Vive La Révolution: Meet The Faces Of The New Democratic Party

I have been writing for weeks about the how many new Democratic members ran on the pledge to insist on new leadership, particularly in the opposition to Nancy Pelosi resuming as Speaker. Pelosi remains one of the most polarizing figures in the country and has long been unpopular with the majority of voters. However, these elections are not about the voters or even the party. It is about the members and their interests. Pelosi spent weeks working members with promises of committee positions and support. The result is that the new Democratic Party looks a lot like the old Democratic Party — and the new members have found a new home in the Washington establishment. Pelosi, 78, will resume the speakership today while Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), 78, will return as Majority Whip . . . and all is well in the Beltway after another “revolutionary” election.

Pelosi will be the first person since the Texas Democrat Sam Rayburn, to return to the speaker’s chair after losing it. At a time when the Democrats are desperately seeking younger voters, she will also be the oldest person ever elected speaker. However, it is her unpopularity with the majority of voters that makes this choice so glaring for many who want to see a rebuilding of the party away from the Washington establishment.

A new Gallup poll shows Pelosi is liked by just 38 percent of the voters. Roughly half of the voters dislike her. Notably, independents hold highly unfavorable views: the group essential for any Democratic success in 2020. Mitch McConnell’s numbers are equally low.

The question is why the establishment would select someone who remain unpopular with roughly half of the voters. The answer again is that elections are not about the voters. It is about the members and what they can get from a speaker and preserving their control over power. Change is a wonderful campaign slogan but it is the last thing that anyone in Washington would accept with trillions of dollars moving through Democratically controlled committees this term.

So ancien régime is the new order of the day. Vive la révolution

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  1. Isn’t how much I “like” her but how effective she will be. I have no opinion.


    Gallup did not measure opinions of incoming Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy in the December poll. It did, however, measure opinions of outgoing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Ryan’s favorability has been measured 12 times by Gallup, including seven times since he reluctantly became House speaker in 2015. Ryan’s highest favorability, 48%, was in the wake of the 2016 election when his Republican Party swept both houses of Congress and the presidency. Ryan announced last April that he would not seek re-election to the House.

    His latest 34% favorable rating is the lowest of his speakership and below his overall historical average of 39%. It has fallen six percentage points since June 2018, including a 12-point drop among Republicans.

    The trajectory of Ryan’s favorable ratings is similar to other recent past speakers who left the speakership viewed more negatively than positively by Americans, much worse off than when they started. For his part, Ryan started his speakership with a net +13 favorable rating and leaves with a net -16 image rating.

    Edited from: “U.S. Congressional Leaders Unpopular On Balance”

    GALLUP, 1/3/19

      1. Peter,
        You seem more and more disjointed in your comments. Is David Brock not paying you the Russian grade crack anymore or is Brock now paying his trolls like you crack from the Global Clinton Foundation?

        Steady bruh.

        1. Jay, we’ve heard the David Brock comment here 50 times at least. Clever conservatives imagine they’re making an original observation. And honestly I have yet to see any reference to Brock in the mainstream media. But ‘wait’, don’t tell me, that’s ‘part of the conspiracy!’.

          1. You wouldn’t be hearing it if you ever had an original observation.

          2. I doubt if Brock’s name was mentioned 50 times here.
            I would bet that Fox News, Hannity, Koch Bros. have been mentioned here thousands of times….mostly by the same group most severely afflicted with TDS.
            So the cheap, lame stunt of attempting to discredit someone by endlessly spouting off about Fox, Hannity, etc. is repeatedly pulled by the same group of nitwits.

  3. Speaking of new faces, was anyone else impressed with ability of Nancypants to flash such a huge smile today, when you consider the amount of botox she’s received?

    1. Cindy, it truly is immoral how much work Pelosi receives for plastic surgery considering the homeless and displaced immigrants in SF. With all of the botox and plastic implants she has received, a match will cause her to burn in minutes 😉

      1. stop insulting Speaker Pelosi. Her assets are real and really impressive. Fullsome praise i give her, que madurada!

  4. re: Rep. Sam Raburn, Pelosi is no where near his league. Nancy is a whore while Sam……

    “Author Robert Caro said, “No one could buy him. Lobbyists could not buy him so much as a meal. Not even the taxpayer could buy him a meal. He refused not only fees but travel expenses for out-of-town speeches; hosts who . . . attempted to press checks upon him quickly realized they had made a mistake. . . . Rayburn would say, ‘I’m not for sale’ – and then he would walk away without a backward glance.”
    – Wiki

      1. Lyndon B For Butcher Johnson The Chief War Monger of the Progressive Party who was personally involved with the Falsified Tonking Gulf Resolution which led to just shy of 60,000 deaths of US Serfvice personnel alone.

