Turley To Testify In House Judiciary Committee On Trump Declaration

I will be testifying this morning at a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties. The hearing will be on the National Emergencies Act of 1976 and the current controversy (and litigation) over President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration on the southern border. The hearing will be on C-Span and will start at noon at  2141 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515.

I will be one of four witnesses called for the hearing:

Nayda Alvarez, Landowner and Resident of La Rosita, Texas Jonathan Turley, J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University

Stuart Gerson, former Acting Attorney General of the United States and Partner at Epstein Becker Green

Elizabeth Goitein, Co-Director of the Liberty & National Security Program of the Brennan Center for Justice

Jonathan Turley, J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University

Here is my testimony:

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  1. There is a profound shortage of treated water suitable for mixing grout (mortar) for binding the steel reinforcing rods in the cells of the prefabricate wall sections that Trump wants to use along the stretch of the US-Mexico border running West from Nogales to Gadsden on The Colorado River in Arizona. Along the stretch of the border from Douglas to Nogales, Arizona, there are probably enough municipal water supplies suitable for mixing grout to bind the wall sections together. However, the stretch of the border from El Paso, Texas, on The Rio Grande, heading West across New Mexico then South to Douglas Arizona, is also shy on municipal water supplies suitable for mixing grout.

    Theoretically, Trump is supposed to be familiar with the constraints on concrete as a construction material. But then Trump did have Cohen threaten to sue The College Board if they publicly released Trump’s SAT scores. So maybe Trump just makes the boondoggle wall stuff up off the top of his head as he’s going along. Maybe Trump’s very own, personal intelligence chiefs could brief Trump with satellite images of the stretch of border from Nogales to Gadsden to show the profound absence of Country Club Golf Courses in that area. Trump does know that grass needs water. Doesn’t he?

    1. Late4Dinner says: March 1, 2019 at 6:20 AM
      “There is a profound shortage of treated water suitable for mixing grout (mortar)”

      To which I reply….

      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse vitae fermentum orci. Vivamus vitae sollicitudin libero. Vestibulum egestas dictum tortor, eget egestas eros viverra at. Curabitur efficitur dui massa, a euismod sapien tincidunt ut. Vestibulum interdum eros eu erat porta gravida. Morbi vehicula fermentum est quis ultricies. Etiam nisi risus, fermentum volutpat massa id, venenatis maximus leo. Nam auctor cursus congue. Vivamus efficitur purus sem, id iaculis dolor sodales et. Vivamus luctus sodales ligula, a placerat nulla dapibus malesuada. Curabitur auctor accumsan lorem, quis fermentum turpis accumsan nec. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.

      Blame Cicero

      1. Nevertheless, Trump is not going to build a concrete wall from Nogales to Gadsden. Moreover, the stretch of the border from Douglas to Nogales running along an East/West axis traverses a great many ridge lines running along a North/South axis that would require step cuts, in-fill with retaining walls and either cable-stay or tire-rod anchors, roughly half of which would have to be on The Mexican side of the wall.

        P. S. I would never blame Cicero for Trump’s boondoggle wall.

  2. Again, the panic is in the air with the Trump cult, and I’m sure that when the facts do come out they will yell and scream about deep state or HRC or just blame everybody but themselves. I’ll wait on the outcome and accept it, will they?

      1. Mark,

        I have a question I was hoping you might be able to help me with. I promise you it’s interesting. Are you still at the comcast address?

    1. I suppose there will eventually be an “outcome”.
      Re Fishwing’s question about how Trump supporters will accept the “outcome”, I’d say better than those with TDS accepted the “outcome” of the 2016 election.
      That example of acceptance of the TDS people is a lesson on how to lose gracefully☺😋😂.

  3. You mean the Mexican invasion is not an emergency?

    How do you transform California to Mexico without an invasion?

    Is the replacement of a nation’s population with foreigners an acceptable goal of a nation’s elected officials? Sounds more like treason. Democrats hate Americans. Democrats care only about seizing personal power by importing parasitic, dependent, foreign democrat voters.

    You mean the invasion by foreign-language-speaking, uassimilable, fake-asylum-seeking Asian and Middle Eastern, foreign hyphenates is not an emergency?

    California has been conquered.

    The invasion is coming soon to a town near you.

    “…I don’t…want brown grandbabies.”

    – Tom Brokaw

    “A lot of this we don’t want to talk about but the fact is on the Republican side, a lot of people see the rise of an extraordinary important new constituency in American politics — Hispanics, who will come here and all be Democrats,” Brokaw said. “I hear when I push people a little harder, ‘I don’t know whether I want brown grandbabies.’ That’s also a part of it. It’s the intermarriage that’s going on and the cultures that are conflicting with each other.”

    Brokaw said he also happens to believe that “the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation.”

    – NY Post

    Here’s a wild idea. Understanding that Hungary allows women with four babies to pay no income tax for life, America stops the invasion, closes the border and American women start having babies…lots of babies and elected officials bring American wealth and America’s economy back from foreign countries so that American men can support their busy, busy wives.

  4. Clinton declared 17 national emergencies, Bush, 13, and Obama, 12, according to a list compiled by the Brennan Center.


    Obama’s Executive Orders were staggering in number and reflective of him acting like a Dictator..Democrats and the MSM defended Obama in each and every instance. Communists are like that


    Barack Obama Executive Orders Subjects
    Subject Index for Barack Obama – 2009-Present


    Abortion; enforcing and implementing restrictions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: EO 13535
    Afghanistan; Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategic Partnership Office, establishment: EO 13656
    Africa; Power Africa Initiative, advancement of goals to expand access to electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa: EO 13746
    Administration, Office, Executive Office of the President
    Regulatory policy reform to protect consumers and workers and encourage competition in U.S. economy: EO 13725
    Presidential transition; facilitation of: EO 13727
    American Indian and Alaska Native Educational Opportunities; improvement: EO 13592
    Armed Forces, U.S.
    Appointments and promotions; assignment of functions relating to: EO 13598
    Civilian casualties in U.S. operations involving use of force; pre- and post-strike measures to address: EO 13732
    Defense Meritorious Service Medal; expanding eligibility: EO 13666
    Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal; establishment: EO 13723
    Ordering selected reserve and certain individual ready reserve members to active duty to assist with managing Ebola outbreak in West Africa: EO 13680
    Ordering selected reserve and certain individual ready reserve members to active duty to assist in Haitian earthquake relief efforts: EO 13529
    Principles of excellence for educational institutions serving service members, veterans, spouses, and other family members; establishment: EO 13607
    Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, White House Initiative on; establishment: EO 13515

    Banks, banking; consumer financial transactions, security improvement efforts: EO 13681
    Behavioral Science Insights Directive; policy to better serve Americans: EO 13707
    Belarus; waiver under the Trade Act of 1974: EO 13510
    Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015; delegation of authorities and assignment of certain functions: EO 13568
    Bosnia and Herzegovina; International Organizations Immunities Act, provision extension: EO 13568
    Broadband infrastructure; accelerating deployment: EO 13616
    Buildings and facilities, Federal; risk management standard, establishment: EO 13717
    Actions and policies of the government; termination of emergency: EO 13742
    Blocking property of persons threatening the peace, security, or stability: EO 13619
    Prohibiting certain imports of Burmese Jadeite and Rubies: EO 13651
    Burundi; blocking property of certain persons: EO 13712
    Business and industry; automotive communities and workers, policy coordination: EO 13578

