Smollett Charged With Reporting False Hate Crime [Updated]

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett has been charged with one count of felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report. Smollett claimed that white men wearing Trump’s signature MAGA hats jumped out of a car and screamed “This is MAGA country, n****r” and beat him and put a noose around his neck. Various networks and cable stations like CNN ran with the story as a horrific attack and an example of rising hate crimes during the Trump Administration.

Smollett was widely heralded as a victim who showed bravery in the face of a hate crime. He appeared at one event and described how the first attacked “Punches me right in the face. So, I punched his ass back. I think what people need to hear is just the truth.” The truth however appears equally disturbing.

Police also say that Smollett sent a racist and homophobic to himself and then made them public. Police say that the scratches that Smollett displayed were self-inflicted. The two brothers who allegedly helped Smollett set up the hoax hate crime told police that Smollett was upset that the letter did not generate more attention and outrage than it did.

That was not a problem when he showed up with the noose around his neck and an account of MAGA wearing racists roaming the streets of Chicago.

Chicago police say that the entire scheme was meant to increase Smollett’s salary with the studio by making him a cause célèbre.

The Chicago Police Commissioner lashed out at the media and politicians for fueling the outcry over the alleged attack before any facts other than his account were known. As we discussed, various politicians immediately denounced the attack and cited the Trump Administration for creating an environment of heightened racial animus. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has deleted her tweet  calling it a “racist homophobic attack” and calling for action. Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) is now “withholding judgment” after previously calling it an “attempted modern-day lynching.” Sen. Kamala Harris previously tweeted “This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.” When confronted with the new evidence, Harris gave the answer that should have been the first response:  “I think that once the investigation is concluded, then we should all comment, but I’m not going to comment until I know the outcome of that investigation.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez actually objected to those not treating the attack as an established fact. She tweeted that the attack was not “possibly” a racist and homophobic attack, but that “it was a racist and homophobic attack.”

 Media reports indicate that the rope used for the noose has been traced to a nearby lumber store (where I used to go with my father for material) in Chicago. They supposedly were identified as purchasing the rope shortly before the attack.

A grand jury returned the indictment yesterday and Smollett is now due in court in Chicago at 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

One of the provisions under Section 720 is:

(6) Calls the number “911” for the purpose of making or transmitting a false alarm or complaint and reporting information when, at the time the call or transmission is made, the person knows there is no reasonable ground for making the call or transmission and further knows that the call or transmission could result in the emergency response of any public safety agency;

That provision is generally charged as a Class 4 felony with 1-3 years of potential prison. However probation is allowed for up to 30 months. 

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  1. Fun fact

    Jussie Mullett claimed he was hit with a bottle of household bleach 6% Sodium Hypochlorite. Yet at 2 am Chicago temp was -20 Farenheit, with wind chills -30 to -60 F.

    Household bleach freezes at +19.4 Fahrenheit

    The bleach in question could not have poured from the bottle in liquid state. It would have been rock solid ice.

    “6 wt% sodium hypochlorite which freezes at -7.5°C.”

    No one on the Left, never mind Jussie, bothered to think through this issue from a scientific viewpoint.

  2. Jussie Smollett now blames it on drug use

    Prosecutors said Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo, one of the brothers who helped Smollett allegedly stage the Jan. 29 hate attack, served as Smollett’s drug dealer, selling him Molly several times since the spring of 2018.

    The 36-year-old actor, in claiming to have a drug problem, could be paving the way to use it as a “mitigating factor” when it comes to sentencing.

  3. Good analysis on how the US news media has little credibility and has earned America’s contemt

    All the news thats fit to print.
    Democracy dies in darkness?

    self-serving elitists


    “The Smollett Hoaxers – Again the media rushed to conclude the worst about their countrymen.” – WSJ Editorial

    If you are wondering why the President of the United States took time Thursday to fire off a tweet about the Jussie Smollett case, the answer should be obvious: Mr. Smollett was soaking up the media’s attention this week. That said, the Smollett hoax is instructive—not for what it says about President Trump’s Twitter habits, not even for what it says about Jussie Smollett, but for what it reveals about the practices and social mind-set of the country’s primary media outlets.

    Since January, this country has experienced two media bonfires—over Covington Catholic’s high school students and now Jussie Smollett—whose common element is the reflexive judgment that much of American society is irredeemably bigoted.

    The first incident occurred on the National Mall between students from Covington, Ky., and a Native American drummer. Within minutes of a video emerging of Nicholas Sandmann smiling into the face of Nathan Phillips, the media—newspapers, TV and social media—erupted with condemnation of the teenager. Mr. Sandmann was also wearing a MAGA cap, which for much of the media now seems to be de facto proof of multiple anti-social phobias.

    That version of events, a subsequent video made clear, was false. Which is to say the media condemnation of the Covington Catholic students as racist was false.

    Now comes the Jussie Smollett incident—allegedly a racially motivated street attack in Chicago. The national media bought it hook, line and fake noose, again turning a presumed “hate crime” into an indictment of America.

    You would think these two fiascoes would cause embarrassment among this particular community of journalists and late-night talk show hosts. But we doubt it. At the national level, the compulsion to pronounce blanket moral condemnations about other Americans has displaced the instinct to find the facts.

    Reporters in Chicago, a city with a tradition of street-reporting basics, relied on their sources in the police department to cast doubt on what had happened. The city has now charged Mr. Smollett with filing a false police report, in this instance a felony. He denies it.