        LBJ who along with Edward Kennedy whom we know for sure was not adverse to murder and killing are my favorites for the who killed JFK and both had opportunity and motive

        One should never forget LBJ especially those who as the War Monger Party has so much other spilled blood to answer for.

        1. Michael….yep, that’s the one. A truly disgusting person, always seeing what was in it for himself.
          He also destroyed the Civil Rts foundation and follow-through by totally and stupidly dismissing Patrick Moynahan’s Dept. of Labor’s detailed study of how the Black family unit would be seriously weakened by Gov’t welfare.
          Thanks, Lyndon.

          1. Yep, the LBJ who bragged that with the government welfare they’d “have the n*****s voting Democrat for the next 100 years.”

            And he was right.

  5. The theme song for the Bernie-faction of the Democrat party as Pelosi takes the speaker’s gavel, again:

    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss.

    1. I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
      Take a bow for the new revolution
      Smile and grin at the change all around
      Pick up my guitar and play
      Just like yesterday
      Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
      We don’t get fooled again
      Don’t get fooled again, no no

      Meet the new boss
      Same as the old boss.

      *Lyrics by PETER TOWNSHEND

        1. Thank you. You’re right, YNOT. Why, you may ask? Perhaps because I am grieving the loss of the Captain. You know him? Remember The Captain and Tenille? Yes, he passed away yesterday. And it hit me hard. But, love, love will keep us together, right? That’s right, YNOT. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord Disick. 😉

        2. YNOT — You may remember The Captain and Tenille’s other hit. “Do that to me one more time.” Oooh. I love it when you insult me, YNOT. Oooh. Ooh. Do that to me one more time. 😉

  6. “The Democrats just can’t shake their ultra-wealthy septuagenarian leadership despite their constant drumbeat that they’re the part of the young and downtrodden.

    She’s the first Speaker of the House since Rep. Sam Rayburn more than 60 years ago to reclaim the mantle after she led the House Democrats to ruin for much of the 2010s. She’s also tied Rayburn to be the oldest person ever elected Speaker and the oldest to hold it.“

    1. I wonder if she and Hoyer recall that Rayburn died within a year.

      1. if only Americans were so lucky to have that happen. Who would succeed Nancy in her death as Speaker?

        1. Hoyer’s older than she is and has been in Congress longer. Clyburn’s just her age. Of the two-dozen or so who will make up the Democratic caucus leadership in the 116th Congress, just 4 are under the age of 65.

        2. Jillian,…
          – I don’t wish any harm to Rep. Pelosi, but should she expire before her term expires,….. Speaker Maxine Waters?😉😊😀

            1. And racist, and homophobic, and sexist, and transphobic, and, well darn it, just plain wrong on everything.
              There you go, Becka – just being helpful.

          1. Becka is a racist for using the t word which is just below the n word and above the c word

            X word


            1. Ding Dong yer brains are dead,
              Toxic sludge,
              gone to yer heads,
              Ding Dong yer once bright brains are dead…..

              Facts used to be a thing,
              Arguments built up like bling,
              but now the driver slays the King!

              Flying monkeys holding sway,
              Your nasty words
              don’t go away
              All is spoiled by the things you say.

              Your crown is pretty black
              You don’t have the balls
              to roll it back
              Your wicked witch has won the day.

          2. Thank God for generational welfare, affirmative action and the entire redistributionist welfare state.

            The Racist Anti-American Welfare State: Don’t leave home wiffout it!

  7. Thanks for the faces of the parasites that steal our money through unconstitutional taxation.

    Just imagine, if the Constitution were supported by the Supreme Court and adhered to, the redistributionist, democrat welfare state would not exist as it is precluded by the limit on Congress to tax merely for “…general Welfare…” not individual welfare, the preclusion of social engineering through the immutable right to private property “…in exclusion of every other individual…” including the government per Madison, and the restriction on governmental regulation to merely the “flow,” exchange or trade of commerce “among the several states…” solely assure that no bias or favor is provided to one state over another.

    1. George

      Are you talking about the yuge 2017 tax cuts? I assume you voted for Trump, so it stands to reason you should be happy.