    Central African Republic; blocking property of certain persons contributing to the conflict in: EO 13667
    Civil rights; Federal Privacy Council; establishment: EO 13719
    Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance, Hague Convention on the International Recovery of; authority to implement: EO 13752
    Climate-Resilient International Development; efforts to strengthen policy and procedures: EO 13677
    Combating Wildlife Trafficking: EO 13648
    Combined Federal Campaign; Charitable fundraising contributions, regulation amendments: EO 13743
    Commerce, Department of; Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, establishment: EO 13718
    Commissions, Boards, Committees, Task Forces, etc.
    21st Century Policing, President’s Task Force on; establishment: EO 13684
    Advisory Committees; continuance: EO 13708
    Advisory Council; continuance: EO 13640
    Arctic Executive Steering Committee; establishment: EO 13689
    Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, President’s Advisory Commission on; establishment: EO 13515
    Atrocity Prevention Board; continued: EO 13729
    Automotive Communities and Workers, White House Council on; establishment: EO 13509
    Bioethical Issues, Presidential Commission for the Study of; establishment: EO 13521
    BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, National Commission on the; establishment: EO 13543
    Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Task Force for; establishment: EO 13676
    Commercial Advocacy, Interagency Task Force on; establishment: EO 13630
    Community Solutions, White House Council for; establishment: EO 13560; EO 13748
    Council of Governors; establishment: EO 13528
    Detainee Disposition, Special Interagency Task Force on; establishment: EO 13493
    Doing Business in Africa, President’s Advisory Council on; establishment: EO 13675
    Domestic Energy Development and Permitting in Alaska, Interagency Working Group on Coordination of; establishment: EO 13580
    Domestic Policy Council; amendments to Executive Order 12859: EO 13500
    Economic Council, National; amendments to Executive Order 12835: EO 13499
    Economic Recovery Advisory Board, President’s; establishment: EO 13501
    Educational Excellence for African Americans, White House Initiative on; establishment: EO 13621
    Educational Excellence for Hispanics, White House Initiative on; establishment: EO 13555
    Election Administration, Presidential Commission on; establishment: EO 13639
    Emergency board to investigate disputes between certain railroads represented by the National Carriers’ Conference Committee of the National Railway Labor Conference and their employees; establishment: EO 13586
    Emergency board to investigate disputes between Long Island Rail Road Company and certain of its employees; establishment: EO 13654
    Emergency board to investigate disputes between Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and certain of its employees; establishment: EO 13670; EO 13679
    Enhancing National Cybersecurity, Commission on; establishment: EO 13718
    Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, President’s Advisory Council for; establishment: EO 13498
    Federal advisory committees, certain; continuance: EO 13511; EO 13585; EO 13591; EO 13652
    Federal Labor-Management Relations, National Council on; establishment: EO 13522
    Federal Privacy Council; establishment: EO 13719
    Financial Capability, President’s Advisory Council on; establishment: EO 13530
    Financial Capability for Young Americans, President’s Advisory Council on; establishment: EO 13646
    Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force; establishment: EO 13519
    Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, National Commission on; establishment: EO 13531
    Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition, President’s Council on; amendments to Executive Order 13265: EO 13545
    Global Development Council, President’s; establishment: EO 13600
    Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force; establishment: EO 13554
    Historically Black Colleges and Universities, President’s Board of Advisers on; establishment: EO 13532
    Homeland Security Partnership Council, White House; establishment: EO 13629
    Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force; establishment: EO 13632
    Insular Areas, Interagency Group on; establishment: EO 13537
    Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committees; establishment: EO 13565
    Interagency Trade Enforcement Center; establishment: EO 13601
    Jobs and Competitiveness, President’s Council on; establishment: EO 13564
    Law Enforcement Equipment Working Group; establishment: EO 13688
    National Security Staff; name change to National Security Council Staff: EO 13657
    Native American Affairs Council, White House; establishment: EO 13647
    New Jersey Transit Rail, labor dispute emergency board; establishment: EO 13700
    Ocean Council, National; establishment: EO 13547
    Power Africa Working Group; establishment: EO 13746
    President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics; reestablishment: EO 13634
    President’s Management Advisory Board; establishment: EO 13538
    Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health, Advisory Group on; reestablishment: EO 13631
    Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council, National; establishment: EO 13544
    Rural Council, White House; establishment: EO 13575
    Science and Technology, President’s Council of Advisors on; establishment: EO 13539
    State, Local, Tribal, and Private Sector Entities Advisory Committee; establishment: EO 13549
    Strong Cities, Strong Communities, White House Council on; establishment: EO 13602
    Task Force on Travel and Competitiveness; establishment: EO 13597
    Toxic Substances and Worker Health Advisory Board; establishment: EO 13699
    Veterans Small Business Development, Interagency Task Force on; establishment: EO 13540
    White House Transition Coordinating Council; establishment: EO 13727
    Women and Girls, White House Council on; establishment: EO 13506
    Women, Peace, and Security, National Action Plan on; establishment: EO 13595
    Congo, Democratic Republic of the; additional sanctions to address the national emergency: EO 13671
    Cote D’Ivore; situation in, termination of emergency: EO 13739
    Courts-Martial, U.S. Manual for; amendments: EO 13552; EO 13593; EO 13643; EO 13669; EO 13696; EO 13730; EO 13740

    Decorations, medals, and awards
    Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal, establishment: EO 13723
    National Security Medal, award regulations update: EO 13709
    Purple Heart; eligibility criteria update, amendment to EO 11016: EO 13758
    Special Capability in Career and Technical Education, amendment to EO 11155: EO 13697
    Defense Department
    Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal; establishment: EO 13723
    Defense, national
    Atrocity prevention and response; a comprehensive approach to prevent mass atrocities and genocide: EO 13729
    Biological select agents and toxins; effort to optimize use and security: EO 13546
    Biological weapons attack; medical countermeasures: EO 13527
    Classified national security information: EO 13526
    Classified National Security Information Program for State, local, tribal, and private sector entities; establishment: EO 13549
    Controlled Unclassified Information: EO 13556
    Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity; improving EO 13636
    Enhancing National Cybersecurity Commission; establishment EO 13718
    Global Engagement Center to support counterterrorism communications activities; establishment: EO 13721>
    Guantanamo Bay Naval Base; closure of detention facilities and review of detentions: EO 13492; EO 13567
    Hostage recovery policy guidance: EO 13698
    Interrogation of individuals in U.S. custody or control in armed conflicts; standards and practices: EO 13491
    Malicious cyber-enabled activities; additional steps to address national emergency: EO 13757
    Policy on pre- and post-strike measures to address civilian casualties in U.S. operations involving use of force: EO 13732
    Resources Preparedness, National Defense: EO 13603
    Development, United States Agency for International (USAID); Power Africa Working Group, establishment; effort to advance goals of Power Africa Initiative: EO 13746

