No SOTU For You: Pelosi Moves To Postpone State Of The Union Due To Shutdown

Claiming security concerns, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked President Donald Trump to postpone his Jan. 29 State of the Union speech due to the shutdown of the government. There is no question that security can be guaranteed, as reaffirmed by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen who said that federal law enforcement is “fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union.” The general view however is that the security risk is a thin, if not transparent, cover for a political muscle play. In reality, Congress controls the invitation and a joint meeting of Congress requires an invitation from both houses.

In her letter, Pelosi wrote “Sadly, given the security concerns and unless government re-opens this week, I suggest we work together to determine another suitable date after government has re-opened for this address or for you to consider delivering your State of the Union address in writing to the Congress on January 29.” 

There is in fact no requirement that the SOTU be given in person, let alone in Congress. Indeed, this communication was not even called the State of the Union until the 1930s. Article II, Section 3 states:

“He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

The January SOTU address has been a tradition not a textual requirement of Article I or Article II. George Washington however gave the first SOTU on January 8, 1790. Thomas Jefferson did not like the practice.

Trump could give the SOTU in writing in or in another location. However, the threat to close the doors of the House floor to the President creates a disturbing precedent, particularly because it does not appear that there is a security barrier to holding the SOTU. This seems more like a bargaining chip than a security imperative.

What do you think?

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  1. UPDATE:

    Axios is reporting that “President Trump sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday informing her that he will postpone her planned 7-day overseas trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan — presumably by denying her the use of military aircraft as transport — as a result of the ongoing government shutdown, which is currently in its 27th day.”

  2. NEW POLL:



    The president also faces some significant headwinds for re-election in 2020. Just 30 percent of registered voters said they will definitely vote for Trump in 2020, while 57 percent said they will definitely vote against him.

    Just 76 percent of Trump supporters, 69 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of white evangelicals say they will definitely vote for him. Many, if not most, of them will likely vote for the president, but their softness in supporting him for re-election is a sign of vulnerability.

    Government Shutdown Leads To A Spike In Canceled Immigration Hearings
    For context, in 2010, when asked about then-President Barack Obama, just 36 percent said they would definitely vote for him, while 48 percent said they would not. Obama went on to win with 51 percent of the vote.

    But for Trump to have more than half the country already saying it definitely won’t vote for him indicates he is facing a difficult re-election.

    “The president has had his base and not much else,” Miringoff said, “and when you look ahead to the election … he enters with a significant disadvantage. His re-election prospects would definitely be in jeopardy at this point.”

    Trump has a lot of work to do to be able to reassemble the coalition that voted for him narrowly to win in the Electoral College in 2016. He lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes and won just 46 percent of the vote. He won by about 70,000 votes combined between Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, all states that have trended away from the president during his first two years in office.

    Edited from: “Poll: Trump Approval Down. Slips With Base Support”

    Today’s NPR

  3. There are plenty of teachers out there that would not let him speak in the front of the class for fear he would say something stupid. Pelosi is doing Trump and the country a favor and not letting him make a jackass out of himself.

    1. Pelosi has not disinvited Trump, she only made the suggestion that he postpone the address.

      What if Trump lets Nancy know that, while he appreciates her concern for security, he will deliver his address as scheduled?

      Then what does Pelosi do?

      Will she officially dis-invite him?

      Will she be a no-show leaving an empty chair over the president’s shoulder where the Speaker of The House should be sitting? Will all the Democrats be no-shows?

      Or will she attend, reluctantly, sitting over his shoulder, as he rips Pelosi and Schumer and the Dems for their obstructionism?

      1. Decisions decisions. Who knew being the majority leader could be so hard? (excuse me, I can’t type I’m laughing so hard here)

        1. This is all pure political theater. This SOTU address is now shaping up to be a ‘made-for-TV-drama’ that no one will want to miss.

      2. TBob: Trump cannot show up for his free campaign speech without an invitation from Speaker Pelosi. In fact, there is no requirement that it be televised, or even delivered in person. In writing would be just fine, but OH, the humanity. Trump denied free air time, a free bully pulpit to spew his lies in front of those cameras. Max: “Madam the cameras are here.” Norma Desmond: “they are? What do I do?” Max: “It’s the scene from Salome…the princess is descending the staircase”. Paraphrased, of course, from “Sunset Boulevard”.