      1. Sad thing is the last part of that was the final tax cut for the individual working class that would along with the double deduction and increase in the economy make up for the 30% cut in the devaluation of the dollar from O’bombed no nomics complete failure. Think not” What was your COLA score card for eight years?

      2. Affirmative action, welfare, food stamps, quotas, Obamacare, forced busing, rent control, utility subsidies, social services, WIC,

        HAMP, HARP, HUD, HHS, TANF, SSI, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Social Security Disability, “Fair Housing” laws, “Non-

        Discrimination” laws, “hate crime” laws, regulation beyond that of the “trade” or “exchange” of commerce among the several states

        etc., are all principles of the Communist Manifesto and irrefutably unconstitutional.

        I’m talking about the Constitution which severely limits the size and scope of government and exists solely to secure and facilitate

        the freedom of individuals.




    The Economist, noting that Trump’s approval rating is “stratified by age,” reports that baby boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — who have been the United States’ largest age cohort for more than five decades will, in 2019, be outnumbered by millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996. Boomers are — were; they are shuffling off the stage — almost 75 percent white; millennials are 56 percent white. In November’s midterm elections, Democrats won two-thirds of voters ages 18 to 29, and 71 percent of millennial women.

    Furthermore, the GOP, which thinks of itself as the redoubt of the devout, is competing in an increasingly secular country. The Economist says that “Nones” — people with no religion — “already outnumber Catholics and mainline Protestants,” and in 2019 might outnumber evangelicals. “There will soon be more Nones than any single group of Christians.” Ex-Catholics are 13 percent of the American population.

    Furthermore, the New York Times reports that with the Democrats’ capture of New York’s 11th Congressional District, which includes Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, Republicans now hold no “truly urban” district. Since Republicans lost four Orange County, Calif., seats in November — the Democrats lost only two seats nationally — come January, there will be no Republican from there in Congress for the first time since 1940. And there also will be no Republicans from New England.

    Republicans can hope that, in 2020, with Trump presumably at the top of their ticket, the turnout will be much larger and very unlike that of 2018. But analyst Charlie Cook, citing Michael McDonald of the United States Elections Project, says the 2018 turnout of 50.1 percent was the highest of any midterm election cycle since 1914. David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report says Republicans lost 96 percent of House contests in districts Trump either lost or carried by less than seven points.

    Edited from: “Republicans Should Be Alarmed By This Sign Of Intelligent Life In The Democratic Party”, by George Will


    1. Peter, your vote doesn’t actually count for more when you’re under 30.

      1. Tabby, those votes count ‘longer’. When one looks at demographics, days look numbered for Republicans.

        1. I’ve been hearing that for a generation, Peter Shill. Maybe it happen ‘ere you shuffle off.

        2. Peter, are you happy at your demographic displacement as a people ?because I bet ten bucks you are white like me. are you one of those self hating white liberals who feels loathing at the success of your ancestral cultures?

          i dont take a lot of hope in Latin American mass migration– i have been to several countries in Latin America and though I like the people, it’s not exactly the kind of place i want to see our country become

          see i have this crazy idea that it is people who build societies not just geography or systems. and so if you replace a certain people with different people, it will end up differently.

          and let’s just say, they may be wonderful and good people overall but overall they are also very poorly educated people— well, it won’t be as wonderful as a place as it was. let’s put it that way. at best. but you figure as a Democrat, the country will be improved so long as you can have a demographic majority to inflict your political will on all the white bigots out there. is that it?

          1. Kurtz, demographic changes have been coming for a very long time. But Republicans never noticed.

            After Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012, the GOP commissioned a report that concluded Republicans absolutely ‘had’ to expand their base to include more women and minorities. But Republicans promptly shelved that report and went right about their old ways; emphasizing tax cuts, ‘Second Amendment rights’ and opposition to abortion. Those issues are clearly on borrowed time.

            One needn’t be a ‘self-loathing White’ to recognize these changes. But anyone who does recognize them is labeled a ‘self-loathing White’ by dead-enders like you.

        3. Not when you contgnuously fail to count the largest block of voters who also smashed your blue piddle. from expected to reality. In fact your demographics suck.

    2. And not one creditable source? I’m thinking of the 55% to 45% loss in 2016 of which the independents alone provided 40% of the total vote Some how phony polls and worse popularity polls just don’t mean a thing.

  9. Vive La Révolution? We know how the leaders of that revolution ended up and contrary to the slogan it wasn’t “long live”? Freudian slip or happy inevitability?

  10. At the time this image was taken, I presume it comprised all or most of the Pelosi Klan. I apologize the dimensions are so large.