    Looking for some sanity? Listen to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s remarks on Mr. Smollett Thursday: “This publicity stunt was a scar that Chicago didn’t earn and certainly didn’t deserve. To make things worse, the accusations within this phony attack received national attention for weeks. Celebrities, news commentators and even presidential candidates weighed in on something that was choreographed by an actor.”

    Maybe, as an actor, Mr. Smollett knew his audience—the elite media—would elevate him to political martyrdom, and it did. With Covington and now this, a rush to judgment rooted in a false view of this country’s values produced, as Chief Johnson noted, more gratuitous anxiety and polarization.

    Mr. Smollett deserves to be punished for his hoax to deter others. The media’s punishment will be its continuing loss of public credibility.

    1. Oooooh! The MEDIA!!

      Well that’s just about everybody, including our President who spends his days watching TV and tweeting. Here’s the beginning of the NYT’s article when the “incident” was 1st reported. I’m not seeing the “condemnation” or other moralizing the always foaming at the mouth WSJ editorial board sees (their news is first rate and worth quoting, the editorial page is garbage).

      “Jussie Smollett, one of the stars of the Fox television show “Empire,” was attacked in Chicago early Tuesday morning by two people who yelled racial and homophobic slurs and wrapped a rope around his neck, according to the police, who said they were investigating the incident as “a possible hate crime.”

      Smollett, who is black and publicly came out as gay in 2015, was walking on a downtown street when two people approached him and yelled the slurs, according to a statement from the Chicago Police Department. The attackers then began hitting Smollett in the face and poured an “unknown chemical substance” on him.

      One of the attackers also wrapped a rope around Smollett’s neck before the duo fled.

      “Given the severity of the allegations, we are taking this investigation very seriously and treating it as a possible hate crime,” the police statement said.

      The Chicago Sun-Times, citing a police spokesman, said that Smollett went to an apartment after the attack, and his manager called the police. When officers arrived, a “thin, light rope” was still around Smollett’s neck, said the spokesman….”

      1. Troll harder cupcake. Ask Peter Shill for lessons on how to practice mindfullness to control your anguish of defeat

        NY Times historically covers for attrocities committed by the Left up until today


        Anniversary of a Fake News Classic by The New York Times
        “One Thousand Killed in 5 days of Fierce Street Fighting!” read a New York Times headline on Jan 4, 1959. The fake news headline dealt with the (utterly bogus) “battle” of Santa Clara in central Cuba where Ernesto “Che” Guevara earned much of his enduring (and totally bogus) martial fame.

        “Commander Che Guevara appealed to Batista troops for a truce to clear the streets of casualties,” continues the breathless The New York Times article. “Guevara turned the tide in this bloody battle and whipped a Batista force of 3,000 men!”

        A year later, Che’s own diaries revealed that his forces (which actually numbered a few dozen) suffered exactly ONE casualty (“El Vaquerito”) during this Caribbean Stalingrad, as depicted by The New York Times!

        True to New York Times-form, during this “battle,” the paper didn’t have a reporter within 300 miles of Santa Clara! Instead, it relied on trusty Cuban Castroite “correspondents.” So who could blame Fidel and Che for GUFFAWING at the scam they pulled! (thanks to the New York Times.)

        And true to Che Guevara-form, the genuine bloodbath in Santa Clara came a week after the (utterly bogus) “battle,” when Che’s opponents (real and imagined) were utterly defenseless. That’s when Che sent his goons to drag men and boys from their homes and set his firing squads to work in triple shifts.

        But absolutely nothing appeared in the trusty New York Times on the genuine bloodbath at Santa Clara. True to Castroite practice, only when “Peace was Given a Chance,” only when their enemies were utterly defenseless, did the bloodbath crank into high gear.

        And true to (proud Walter Duranty employer) practice, The New York Times helped cover-up yet another communist atrocity.

        1. Dude, you like Donald Trump. You couldn’t care any less about lies or you wouldn’t know what to think. You keep sucking up the tweets and whatever wingnut alternative realities you prefer and I’ll read the NYTs, WSJ news, WaPo, etc. It’s obvious which one of us is smarter.

            1. Hey, if you want to include yourself in this comparison, be my guest. I tried to not be too personal with you in our discussion.

              1. Peter H….plz bring Jan up to best trolling practices on this forum. “She” is bringing standards beneath our community’s level not worthy of bleach, rope and Nigerian bodybuilder has been gay no one knows him actors

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          1. had you read Jussie Mullett’s body language on GMA interview like you read NYT and Mad Magazine, you would have known the gurl was lying….



            Body language experts says Smollett obliviously lying in GMA interview.

            Janine Driver says his interview featured a slew of red flags.

            A body language expert says Empire actor Jussie Smollett‘s interview on Good Morning America featured red flags that were so obvious she knew the “whole thing was staged” then and there.

            In a Thursday interview on the Law&Crime Network, Janine Driver, author of the book You Can’t Lie to Me (with Mariska van Aalst), said that she determined Smollett “was a liar right out of the gate.”

            Smollett was charged on Wednesday with disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report claiming that attackers roughed him up, yelled racist and homophobic slurs (the actor is black and gay), put a noose around him, and poured on him what he believed to be bleach. All lies, police said on Thursday. They claim he paid two men $3,500 by check to help stage the attack. This was a publicity stunt, investigators said. Smollett was disappointed by his income from the show, so he tried to make a grab for attention.

