California Man Surrenders After Video Of An Attack On Two Women At Hot Dog Stand

The Los Angeles police department has been looking for a man who beat two women at a hot dog stand and then ran off — all captured on a videotape later distributed by the LAPD. He turns out to be Arka Sangbarani Oroojian who turned himself in to the LAPD.

It took only a day and then the police announced that Arka Sangbarani Oroojian turned himself in and was booked for assault with a deadly weapon, his bail set at $90,000. It is not clear what the deadly weapon was since he had nothing apparent in this hands.

The two women watched as the man got into a shouting match over a $6 hotdog. Even after a second vendor offered to give him the hotdog for free, he reportedly continued to argue. One of the victims reportedly told him to leave and received a brutal hit from the man, according to the Los Angeles Times. The other woman then stepped forward and was also punched.

According to the Los Angeles Times, both women suffered concussions and were taken to the hospital. One reportedly also suffered a broken finger.

Now back to the deadly weapon. Oroojian is 6-foot, 3-inches, and weighs 270 pounds. Some states allow the body to be a deadly weapon in the case of professional fighters or martial arts experts. However, my understanding is that California is not one of those states. People v. Aguilar, 16 Cal.4th 1023 (1997).

Here is the code:

PC 245(a)(1) reads: “Any person who commits an assault upon the person of another with a deadly weapon or instrument other than a firearm shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, or in a county jail for not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both the fine and imprisonment.”

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  1. Until more information comes out, we’re all acting like the mainstream media and its initial response to the covington clip.

  2. Actually, it looks like they’re attacking him. It looks bad on first viewing because, well, of course he’s going to kick their asses; which is not the same thing as saying he doesn’t have a right of self-defense. Still, I’ve been noticing an uptick of woman on man fights on Youtube lately and most of them suggest to me that some women have been watching a few too many female superhero movies.

  3. There are two sides to every story. The guy is saying the women attacked him first, so no matter the size, he should not have had to stand and take it, just because it is women who attacked him. Having said that,the guy should have exercised restraint, because of his power. The women’s injuries could have been a lot worse. Some people suggested that other men should have interfered. I disagree completely. One never knows if someone is armed or how badly a size disadvantage can put them in peril. A “simple” injury can have catastrophic consequences. One could lose a job, because their hand was injured, or dealing with months or years or physical therapy, or permanent disability For what reason? An idiotic fight over a hot dog of bunch morons.

    1. Emily:
      The moron excuses barbaric conduct over some misplaced sense of fairness. Our ogre here was berating the hot dog vendor over the quality of the product when two brave women came to the merchant’s aid even as the feckless beta males on the scene stood idly by. Prince Valiant then punched both women and, despite your proclamation of his likely innocence, ran from the scene never calling the police to complain about the vicious attack he “suffered.” Sometimes there aren’t “two sides to the story.” Sometimes things are what they seem to be.

      1. I recall an incident some years ago in Northern Virginia where a mother was driving with her young son and she decided to stop at a convenience store for sodas. She waited in the car as as the boy went into the store. When he returned, he was handing his mother her soda through the car window, when a strange man came up and grabbed the boy around the waist and began dragging him away. The frantic mother grabbed her son and a tug of war began. She was screaming for help as three adult men, other customers, stood and watched. It was obvious the abductor wasn’t the kid’s father, as he was black and the kid was blond. Out of nowhere a little cleaning lady from Guatemala, less than 5’ feet and less than 100 lbs, ran up and began beating the abductor with her purse. It didn’t stop him, but slowed him down long enough for the police to get there. When later interviewed on the news, she was asked why she was willing to step in. Her answer was simple; that she would want someone to help if someone was trying to kidnap one of her own children. It would have been interesting if the reporter had interviewed one of the men who stood there and watched but didn’t try to help. But maybe they were too gutless to show their cowardly faces on t.v.

      2. “two brave women came to the merchant’s aid”

        This is precisely correct, if by “coming to the merchant’s aid,” you mean “physically attacked” the guy who was berating the merchant; and if by “brave women,” you mean “reckless and foolhardy buttinskis.”

  4. This situation shows why more people should be allowed to carry concealed guns and should be allowed to pull them out and stop a dork like this from beating up females. The watitresses in that bar should have been carrying pistols and either shot this dork or clubbed him in the head and knocked him out. Then stick the hotdog up his…

  5. He should be tested for illegal steroids. A guy that bulked up, and volatile over a $6 hot dog is exhibiting symptoms of ‘roid rage.

  6. Oh, the joys of a diverse community. “The more diverse the group around us, ethnically, in our neighborhood, the less we trust anybody, including people who look like us. Whites trust whites less. Blacks trust blacks less, in more diverse settings.” ~ Professor Robert Putnam, author of “Bowling Alone.” That’s why no one jumped in. The Onlooking men didn’t know what boundaries this attacker would cross because they had no common values. Is he a crazed radical or just a crazy? Couple that with his size and the fact we’ve been raising beta males (don’t hit back Johnny, tell Mikey how you feel) for a generation or so and this is the torn social fabric you get.

    This bum turned himself in and is claiming self-defense. He’s 6’ 3” and goes about 270. He’s a medical sonogramist and does videos about money and power. He concussed both women, one of whom is a nurse. He’s a real charmer and a poster boy for what we’ve let society become with out endless attacks on social mores and demand for individualism over community. It’s how civilizations decline.