    For multiple reasons I just get a kick out of this image. First of course, the magnitude of Klan members is quite impressive. 2nd, every single piece of clothing and accessory for every Klan member appears to be pure white and white only, and we’re talking shockingly brand new spotless fluorescent white! The irony of Pelosi’s alleged love for diversity: blacks, browns, and Asians need not apply for Pelosi Klan membership! Do Klan rules forbid dating non-whites? Something tells me the only non-whites ever to cross a path with a Pelosi Klan member are servants and persons Pelosi busses in to her political rallies. Not exactly “upper crust” enough for potential Klan membership,? How many illegals live in Nan’s neighborhood? I’ve driven right by Dianne Feinstein’s house. The only illegals in that neighborhood are pool cleaners and dog walkers.

    The last noteworthy item is the pristine projection of “cleanliness,” happiness, and purity, joy even. Contrast the image with the fact that Pelosi and then-Senator Boxer apparently brought home more Federal bacon to “defense” contractors who spread death and misery, dismemberment, and utter destruction, solely for military profits. Pre-Obama every other sentence Pelosi and Schumer uttered Re. Bushie was to label him a “warmonger.” The day after Obama took office, “warmonger” is eliminated from the DNC political lexicon, regardless his incinerating Libya (utter chaos and civil war now) and his putting “boots on the ground in Syria” soon after swearing that would never happen (there’s even video of an Obama spokesman asking reporters “Who ya gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

    The irony is noteworthy.

    Enjoy! Spread it around!

    1. I apologize for replying to myself: Obama indeed did utterly lie through his teeth when he promised “no boots on the ground in Syria.” Later, after Obama put a few hundred to a thousand boots on the ground in Syria, reporters asked an Obama spokesman about The King’s prior lie, to which the spokesman lied again just like his boss and said those boots they saw on the ground were not “boots.”. It’s quite Orwellian. (Alleged “anti-fascists” tearing down public statues reminds me of Orwell’s 1984, in which government bureaucrats continually remove words from the vocabulary.)

      The spokesman’s lie reminds me of Woody Allen’s “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex (but were afraid to ask).” In one scene Woody is a psychiatrist treating an old Greek shepherd who fell in love with one of his sheep. Woody rolls his eyes and suggests the shepherd bring in the sheep. The shepherd brings in the sheep, for whom the psychiatrist quickly develops an intense irresistible affection, tenderly stroking the animal’s head.

      The next/last scene is Woody in bed with the sheep wearing stockings and a garter belt in the Bridal Suite at the Waldorf Astoria. Woody’s wife breaks open the double doors with lawyers and photographers snapping images with bright flash, to which Woody cries out, “It’s not what you think!!!”



    Women are underrepresented on both sides of the aisle in Congress. Just under 1 in 4 members will be women next session. But less than 1 in 10 Republican members will be women.

    And their numbers will decline this year, both at the national and state level — in Congress, there will be 20 GOP women, down from the current 29. And in state legislatures, there will be 660 Republican women, down from 705 now. That has people like Nickloes worried that the party could alienate voters and do a less effective job of governing.

    In a recent interview with NPR, retiring Florida Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen also expressed outrage at the declining number of GOP women in Congress.

    “It is unbelievable. It is astounding. It is eye-popping, and I hope that our Republican leaders see this as a challenge and a problem that we need to fix,” she said.

    One reason Republican women are poorly represented at the national level is that they’re also relatively scarce in state legislatures, which are traditionally a training ground for Congress.

    Why Aren’t More Women In Office? Even Within Parties, There’s Big Disagreement
    Both parties also have different ideas about how important diversity is. One in 3 Republicans believe there are too few women in political office. In comparison, 8 in 10 Democrats think so, according to the Pew Research Center.

    Polarization may also be keeping some candidates out of office, sapping the GOP of another potential pool of women.

    “There’s a feeling that ‘There’s no place for me in the Republican Party right now for moderate women,’ ” said Erin Vilardi, founder and CEO of VoteRunLead, a nonpartisan group that recruits and trains women to run for office. “And that’s something that we’ve heard repeatedly.”

    Whether or not the Republican women running for office are in fact more ideologically moderate than the Republican men, there is some evidence that voters see Republican women as more moderate, as the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog noted in 2014, as well as FiveThirtyEight in its examination of Republican women.

    That could be hurting Republican women candidates in primaries, in which voters are necessarily more partisan than the general election electorate.