            The actor appeared for an interview with GMA host Robin Roberts last week, and said he was “pissed off” at those who did not believe his story.

            He displayed signs of obvious lying, Driver told Law&Crime Network host Ashley Willcott. For one, he seemed way too happy when describing the alleged assault, Driver said.

            “We saw something as simple as him saying he has respect for people who are victims of any type of violence, and he goes, ‘and now I’m one of those victims,’” she said. “‘I’m one of those victims.’ As he lies, he smiles across his face with enthusiasm. We never saw fear and sadness.”

            Another thing Driver took issue with was Smollett’s description of the alleged assault. When people describe attacks, they tend to turn and show where it came from, she said. Smollett didn’t.

            The actor also mentioned that that this attack happened near stairs, she said. This detail wasn’t relevant to the viewers, but it was to Smollett, she argued. Driver suggested this meant the actor staged the attack there under the belief that a nearby camera would capture it.

            “Immediately, I knew the whole thing was staged,” she said.

            You can see the rest of Driver’s step-by-step break down of the alleged deceit in the interview above. You can also see Smollett’s interview below. He goes through his allegations, and begins crying near the end.

            “You do such a disservice when you lie about things like this,” he said.

  4. I’m shocked, yes shocked that someone would use racism and false accusations that would further their brand and profile, and to lie and make things up. And it’s good to see that JT’s base would want this type of person charged and prosecuted with the full might of the law.

    1. Wow! FishWings, it seems we agree on something.

      Do you believe in identity politics being advanced by the Democratic Party?

      1. It was sarcasm Allan. Think real hard Allan, who else lies to further his brand and profile just by making things up? Oh forget it, you’ll never get it.

        1. “who else lies to further his brand and profile just by making things up?”

          Obama and you but you have no brand. Obama’s lies weren’t puffery but were downright lies and caught on video. Even his chief architect for Obamacare admitted they lied in order to get Obamacare passed.

  5. I am side stepping here, but just curious, is “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations,” alive and well?

    Are they still using American taxpayer money as a proxy to fund the psychological warfare via the Tell-lie-vision…?

    More race wars? Gender wars? Religious wars?

    Although I did hear Pope Francis was in the Middle East for some sort of Chrislam…?

    Did he meet Iman Pallavinci, of the well-known, Italian banking “hidden hand” family, “House of Pallavinci”?

    Just curious.

  6. More Lies and Liars courtesy of the Left. It’s amazing how many people enjoy these people, morally bankrupt.

  7. Watch Jussie Smollett’s interview with Good Morning America. Note where he says the camera in the lightpost was facing north and “that was disappointing.” Why was it so disappointing? Because this was all choreographed and staged, with the intent for the MAGA attack video to go viral….thus inciting a race war against Trump supporters. Do you see a sociopath in the GMA interview? If not, watch it again. Dude is a sociopath. Throw the book at him.

  8. The hysterical, incoherent and maniacal Feminazi White Shirts succeeded at perpetrating the Christine Blasey Ford scam and hoax, convincing Jussie Smolette that he would also be supported and successful.

    1. Listening to the network news of the left I hear them trying to blame Trump.

      The Devil made me buy this dress.

    1. Jan F., what is your reasonable complaint? The tax laws are poorly written.
      What is you unreasonable complaint? That Trump benefited.

      The IRS has gone over the Trump tax returns time and time again. What did they find? He complied with the law. We can say the same thing about Bezos and many other billionaires even Warren Buffett who used avoidance of taxes as part of his investment plan. We can even say the same thing about Zuckerman’s partner whose private settlement with Zuckerman left him so much of a tax liability that before the papers were signed he got rid of his US citizenship and the US tax liability.

      What is the solution? Some think it is to keep making up stories about Trump that aren’t true. They feed those stories to the suckers that swallow them hook, line and sinker.

      1. The Times article sites numerous tax violations by Trump and his father on which the clock has unfortunately run out. We can’t do anything legally about that. We can do something about his BS story about being self made and that is stop believing his daily lies and letting your representatives know they should stop carrying his water. His deception is important and affects us all. This jerk-o.. in Chicago has no importance to our lives.

          1. Yeah, well the Gators are going to win the next 10 NCAA football championships in a row, an equally irrelevant bold prediction.

            1. Since 1960 the NYT has always endorsed a Democrat for President and has shown they are not about real news but fake biased news

              New York Times presidential endorsements

              Year Endorsed Opponent(s) Winner
              1960 John F. Kennedy, Democrat Richard M. Nixon, Republican Kennedy
              1964 Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat Barry Goldwater, Republican Johnson
              1968 Hubert H. Humphrey, Democrat Richard M. Nixon, Republican; George Wallace, American Independent Party Nixon
              1972 George McGovern, Democrat Richard M. Nixon, Republican Nixon
              1976 Jimmy Carter, Democrat Gerald R. Ford, Republican Carter
              1980 Jimmy Carter, Democrat Ronald Reagan, Republican; John B. Anderson, independent Reagan
              1984 Walter Mondale, Democrat Ronald Reagan, Republican Reagan
              1988 Michael Dukakis, Democrat George H.W. Bush, Republican Bush
              1992 Bill Clinton, Democrat George H.W. Bush, Republican; Ross Perot, independent Clinton
              1996 Bill Clinton, Democrat Bob Dole, Republican; Ross Perot, Reform Party Clinton
              2000 Al Gore, Democrat George W. Bush, Republican; Ralph Nader, Green Party Bush
              2004 John Kerry, Democrat George W. Bush, Republican Bush
              2008 Barack Obama, Democrat John McCain, Republican Obama
              2012 Barack Obama, Democrat Mitt Romney, Republican Obama
              2016 Hillary Clinton, Democrat Donald Trump, Republican Trump


                1. “Real newspapers separate their editorial content from news reporting”

                  Jan F., it seems that you might be adopting critical thinking skills. This is one of the main reasons I called the NYTimes a rag somewhere else on this page. You objected at the time but now it seems that you recognize this big problem that negatively impacts the media.

