Texas Dad Shoots Himself By Accident At Daughter’s 16th Birthday

A father left his daughter with a memory of her Sweet Sixteenth Birthday that she is unlikely to forget. Police say that the father was spinning the gun on his finger when it went off — shooting himself in the stomach.

The town is what caught my eye. Appropriately enough, it is called Humble, Texas.

This is one man who should fit in perfectly in Humble, Texas.

17 thoughts on “Texas Dad Shoots Himself By Accident At Daughter’s 16th Birthday”

  1. 40,000 deaths by vehicles on highways annually with 4 million serious injuries.

    Ban cars…

    and trucks and SUV’s and semi trucks and buses and motorcycles and bicycles and etc.

  2. I wonder if this lame brain gun spinner was a smoker. Probably. Guns are quicker. He is better off than if he has to “fight cancer”.

    1. Sam:

      “That is the one good thing about guns. They are more likely to injure those who have them, than anyone else.”

      According to the CDC in 2016, there were 495 incidents of accidental firearm deaths. The average is about 680 per year over the past ten years. There are approximately 93,000,000 gun owners in the US. Over that same ten-year period, guns were used to defend self and others according to a Harvard study more than half a million times.

      You do the math.

    2. The two things that if you ever need one of them and don’t have one you’ll probably never need one again, one is a gun and the other is a parachute

  3. Prof Turley, there is no need for you to blog every day. If you have nothing of importance on which to comment, please don’t clog up my email with trivia such as this (which is more fitting for a supermarket tabloid). A lot of what you send out is demeaning to your reputation as a legal thinker.

    1. At least Professor Turley doesn’t lower himself to the level of attacking others who are simply sharing interesting events and ideas.

      1. You routinely libel individuals and corporate bodies. And, no, you can’t be said to be lowering yourself; that’s your level.

    1. Per Zillow, most of the owners of homes for sale in Humble are asking north of $200,000. If he can earn well enough to afford to live there, his general intelligence is likely adequate.

      It’s not clear if it was his gun or someone else’s or if he knew it was loaded or not. It seems he didn’t know it had a hair trigger.

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