    Edited from: “The New Congress Has A Record Number Of Women. But Very Few Republican Women”

    Todays NPR

    1. RE. ABOVE:

      What this article hints at, but never really says, is that Republicans distrust women candidates because they might be soft on Guns, Abortion and Healthcare.

      1. “What this article hints at, but never really says, is that Republicans distrust women candidates because they might be soft on Guns, Abortion and Healthcare.”

        Who cares? The Repubs are only a 1/2 step above the Democrats; both trolling the bottom.
        And do please continue with the social engineering. I think you can still purchase sea monkeys, so you can pass your time forcing them into your ideal social hierarchy as well. I’m sure your as equally effective in herding cats.

        1. Peter Shill, your drug induced commenta on these forums 24/7 reveal the downside of being an employee of David Brock and getting paid with little baggies containing white crysTal powder. Get an NA Sponsor pronto

      2. abortion issue is out the window.
        healthcare is complicated
        guns? can only be confiscated by the army. laws don’t matter for that one. that’s civil war time. feel free to try. sooner the better.

        1. With the additional 32 trillion for free healthcare the dems better check the budget to see if they can afford 20 million Wacos and the replacement of several million government enforcement agents.

          1. Dawn, anyone wanting healthcare is a ‘waco’..??

            I see. ‘Sane and dignified folks take their cancer and quietly die out of sight’.

    1. NUTCHACHA says, “Pelosi still has a higher approval rating than Trump.”

      What NUTCHACHA means is Pelosi gives more “free stuff” to parasites than Republicans and/or conservatives.

      That is the essence of the rationale of the Founders to restrict the vote to Male, European, 21 with 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

      Restricted Voting: Don’t leave home without it!

    2. Only in National or Internatonal Socialist polls where the outcome is printed the day before.

  12. Rep. Pelosi need only visit her cosmetic surgeon again and she, too, can be one of the new faces in the current House.

      1. Too rude, Becka G? Hillary said it’s time to be less civil; don’t be too shocked😧 if even the President himself “starts”😏being uncivil at times.

        1. rude but mostly why? What does a personal attack do for your argument other than explain that it rests on your personal dislike rather than any real political opposition? And oh boy howdy, you let me know when you think Trump is ‘starting’ to become uncivil…..that will clue me in on to how far I need to stay the heck away from you!

          1. There are visual aids to help some people understand when I’m joking.
            The parentheses and the wink emoji might have given you a clue (or most people a clue) that I was kidding about Trump only now starting to be uncivil at times.
            You already knew to stay far away from me and others from your expressed fear of “thugs” you felt threatened by on this thread.
            You threw in a couple of other descriptions, and I had to remind you that you forgot to throw in “evil” for your demonization of
            your opposition.
            I’ll try to help you out in filling in the gaps for you if you feel the need to resort to the demonization tactic again.

    1. Nancy doesn’t need impants that’s for sure. let’s see more of her “up front and center” so to speak

      1. Without her iron cantilever bra, up front and center is down low swinging against the knees.

  13. If Washington, DC and Congress had a theme song, it would be this:

    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Letting the days go by (same as it ever was)
    Letting the days go by (same as it ever was)

    *lyrics by David Byrne, lead singer for Talking Heads

    1. You may ask yourself, “What is that beautiful house?”
      You may ask yourself, “Where does that highway go to?”
      And you may ask yourself, “Am I right? Am I wrong?”
      And you may say to yourself, “My God! What have I done?”

      1. You may ask yourself, why is TBob an idiot. The answer is he is a conservative.

        1. DING DING DING!!! Wrong again, YNOT.

          Did I tell you that I love it when you insult me? Mmmm, oooh, do that to me one more time, YNOT. 😉

    2. I am pretty sure the author of “Washington’s Blog” (as in George) predicted the following, circa 2015-16 pre-election, informing readers what to expect from each new successive POTUS from hear on out:
      More war
      More debt
      Less personal freedom



    In other words, McConnell is two years younger than Pelosi and 13% LESS popular!

    But McConnell doesn’t have right-wing media running his name into the mud on an hourly basis. So if one considers that handicap, Pelosi is doing pretty well in comparison to McConnell.

    Up to the date polls on McConnell are harder to find than Pelosi. The google search I made turned up polls that were all three to six months old. But none of them show McConnell as being terribly popular. To the contrary, headlines on most McConnell poll stories are somewhat negative. However the link below, from the Louisville Courier Journal, published November 5, cites McConnell as having 25% approval.