        1. hey Jan, this “jerk off” in Chicago staged a fake attack and tried to INCITE a nationwide RACE RIOT against Trump supporters. That’s not nothing, sweetheart. And just b/c he’s black, an actor, friends with Don Lemon, and has the backing of Kamala, Cory, and much of Hollywood, doesn’t mean jack sh*t. THROW THE BOOK at HIM. Make an example of him. Anything less than that is a travesty of justice.

          1. We concur in our opinion of Smollett (sp?). Those who jumped to believing him straight off are blameworthy to the extent that they might have had reason to be suspicious – I haven’t cared enough to follow this and I didn’t – and don’t – know who he is. There are actual racial attacks that occur in the US, so his faking one was redundant without minimizing those that do.

          2. Bob, I’ve been listening to Don Lemon. He sounds ignorant and I am sure there are a lot better people out there that could do defending Lemon’s side. How did they pick him for the spot?

        2. Jan, perhaps I can counsel you. I’m a shill for David Brock. Not really, but in the minds of every Trumper here. The angrier they get, the more they call me that.

          Trump’s entire business model, and that of his father’s, hinged on Tax Avoidance schemes. And tax subsidies from The City of New York.

          Yet Trump’s signed the 2017 Tax Bill which actually sought to punish residents of New York City. Go figure! That’s Donald Trump.

          With regards to Jessie Smollett, his bogus accusations embarrassed certain Democrats. Especially Kamila Harris who jumped too early in demanding Ralph Northam resignation.

          NOTE TO DEMOCRATS: “You don’t have to be the first to demand the resignation of a party member. It won’t hurt your career to take a wait & see approach. See how things shake out”.

          Just two days ago I read that Northam has weathered the storm. And surprisingly his strongest base are Black Virginians. It looks like Ralph will live!

          But Kamila Harris disappoints me. And I’m a Californian. I voted for Kamila thinking she was bright. Harris, however, blundered badly with regards to Jesse Smollett.

          Again, it won’t hurt your career to take a wait & see approach. You don’t have to be the first to condemn an attack that sounded peculiar. Wait until police have made an arrest. Harris should know that having been a prosecutor.

          So thanks to Smollett, I can cross Harris off my list of Democrats to consider in 2020.

          1. Peter, I think you’re mixing ‘Kamila’ with Camilla from across the pond. It’s Kamala, fyi. Oh, and you’re absolutely right to cross her off your list. Among her many repelling qualities, she’s got the Hillary ‘cackle laugh’ that is ‘nails on a chalkboard’ awful. She’s not gonna be the “nominee.” She doesn’t know it yet, of course, but she will soon enough. 😉

          2. Not a big Harris fan, though I would not disqualify a candidate for believing a seemingly credible accusation. Of course that was a mistake and she needs to explain and apologize for jumping in with both feet, but if that’s the worse thing you have on a candidate – clear sailing. I’m for Amy Klobuchar.

            1. Kamilla is a self serving individual who will say anything to advance her career. Her statement on pot led her own FATHER to say the following!

              “‘My dear departed grandmothers … as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not, with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics.’”

              Identity politics is a fraud that Kamilla always tries to play as do most presently running for leadership positions in the Democratic Party.

              Jan F. Do you like identity politics? Do you like the ideas behind intersectionality? Do you like violence of the type seen when a conservative tries to speak on a college campus today?

              1. If by identity politics you mean the fact that one of the two major parties is almost exclusively white and predominantly old and male, and both their office holders and voters meet that description, I think that’s a problem. By contrast, the other major party has the larger number of it’s voters also being white while capturing majorities of other racial and ethnic groups, and again, that is both voters and elected officials.

                I don’t know what intersectionality is.

                I abhor violence against of all types against opposing speech, whether it be on campus or a Trump rally.

                1. one of the two major parties is almost exclusively white and predominantly old and male, and both their office holders and voters meet that description, I think that’s a problem.

                  It isn’t and it isn’t. The ‘hurry up and die’ from you noted.

                  1. The party demographics are a fact – look it up.

                    Whether it is a problem or not is subjective. If you look forward to the demise of the party with the dying demographics I guess it’s not, though I think we need a small government party. Too bad that party has dropped all pretense to principle of any kind and is just all in on a personality cult built around a despicable human being.

                2. “If by identity politics you mean the fact that one of the two major parties is almost exclusively white and predominantly old and male”

                  That is not necessarily identify politics. The Democratic hold on the black population would be a better example.

                  It is difficult to describe intersectionality on a blog such as this. It would be best for you to look for an impartial essay on what intersectionality is. We are supposed to look at the character of a man or woman not their race. Likewise we should not be looking at their religion or their gender. Intersectionality ranks individuals based on these features and is a part of identity politics.