    1. Calif is a Sactuary State, so police aren’t allowed to ask about immigration status or cooperate with ICE.

  7. Has Maxine Waters managed yet to blame this attack on misogynist Donald Trump?



    This occurred on Spring Street near 6th. It ‘looks’ like a hip, urban neighborhood.

    Spring Street was L..A.’s main banking district for about 100 years. But banks deserted that part of Downtown during the post-war era. By the 1980’s Spring Street had become a skid row of abandoned old banks. A peculiar sight: ‘Filthy bums in the doorways of formerly grand skyscrapers’.

    Spring Street remained skid row up to the Great Recession. Then, within a few short years, Spring Street gentrified with loft conversions and Hipster bars. Yet skid row conditions remain just 2 blocks east of Spring Street.

    Consequently, hipsters at Spring Street bars are mingling on sidewalks with hardcore skid row types. This explains why no man jumps to the women’s defense: ‘They’re 2 blocks from Skid Row’!

    At One in the morning legions of crazies roam that greater neighborhood. Maniacs like this subject could easily be an ex-con, fugitive or psycho.

    Downtown L.A. has made great strides as a hip, trendy community. But physically Downtown is an island surrounded by freeways and river channels. Therefore residents of Downtown are stuck on said island with thousands of street people.

    I followed a Facebook site for residents of Downtown. Their posts frequently concern criminals and street people. Like the photo I saw of a ghoulish fiend on the marquee of a flea market. The caption read: “Trying to enter second story window”. That post was fairly typical. So morbid, in fact, I finally ‘Unfollowed’.

  9. Clue: The other woman then stepped forward and was also punched. So did her friend.

    Both women went into escalation mode by taking boxing stances. You can see them stepping forward & trying to throw punches with their fists, aiming for the guys head. The female wearing the white jacket got in the guys face 2 times, trying to land a punch & she got punched back 2 times.

    1. Save it Jerry. The jackarse concussed two women over a hot dog. “Escalation mode” is short hand for “the women had it coming.” They didn’t.

      1. Save it mespo. We don’t know what happened before the video started. What the video does show is that the women were coming at him in boxing stances looking to fight. This looks like mutual combat and the women vastly over-estimated their own abilities.

  10. We have t.v. shows such as “What Would You Do?” that encourage the public to interject themselves in other people’s disputes. The host praises people (mostly women) who stick their noses into other people’s business. But the show fails to note the obvious danger; that they can end up knocked out and hospitalized with a concussion over a hot dog, or shot or stabbed. There are many crazy, violent people out there, and people should leave it up to the police to do the policing.

  11. Hats off to those girls who apparently have more cajones than all the guys who just stood still watching while they tried to fight the guy. Looks like the de-masculinization of men is alive and well in LA.

  12. too busy getting a video to post on youtube.
    This is not exclusive to Los Angeles

  13. Without of course having access to a probable cause affidavit, I think it might be possible he bounced one of the victims against the pavement and in some cases that is considered the “weapon”. We’ll just of course need to wait for details.

    Its a sad commentary on the “men” of LA when not one comes forward to defend these girls.

      1. There are lots of beta males around. Their natural protective instincts have, ironically, been neutered by feminists who find everything male loathsome. Finding no support in society for protecting females, they choose not to do it. It’s realy that simple.

        1. So any man, regardless of size or physique, should have waded in to this scuffle?

          I do have to wonder what the fight was actually about. Maybe the assailant thought that six bucks was way too much for a hot dog? Around here, at say a flea market, you can get a hot dog for $1 to $3.

          1. Jay S:
            If you want to keep your man card you wade in three. If you want to be a cowering fool, you don’t. Being a man does carry obligations beyond sporting protruding genitalia and filming every act of barbarism that you see on the street.

            1. Mespo, –If there is earlier video relating to what led up to what we saw on the clip in the column, I’d like to see it.
              The police probably have statements from witnesses.
              It’ll be interesting to see how this case is resolved, especially if it goes to trial.
              From the video clip shown in the column, a mitigating factor may turn out to be the woman advancing on the guy and attempting to land punches.
              Earlier interaction might also partially account for lack of intervention by bystanders, along with the brevity of the “fight”.

            2. Save it Mespo, I’ve seen a lot of fights in my time

              Cafes, restaurants, bars, & clubs. Show me the audio & video. This video is for you. Tinku festival in Bolivia…..Full audio & video.

        2. Again, a ‘beta male’ in manospherespeak is a normal-range man. In the manosphere conception of social relations, these are the men women settle for, not the men women want. The ‘alpha’ is the man over whom women compete. The ‘gamma’ is the man with no hope. (I don’t hold much by this taxonomy, btw, just relaying it). The designations are categories of desirability (which may include courage and pugnacity, but is not to be identified with courage and pugnacity). Manosphere types despise ‘White Knights’ (with some reason) and chivalry (those discourses are quite peculiar). The sort of lunkhead who is neck-deep in manosphere discourse will speculate on whether Gen. Petraeus is ‘beta’.

          1. Absurb,…
            I was on a date about 40 years ago and made the critical error of opening my car on the passenger side for my date.
            She berated me for such a chauvinistic act.
            ( It was a first, and last, date).
            I remember the words that I was thinking😡, but I’m not sure if I actually spoke them out loud.
            Either way, I can’t repeat them here.
            In any case, maybe some of the guys feared being labeled as “macho” if they stepped in.😉

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