    1. But McConnell doesn’t have right-wing media running his name into the mud on an hourly basis.

      You’re continually butt-hurt that there’s a line-up of commentary programs on a solitary broadcast network and some talk radio programming taking shots at your sacred cows. Get over it.

      1. I dont know about the right wing but the constitutional centrists stay on his ass constantly and successfully drove out Rino Rand in our stil successful counter revolution If we didnt they would all go straight left again. And we rather like the center to be OUR Constitution not the left’s manifesto.

    2. RE. ABOVE:

      It’s odd Professor Turley didn’t include McConnell’s lack of popularity in today’s post. Said inclusion would have given the column proper context. Though that ‘was’, perhaps, the reason Turley failed to include it: ‘He wanted to make Pelosi look like a pariah without proper context’.

      For years right-wing media has worked hard to make Nancy Pelosi a bona fide witch. She’s a liberal woman from San Francisco and that’s enough to make her vile in the minds of most Republicans. It doesn’t help that Pelosi had a less than perfect facelift. Her taut face, combined with a raspy voice, lends the effect of a villainess persona.

      But right-wing media tends to demonize many women in power; especially liberal women or women linked to liberals. Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama have all been portrayed as horribly, polarizing figures.

      Michelle Obama has literally been pictured as an ape in right-wing memes conservative share among themselves. Which is sad because Mrs Obama went out of her way to be as uncontroversial as possible during her years as First Lady.

      1. But right-wing media tends to demonize many women in power; especially liberal women or women linked to liberals.

        I’ll let Sarah Palin know.

        1. Tabby, Sarah Palin is attractive but she aggressively sought to make stupid fashionable. What’s more, her level of experience in government was limited to mayor of a truck stop and two years as governor of one our least populous states.

          1. 1. Actually, the municipality in question has 10,000 residents

            2. She was a state bureau chief as well

            3. State governments have a similar menu of functions on different scales. A place like Alaska would have fewer obstructive veto groups, that’s all. Alaska in particular allocates certain local government functions to the state because of low density in many areas.

            4. The sum of executive experience possessed by Barack Obama and Joseph Biden in 2008 was zero. John McCain had been in command position but had never been in charge of any agency with defined institutional missions. Gov. Palin had spent 12 years supervising her workforces and producing budgets. The State of Alaska’s fiscal position in 2008 was nearly the best of all 50 states.

            5. Dunning-Kruger alert. You’re really not in a position to call other people stupid, Peter.

            1. Tabby, we all lived through that brief window of time when Palin was highly visible as a commentator. No one ever accused her of being an intellectual. She then self-destructed completely with her response to the Gabby Giffords shooting.

              I am very good at judging the populations of towns and cities. By all accounts Wazilla is essentially the last big truck stop north of Anchorage.

              10,000 people, as a stand alone community, is pretty small. Municipalities that size typically have downtown’s about 3 blocks long at the most.

              1. No one ever accused her of being an intellectual.

                No, she’s a working politician. You have very few people in politics who produce anything worth reading or pondering. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was the rare exception. Ben Sasse might be up to the task.

                She then self-destructed completely with her response to the Gabby Giffords shooting.

                Paul Krugman made a vicious ass out of himself. That’s not something which reflects poorly on Gov. Palin.

      1. “So, my friends, keep the faith, don’t get rattled by all of this. We’re gonna plow right through it and do our jobs.” -Mitch McConnell

        2019 is gonna be quite a year in politics.

  15. Since Nancy Pelosi has declared building a wall for border security immoral, she should tear down her gated security, remove her front door, as well as her backyard fence. Welcome illlegal immigrants to camp out in her vineyard. Oh, and they should do away with voter ID at DNC evens, and advertise them as gun-free zones.

    She should live how she forces others to.

    That said, I have concerns that Pelosi could be suffering from dementia. Due to the prevalence of the disease that strikes 1 in 3 people over age 70, ( annual cognition tests should be a requirement of anyone in governance over age 65, from the local level up to the Presidency. It would also be a good idea for drivers license renewal. I lost a grandparent to Alzheimer’s, and that disease is grim.

    1. You’re lost between stock and flow data. About 11% of the population over 65 have an Alzheimer’s diagnosis at any one time. Those suffering are skewed toward the older cohorts. There’s no need for such a gross invasion of privacy as mandatory inventories. Also, the psychology profession is untrustworthy.

      If you review capsule biographies of the children of Thomas d’Alessandro Jr., it hits you that only one of his eight children seems to have had much intellect. That would be her older brother, Thomas d’Alessandro III.