        Speaker Pelosi has disinvited him, but did agree to reschedule. The majority of Americans have signaled their disapproval of him. The November election was a referendum on Trump and it went against him. Speaker Pelosi is carrying out the will of the American people.

        1. So, as Mespo suggested, he can deliver it in the Senate.
          If Pelosi refuses to attend, a cardboard cut-out of her standing behind Trump will do just as well.
          ( people have become so used to the Speaker appearing that, for appearances, they could easily fill the void caused by her absence).
          If there’s an objection to giving politicians “free air time”, maybe Adam Schiff should be denied the c.100 TV interviews he does a year.
          Avenetti almost caught up with Schiff in the number of TV appearances, maybe even briefly surpassed him.
          But it looks like Ace Avenetti has his hands full with other issues, and needs to abandon or postpone his campaign for president.

    2. FishWings – teachers need to leave their personal politics at home. Perhaps if they focused their attention on teaching, rather than proselytizing, our schools would produce better test grades.

      As it is, teachers in LA Unified School District are not only striking in CA, they are attacking substitute teachers they call “scabs.” They have been joined by the Sociatlist party in threatening anyone who dares show up to do the job they refuse to do – teach kids. Meanwhile, how many high school seniors will have their future in college impacted?

      We keep voting for more money for them, on top of the Lottery, and it goes down the black hole of underfunded pensions. They should instead have 401Ks like the rest of us. Teachers should not strike, as it hurts kids. And no one has the right to frighten or terrorize anyone else from taking a job.

      1. “FishWings – teachers need to leave their personal politics at home. ”

        Karen, people like FishWings don’t recognize how closely they parallel fascism or promote facism. They probably don’t even know what facism is.

        Giovanni Gentile who could perhaps be called the father of facism said: “Our work as teachers is considered to be at an end when our students speak our language…”

        Our progressive academics probably agree with this fascist statement as they do with many of the statements and beliefs of the fascists, communists and national socialists. Those ideologies pretty much represent most of the progressive mindset even though it is denied.

  4. Turley, while admitting that Trump has NO RIGHT to the free campaign publicity that would come from a SOTU speech to a joint session, and that the speech written by Kellyanne could be submitted in written form, postponed or delivered from the Oval Office, nevertheless describes Speaker Pelosi’s disinvitation as a “disturbing precedent” because it is politically-motivated.

    WOW! Talk about disturbing precedents and outright hypocrisy. Here we have a realty TV show host owned by a hostile foreign power that broke the law to get him elected, and who is paying them back by lifting sanctions against an oligarch connected to Putin. We have a fake POTUS who publicly disavows the conclusions of American intelligence agencies on Russian interference in the 2016 elections and who kow tows to Putin. He has private meetings with Putin and then confiscates and destroys aides’ notes on what was said. He disregarded his own intelligence community’s conclusion that a U.S.-based journalist was murdered because the clown prince, from whom he wants to borrow money, denied it, despite massive evidence to the contrary. He publicly announced that ISIS was “beaten badly”, which was a lie and that he was pulling U.S. troops out without even discussing the wisdom of such a move with his key military leaders because Erdogan told him he should do it. Now, 4 Americans are dead. Turnover for key cabinet and agency positions is historic. There was historic Democratic voter turnout for the November elections, which Trump requested to be considered a referendum on him and his alleged accomplishments. Why doesn’t this unprecedented course of events alarm Turley? It alarms every other sentient being not afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    Talk about politically-motivated conduct: the government has been shut down for an historic time period because a wussy man reversed his willingness to work with Democrats on border security because a cheap bottle blonde pundit told him he should shut down the government to get his way on a wall most Americans do not want, and which The Donald promised Mexico would pay for.

    Turley: you keep acting like there is something normal about Donald Trump occupying the White House, and therefore, he should be afforded the respect of real Presidents. You couldn’t be more wrong. The Donald loves attention, loves to stir up conflict, loves the cameras. Speaker Pelosi has every right to refuse him the attention he craves in view of the government shut down and his ego need to create a standoff at the expense of government workers and the American people. The American people do not like or approve of him, and by refusing him an invitation to speak to a joint session of Congress because he shut down the government for ego reason, Speaker Pelosi is carrying out the wishes of the people.