                  Most of the violence you say you abhor originates from the left not the right. Yes there are some nutty people considered to be right wingers but when one looks at their politics one finds that they hold specific views that could common to both. However, the leftist attitude which originates way back from people like Marcuse (from the Frankfort School) actually advocate violent types of acts and preventing speech from those that have differing opinions. He is one of the original “anti-fascists” and he came and remained in the sphere of the left.

                  1. The identity of the parties is obvious and ends the argument.

                    Intersetctionality – whatever. Look at the elected officials of both of the major parties, and you decide which party looks at race and gender.

                    Uh, most of the terrorism in the US in the last few years has been right wing:

                    “According to a 2017 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, “of the 85 violent extremist incidents that resulted in death since September 12, 2001, far right wing violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 (27 percent). The total number of fatalities is about the same for far right wing violent extremists and radical Islamist violent extremists over the approximately 15-year period (106 and 119, respectively). However, 41 percent of the deaths attributable to radical Islamist violent extremists occurred in a single event—an attack at an Orlando, Florida night club in 2016.”


                    I don’t know this guy Marcuse.

                    1. “The identity of the parties is obvious and ends the argument.”

                      That is not what identity politics means.

                      “Intersetctionality – whatever. Look at the elected officials of both of the major parties, and you decide which party looks at race and gender.”

                      That is not what is behind intersectionality which is involved in giving one group of people more by taking away from another. If you are white you fall a notch while a non white person will rise a notch. If you are straight comparitively you might fall a notch while if you are gay you might rise a notch. That can translate into getting a job, accepted to a school etc.

                      Both identity politics and intersectionality are utilized by the Democratic Party of TODAY.

                    2. “Uh, most of the terrorism in the US in the last few yngears has been right wing:”

                      Jan F. That is entirely wrong. Look at the college campuses and see where the violence has come from. Later you mention Marcuse. Maybe you should learn more about him because in his push towards the leftist position he advocated in your face and I believe violent action. He is a forerunner of the left of today. [Look up the Frankfort School from Germany and those members that moved to the US. Marcuse’s biggest objection to Hitler was Hitler’s racism. Marcuse was a Jew. The Reich was fascist but unlike Musollini’s fascist regime that was tolerant of Jews. Almost all of the fascists originated from communists (what we call the left)

                      Additionaly when asked about their political views many that are considered on the right actually hold the most important views of the left. Of course there are crazies on both sides that one should not associate with either side.

                      One might be able to credit Marcuse for creating the image that Nazism was part of the right. It wasn’t. It started as a communist movement with slight shifts in ideology. Today we have things a bit backward, but when reads the writings of the players one recognizes the truth.

                    3. I thought I should add one more thing. Who is alt-right? BE careful in assuming white nationalists and Nazi’s are on the right. Nazi’s are on the left and white nationalists can be anywhere on the political spectrum but if one calls white nationalists and Nazi’s right wingers the statistics become very skewed. When one looks at the college campuses where a lot of violence has popped up it is almost always left wing.

                      Who is alt-right? One of the most prominent members is Richard Spencer who is a white nationalist.

                      What are his views? That is what determines left or right.

                      Let me give you some of his views and you tell me left or right.

                      national healthcare
                      universal basic income
                      state control of some industry.

                      He sounds more like a Bernie Sanders. Definitely not the free market type.

          3. Peter, we don’t call you a Shill because we are angry. We call you a Shill because you sound like one.

            “Trump’s entire business model, and that of his father’s, hinged on Tax Avoidance schemes. And tax subsidies from The City of New York.”

            Despite what you think that is not true. The Trumps used the rules like everyone else. NYC at one point was going bankrupt and no one wanted to build and bring revenue in even with the tax subsidies. Trump did. Should we blame him and the others for helping to boost NYC bottom line and prevent bankruptcy?

            NYC spent years trying to repair the ice skating rink in Central Park. They finally let him take over and he did so coming in below budget and before the due date. That is what made him a good builder. Some claim he did it to financially rip the ice skating rink off, but he actually financed it himself and though he had control of the proceeds of the skating rink for a number of years all he did was pay himself back the capital he invested and then the skating rink was run by the city.

            Some complain about how Trump built his buildings higher than permitted by code. The truth is NYC trades height for public spaces and that is why one sees pocket parks in Manhattan that the public uses filling the parks. Many go to those parks during the lunch hour to eat lunch. Some of those tiny parks are absolute gems.

            People claim that he built a park out of his charity money to enhance his property at the time known as the Plaza Hotel. That park was across the street from the Plaza and just south of Central Park where hundreds of people are using the park for free while it enhanced the area and the southern entrance to Central Park.

            Peter knows nothing about about business and even less about building in the NYC environs. His aim is to destroy Trump with none truths. That doesn’t mean Trump always does the right thing. It only means that he is human and basically he has been a credit rather than a debit. Peter is more of a debit.

          4. “Yet Trump’s signed the 2017 Tax Bill which actually sought to punish residents of New York City. Go figure! That’s Donald Trump.”

            I so happen to have another home in Manhattan. Peter can take glee in the fact that the taxes on that home are quite high as are the taxes on my primary residence. Trump limited the deduction I can take for these taxes, thus I get none for my home in NYC and lost most for my primary residence. It costs me a lot but I can see no reason for the coal miner in W. Virginia to subsidize my lifestyle. I applaud Trump for this decision even though it costs me money.