    Economy, national; regulatory policy, measures to support continued growth of U.S. economy: EO 13725
    Education; Fulbright U.S. Student Program, Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program, and Critical Language Scholarship Program alumni; provision for appointment to Federal civil service positions: EO 13750
    Emergency declarations, national; Liberia, actions and policies of former president Charles Taylor, termination of emergency: EO 13710
    Emergency preparedness
    Cybersecurity information, promotion of private sector sharing: EO 13691
    Flood management; establishment of a flood risk management standard and a process for soliciting and considering stakeholder input: EO 13690
    Space weather events, national preparedness; efforts to coordinate: EO 13744
    Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency: EO 13624
    International Renewable Energy Agency; designation as a public international organization entitled to certain privileges, exemptions and immunities: EO 13605
    Unconventional domestic and natural gas resources; efforts to coordinate Administration policy to support safe and responsible development: EO 13605
    Environmental protection
    Arctic Region policies; National efforts to improve coordination: EO 13689
    Chesapeake Bay, protection and restoration efforts: EO 13508
    Climate-resilience area; Northern Bering Sea, designation: EO 13754
    Federal buildings’ design and construction, earthquake risk management standard; establishment: EO 13717
    Federal sustainability in the next decade; planning: EO 13693
    Invasive species; impacts on the environment, national efforts to coordinate Federal prevention and control: EO 13751
    Oceans, coasts, and the Great Lakes; protection, maintenance, and restoration efforts: EO 13547
    Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration: EO 13626
    Executive orders
    Executive Order 11030; amendment: EO 13683
    Executive Order 11246; amendment: EO 13672
    Executive Order 11478; amendment: EO 13672
    Executive Order 12131; amendment: EO 13596
    Executive Order 12137; amendment: EO 13724
    Executive Order 12163; amendment: EO 13656
    Executive Order 12425; amendment: EO 13524
    Executive Order 12777; amendment: EO 13638
    Executive Order 12824; amendment: EO 13569
    Executive Order 12835; amendment: EO 13569
    Executive Order 12859; amendment: EO 13569
    Executive Order 13183; amendment: EO 13517
    Executive Order 13390; amendment: EO 13512
    Executive Order 13462; amendment: EO 13516
    Executive Order 13494; amendment: EO 13517
    Executive Order 13498; reestablishment: EO 13569
    Executive Order 13507; revocation: EO 13569
    Executive Order 13532; amendment: EO 13569
    Executive Order 13539; amendment: EO 13596
    Executive Order 13574; revocation: EO 13716
    Executive Order 13584; revocation: EO 13721
    Executive Order 13590; revocation: EO 13716
    Executive Order 13622; revocation: EO 13716
    Executive Order 13628; amendment: EO 13716
    Executive Order 13639; amendment: EO 13644
    Executive Order 13645; revocation: EO 13716
    Executive Order 13653; amendment: EO 13683
    Executive Order 13673; amendment: EO 13683
    Executive Order 13673; amendment; EO 13738
    Technical amendments: EO 13503

    Faith-based and neighborhood organizations; principles and policymaking criteria for partnerships: EO 13559
    Flood management; Federal flood risk management standard establishment and a process for soliciting and considering stakeholder input: EO 13690

    Global Entrepreneurship; policy to promote support: EO 13731
    Government agencies and employees
    Agriculture, Department of; order of succession: EO 13542; EO 13612
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; conversion authority for criminal investigators (special agents): EO 13678
    Charitable fundraising, Combined Federal Campaign regulations; amendments: EO 13743
    Civil service rules, modernization efforts; amendments to Executive Order 13488 and Executive Order 13467: EO 13764
    Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government on Monday, December 24, 2012: EO 13633
    Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government on Friday, December 26, 2014: EO 13682
    Commerce, Department of; order of succession: EO 13613
    Construction projects; use of project labor agreements: EO 13502
    Contract employees
    Compensation information; nonretaliation for disclosure: EO 13665
    Contracts; economical and efficient administration: EO 13494
    Contracts; strengthening protections against trafficking in persons: EO 13627
    Fair pay and safe workplaces: labor law policy reform: EO 13673
    Half-day Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government on Thursday, December 24, 2015: EO 13713
    Minimum wage for Federal contractors; establishment: EO 13658
    Nondisplacement of qualified workers: EO 13495
    Notification of rights under Federal labor laws: EO 13496
    Paid sick leave; establishment: EO 13706
    Counterterrorism communications initiative and Government-wide communications activities directed abroad; establishment and development: EO 13584
    Customer service and service delivery; improvement and streamlining: EO 13571
    Defense, Department of; order of succession: EO 13533
    Disabilities, individuals with; expanding Federal employment opportunities for: EO 13548
    Efficient, effective, and accountable Government; delivery: EO 13576
    Efficient spending; promotion: EO 13589
    Environmental, energy, and economic performance; Federal policy regarding: EO 13514
    Environmental Protection Agency; order of succession: EO 13614; EO 13763
    Equal Employment Opportunity; Amendments to EO 11246 and EO 11478: EO 13672
    Executive branch appointees; ethics commitments: EO 13490
    Export Enforcement Coordination Center; establishment: EO 13558
    Federal permitting and review of infrastructure projects; improving performance: EO 13604
    Federal programs; efforts to eliminate payment error, waste, fraud, and abuse: EO 13520
    Foreign Service employees; hiring rules for competitive service appointments: EO 13749
    Government information; new default to make open and machine readable: EO 13642
    Half-day closing of Executive Departments and Agencies on December 24: EO 13523
    Homeland Security, Department of; Secretary, order of succession, amendments: EO 13753
    International Renewable Energy Agency; public international organization, designation: EO 13705
    Justice, Department of; order of succession: EO 13557; EO 13762
    Labor, Department of; Secretary, order of succession: EO 13755
    Labor management relations: EO 13760
    National security and emergency preparedness communications functions; assignment: EO 13618
    Office of Management and Budget; order of succession: EO 13615
    Peace Corps; delegation of functions: EO 13724
    Presidential Innovation Fellows Program: EO 13704
    Rates of pay; adjustments: EO 13525; EO 13561; EO 13594; EO 13635; EO 13641; EO 13655; EO 13686; EO 13715; EO 13756
    Regulation and independent regulatory agencies: EO 13579
    Regulation and regulatory review; improvement: EO 13563
    Regulatory burdens; identifying and reducing: EO 13610
    Regulatory planning and review; revocation of previous Executive orders: EO 13497
    SelectUSA Initiative; establishment: EO 13577
    Senior Executive Service; strengthening: EO 13714
    State, Department of
    Iraq Strategic Partnership Office; establishment: EO 13541
    Pakistan and Afghanistan Support Office; establishment: EO 13550
    Pakistan and Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Office; establishment: EO 13656
    Students and recent graduates, recruiting and hiring: EO 13562
    Sustainability, Federal; planning for the next decade: EO 13693
    White House Transition Coordinating Council; establishment: EO 13727
    White House Office of Health Reform; establishment: EO 13507
    White House Office of Urban Affairs; establishment: EO 13503
    Veterans; expansion of employment opportunities in the Federal Government: EO 13518
    Government property; Wildland-urban interface areas, wildfire mitigation policy enhancement: EO 13728

    Haiti; ordering selected reserve and certain individual ready reserve members of the U.S. Armed Forces to active duty to assist in earthquake relief efforts: EO 13529
    Health care
    Antibiotic-resistant bacteria; efforts to combat: EO 13676
    Biological weapons attack, medical countermeasures: EO 13527
    Infectious disease threats; advancement of Global Health Security agenda to prevent: EO 13747
    National HIV/AIDS Strategy for U.S., 2015-2020; implementation efforts: EO 13703
    Prescription drug shortages; reduction: EO 13588
    Quarantinable communicable diseases; revised list: EO 13674
    Historically Black Colleges and Universities, White House Initiative on; establishment: EO 13532
    HIV Prevention and Care in the U.S. through HIV Care Continuum Initiative; efforts to improve acceleration: EO 13649

    Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security: EO 13650
    Infrastructure; Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity; measures to improve EO 13636
    Authorizing additional sanctions: EO 13622
    Blocking property and suspending entry into the U.S. of certain persons with respect to grave human rights abuses by the Governments of Iran and Syria via information technology: EO 13606
    Blocking property of certain persons with respect to serious human rights abuses by the Government of Iran: EO 13553
    Blocking property of the Government of Iran and Iranian financial institutions: EO 13599
    Implementation of certain sanctions set forth in the Iran Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act of 2012 and additional sanctions with respect to Iran; authorization: EO 13645
    Implementation of certain sanctions set forth in the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, as amended; authorization: EO 13574
    Implementation of certain sanctions set forth in the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 and additional sanctions with respect to Iran; authorization: EO 13628
    Petrochemical sectors: imposition of sanctions on goods, services, technology, and support: EO 13590
    Prohibiting certain transactions and suspending entry into U.S. of foreign sanctions evaders with respect to Iran and Syria: EO 13608
    Development Fund for Iraq; ending immunities: EO 13668
    Iraq Strategic Partnership Office; establishment: EO 13541

    Korea, North; Blocking assets and prohibiting transactions of government and the Workers’ Party: EO 13722
    Kosovo; International Organizations Immunities Act, provision extension: EO 13568

    Labor management relations
    Executive Order 13673, Fair Pay and Safe Workplace; amendment: EO 13738
    Federal Labor-Management Relations Program; agencies and subdivisions exclusions: EO 13760
    Long Island Rail Road Company; labor disputes: EO 13654
    New Jersey Transit Rail; labor disputes: EO 13700
    Law enforcement agencies, local; Federal support for acquisition of certain Federal equipment: EO 13688
    Liberia; actions and policies of former President Charles Taylor, termination of emergency: EO 13710
    Libya; blocking property, prohibiting certain transactions, and other sanctions regulations: EO 13566; EO 13726

    New Jersey Transit Rail; labor disputes board, establishment: EO 13700; EO 13711
    North Korea
    Blocking property of certain persons: EO 13551; EO 13722
    Prohibiting certain transactions: EO 13570; EO 13722
    Imposing additional sanctions: EO 13687

    Pakistan; Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategic Partnership Office, establishment: EO 13656
    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; enforcing and implementing restrictions on abortion: EO 13535
    Personnel Management, Office of; Presidential authority, delegation of function: EO 13745
    Presidential Innovation Fellows Program; establishment: EO 13704
    Presidential Records Act; policies and procedures: EO 13489

    Railroads; labor disputes: EO 13654; EO 13679; EO 13700; EO 13711
    Regulatory cooperation; international promotion efforts: EO 13609
    Russian Federation
    Blocking property relating to the disposition of highly enriched uranium extracted from nuclear weapons: EO 13617
    National emergency respecting the accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material, termination: EO 13695

    Science and technology
    National Strategic Computing Initiative, establishment: EO 13702
    Security, national
    Blocking property of persons engaging in malicious cyber-enabled activities: EO 13694
    Cybersecurity, promoting private sector information sharing: EO 13691
    National Background Investigations Bureau, establishment; amendment to EO 13467 to establish roles and responsibilites: EO 13741
    Blocking property of certain persons contributing to the conflict: EO 13536
    Taking additional steps to address the national emergency: EO 13620
    South Sudan; blocking property of certain persons: EO 13664
    Stem cells; removing research barriers: EO 13505
    Strategic Computing Initiative, National; establishment: EO 13702
    Sudan; order to revoke certain U.S. sanctions and recognize positive government actions: EO 13761
    Blocking property and suspending entry into the U.S. of certain persons with respect to grave human rights abuses by the Governments of Iran and Syria via information technology: EO 13606
    Blocking property of certain persons with respect to human rights abuses: EO 13572
    Blocking property of senior officials of the Government of Syria: EO 13573
    Prohibiting certain transactions and suspending entry into the U.S. of foreign sanctions evaders with respect to Iran and Syria: EO 13608

    Terrorism, international; Global Engagement Center establishment: EO 13721
    Toxic Substances and Worker Health Advisory Board; establishment: EO 13699
    Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015; delegation of authorities and functions under: EO 13701
    Export controls, reformed; administration: EO 13637
    Export-Import process for America’s businesses; efforts to streamline: EO 13659
    Export Initiative, National; establishment: EO 13534
    Export Promotion Cabinet; establishment: EO 13534
    Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015; delegation of authorities and functions under: EO 13720
    Trade Representative, Office of the U.S.; Presidential authority, delegations: EO 13701 ; EO 13720
    Trafficking in persons in Federal contracts; strengthening protections against: EO 13627
    Transportation; text messaging while driving, Federal efforts to reduce: EO 13513
    Treasury Department; Office of Foreign Assets Control
    Burma; blocking property and transaction restrictions: EO 13619
    Burundi; blocking property: EO 13712
    Central African Republic; blocking property: EO 13667
    Iran; blocking property/transaction restrictions: EO 13553; EO 13599; EO 13606; EO 13608
    Libya; blocking property/transaction restrictions: EO 13566; EO 13726
    North Korea; blocking property/transaction restrictions: EO 13551; EO 13570; EO 13619; EO 13722
    Somalia; blocking property: EO 13536
    South Sudan; blocking property: EO 13664
    Syria; blocking property/transaction restrictions: EO 13572; EO 13573; EO 13606; EO 13608;
    Ukraine; blocking property/transaction restrictions: EO 13685
    Venezuela; blocking property: EO 13692
    Yemen; blocking property: EO 13611

    Blocking property of certain persons and prohibiting certain transactions respecting the Crimea Region: EO 13685
    Property and interests in property, blocked for certain persons contributing to the situation in: EO 13660 ; EO 13661 ; EO 13662

    Venezuela; blocking property and suspension of entry into U.S. of certain persons: EO 13692
    Employment opportunities in the Federal Government, expansion: EO 13518
    Mental health services for veterans, service members, and military families; improving access: EO 13625

    Wages; establishing paid sick leave for Federal contractors: EO 13706
    Wildland-Urban Interface; effort to mitigate wildfire risks: EO 13728
    Women and girls; violence against, global prevention and response efforts: EO 13623
    World Organisation for Animal Health; designation as public international organization: EO 13759

    Yemen; blocking property of persons threatening peace, security, or stability: EO 13611


    CEJ, raises a good question here: “Why didn’t Trump make the border wall his first priority while he had a Republican congress?”

    The answer is that Trump had somehow convinced himself that Mexico was really going to pay for the wall. Trump was either that naive, or he began to believe his own assertions.

    It is known that Trump gets most his information from Fox News. Therefore as a Fox News viewer, Trump was hearing his own talking points reinforced by Fox News personalities. Said feedback is sometimes referred to as a ‘closed information loop’. It’s like a mirror that generates the image Trump ‘wants’ to see, instead of his actual reflection.

    Deceived by his Fox News, Trump actually believed that Mexico would eventually pay for the wall. Never mind that no serious observer believed that would happen. Because in Trump’s closed information loop serious observers are dismissed as ‘fake news journalists’.

    Trump was still waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall when Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell convinced him that billionaires desperately needed ‘tax relief’. As someone who grew up wealthy, Trump was receptive to that need. The Trump family empire had been built on tax avoidance.

