kicked by a mule as a child” okie

      1. MM,

        You could use some evidence of something. Just say Trump Bad for the last 3 years is Boring.

        1. I’ll refer you to the news, which has uniformally set forth the evidence, guilty pleas, and sentences of the henchmen, gofors, hangers-on and grifters-in-kind as they occur. However, your utter lack of substantive response (for which there really isn’t one) fails to consider the most salient question for the gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make who currently support the antics of the day glo bozo, which is: “what is that ticking sound?”

          this is to “but hannity pinky-swore he’d be emperor before too long” okie

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