Two Nigerian Brothers Reportedly Implicated “Empire” Actor Smollett In Hoax Hate Crime

Various reports indicate that Chicago Police may be building a case against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett for a staged and false reported hate crime that attracted widespread condemnation and outcry. Smollett claimed that white men wearing Trump’s signature MAGA hats jumped out of a car and screamed “This is MAGA country, n****r” and beat him and put a noose around his neck. Various networks and cable stations like CNN ran with the story as a horrific attack and an example of rising hate crimes during the Trump Administration. Presidential candidate Cory Booker called the attack an “attempted modern-day lynching” though he now is saying that he is “withholding his judgment.” Two Nigerian brothers have been arrested and reportedly implicated Smollett in the hoax. If true, Smollett could be looking at years in jail.

Smollett was widely heralded as a victim who showed bravery in the face of a hate crime. He appeared at one event and described how the first attacked “Punches me right in the face. So, I punched his ass back. I think what people need to hear is just the truth.” The truth however appears equally disturbing.

Ola and Abel Osundairo were arrested in connection with the case this weekend.  Media reports indicate that the rope used for the noose has been traced to a nearby lumber store (where I used to go with my father for material) in Chicago. They supposedly were identified as purchasing the rope shortly before the attack.

In an ominous statement, the Chicago Police declared:

“We can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the Empire case has in fact shifted the trajectory of the investigation. We’ve reached out to the Empire cast member’s attorney to request a follow-up interview.”

Given Smollett’s public appearances as a victim and launching a citywide manhunt, the “shift” in “trajectory” could well land him in prison if the brothers can tie him to a hoax. The filing of a false police report is a class 4 felony, punishable by up to three years in prison, and fines up to $25,000.

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  1. It can’t be to hard to find the perps after saying ” this is MAGA country” since there is only about two conservatives in Chicago. Smollet should be arrested for filing a false police report. I wonder if this will help or hurt Empires viewing

  2. When I first heard of this story, it sounded fishy to me. The fact that he was an actor who was vocal against Trump was the first clue. Then when he said his attackers said “this is MAGA country” in Chicago, second fishy clue. And the noose around the neck and clorox was a little over the top. But this is how the left thinks conservatives think of blacks. When in reality it’s the Democrat officials that have been displaying racism and anti-semitism. Not Trump supporters.

    He probably figured since he was an actor it would get national attention “against Trump” sort of like when a doctor Ford came out against Kavanaugh and an Native American came out against a high school boy wearing a Trump hat. These lying attention-seeking frauds go unpunished and get glorified by the fake news. I just hope this kid who filed a false hate crime report doesn’t get off because he’s an actor. And that the liberal politicians that jumped on Trump implying he incites hate crimes, will apologize to Trump. I won’t hold my breath. These Trump-hating hoaxers need to stop.

  3. It’s actually rather amusing that after such an extraordinary run of “hate crimes” which turn out to be fake, that the usual leftist politicians and Hollywood types keep taking the bait and rushing to “condemn” what inevitably turns out to be a poorly concocted farce. 😹😹😹

  4. The word “smollett” in Nigerian means turd. His family added a letter “t” at Ellis Island when they lied their way in.

  5. Big f@3$ing surprise. There have been a critical mass of hoaxes of this nature, which vitiates your inclination to take them seriously even when they have the features of common crimes and not the issue of some screenwriters addled head (the noose, “MAGA country”).

    Compared to other occidental countries, we have elevated rates of violent crime in this country. Liberals and black chauvinists advocate flat nothing which would address that issue and engage in a lot of ‘look squirrel’ diversions attempting to scapegoat segments of the population they despise, like police officers and hunting-and-target-shooting hobbyists. In this case, it’s Trump partisans. It’s a reasonable wager that fewer than 10% of the robberies and aggravated assaults in Chicago are the work of the Trump constituency, but we live at a time when our public discourse is dominated by people who fancy the purpose of public institutions is to be an instrument to injure their enemies, not to secure order and justice.

  6. 1 of the Nigerian brothers was Smollett’s private trainer, better known in the gay community as “butt buddy.”

    Presidential candidate Cory Booker, aka “Spartacus” & clone of hoaxster & race baiter Al Sharpton, said this is a modern-day lynching…..Hoax

    1. A faker on the masses. No doubt about it. Drop kick it with a big ‘ole BAM.

      ‘Divide and Conquer’ agenda, at its best. Wake yo *** up. 😉


    I never heard of Smollett until this news story. Nor had I ever seen a segment of “Empire”.

    My introduction to this incident was a CBS News piece. That report placed the assault in the Chicago neighborhood of Streeterville, an area I know well.

    Streeterville is east of Michigan Avenue along the Near North Lakefront. Northwestern Hospital occupies its center. The area is home to many elegant residential buildings both modern and old; an architectural mix not-unlike New York’s Upper East Side.

    Michigan Avenue is Streeterville’s western boundary. ‘North’ Michigan Avenue; the most fashionable shopping district between Manhattan and Beverly Hills.

    Those high fashion stores employ large ratios of Gays; many of whom reside on the Near North Side. Gays have been a presence there for at least 50 years.

    So it struck me as odd that MAGA hat wearing White men were attacking Gays in Streeterville. It just sounds contrived! Far-Right yahoos are generally averse to Chicago.

    1. Back when I lived in Streeterville, far right yahoos did not call attention to ourselves er I mean themselves and were as usual, very law abiding, except for the unconstitutional Jane Byrne gun registration scheme, which we, I mean they, ignored. Peacefully, quietly ignored, that is.

      And the place for blacks to worry about getting trouble was Bridgeport, former Italian-irish neighborhood.

  8. This guy needs to be prosecuted for a malicious hate crime against Trump supporters.

    He is an actor who scripted his own plot. It was a completely unbelievable story from the get go….two men randomly carrying bleach & a noose around the “MAGA country known as Chicago” in minus 20 degree weather at 2am…AND who recognized a random “Empire” actor heading out to pickup a Subway sandwich??? This made no sense. Would you go out in minus 20 degree weather at 2am in Chicago if you could just pick up the phone and have food delivered to your room??? Of course not.

    But the media RAN the story anyway? Seriously, did the media ASK any questions, at all…BEFORE running with this…?? The answer is NO.

    The media needs to be held accountable for yet another phony story they perpetuated and amplified. These kinds of “mistakes” by the media ALWAYS go in one direction.

  9. He’s black, gay and anti-Trump……….he is untouchable because he’s been oppressed all his life.

    1. And…there are photos of this guy circulating on the internet….Smollet is pictured with Barack and Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Adam Schift, and others… interesting…

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