    Republicans then hit on a ‘brilliant’ scheme. They would package tax relief for billionaires as a ‘healthcare bill’ and hope Americans would be too stupid to see it as such. But mainstream media got in the way of this plan. The scheme was sunk when Senator John McCain rose from his deathbed to cast a decisive ‘no’ vote.

    Republicans regrouped and convinced themselves to push the tax cut as a package that would ‘benefit all Americans’. They even convinced themselves that midterm elections could be won on the ‘strength’ of their tax cut. They even convinced John McCain! But the public wasn’t fooled.

    As the 2018 midterms approached, Republican pollsters were chagrined to discover Americans saw the tax cut for what it was: ‘welfare to billionaires’. The tax bill was polling so badly Republicans were forced to abandon it as an election year selling point. It was then Donald Trump returned to immigration as a ‘crisis’ to promote.

    Republicans lost the 2018 midterms by the largest margin since 1974; which brings us to the present. At this point Donald Trump is trying desperately to convince us we have a border ‘crisis’. And he knows by now that Mexico has no intention of funding the border wall. Therefore we have a ‘border emergency’.

    1. peter,

      I have no clue what he meant about Mexico paying for the wall. Never did. Never believed that, just thought it was salesmanship. “this is the best car ever, believe me!” sales puffery. meant only in the most abstract sense.

      I don’t think he ever believed that either, not literally. Anyways, that’s just a rhetorical flourish and distraction to discuss. the question is valid however, why did the Republicans not do this when they could? Darn good question

      I do agree that he got sidetracked with tax reform and a lot of other things. He probably has ADHD and lost track of the calendar. Ryan I think couldnt have cared less about the border. He did not cooperate with the key item on the agenda. But he did deliver on tax reform.

      McConnell is inscrutable. I can’t make anything out of that guy one way or another except that he is totally mercenary.

      The wall is important, it will help with border security, just as another layer. It’s properly declared by Trump under the empowering statute, and Congress is trying to fake people out by their recent sure to fail vote. Let them change the underlying statute if they are really serious about the issue of a president declaring an emergency they don’t agree with. Don’t hold your breath!

    2. You know Obama signed off on ending the estate tax right?

      I am always amazed that Democrats don’t seem to understand how the Democrat party sucks up to billionaires every single bit as much as the Republicans do.

      Probably any party that wants to succeed will negotiate with the plutocracy in one form or fashion or another. What else can you do? The old commie plan to kill them all and take their stuff never worked. Gotta be more constructive than that!

      1. Kurtz, show me documentation that ‘Obama signed off on ending the estate tax’.

        I can only imagine Obama would have done that if it had been in a larger legislative package Obama had to sign to keep the government running. But again, I would want to see some documentation on that.

        1. Kurtz, there was only a colonel of truth to your assertion Obama ‘repealed the estate tax’. Here’s what Polit-Fact reported on 2/3/13

          In passing a tax bill to forestall the “fiscal cliff” — the overnight rise of a wide array of taxes combined with deep spending cuts — lawmakers agreed to revise rates and exemptions for the estate tax.

          During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to exempt the first $3.5 million in value from the estate tax and impose a top rate of 45 percent. When the fiscal cliff deal was negotiated, Obama had to compromise a bit on those numbers.

          In the fiscal cliff bill, passed by the House and Senate on Jan. 1, 2013, the top tax rate was set at 40 percent — halfway between Obama’s pledge and the reported 35-percent rate favored by some Republicans — and estates smaller than $5 million will be exempted. Going forward, that $5 million limit will be indexed for inflation. (During the Clinton years, the estate tax was 55 percent.)

          Given that both the White House and Congressional Republicans had to give ground on rates, we classify this as a Compromise.

          1. Komrade Peter wrote: “there was only a colonel of truth”

            KERNEL you nitwit.

            Kernel is the part of a nut that is inside the shell and can be eaten. Colonel is a commissioned officer in the military

            Peter Shill is a Russian nitwit gurl


            1. “Estovir says:
              February 28, 2019 at 4:11 PM

              Komrade Peter wrote: “there was only a colonel of truth”

              KERNEL you nitwit.”
              That kind of Major mistake is General-ly deserving of Corporal punishment in a Private sort of way performed by a Captain of industry at or near a Loo Tent. Just a Petty Offer on my part but in keeping with my Ensign wish to See Men pay for their Commandeering ways. Admirable, wouldn’t you say?

                1. Estovir…….”Calvary” Really? It’s cavalry. LOL or maybe you were joking., and if so, then, at ease, soldier.

          2. Accepting the spin Polit-Fact (often wront) says it seems Peter recognizes that the power of Presidential desires is inhibited by Congress (and the courts). The same lee-way should be given to Trump but in a bunch of claims today Peter acted stupid about that fact of life.

            1. “today Peter acted stupid about that fact of life.”

              Thats what happens when these TDS nut jobs live in their tiny Left-Wing bubble

              “…maintaining credibility with other progressives, especially other progressive media-types, is more valuable to them than credibility with the public at large.”

              True dat!


              The Left-Wing Media Bubble


              Mollie Hemingway has written a new Encounter Broadside (“Broadside” being the imprint name for long essays about a subject) called Trump vs. the Media. She talks about the media bubble and daily social media freakouts with Ben Domenech.

              The book was released early today (like 12am or thereabouts) and should be available on Amazon now. In the interview, starting around 11:30, she talks about the media’s groupthink and open coordination with the Clinton campaign, citing the media’s embargo of pre-briefed details about Fat Whore Miss Universe until Hillary had initiated the attack line herself in a debate.

              At 28:30, she gets into something particularly fascinating to me: the groupthink and virtue signalling of reporters on Twitter, what Sean Davis calls the #BlueCheckmarkMafia who freak out virtually every morning about the Outrage of the Day. She notes that she planned to watch their twitter accounts to find the final proof of bias, but did not expect them to continue showing off how biased they were — eventually, she expected they would figure out “that this doesn’t make them look good.”

              So she thought this would be a brief opportunity.

              But they never stopped. In fact, they just got worse and worse.

              She concludes that maintaining credibility with other progressives, especially other progressive media-types, is more valuable to them than credibility with the public at large.

                1. Yeah, Alan, you’re always tag-teaming with Estovir;’ the windbag and his creepy sidekick. If you guys continue sticking together even Trumpers will find this site uncool.

                  1. Peter, you have a problem. You don’t know what you are talking about and when you try to respond it demonstrates how deep your ignorance lies.. When facts are presented you run home to momma’s basement.

                    1. Alan, by now your lame put-downs are hackneyed, to say the least. The same words keep popping up again and again. Every liberal on this thread is either “stupid’, a “liar” or somehow they “can’t grasp facts”.

                      The problem is ‘you’, Alan. You feel a desperate need to promptly attack any liberal who comments here. Which certainly illustrates the insecurity of Trump supporters. And this need to have Estovir as your loyal ‘deputy’ makes you even more pathetic.

                    2. Peter, I was here before Estovir came to my attention so though Estovir is educated while you are not I do not need any of his support. I give every person with different views a chance. When they act like you and play stupid games I don’t think I owe them any courtesy.

                      I am more interested in discussion of facts and policy. You are fountain of errant information and continue to be so. You never address the facts and you purposely try to deceive.