            It is Peter who doesn’t care about the middle class. It is people like Peter who end up creating tax laws that are abused. I thank God every time I fill out my IRS forms and my taxes went up. That means I am doing better and this country has preserved my freedoms. Peter is an ungrateful Shill.

        3. “The Times article sites numerous tax violations by Trump and his father ”

          Jan F., the NYTimes is a rag. Did they explain to you that Trump has been audited by the IRS? No. Did the times tell you that virtually all rich people take advantage of the tax code. No. (Donald Trump said that publically.)

          What proof did they bring to the table? None.

          ‘You cheated on your income taxes.’ If the Times publishes my statement does that mean you did anything different than everyone else? No. The chances are if you have a reasonably complex tax return that one could claim tax violations. You can be given a choice to pick a or b where either could lead to a violation.

          “We can do something about his BS story about being self made and that is stop believing his daily lies and letting your representatives know they should stop carrying his water.”

          You have already concluded that his story BS whether it is or not and he hasn’t had that much support from most representatives, but he brought jobs back, decreased unemployment, lowered taxes for the middle class and has done a lot of other things for the country. I don’t care if he was self made or not. He proved his worth in the building trade with or without his father’s money. That is enough for me.

          “This jerk-o.. in Chicago has no importance to our lives.”

          That is a crazy statement. what he did was make people question complaints of hate crimes and other crimes such as rape. If you were raped that would make it more difficult for you publically and in court. You also forget the amount of resources taken away from crime in a city where kids are being murdered on a regular basis. I think your head is turned the wrong way.

          1. Let’s see, NYTs – over a 100 hundred Pulitizers and one if not the best newspapers on the globe which actually values it’s reputation for truthfulness and accuracy and corrects mistakes – vs the a world class liar and braggart that even a child can see is not to be trusted – is that a hard choice for you?

            The Times article is sourced and with documents and so far the Trump organization has not made any effort to refute it on a fact by fact basis. Maybe if you helped demand that Trump release his tax returns, as e\very president and major party candidate has done since Reagan, we could get to the bottom of it. Surely you believe presidents and major candidates owe us that information, right?

            Obama brought many more jobs back in his last 2 years than Trump in his first 2 – look it up – and he’s riding the Obama recovery which is the longest since WW2 while pumping it up on the steroids of hot checks via the deficit fueling tax cut. The long range picture is not good.

            We agree that the jerk o.. in Chicago is a jerk o… His effect on our lives is nothing compared to the con man jerk off in the White House.

            1. Let’s see, NYTs – over a 100 hundred Pulitizers and one if not the best newspapers on the globe which actually values it’s reputation for truthfulness and accuracy and corrects mistakes – vs the a world class liar and braggart that even a child can see is not to be trusted – is that a hard choice for you?

              And they don’t care what anyone says about the prize they got for Duranty’s reporting. They’re keeping it.

              1. Wikipedia:

                “The New York Times assigned a member of its editorial board, Karl Meyer, to write a signed editorial about Duranty’s work for the Times. In a scathing piece, Meyer said (24 June 1990) that Duranty’s articles were “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.” Duranty, Meyer said, had bet his career on Stalin’s rise and “strove to preserve it by ignoring or excusing Stalin’s crimes.”[13] The Pulitzer Board in 1990 reconsidered the prize but decided to preserve it as awarded.[31] Four years earlier, in a review of Robert Conquest’s The Harvest of Sorrow (1986), former Moscow bureau reporter Craig Whitney wrote that Duranty effectively ignored the famine until it was almost over…”

                “The Pulitzer board has twice declined to withdraw the award, most recently in November 2003, finding “no clear and convincing evidence of deliberate deception” in the 1931 reporting that won the prize, and The Times does not have the award in its possession.”

                As I was saying, unlike our scumbag president, the times values it’s reputation for truthfulness and accuracy and prints corrections.

                1. IOW, it only took ’em 58 years

                  IOW, the Pulitzer board isn’t doing anything to embarrass a member of the guild.

                  You’re having trouble understanding the distinction between conscientiousness about substance and anxiety about postures.

                  1. Coming from a guy who apparently has no problem with Trump’s attempts to bully, discredit, and restrict the press – and in fact is joining in on – as the Soviets did thoroughly in the Stalin era, I’m not sure “understanding” is something absurd can comment on.

                    The less than perfect press – aren’t we all – still measures up like a skyscraper to the moral cripple and truth challenged leader absurd follows.

                    1. “restrict the press ”

                      Jan F.: How does Trump restrict the press? He even still calls on Acosta. He has had interviews and press conferences. He reveals what he is doing in his tweets and sometimes shows that his mind can be changed on his tweets.

                      What are you talking about?

                2. “As I was saying…”

                  Meh. Youre going to have to be more original…your NYT trope is old trolling strategies (Peter Shill was bludgeoned with his attempts) and your false gods have been smashed by their idiot savant followers

                  So your gay black boi in Chicago got caught using race to advance his talentless career like Maxine waters, Kamala Harris, Al Sharpton and Senator Pocahontas?

                  what’s their next strategy to resuscitate themselves while choking Americans to full blow anoxia?

                3. Jan F., you should rely a bit more on your critical thinking skills. Who do you think has control over organizations like the Pulitzer Prize. Take note of those writers that have written tremendous pieces but never win the Pulitzer Prize.

