The Prowler Always Rings Twice: California Police Search for Man Who Licked Doorbell for Three Hours

Just when you thought that you have seen every bizarre crime, Roberto Daniel Arroyo steps forward. Police in Salina, California are looking for Arroyo who was caught on surveillance video licking a family’s doorbell for three hours and then relieving himself in the front yard.

Arroyo, 33, was first videotaped around 2 a.m and continued until 5 a.m. The mother and father were not home for much of the time but their kids were. The mother was alerted by their security system of movement outside the door. Police spokesperson Miguel Cabrera told KION News that the image was so clear that they identified Arroyo easily.

He is described as a transient with three prior arrests: Being Under the Influence of Narcotics; Public Intoxication, and Resisting Arrest.

The issue is the charge. What is the crime in doorbell licking. The police decided on prowling as one of two misdemeanors.

Under California Penal Code section 647(h) prowling covers lingering, loitering, or wandering in the property of another without a lawful purpose or for the purpose of committing a crime if the opportunity arose. However, that is just a misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in county jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. For someone with a doorbell fetish, that could be viewed as a cost of doing business.

23 thoughts on “The Prowler Always Rings Twice: California Police Search for Man Who Licked Doorbell for Three Hours”

  1. You know, this is why people shouldn’t do drugs. They get sold on trying it because it’s supposed to be fun, and then they get on national news for licking a doorbell for 3 hours.

    Also, how old were the kids who were home alone for “much of the time” from 2:00 AM until 5:00 AM. Hopefully at least teenagers, because there was this weirdo guy outside licking their doorbell.

    Was this one of those security systems that had an alert they noticed when they returned? Or did they get sent an alert on their phones, like with Ring, during these 3 hours?

  2. funny how this is reported as bizarre but Stormy Daniels folding her laundry on Twitter wearing next to nothing with > 100,000+ viewers gets a pass

    our country is so screwed.

  3. The mom and dad were mostly not home between 3 and 5 am, but their kids were? What’s up with that?

    1. That’s what I wondered. And how were they alerted to the movement outside? Was this one of those systems that alerted their phones, but they were still gone from 2-5? Were these home alone all night kids teenagers? Clubs close at 2 am so what the heck were the parents doing until 5 am?

  4. Wasn’t this published originally in the National Enquirer – or was it The Onion?

  5. Is he a “citizen”? If not how did he “get in” the country? Is that “a sanctuary city”? Where da cops at when ya need em? Why did the home owner not call the cops as soon as she spotted him? Is he Honduras, Guatomalian, Mexican, Spanish, Venezualian? From where does he “hail”? Hail, hail, the gangs all here.

  6. “He is described as a transient with three prior arrests”, does that mean he is part of the catch and release program? Someone should “transient” him to Nancy and Chucks door bells.

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