    2. Karen, Honey, for your own good, stop listening to Rush, Coulter and stop watching Faux News. No Democrat, including Pelosi, ever advocated for open borders. See, Honey, Faux News, Rush and Coulter have come up with the narrative that it’s Trump’s phallic symbol 2000-mile long concrete border wall or open borders. No in-between, and Democrats aren’t agreeing to this because they want open borders so all of those South Americans can come in illegally and vote Democratic. Never mind that Trump lied to his base by repeatedly promising that Mexico would pay for his wall. Those of you who are their disciples seemingly don’t know any better, so, let me help you.

      Democrats are for SMART boarder security, based on informed recommendations from security experts, all of whom agree that a concrete or other type of wall would be neither cost-effective nor secure. How many tunnels do you think there could be? Did you see over the weekend when about 150 migrants stormed a wall and almost made it over? What would happen if several thousand of them charged at a section of wall all at once or got hold of some kind of heavy vehicle that could knock down a section in a remote area? Experts call a wall “medieval”, because it would be so ineffective. Recommendations by experts include a lot more cell towers, improved surveillance and monitoring, various types of strategically-placed sensors, drones, strategically-placed quick response teams and other measures that aren’t publicly disclosed, but which would work more effectively. Nancy Pelosi isn’t forcing you or anyone else to live any certain way. Most Americans do not want a wall. Why aren’t you demanding that your hero start collecting those pesos he promised you that Mexico would be sending us, rather than saddling taxpayers with the cost? Why demand a wall instead of following the advice of experts on border security who know what they’re talking about? Oh, I know, so that the deplorables can wave their “Promises Made — Promises Kept” signs. So your hero can pose next to his phallic symbol concrete wall, looking tough for his next campaign.

      Oh, and while you’re on the topic of mental health and qualification for government service, let’s start with the most-obviously impaired person of all: your hero, whose malignant narcissism has damaged America’s esteem in the world community, and which will get people killed. Is ISIS defeated? Fatso claims it is. Did you see the pathetic meeting yesterday, with the campaign poster on the table, so it would always be in the shot with Fatso? Did you hear Big Fatty Matty’s syncophantic praise of his hero, who tried to claim that he “essentially” fired Mattis, despite the fact that everyone on earth read his resignation letter and knows better? Even Mitt Romney weighed in on his lack of qualification to be POTUS. Did you hear that coward who dodged the draft claim he would have made a great general? Doesn’t the constant lying bother you?

      1. ha ha come on you really believe that garbage?

        no Democrats are for NO border security because they LIKE dark-brown, illiterate illegal immigrants from central america because their America born kids will vote like 90% or more Democrat.

        Demographic replacement of WHITE PEOPLE is what the Democrats are all about now. Any white person voting for a Democrat now is applauding their own national replacement. Of course a lot of you white liberal fools feel guilty for being white, so, you are fundamentally self hating and thus mentally defective and deserve your own annulment.

        Sadly, the normal white person who is wise enough to be thankful for all that “white privilege” has given us, is not so quick to jump into the dungheap of history, even as you fools drag us along against our will, by aiding and abetting the migration invasion.

        There is slim hope that Asian-American people will see how this dark brown invasion from Central America threatens their futures in America too, and begins to go Republican, but it’s possible.

      2. You might want to check with Israel and Hungary about whether or not walls work.

      3. Thanks Natacha for not letting me down today. Certainly an education of the self-perceived importance of the weak-minded. Deep breath now: Trump repealed the Law of Gravity today by executive order! Hold on!

        …Because if you think everyone believed Mexico was going to pay for a wall, then my statement above was just as valid. Do come back tomorrow and try again.

        1. Been paying for two months now where you been hiding your empty head?Not only that are providing long term repair and mantenance funding too! As long as Pelosi doesn’t steal it.

          1. I heard him say he would make Mexico pay for the wall, and I thought it was excellent hyperbole theatre. We need the wall regardless of who pays for it.

            The $600 million spent on destroying Libya and murdering their standing leader would have made a good down payment on the wall. But we know Democrats stand for slaughter when faced with those who scare them, or have information on them.

      4. No. not at all I was raised in a Democrat household and ran away from home to be a US Citizen.

    3. Karen, you’re worried about Pelosi’s mental state?? What about Trump’s??! One look at Trump’s Twitter feed raises serious questions about his grasp on reality.