                  1. I should have added that this high level employee at the NYTimes was formerly part of antifa.

            2. Let me provide an example, Jan F. The Pulitzer Prize won and held by the NYTimes on the Soviet Union was a total lie (Walter Duranty). The NYTimes still cherishes it and other frauds it helped to exist. You seem to be commenting on a newspaper that doesn’t exist or a blurb printed by the newspaper.

              The news media is not particularly honest and hasn’t been so from the onset of the nation. The NYTimes mixes opinion into their headline news. That is not what a responsible newspaper does. It reports the news after obtaining reasonable assurance that the news is correct and dosn’t generally rely on anonymous people that turn out to be inconsequential people. It publishes its opinion on the opinion page. The reporting by the NYTimes on the Russia issue has been horrid and I will leave it to you to look over the Times and see how many times they have been found wrong.

              I am not saying that the Times doesn’t provide a lot of good news only that it interjects its political opinions into the news to such an extent the Times cannot be trusted. It also comits the “crime” of omission when something doesn’t serve the Times political interest. As far as retractions a frontpage claim that turns out to be wrong is not rectified when after far too long in small print on page 27 a retraction is made.

              That you say the Trump administration hasn’t refuted the Times is untrue. As an example the President has directly done so and did so relatively recently with his TV interview with Molly Haberman. The Times hates Trump and has been wrong many times about him, but you love the Times so critical thinking is out of the question.

              As far as jobs one has to look at what one is counting. I have over and over again repeated the monthly numbers of the U 6 (similar to the U 3 that is more common, but the U 6 is better) to compare Obama’s last year and Trump’s first year. Trump lowered unemployment much faster when what would be expected is a slower rate as unemployment approached what is considered to be full emloyment.

              I hesitate to make this comment even longer for it will make DSS get into a tizzy. But Trump’s taxes reveal less than what was delved into by the city and state of NY, the state of NJ, the gaming commissions, the IRS etc. DSS so happened to discuss the lack of value of taxes as have I and others with regard to learning more about Trump. It is not required that he release his taxes so that is his right just like Obama when he didn’t release transcripts and all sorts of information regarding his education among other things. That information was far, far more pertinent to the public than Trump’s taxes. When one of his returns was illegally released, did you find it made a difference?

        4. “We can do something about his BS story about being self made and that is stop believing his daily lies”

          Trump fibs; the media lies.

          “This jerk-o.. in Chicago has no importance to our lives.”

          Before he was a jerk-o, he was heroic, providing you SJWs with a fake opportunity to posture virtuously; now that he appears to be a liar, he’s of no use to you all any more. So, yes, let’s just sweep this hoax-hate under the rug, at least until the next one, which by my calendar, should be coming along any day now.

          1. I paid next to no attention to this story when it started and I continue in that. I expect the morally blind to get worked up over this while forgiving whatever low life behavior of greater import emanates from the WH.

        5. The NY Times makes things up on the fly and their discombobulated mongrels lap it all up to the demise of their cerebral cortex and NyT revenues


          The State Of American ‘Fact-Checking’ Is Completely Useless
          With a veneer of impartiality, fact-checkers engage in a uniquely dishonest style of partisanship

          “The New York Times provided a masterclass in bad faith fact-checking by taking political contentions offered by the president and subjecting them to a supposed impartial test of accuracy. In his speech, Trump called the illegal border crossing “an urgent national crisis.” The New York Times says “this is false.” Why? Because illegal border crossing have been declining for two decades, they say. Customs and Border Protection agents, they go on to explain, had arrested around 50,000 people trying to illegally cross the southwestern border each of the last three months, which was only half of the arrests they had made in comparable months in the mid-2000s.

          Even if those numbers correct, there is no way to factcheck urgency. After all, a lessening crisis doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a pressing one. We’ve seen a steep decline in gun violence over the past 30 years. Would The New York Times ever “fact-check” a Democrat who argued that gun violence was an “urgent crisis” of public safety? Of course not. But this fluctuating standard allows journalists to “fact-check” any subjective political contention they desire.”

  9. Talk about a double standard, Smollett is back on set today. Roseann Barr lost her job. No there’s no double standard.

  10. This just proves Trump right in the worst way

    After Jussie Smollett Charged, MSNBC Goes Radio Silent On Story During Primetime Wednesday

    With the breaking news of the Chicago Police Department labeling Empire actor Jussie Smollett as a suspect in the alleged staging of his own hate crime, none of the primetime shows on MSNBC Wednesday night mentioned the latest developments, as first reported by The Daily Caller and later confirmed by a search on the media monitoring service Grabien.

    This was despite Anthony Guglielmi, chief communications officer for Chicago police, announcing felony criminal charges against Smollett had been approved by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office at 7:53 p.m. ET.

    None of MSNBC’s primetime shows, All In With Chris Hayes, The Rachel Maddow Show, The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, or The 11th Hour With Brian Williams, reported on the newest information to come out on a story which has been all over cable news.

    Instead, the MSNBC shows mainly talked about Russians, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and how Robert Mueller’s special counsel is close to concluding its investigation.

    MSNBC did report about Smollett early on Thursday.

    Both Fox News and CNN did cover the Smollett story during their primetime lineups. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson led off his program with the breaking news at the top of the 8:00 p.m. hour. CNN’s Don Lemon also discussed the updates on his show, saying it was not Smollett’s fault that he had already lost in the “court of public opinion.”