    3. Putz Hill: “It was then Donald Trump returned to immigration as a ‘crisis’ to promote.”

      Hillary used her disastrous stint at the State Dept to give us the meme generating Russia Reset Button (some called her Secretary of State when she did that but in reality, as every American agrees, she was Pay-for-Play wh8re)

      She lost, youre pissed, she created Russian Collussion crisis, you as her brainless, soulless mongrels propagate her spittle and …. bada bing! She still is a laughing stock, worn out, mentally unfit millionaire nobody while Trump is president. Point of fact: the Democrats laughable theatrics since his amazing upset of the same polls you cite today will give Trump a second term because you folk are miserable losers. You have spent the last 2+ years eating American taxpayers monies to overthrow Trump and all Americans know it

      Own it Peter. You are a sore sore loser and your boyfriend dresses you funny too.


      1. Please watch the A & E series that explains the cause and origins of the disease known as “Trump”, and it will help you understand that this sick person has no agenda other than personal aggrandizement. Everything is about him. Every failure, like the multiple business bankruptcies, like the 2 divorces (to date) cannot be failures because he cannot be a failure. So he lies. All the time. About everything that in any manner could be construed as making him look bad, weak, a failure. He bullies and attacks anyone who gets in his way. He expects to get his way. He has no conscience. He couldn’t care less about those craftsmen who built the Trump Taj Mahal that ended up losing their businesses.

        When his marriage to Ivana was strong, he claimed she was running the casinos and was very successful. There was video of her in her designer duds, with her freshly-bleached coiffure updo, sitting at an expensive desk, bossing people around. When he got caught cheating on her with Moolah Maples, well, then, Ivana was just a dumb blonde who signs checks and doesn’t know squat. What is most repulsive is the way he preens and prances like a vain, sick narcissistic peacock. They even explain how he hit on the border wall theme: it struck a chord with the deplorables who he could get to vote for him, thus garnering him the attention and adulation he thrives on. Watch this, if you can stomach looking at a repulsive display of raw egotism and arrogance, and you’ll understand why you should be afraid for the future of this country.

      2. Estovir, why don’t you use your own name here. What a loser! The tough guy confronting someone with an ‘Anonymous’ name.

    4. The donor relief act or leave no billionaire behind bill was way too important for the republicans to pass up. After all these corporations and the 1% were having a hard time. The wall was just another lie for the cult of Trump.

      1. Fishbreath wishes he were part of corporate gluttons Hillary, Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Senator Pocahontas 1%…Fishbreath was left behind that wall of wealth

        “Krauthammer, himself a harsh critic of Trump, later defined “Trump derangement syndrome” as a Trump-induced “general hysteria” among the chattering classes, producing an “inability to distinguish between legitimate policy differences and … signs of psychic pathology” in the President’s behavior” – Wiki

        1. “Trump derangement syndrome”

          Estovir, based on all of Fishwings comments since I have been here I don’t think his comments are necessarily due to “Trump derangement syndrome”. I think he was messed up long before Trump came on the scene. “Trump derangement syndrome” is just one of his comorbid illnesses.

          1. Alan, you and Estovir make a deplorable tag team: The boring old windbag and his creepy, nerdy sidekick.

            1. Petey Weenie

              You have earned your Trolling for Dollars today.
              Your Master David Brock will be very pleased with her boi.


              1. Peter fits in very well with David Brock. He was a sleaze and an opportunist when on the right and now on the left he is a sleaze and an opportunist.

            2. It is the same ignorant person talking to themself; it seems pretty common around here.

              1. YNOT, you have never said anything except these stupid comments that show what and who you are. You might as well have your brain preseved in a bottle.

    5. “The answer is that Trump had somehow convinced himself that Mexico was really going to pay for the wall.”

      This entire piece by Peter demonstrates he doesn’t know what is going on. Trump never controlled Congress but required three immediate things 1) a boost to the economy by reducing corporate taxes which meant that industry could move back to the US instead of away from it. That also boosted employment numbers which was beneficial to all Americans expecially minorities. 2) a strong military so Trump could deal with other issues abroad including trade, the nuclear weapons of North Korea and soon Iran along with reducing the need for American troops abroad based on strength instead of weakness. 3) border security that included a wall. He was told by Ryan that he would get the money for the wall and therefore to take the bill. Trump knew based on actual speeches that are on video that the leaders of the Democratic Party advocated for the wall. He did not recognize that Ryan was not to be trusted (something known and stated by some prominent people) and did not recognize the degree of anti-Americanism in the leadership of the Democratic Party. I am sure it shocked him as it shocked me.

      Only anti-Americans or people as ignorant as Peter could think that what Peter said was of value. Much of what he is saying is coming from the far left, the fascists that will lie, cheat and steal to install a fascist government.

      1. The boost to the economy was the free money from the deficit paid for tax cut. Employment numbers were no better – actually a little worse than – Obama’s long steady growth.

        Border security doesn’t require Trump’s wall, his campaign BS does.

        1. Anon, the free money came under Obama. The corporate tax cut was to make America more competitive. Trump succeeded.

          “Employment numbers were no better – actually a little worse”

          Compare the actual numbers and you will see that in the first 10 months of 2016 the U 6 was falling relatively slowly. When Trump came in 2017 the U 6 fell over twice as fast. If you understand unemployment figures then you would realize that the fall gradually decreases as we get closer to what is considered to be full employment. Trump’s numbers should have shown a slower fall than Obama’s but instead the fall was well over twice as fast.

          “Border security doesn’t require Trump’s wall,”

          I think Peter’s and Acosta’s syndrome might be plagueing you. The idea is to seal the border both physically and electronically. We should actually do it by passing a law that would never permit an illegal alien to get citizenship if they arrived after the law was passed.

          Acosta stood by a wall on the southern border and said look at how peaceful it is here. No one was crossing the border because there was a wall. Acosta looked pretty stupid.

          Peter said almost all the drugs are seized at the legal entry part of the border. Typical stupid comment of Peter’s since that is where there is security and that is where we can stop the drugs from getting in. The cayote’s bring drugs across unprotected border and at the same time tie up border control by bringing in people in a slightly different area.

          Do you want to look as stupid as Acosta or Peter? I think you are better than that.

          1. Free money is what you do in the worst economic crash since 1929, not in a period of growth as in 2017. The tax cuts have not delivered the promised growth, employment, or paying for itself promises,though Ivanka, Eric, Jr and Don senior got a windfall, and all at the expense of our kids and grandkids.

            The DEA is the source for data on where most drugs enter the US on the southern border, not posters on this site, and they say over 90% come in legal ports of entry. Highly trafficked illegal points along the border already have barriers.

            Trumps wall “plan” was pulled from his a.s and now you’re lugging it around in your bare hands. Talk about looking stupid!

            1. “Free money is what you do in the worst economic crash since 1929”

              Anon, free money is what you think you do in the worst….. I didn’t say that it was a bad idea, but I didn’t say it was a good idea either so you must be grabbing at straws to provide an answer and you got a spoon instead. If you believe in that monetary solution then you should recognize that where the money goes is also important. However, this new argument doesn’t belong in this particular discussion.

              “The tax cuts have not delivered the promised growth, employment”

              You seem to have a problem in understanding that simply saying something is not meaningful. The tax cut to corporations was intended to place our corporations on a favorable footing against foreign corporations and reap the benefits of industry not leaving the country, more jobs and a higher growth in GDP, all that occurred. The numbers show this. What makes you believe the numbers are wrong?