    1. If the objection is that “Trump has no right to the free campaign publicity that would come from a SOTU address to a joint session”, then most SOTUs should have been banned a long time ago.
      Whether a President is using the address to “campaign” for re-election, or his legacy/ reputation, etc., they are usually self-serving to the Administration of whoever delivers them.
      Some may wish to selectively prevent, or object to, this or that president giving the SOTU address.
      Doesn’t work that way, but nice try.

  5. Given the Government shutdown I do believe security is an issue…if nothing more than why would we extend to the Trump what he has denied everyone else? How many will be flying in for that session? Have you seen the state of security at the airports? We can’t afford extra security right now…the country is going bankrupt on this stupid behavior.

    1. Actually, I HAVE seen the state of security at the airports, having just flown out of the US. Doesn’t seem to be a problem, other than in the minds of fools such as yourself.

    1. So do you feel really clever now, have you struck a telling blow for the resistance? Hope so, because to the rest of us, you’re just another left wing idiot.

  6. Pelosi wrote, “The U.S. Secret Service was designated as the lead federal agency responsible for coordinating, planning, exercising, and implementing security for National Special Security Events by Public Law 106-544, December 19, 2000. However, both the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security have not been funded for 26 days now — with critical departments hamstrung by furloughs.”

    Although the Department of Energy is not affected by the shutdown, its critical Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST), which is active in and around the District of Columbia and suburban Maryland and Virginia prior to, during, and after the State of the Union looking for any high concentrations of radiation indicative of a radioactive “dirty”) bomb or an actual nuclear warhead, relies on close coordination with the Secret Service; Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco, and Explosives; U.S. Coast Guard; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Transportation Security Agency; Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and other agencies adversely affected by the shutdown.

    During a major NSSE like the State of the Union, NEST deploys some of its fleet of special fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters over a designated surveillance zone. NEST aircraft receive from the FAA a higher control priority within the National Airspace System and are designated with the call sign “FLYNET.”

    excerpt from

      1. Sorry. I thought that with more information you might be able to see for yourself that security IS an issue as long as the shutdown continues, and, perhaps, even for awhile after things resume.

        1. How amusing. You expect us to read minds, when Homeland Security and the SS have made it clear that there’s no issue. Well, for thinking people they have, and that excludes democrats, doesn’t it?

        1. Did you even bother to read the article? “The January SOTU address has been a tradition not a textual requirement…”

          It is Pelosi who is breaking with precedent. You can hardly blame Trump for doing the same.

    1. He should never looked directly at Nancy; that could result in “a staring contest”😶, and no one can win that against her.

  7. There is no question that security can be guaranteed, as reaffirmed by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen who said that federal law enforcement is “fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union.”

    The worthless criminals/scoundrels that call themselves politicians do not deserve security. They deserve to suffer the full ramifications (ie trial by jury of their peers) of their national misdeeds (eg war based upon lies, trillions of dollars to bankers, control fraud under the guise of national health plan, total surveillance state, torture, shattering of habeas corpus, etc).

  8. Security concerns? He should stage it in front of the section of the border wall Jim Acosta said had no imminent danger.

    Walls work.

  9. “Sadly, given the security concerns”

    Pelosi has made a grave error in judgment with this little trick. She has completely misread the optics.
    What exactly would those “security concerns” be?
    That the uber Secret Service and Capitol Police security details are too weak from starvation to do their job during the shutdown?
    That the United States premier guard detail becomes a sniveling mass of incompetent jelly in the face of a throw down between a President that won’t capitulate and a group of Democrats doubling down on their extortion demands?
    Does pelosi have insider information that the Secret Service and Capitol Police are so pissed off about not recieving a paycheck on time they are going to stand down like the Broward Cowards and let Trump be assassinated? This comes out sounding like a thinly veiled death threat and given the feedback on the internet it is certainly coming across reading like Pelosi is trying to desensitize and prepare the public for an assassination attempt on Trump.
    After 10 years of subversive political machinations and stupid politician tricks, the assumption by most people is when a figure like Pelosi says they are doing something out of concern for the higher good, their real motive is always to do something for their own good.
    “The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”
    — Elena Gorokhova