    1. Smollet is NOT a victim — he is an instigator and a perpetrator who was attempting to INCITE a politicized RACE RIOT. Throw the GD book at the MF’er. Anything less is a travesty.

      1. No, I don’t think Smollett was trying to incite a race riot. He was simply trying to benefit financially from from the misery of a distant ancestor that he has no emotional connection to. Smollett was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA, a predominantly white, middle to upper middle class city north of San Fran. And he was a childhood actor since age 5. Like Kamala Harris, Barack Obama and Eric Holder, he has no personal experience with the black American experience of earlier generations. Slavery and its symbols are just something to use for personal advancement with privileged young blacks 150 years after emancipation. Similarly, the Lt. Gov. of VA, Justin Fairfax loves to remind everyone that his great-great-great-great grandfather was a slave. But so what? Justin was born in privilege, went to private schools, followed by Duke Univ. and Columbia Law. A Hell of a long way from slavery! But so long as America continues to reward people for the misery of some distant ancestor, with whom they share 1/32 DNA at best, then we will have race hustlers seeking to profit from it.

  11. Throw the book at him and make him an example. No probation. Anything less than the max sentence is an injustice FOR ALL.

    1. Think back to the riots and protests that were happening during the Kavanaugh hearings….do you think for one second that the Democrats would just sit back and remain silent and let justice run its course? Not on your life. The Dems and their Antifa thugs would be OUT IN THE STREETS PROTESTING and calling FOR JUSTICE if the situation was reversed. Count on it.

      Jussie Smollett needs to PAY THE PRICE for his crimes…and that means serving the MAXIMUM sentence as a lesson, as an example.

  12. Maxine Waters would be proud of her gay boi….ON THE LOW…of course

    “JUSSIE SMOLLETT Cops Say ‘Attack’ Plans Started with Text … ‘MIGHT NEED YOUR HELP ON THE LOW’
    Jussie Smollett sent a text to the Osundairo brothers 4 days before the allegedly staged attack went down … then met with them to go over details, including dousing the actor in gasoline. Prosecutors detailed the evidence they’ve gathered against Jussie in docs filed for his bond hearing — and it’s jaw-dropping.”

    1. “Maxine Waters would be proud of her gay boi….ON THE LOW…of course”
      Schiff would be too — but on the top.

  13. That he almost succeeded in certain self-aggrandizement by seeking to be declared a race wars’ victim shows you just how far we’ve fallen. In saner times, this pathetic wimp would have been ostracized by the society he preyed upon. Instead, in some mind-numbing act of self-hatred, he’s welcomed back on the TV set of yet another vapid and pathetic attempt at modern entertainment as a conquering hero. He’s a exploitative racist seeking to inflame hatred. That makes him dangerous and his cash motive renders him despicable. Put him in irons.

  14. prediction – there will be a plea deal, ( no time served) and Mr. Smollett will go into”treatment” for some sort of mental disorder. ugh.

    1. No, I think he will get a punishment including incarceration. If he had engineered the stunt more effectively, he could have provoked riots.

      1. No kidding. Imagine what kind of uprising would have been provoked if CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, the internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc….had continuously played the video of Jussie being attacked by MAGA hat wearing racist thugs??? Just IMAGINE the race wars that would have ensued!

        BUT! Jussie even got the camera angle wrong. They only saw the backs of the “fake ‘paid’ thugs”….AND DO NOT FORGET that Jussie’s original INTENT was to capture this fake, staged MAGA racist attack ON CAMERA SO THAT IT COULD BE PLAYED OVER AND OVER AGAIN…this inciting race riots…..

        Yes, THAT was Jussie’s INTENT, people! THROW THE BOOK AT HIM. No question about it….

  15. “Smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career”

    I am kicking myself for not seeing this as the next natural progression by the Left in milking race.


    “Elizabeth Warren backs reparations for black Americans”

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Thursday she supports reparations for black Americans affected by slavery, The New York Times reports.

    Warren said in an interview with the Times that “we must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country that has had many consequences, including undermining the ability of black families to build wealth in America for generations.” She also said that “we need systemic, structural changes to address that.”


    Note to SssssmmmmMullet

    You should have waited for Pocahontas to pour bleach and tie a noose on all of Americans

    1. “Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Thursday she supports reparations for black Americans affected by slavery,”

      I want reparations for putting up with all this cr-p.

      1. Cool. Then I will identify as an African-American that has been affected by slavery. I’m sure Ms. Warren will appreciate the irony.

    2. Anon, it has been about that all along. LBJ was racist and yet he signed into law all the various landmark Civil rights statutes of the 60s. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    3. Lieawatha is now more than mere amusement. She’ll start a revolution in this country if reparations are enacted and confiscatory gun laws are expanded. Can’t wait for 2020.

      1. If blacks get reparations for what the U.S. government did to their great-great-great-great grandparents, then I want reparations from the British government for what they did to my great-great-great-great grandparents during the Irish Famine.

  16. “Smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career,” superintendent Eddie Johnson says.

    This is the way of the left but finally someone stood up to the lies. A lot of politicians and media folk are deleting their tweets. How many incidents have been blamed on the right when the real problems were caused by leftist thugs the same type of thug that inserted themselves in the facist dictatorships of Hitler and Musollini.

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