              “The DEA is the source for data on where most drugs enter the US on the southern border”

              You are doing a Peter. Where drugs are known to enter the US they are generally seized. If we don’t know they are enterring they are not seized. If you want to base your thinking on the experts then listen to Thomas Horman who was the acting director of ICE who retired but was called back into service and went because the President asked him. He provided a group of us some very interesting information. I’ll just repeat the gist. He emphasized what I have been saying that most seizures are made where there are entry points and not in the middle of the desert. He said we most defintely need a wall even if incomplete. That acts as a barrier giving time for law enforcement and it acts to tunnel people to specific areas making the border easier to patrol. It was his knowledge, not mine that stated how the cartels used the lack of walls and illegals to force our law enforcement to areas other than where the drugs enterred. He was in charge and has worked on the ground or in leadership for over 33 years. Almost all if not all of those in border control agree a wall is needed.

              You can start calling me stupid if you wish but you are shooting a gun with bullets that are blank while I have the real thing. You are starting to look stupid and if you push that side of the argument you will look like Peter. Stick with trying to learn instead of being an a$$ like Peter.

              1. Absent a coherent objection by Allen regarding the free money presently goosing our economy for the short term, I’ll stick by my comments. As to competitive corporate tax rates, the effective rate companies paid in the US was competitive if not among the lowest. Corporate rates internationally have been on a race to the bottom over the last couple of decades and to hell with government budgets. The idea that they pay for themselves – as promised – is a bad joke that honest conservatives admit isn’t funny. At best, 1/3 of the cuts are collected due to higher activity, and we borrow the rest or pay for it with less infrastructure, military, and all the various legitimate government expenditures which advanced countries make.

                Similarly I’ll stick by statement on drugs and the wall – why would any intelligent person go down the rabbit hole Allen inhabits and hopes we’ll visit. “Some guy on the internet has the real scoop, and Trump’s DEA is full of s..t.”, Yeah, OoooooooKkkkkkkkk. I repeat:

                The DEA is the source for data on where most drugs enter the US on the southern border, not posters on this site, and they say over 90% come in legal ports of entry. Highly trafficked illegal points along the border already have barriers.

                Trumps wall “plan” was pulled from his a.s and now Allen is lugging it around in his bare hands. Talk about looking stupid!

                1. Anon, one of the reasons for American companies to go abroad was the corporate tax rate. I don’t think that is arguable. There have been all sorts of calculations about whether or not the corporate tax rate paid for itself. I think it did. Some of the calculations call it a loss because they want to use the higher tax rate on profits made because of a lower tax rate. If you detail your your argument and calculation maybe I can tell you where you are going wrong. In an earlier posting I provided numbers and calculations so I’m not going to bother doing it again until you prove your case.

                  The border is not the only place where drugs come in but those places on the border that have no walls are the entry place for a lot of drugs. Do you think some guy like you is believeable? Let’s see, the drug pushers have a choice, an armed border where trucks and cars are checked for drugs or an unarmed open border where drugs can come in while the border control is busy arresting illegals down the road. Some people that aren’t smart get arrested at the border entry points, others get rich. Think about it.

                  By the way you haven’t provided the DEA data. Provide the data that only deals with the southern border which is under discussion and provide the data that tells us the amount of drugs that come in not the amount of drugs seized. It’s really difficult to figure out that number.

                  By the way as you say “Highly trafficked illegal points along the border already have barriers.” The one thing we know about those barriers is they work, but they are limited in the number of miles. If there is a successful 20 mile barrier ask yourself what prevents the traffic across the 21st mile?

  6. The National Emergency Act of 1976 was signed into law by President Gerald Ford.

    Looks like President Jimmy Carter was the 1st to use it. Nov 14, 1979: The National Emergency With Respect to Iran, in response to the Iran hostage crisis.

    Something to do with the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

    The shah traveled to several countries before entering the United States in October 1979 for medical treatment of his cancer. In Tehran, Islamic militants responded on November 4 by storming the U.S. embassy and taking the staff hostage. With the approval of Khomeini, the militants demanded the return of the shah to Iran to stand trial for his crimes.

  7. From Turley’s testimony, The Source Of Authority page 12: “indeed, elections often result in significant changes in how elected officials view public safety concerns, particularly presidents. The publi elected* President Trump based in part on his view that the border situation is a national security crises.”

    So why didn’t Trump request sufficient funds to build the wall when he first took office in January 2017 ???
    Why did he not push for the wall when he held a republican majority in both houses thru January 2019???

    The public in November 2018 elected an overwhelmingly democratic house with the power of the purse to oppose the wall.

    P.S. Let the record show the public did not elect Trump that was done bythe electoral college.

    1. The President is enforcing the laws already on the books and passed by Congress.To do so he needs border security that includes barriers. If Congress wants to leave the walls pourous let them pass legislation changing our immigration laws. Congress is the one that passed the emergency act in the first place.

      The President won the Presidency legally, something the left has trouble with when they lose. If Congress wishes to get rid of the electoral college let them stop hiding under the floor boards and do their job.

      1. The GOP has won the popular vote for President only once since 1988, yet we have had 3 terms of Republican presidents and a purposely stolen Supreme Court. Yes, I have a problem with that.

        Trump is not enforcing the law, he’s covering for a campaign lie he hoped everyone would forget about.

        1. Typical Democrat, Anon can’t live by the rules of the game. Then he cries about his loss and throws blame everywhere. Sounds like a minor eruption from a fascist dictator.

        2. If you have a problem with it is because you don’t understand the brilliance of the electoral college. A popular vote means the few population centers NY, Chicago, LA and a few others dictate to the rest. The electoral college and the appointment of 2 senators per state protects the rights and interests of the minority from tyranny of the majority.

          1. No, the bill of rights and the Senate protect us from the tyranny of the majority.

            If the president was elected by a plurality of the popular vote, the people would decide, and that’s where candidates would go. What places are ignored would change for campaigning, but please explain the benefits of a system where Texas, California, and New York are largely ignored in the general election, and the party that has one victory out of the last seven contests for the person responsible for selecting Supreme Court justices owns that court?

            Am I to believe that our GOP posters would be celebrating the electoral college if this situation was reversed? Do you think I was born yesterday?

              1. Our resident Shrew wrote…

                “if the situatuon was (SIC) reversed”


                “Don’t feel bad (SIC), there isn’t…”


                I am beginning to see how all of you paid trolls are Ruskies with such an egregious utilization of the English language

                Будьте здоровы (God Bless You)


      2. Allan, he didn’t really win though did he? At least that is part of what is being investigated . AKA: Russian interference.

        1. Becka, Trump most certainly won. No one, not even Cohen is calling the victory a victory due to collusion with the Russians except perhaps you and a few others that have been left behind or those trying to disrupt the Presidency. Democrats can’t stand losing so they have used all their power to remove the President from lawful office. Their own candidate was linked to a lot of scandal and the Democratic Party process was a hoax and a forgone win for Hillary despite the popularity of Bernie Sanders. This demonstrates just a small part of why one can consider the Democratic Party a party of elitism. fascism and racism.

          1. The fact that Trump has been the president for over two years is evidence that he “really won”.
            The fact that some continue to claim that he “really didn’t win” is evidence of TDS.