    1. Dawn, Honey, please check the results of the November elections, which Trump said was to be considered a referendum on him. There were way more Democratic votes cast than Republican, and the Democrats would have taken both houses of Congress but for Republican gerrymandering. The American people have spoken, so when you imply that Speaker Pelosi’s actions are motivated by anything other than the will of the majority of Americans, you are wrong. It’s probably because you watch Faux News. They spew this “us vs. them” or “us vs. Democrats”, or “us vs. liberals’ slop all the time. It’s their theme. In reality, most Americans did not vote for Trump, most Americans oppose Trump, most disapprove of him, and have disapproved of him since he took office. He has never come close to 50% approval. Most disagree with shutting down the government over the wall, and most know it’s Trump’s fault.

      As to security, if there was any sort of incident, members of Congress and guests could be injured or killed. See, everything is not about Trump, including security concerns.

      1. Again, I would like to see how “gerrymandering” prevented the Democrats of taken control of the Senate.
        Natacha, if you already explained that, I missed it.
        Did the GOP redraw state borders to “flip” certain states into Republican hands?

        1. No, the Republicans re-drew districts to assure that their candidate would win. Far more Democratic votes than Republican votes were cast in November, but Republicans still managed to win the Senate. How is this possible? Ask Mr. Gerry Mander.

          1. A. Senate elections are statewide elections.
            The “district” in those races is one entire state.
            You have yet to explain how you “redistrict” an ENTIRE state.
            B. Each state gets 2 Senators.
            If one Senator from one state and one party wins by a million votes, and Senators from two other states and the other win by 1,000 votes, that’s a net gain of 1 Senators for the other party.
            It does not matter if
            more votes were cast nationwide for one party or the other…..that is virtually meaningless in determining the net gain/ net loss outcome of Senate seats.
            This is 8th grade civics class stuff, or it should be.

                1. i asked it if it works at an NGO or a social agency. it has me on ignore.

                  but it calls Karen honey and tells her that she does not respect her. so she is not worthy of any respect. a liar and a phony i am sure.

                  1. This is how it works – enough of us get Natasha to put us on ignore, and suddenly, there’s no one she can see here, and then she leaves. It’s a winning strategy.

                    1. Leave Natacha alone! Don’t you see the value of the unlicensed fool?

                      “Not only, sir, this your all-licensed Fool,
                      But other of your insolent retinue
                      Do hourly carp and quarrel, breaking forth
                      In rank and not-to-be endurèd riots.”

                      ~ William Shakespeare, King Lear, A1,Sc 4.

                  1. 3-1 pre law 2-1 never comleted
                    6-1 against degree
                    licensure … impossible

                    If I am wrong she must be from California.

          2. Bother sides Gerrymander but the left got the right beat. They have provided access to 20 million illegals who they want to provide voting privileges to.

            1. there is a way to counter this and it’s to organize more of the native population. highly organized numbers beat larger disorganized numbers again and again

              obama as a community organizer had a lot of insights that he put to work beating hillary, and maintaining his position. hillary is mostly just a creature of patronage with zero innate leadership talent. it’s funny that today the contrast becomes clearer and clearer and yet they continue to see backing her as the abject error that it was.

              pelosi is a more talented speaker than hillary in my opinion, too bad she’s got these fools leading her down the primrose path to ruin

              1. Kurtz, the concepts of Gerrymandering and voting are extremely complex to discuss because the options on all sides have merit and that is something leftists can’t deal with.

                For instance if farmers want representation of people that understand farming then gerrymandering may be necessary. Gerrymandering can be used to see to it black candidates end up in Congress and are not diluted. Voting with one vote per household can make a lot of sense. In fact a lot of communities use that mechanism. What about the groups that never get representation. Should they be given a mechanism so that their ideas are given adequate consideration as well. Some corporations do all sorts of voting to help that happen. Is Democracy a good form of government. Of course not and that is why we are a Democratic Constitutional Republic. Many leftists only believe in majority vote so that 2 foxes and a hen can vote on what to eat for lunch.

  10. somehow I think this threat/power play ( as described by the “media”) made by Pelosi ( towards Trump) would be akin to telling a teenager, as punishment you are not allowed to do your homework.