      1. What about it? You started to say and then diverted into social media for nut cases

  16. All good points, but the Democrats don’t really care.

    The Dems hate Trump, they want to stick it to the rich, and they want more government regulation that (ostensibly) makes their lives easier.

    All the talk about change is really a demand that the trough be filled for liberals.

    1. Fantasy and make-believe, but at least you didn’t have to think about since your hero hannity issued it. You go girl.

      this is to “I love my new ‘hannity was here’ tattoo across my lower back” monumental

    2. “The Dems hate Trump, they want to stick it to the rich, and they want more government regulation that (ostensibly) makes their lives easier.”

      No, they want to PROTECT their deep-pocket enablers. Except for the genesis of the new radical left they created, which will probably ultimately destroy the whole perverse enterprise.

      1. The Dems ARE the rich. More millionaires and billionaires than any other party and as the neo aristocracy like sticking it to their puppets more than anything.

  17. The question is why the establishment would select someone who remain unpopular with roughly half of the voters.

    You won’t acknowledge that the lawfare fandango which Rod Rosenstein and 100 federal judges have been running for the last 2 years is motivated by an objection to the idea that elections might change the character of the government. A just solution would be for Trump to do to the federal courts what Louis XV and Maupeou did to the corrupt parlements: run ’em outta town.

    1. he lacks a sufficient cadre of musketeers to enforce any such thing, obviously. the Deep State exists it is not a conspiracy theory which you’re in the habit of mocking, rather an entrenched bureaucracy and its capos, on the left hand, and on the right hand the military & intelligence admins.

      While I am pleased that he has put the federal minions into shutdown mode but those are all non-core positions. he can’t cashier anybody very deeply down, and look how far it took him to eject lame Sessions. Now, who knows where it’s all headed.

  18. Pelosi is polarizing only to the Republicans that recognize her truth and fear her power. Pity they are so ‘polarized’ that they cannot do their jobs……

    1. She’s a senile hag whose entire work history (bar a brief stint as a schoolteacher and bar the p/t and seasonal jobs you have while a student) has been devoted to electoral politics. She really knows nothing of anything bar legislative mechanics, politicking in the Capitol Hill hothouse / outhouse, fundraising, and public relations. She and her deputy Hoyer (who has held elective office w/o interruption since 1962 and hasn’t practiced law in nearly 40 years) are notable for a refusal to retire even though they have nothing of significance left to contribute and even though their retirement income would be ample. The only ‘power’ she has is staying power.

      1. I believe he is currently a paid contributor. He frequents Fox much more so than other networks. His association with the likes of Hannity and Carlson is tantamount to contributing to Alex Jones. He will live to regret it.

    2. “…that recognize her truth and fear her power…”?

      What is “her truth”? Is “truth” subjective?

      And “her power” is tenuous. She knows this better than anyone.

      Bernie voters got shafted by their own party in the last election. They have not forgotten it.

      Have you not been paying attention to the civil war brewing from within the Democrat party?

      1. TBob – The “Civil War” is less than you might imagine. In the House, Democrats have pretty much come together and those that want new leadership were pacified by the term limits that will change over all the leaders in 2020. What will Republicans do when they can’t run against Pelosi any more? The probable answer is, continue to run against Pelosi the same way they run against Hillary and Obama.
        The Super Delegates are greatly diminished although moving California up in the primaries means anybody without money and name recognition by Super Tuesday has little shot. The Party is still geared to produce an establishment candidate which will be a point of contention but not the war you imagine.

        1. enigma………The Repubs are not running against Hillary and Obama. Those two buffoons, with their ridiculously hackneyed and meaningless “messages”, continue their classless antics and verbal attacks on the Trump administration daily. Those attacks will not go unchallenged. Deal with it.
          The Hillary Obama era is over, thank the Lord, and they need to accept that happy fact.

          1. “…The Repubs are not running against Hillary and Obama.”
            Never thought I’d find myself saying this, you really should:
            1. Watch more Fox News
            2. Listen to Donald Trump whining about how he was “all alone” in the White House for Christmas while Nanci Pelosi was in Hawaii
            3. Listen to pretty much any Republican politician for the last 3+ years
            4. Read this blog

            BTW, the daily attacks on the Trump administration are called indictments, guilty pleadings, 17 current State and Federal investigations, and the House committees are just getting warmed up.

            1. enigmaw…….Dumplin’, you are really blah blah blah-ing more than usual.
              Looks like you’ve got a touch of the hackneyed, too. There’s a lot of that going around.

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