            1. these guys remind me of the Catholics who think that an antipope has been sitting on the throne in the Vatican the past 50 years or so. No, that aint the antipope. You may not like him, I don’t like him, but he’s the Pope alright

    2. As I recall and correctly in 2016the electoral college was selected by the legitimate voting public – not some collection of Rinos and DInos and mostly in the largest amount of voters sense took 40% of the votes cast from non party affiliates while the two parties came in second and third place.

      However that included the Rinos and Dinos who combined were able to block most of what the true voting public had demanded So the truth is there was never s GOP majority in either house. There was a true majority in the voting ranks that lasted long enough to not only shred the left in 2016 but destroyed the myth of the moderate left with their piddling nothing blue wave in 2018.

      Where the ‘expletive deleted’ was the huge monstrous tsunami blue wave? The answer? Everything summed up in 2018 added up to one watered down nothing spit flecked on some lost floo. No Big Wave when less than a majority counted in most States.

      And what has it added up to? One tiny majority in Comrade Pelosi’s charade that can go nowhere without the 2/3rds consent of the Senate to over ride a veto iF it could get 2/3rds majority in her own House of Representatives.

      As I recall and correctly NOTHING has been produced nor even offered by the foreign socialist ideology despite their every effort … least of all something to offer the oldest Republic in world history except the plaintive cry of ‘our democracy’ something that was rejected and correctly by the founders nine bloody times.

      Screw this Conservative/Liberal crap.

      It’s Constitutionalists versus Socialists. Winners versus losers. And you don’t even hold the title of Bolshevik anymore just mensheviks Russian for Majority and Minority.

      And you can’t claim the former until you can over ride a veto nor can you deny the truth of the latter when you display it every day.

      1. well, Michael, the key understanding , is precisely that they ARE Mensheviks. Overall, the Democrat party are simply liberals, and they are not really socialists in the Bolshevik sense of the word. They DO NOT WANT the things they say they want.

        for example, THEY DO NOT WANT TO PAY REPARATIONS TO BLACKS. of course not. Pelosi is not black. She is not going to pay a black tax to transfer her wealth to unspecified blacks. She is going to play around with this verbally in order to pacify and enlist the support of blacks in her opportunistic plans. And none of the black-Democrat leaders are going to very actively push this notion since they are not stupid and will understand precisely how bad it will look if they are the ones to get out in front of such a nutty scheme. They will lose their perks. So they will hang back and let her talk. In the end it will go nowhere.

        “The struggle between the socialists and the liberals for democratic leadership of the mass of the impoverished urban petty bourgeoisie is a long and difficult one. — Lenin”


        Pelosi, definitely is not on the socialists side. she leads the liberal faction and that is always where the strength has been in the Democrat party not among any motley assortment of verbose flighty radicals like newbie AOC or any of those Pelosi is pandering to. She’s fake! She’s going to deliver precious little in exchange for their support. And whatever she does to verbally service them, that alone will drive the white working class even more firmly together in an antagonized mass of anxious native born Americans reluctant to let the crazy party get any more power.

        let’s hope she stays firmly in charge!

        1. Kurtz, I think your reply represents a naive position and a bit of ignorance about what constitutes the Democratic Party, who the players are that support them outside the political process and the fact that as a whole Democrats want a lot of things where the state has control or the fascist end where private businesses run industry but government controls those private industries.

    3. CEJ:

      “Let the record show the public did not elect Trump that was done by the electoral college.”
      Enough with the silly demagoguery. The “public” has never elected a President in the nation’s history. And it’s not because of the Electoral College. It’s because less the 60% of the voting age population votes in any given election and the high was around 80% but the mode is still about 55%. Thus, practically no President got 51% of the voting age population.

      We have elected Presidents this way for centuries and whining because you don’t like the winner makes you … well … a loser.

      1. Turley sites the November 2016 election as Trumps “source of authority” therefore based on the November 2018 election Trumps authority has been undermined and the courts will hopefully agree.

  8. “The National Emergencies Act of 1976 is an example of this body being hellbent to surrender its institutional powers… Congress has the authority to rescind the national emergency declaration of Trump… with a vote of both chambers. ”

    Congress also abdicated its duty of providing a budget and Congress created budget deficits. This is just more of the same. When anyone worries about the nation becoming authoritarian blame Congress. Foreign policy makes Congress hide under the floor boards so when important foreign policy negotiations occur Congress interviews a serial liar who has lied before everyone including Congress.

  9. From Turley’s testimony page 12 : The Source of Authority
    “Indeed, elections often result in significant changes in how elected officials view public safety concerns, particularly presidents. The public elected* President Trump based in part on his view that the border situation is a national security crises.”
    So why didn’t he request funds suffient to build his wall when he had a republican majority in both houses of congress from January 2017 till January 2019? Why now, when the public has elected and overwhelmingly democratic house knowing that it will stop Trump’s authority.

    *let the record show the public did not elect trump the electoral college did, a difference with distinction.

  10. Everyone seems surprised by potential lawbreaking but nothing of substance will happen – it never does. The Bush Administration admitted to the felony crimes of torture and warrantless wiretapping. The Bushies violated the FISA Act and performed illegal searches without FISA Court approval. The FISA Court even offered an “after-the-fact” search warrant to the Bushies and they chose to break the law anyway. At great taxpayer expense, Congress still hasn’t implemented the 9/11 Commission reforms. Due to statutes of limitations, shoukdn’t we be indicting the Bush guys first? Nothing, absolutely nothing, of substance will happen so stop wasting our tax dollars!

  11. The “testimony” would not download on this machine.
    We need a new Congress. I watched those fools interview Cohen yesterday. Some were ranting. Some threw rocks. All looked dumb and went in dumb too. The difference between a RepubliCon and a DemoCrat is the difference between a Con man and a HippoCrat. Cohen was very good. I hope he does not have to do too much time in jail. The Trumpster should pardon him.
    Trump will be resigning and leaving office on March 4th. It is time for Mar A Lago seven days a week with time off for good behavior.

  12. JT:
    Yours is a good elegy forbidding Congressional accquiesence to Executive Power but it’s likely to fall on deaf ears. Congress doesn’t want to govern; it wants to complain about governing. Complain about the President. Complain about the courts. Complain about the state government. It’s easy to complain. One if the first things I learned out of law school is that judges don’t want to rule. It comes with risks both in terms of being overturned or losing their jobs lest the offend the legal pecking order. The latter is true for members of Congress who fear loss of seats hence loss of power. The power isn’t in their votes; it’s in their potential votes. Thus Congressional power vacuum is bound to be filled by Presidents, NGOs, courts and interest groups. Too bad.

    1. In all, a good summary, but in the present case the Congress fully weighed in on the Trump wall and rejected it less than a month ago – so did voters in November, though they don’t have standing in the current machinations. The House has voted to terminate Trump’s emergency declaration and if the Senate has any self respect, it will do the same in the coming weeks, so the passivity is on test there.

    2. jimmy trafficante made that point in his last speech before they packed him off to jail for tax evasion or whatever. presidents have become even more “imperial” since then. Congress as you say does not wish to govern, it wishes to accept the perks and sit back and complain.

      In the absence of an active legislation, you get an active executive. At least somebody is in charge– better than anarchy.

      in stalin’s time they used to take you to the lubyanka after the show trial and put a bullet in your head. now, they convict you of tax evasion or money laundering or a process crime and you pull five years or so and write a book to help with your retirement.

      well, the US is a much nicer place than the USSR, seems to me.

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