  11. I think Trump should go to a DC union hall somewhere in town and give his speech there in front of live tv. Perhaps The Union of Soviet Socialists Republic Hall

  12. If I were Trump. I would make a video tape of the address and include as many clips as possible of these old politicians supporting a wall and opposing illegal imigration as possible, then I would let Nancy know when I was posting it to Yourtube

      1. Estovir, you’re ‘half right’ in this comment. Trump’s never-ending circus has given legacy media a vital shot in the arm. Turns out people care more than Republicans thought. Which explains how Democrats picked up more House seats than any election since 1974.

      2. One way or another, Trump will deliver the SOTU address.
        I just hope that Pelosi and Schumer do the rebuttal again, with their impersonation of those resurrected in Night of the Living Dead.

  13. Pelosi wrote to President Trump, “I suggest we work together to determine another suitable date after government has re-opened for this address…”

    Oh really? Pelosi will “work together” to reschedule the SOTU? But she won’t even show up at the White House when Trump invites her to come talk?

    Trump hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s been in the White House inviting the Dems to come to the table to talk some more. Did Pelosi even bother to show up?

    No, instead Pelosi flew off to Hawaii for a luxury vacation. Most of the Dems left town to go enjoy their holiday vacays. And now we see a whole bunch of Democrats partying on the beach in Puerto Rico with lobbyists. Hey Nancy, we can all see that you are working hard at vacationing, fundraising, and resisting. Newsflash! This is not exactly what “shared responsibility” for solving problems on behalf of the American people looks like.

    Trump has been in DC this whole time, willing to talk. But Pelosi and Schumer won’t even go when invited by the president. They refuse to even show up to talk.

    Pelosi just says “no wall” and she won’t budge on her position. Remember when the Republicans didn’t want Obamacare, but they got it anyway? And then ‘the people’ – who didn’t want it in the first place – even had to pay “fines” for choosing not to buy a product that Nancy and the Democrats shoved down our throats. Remember that, Nancy?

    I can’t wait to see what President Trump comes up with as his response to Pelosi’s suggestion.

    1. Demoncrats still cannot admit defeat; they are so jealous that they have become and still obstructionists to the good of the people!!…..She should take a citizenship test!!!~!~!!!

    2. TBob said, “I can’t wait to see what President Trump comes up with as his response to Pelosi’s suggestion.”

      Don’t you already know, TBob? Trump said that he’s going to declare a national emergency–maybe. (He hasn’t made-up his mind yet.)

      OOC, why didn’t the Republicans give Trump funding for his boondoggle wall when they had control of both Houses of Congress? (There is an answer, TBob)

        1. Yes, Dr. Benson. Your old pal TBob.

          One of the longest serving denizens of Bedlam.

          Maybe Ralph Adamo will come back today.

                1. Perhaps. Or maybe TBob is wondering if folks will get confused and . . .
                  Think that Trump declared a national emergency because . . .
                  Nancy wouldn’t let Donald deliver his speech.

      1. L4D asked: “OOC, why didn’t the Republicans give Trump funding for his boondoggle wall when they had control of both Houses of Congress?”

        Why? Because the Republicans needed 60 votes, which means they needed Democrat votes, which they were never going to get. And McConnell, unlike Harry Reid, wasn’t going to ‘nuke’ the filibuster over it.

        1. The Republicans had control of both Houses of Congress and The White House for two years, TBob. The current government shutdown started on December 22nd, 2018, at the end of the lame-duck session of the previous Congress, TBob. The Congressional Republicans repeatedly denied Trump funding for Trump’s boondoggle wall because they would not enact any comprehensive immigration reform bill that anyone sent their way. In fact, there was a previous government shutdown of shorter duration on Trump’s watch over the failure to enact any immigration reform bill. Republicans oppose Trump’s boondoggle wall. That’s why Trump didn’t get one from Republicans.

          Do you need any help getting back up on the turnip cart, TBob?

    3. TBob,…
      Trump will find a way to get back at Pelosi.
      When Pelosi finally does accept Trump’s invitation to come to the White House, I bet Trump locks her out.

        1. Yeah, Tom, Trump has ‘locked out’ 800,000 Federal employees. Why not physically lock the door on Pelosi?

          The Secret Service isn’t getting paid and eventually Trump’s security team will get the Blue-Flu. Then Trump will ‘have’ to lock the doors and keep a sidearm at his waist. He’ll become like Hitler in the bunker, hoping desperately for wall funding as the government collapses around him.

          1. I thought the 13th Amendment abolished involuntary servitude. At some point, forcing federal workers to work with out pay for an extended period of time becomes slavery, and if a court won’t provide relief, there will be strikes. The TSA should lead the charge, because airports would have to shut down and that would bring the country to its knees.

            I like PH’s comment about Trump with a sidearm. Maybe he could get his old military school uniform let out and wear it, which would make him even more Hitler-esq.

            1. Natacha said: “At some point, forcing federal workers to work with out pay for an extended period of time becomes slavery…”

              Wrong. Each and every one of those federal workers can quit, if they so choose, and go find another job in the private sector. No one is stopping them.

          2. No, he’ll declare martial law long before it gets to that stage.
            None of this dithering with declaring a mere “emergency”; he’ll go for the big guns.

      1. Trump won’t lock her out. He wants to negotiate.

        As for getting back at Pelosi, see the Axios article I posted above.

  14. “The general view however is that the security risk is a thin, if not transparent, cover for a political muscle play. ”

    Resolved. Nancy is not Nancy but Nathan, a Shim, a FTM or a Bruce Jenner in reverse. Pelosi wants to show shim has the bigger cojones and thus evoke toxic masculinity.

    Hillary must be having roid rage 😜

      1. L4D, we are in desperate need of more alternative facts writers for our alternative facts publication. thus we appeal to your left brain and dense head, never mind your obvious fecal incontinence, please contact us at the NYT. Fact based, logical, coherent, honest writers need not apply

        1. What Trump meant to say is that Trump didn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t have been Russia.

          How’s that for a sample of alternative facts?

  15. Who wants to hear more lies.??
    I don’t think any living soul wants to see that man lie through his orange mouth.
    It’s just another platform to hear how GREAT the really sick individual is…according to him..

    1. Clinton’s an unusually good liar. Unusually good. Do you realize that?”

      –Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.), in a 1995 interview

  16. I say just stroll on over to the Senate and deliver the State of the Union speech from the well. Isolate the Maoacrats and make them look smaller — if that’s possible after this debacle. Ignore Pelosi. That really makes her mad. Maybe we’ll get another stuttering, addled public statement like she did with Chuck. I always love those.

    1. Good idea, Mespo. I would add that Trump should, additionally, consider making a brief address to Pelosi and co. from the Rose Garden.
      It should be modeled after network executive John Herzog’s address to those protesting his network.

      1. Yeah, Tom, that ‘is’ a great idea! If Republicans lost the House, then Trump should just ignore the House. He doesn’t have to deal with reality. Trump never let reality get in his way before. No need to start now.

        1. Businesses have balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements, Peter. Trump’s been dealing with reality since the class clown was amusing himself by slathering a little Ben Gay on the innards of your jock strap.

        2. I never suggested that “Trump should just ignore the House” ;
          My suggestion was about HOW he might want to address “Pelosi & co.”

    2. So you dislike her for being a woman or is it that she is a strong woman? No one could not like her behavior but like the Trumps if they were actually sane and congruent….I mean really…..

      1. Becka A:
        I like strong women. Was raised by one. In fact, I’m the first male born in my maternal family for over 60 years. (Mom had three sisters) So I know women. Problem is I know bat-poop crazy and panty-waist tyrant wannabes. Nancy the former and the latter two. Bad combination.

      2. So you dislike her for being a woman or is it that she is a strong woman?

        ‘Strong’ applied to women means the same as ‘vibrant’ applied to neighborhoods. It means loud.

  17. Bill Martin —
    Dear Mr Caveman,
    Sorry, you can’t go home because there is no federal employee available to unlock and open your cave for you. You’ll have to join the homeless at the shelter.

    /s/ The Donald

    1. the homeless shelter has traveled to Puerto Rico to party with the Hamilton Broadway crew on the beaches of San Juan. Celebration dance to follow at Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley mansion & ranch with acres of wine grapes hand picked by illegal immigrants working for chump change.

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